Friday, April 18, 2014

7 Beauty Myths You Can STOP Worrying About (Guest Post)

When you are flipping through your favorite magazine or scouring Pinterest how many times have you seen and heard beauty tips that just seem absurd. With all the style and beauty outlets available online and in print, there is a mountain of advice and information available on beauty maintenance. The telling and retelling of these valuable beauty tips has caused some of the details to be misinterpreted or simply embellished over the years. For example, the tip stating ‘pulling out one white hair will bring 7 more’ or ‘pumping the applicator wand in the tube when applying mascara’ are both beauty myths. So here are 7 common beauty myths exposed and clarified once and for all!

Makeup Causes Acne
This beauty myth is probably not true. There is no conclusive evidence that proves that makeup or skincare products cause acne. Studies were conducted on rats in the late 70s and it was determined that the effects on their skin had no direct correlation to the way women wear makeup. So why do so many women, beyond puberty, still get acne? Adults that experience breakouts after using a particular skin or makeup product is mainly due to irritation or is an inflammatory response to the ingredients in the beauty product. In this case, check the active ingredients and consult a dermatologist about your reactions to the product.

Pumping the Mascara Applicator Wand into the Tube
Pumping the mascara applicator wand is an old myth that must be stopped immediately. Sure it’s fun, but it actually has negative effects to your mascara and possibly to you too. Moving the brush in and out forces air into the tube and any bacteria that comes from your eye will thrive and multiply if exposed to the air that is trapped in the tube. In addition to that, pumping the applicator dries out the mascara paste much faster and also reduces the amount of product on the wand. Instead, move the applicator wand around the inside of the tube, gently scraping the edge. You will still get enough product, that is evenly distributed on the applicator, while keeping everything fresh and bacteria-free as long as possible.   

Washing Your Hair Frequently is Harmful
There has been quite a bit of debate on this topic, especially because many stylists say that there are natural oils that are healthy for your scalp. However, the truth is that your scalp has pores and these pores sweat and produce oils like the rest of the body. If you don’t wash your scalp, bacteria will thrive in the warm pockets of your hair. If your hair is oily and you exercise a lot, washing your hair with good quality shampoo and conditioner will not only clean your hair, but improve its condition. 

Using Lip Balm on a Regular Basis Gets Your Lips Addicted
All I have to say is NO! For starters, you should erase the idea that your skin can become addicted to anything. If the regular use of lip moisturizer is helping your lips stay moisturized, then it will continue to work for that purpose. Similarly, because water is good for us and has proven benefits every time we drink water, we don’t worry that our body will get addicted to drinking the standard 8 glasses of water day after day. 

100 Brush Strokes Will Make You Hair Shinier
Stylists are very clear about this rumor, brushing your hair that many times is too much. Professionals say that tugging your hair that much can often cause more damage because the strands of hair can break in the middle. There are, however, benefits to brushing your hair a few times to gain a little bit of luster. Trichologists or dermatologists that study hair and scalp, say that light brushing removes impurities and stimulates blood flow to the scalp which nourishes hair follicles and keeps them healthy. It also redistributes the oils from your scalp down the strand of hair which will reflect the light, giving off a shiny glow.

Pulling Out White Hairs Will Bring More
This myth has been floating around for several decades, but if you really think about the science behind this theory, it couldn’t possibly be true. You may have heard that pulling one white hair you will get 7 more, but only one strand of hair grows per hair follicle. So in order of this myth to be true, you would have to grow 7 new hair follicles from plucking hair out of one follicle. That is simply not possible. This does not mean you should run to the mirror to pull out all your white hairs because ripping hair from the roots often leads to the new hair strand to be unable to lie flat. The best idea for resolving white hairs is to see a colorist.

Crossing Your Legs Causes Varicose Veins
This myth is officially debunked starting...NOW! Sitting down or crossing your legs does not cause spider or varicose veins, but standing might. The two situations that can lead to pronounced veins are a genetic predisposition or people who have jobs that require them to stand a lot. This is because excessive standing causes the circulatory system to work extra hard to pump blood up from the legs to the heart. Varicose veins are also a side effect of pregnancy or trauma, like getting hit by a baseball or a car door. 

Make sure you remember that beauty tips are stated for the general masses. While most publications will address beauty tips that are applicable to everyone, it is important to realize that everyone’s body is different and a beauty tip that works for someone with tougher skin may not suit someone with more sensitive skin. 

Hello, My name is Sonia and I am a thirty-something blogger who loves to write about sports, health, DIY projects, hair and makeup, jewelry and food from India! I also write for a medical and cosmetic practice in Nashville, where I get most of my health knowledge from some of the greatest, well rounded surgeons. I am a fun-loving, vegetarian that will try anything once. I like to play golf, dance, meet new people and listen to upbeat music. 

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#Giveaway Finding Gifts for Mom from Cate & Chloe

Product Received
Spring is here and before you know it Mothers Day will be here as well. I see Mothers Day as a day to show mom how much you care and appreciate her for everything she has done. As a mom myself, I have found a deeper appreciation for my own mother, so on Mothers Day, even though my husband and kids find ways to show me they care, I like to find ways to show my own mom how much I care! Recently I was introduced to a company that has a monthly delivery club, but instead of food or flowers, it is a club that delivers jewelry monthly. The company is called Cate & Chloe, and to introduce me to what they do, they sent me a necklace to review. The necklace I was sent is just a taste of what I can expect when I sign up for a VIP membership at Cate & Chloe. 

The piece I was sent is valued at around $200, and when I sign up to be a VIP member, I can expect the same quality of jewelry each month delivered right to my door. As a VIP, members will get $200 worth of jewelry delivered to their home each month, for just $40 a month! I mean, sure, the monthly snack boxes and flowers are great, but if you want to give mom or anyone special a gift that keeps on giving each month, then check out the subscriptions from Cate & Chloe. Instead of mom having to worry about the flowers dying or adding unwanted extra layers to her rear, mom can enjoy new jewelry each month, and continue to enjoy the pieces she gets for years to come! I found Cate & Chloe to not only be a great place to shop at for jewelry, but also a great site to sign up for a monthly subscription for jewelry! Well to help with some of that shopping for mom this year, the wonderful people from Cate & Chloe would like to give one of my amazing readers a one month subscription!!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.
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#Giveaway Get your MLB Gear for Baby From

Product Received

Baseball season has started back up and in full swing, and fans everywhere are gearing up to show their team their support. I think aside from getting the stickers for our cars, flags to fly to show who we are rooting for and the shirts we wear, finding gear for baby is also a lot of fun. In the next months we will be preparing for a new member to join our family. Knowing what all was needed for my own babies each time, I find it to be a lot of fun to find products to get for the new member. One thing that I have always enjoyed looking for when it comes to my kids and even baby is the team gear. With each sport season that starts up, I find that looking for the appropriate apparel and gear that is suiting for the season is ideal. With the MLB season started up, we have found that getting the gear for my husband's home team to be the way to go. So when we were sent the very adorable gift set sporting our San Diego Padres from Baby Fanatic, I knew that everyone in our family would agree that this set is very suiting!

This adorable gift set includes a baby bib, pacifier and bottle that all have the San Diego Padres logo on them. I find that this gift set is not only suiting for the soon to be new baby, but also a great gift set to give at a baby shower. I also like that when I head on over to, I can find a great range of fan products for baby for not only baseball fans but also football and college football fans! In all, we have found the Starting Lineup Officially Licensed gear for baby to be very fitting and you can too by heading to today and gearing up your little one in your teams gear! Well to help with gearing up the little ones in your life, the wonderful people from would like to give one of my amazing readers their own MLB gear for baby!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Floral Fragrance: Anyone Can Create a Beautiful Flower Arrangement (Guest Post)

Arranging flowers is a popular hobby, but it takes time to master. It is not simply a question of throwing lots of flowers together and hoping for the best. However, you can learn the basics quite quickly and enjoy excellent results without too much trial and effort. Here is the way to get started.

Prepare the Vase

The vase is an important part of the flower display, so you will want to choose it carefully. You should first decide whether you want it to be something distinctive like a teapot, which will add to the display, or something more subtle that will essentially be hidden and won't distract attention from the flowers.

You can use practically any vase that you have lying around, or you could buy a new one specially for your arrangement. Whatever you decide, you will want a vase that is at least clean and attractive. You may also want to consider using a glass vase and filling it with some stones to provide support and improve its appearance.

Choose Your Flowers

This is a matter of taste, but as a general rule certain flowers look better in certain vases. Small flowers are generally better in short vases, and longer flowers work better in tall vases. Try to find a vase that is suited to the flowers you want to use, but you can always cut the flowers to size instead.

A good way to find out more about flowers is to look at other displays when you are out and about and to take notice of the types of flowers that work well together. You could also watch videos that provide information about flower arrangement. There are lots of instruction videos online, so download some using something like and watch them offline at your convenience, perhaps as you are arranging your flowers. Make sure you remember to respect intellectual property.

Prepare the Flowers

Once you have chosen your flowers, preparing them for the arrangement is easy. First, remove the lower leaves from the flower stems so that they do not get covered in water, and this will help the flowers stay fresher. Next, cut at least an inch from the bottom of each stem, and cut at an angle to allow the flowers to soak up more of the nutrients. You should also remove the pollen stamens because pollen can cause discoloring of the flower petals.

Position the Flowers

Once you have prepared the flowers, add water to the vase along with flower food if you wish, and the water should be at about room temperature. Then start to place the flowers in. There are no rules here, but try to position the larger flowers first as this can help you to create a foundation for your arrangement that you can then build upon with the smaller flowers. Knowing what works is really a matter of practice, but try to position the flowers at different angles and balance out your display.

Experiment with Flower Arrangements

The above is a guide to get you started with flower arrangement. The beauty of arranging flowers is that anyone can enjoy getting creative, but the secret, like anything, is to practice. Try out different things, get creative, and analyze the flower arrangements of others, and soon you will be creating flower arrangements that delight anyone who sees them.

Lisa Harold is an experienced florist. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and skills to help others have beautiful flowers in their lives.

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Delicious Snacks for Easter (Guest Post)

Be honest, we all love good food, treats and snacks and Easter is the perfect time to indulge without guilt. Let's face it, whether you agree with the commercialisation of Easter or not, it sure does promise a wealth of delicious chocolate goodness, which is never a bad thing. But have you considered making your own? Aside from being great fun, baking for a theme opens up a world of opportunity, and is great fun for the kids.

If you’re in need of inspiration, take a look at the range of Easter desserts from Kraft. Hip-hop bunny cake, juicy egg jigglers and fluffy bunny cupcakes sound good? You bet. There's only one thing for it - get baking! Let’s take a closer look at some of these mouth-watering ideas:

Bunny Chocolate Cupcakes
Now these little goodies are sickeningly rich with chocolate goodness and topped with a beautifully colourful whip to finish. The thing I love most about these chocolate cupcakes is not just the contrasting icing colour but the freedom you have to decorate them. You can choose to use mini marshmallow bunnies or even just make sugar-coated marshmallow bunnies and chicks on their own. But the fun doesn't stop there, if you're in the mood for a full on bake-fest then stock up on all kinds of decorative goodness to create a collection of original and Easter-ified treats.

Bunny Brownies
Making brownies is always fun, but even more so when you can get hands on with cookie cutters at the end – there are some great examples on eBay. So you've gone through the measuring, mixing and baking process, and reached the cutting stage. While you carefully cut chocolate bunny after chocolate bunny, you'll see a mound of adorably scrumptious treats pile up before your eyes. But you aren’t finished there - next up is the icing! You'd think it would be impossible to make these brownies any more tantalising, but wait, top with chocolate-coconut frosting and these little creations will melt in your mouth; yum.

Bunny Patch Dessert
Last but not least to make the list of enviable sweet-toothed goodness is this pie-like cake. Ok, so my description probably doesn’t do it justice but I guess I'd describe this cake-making process as similar to the trifle, requiring you to add layers of dessert elements. The base of this number is a lining of cake slices. These are then topped with pie filling and whipped topping before being left to firm up in the fridge for an hour. Once set, the fun begins; go wild with an array of jelly beans and other sweet treats and top your dessert with all your favourites. This part is also great if you're baking with the kids, you might just need to make sure the sweets actually make it on to the cake! 

So there you have it, my top picks of Easter treat temptation. Chosen for their simplicity, fun and ease of execution, these unimaginably delicious bakes are the perfect Easter activity. Anyway, I won't keep you any longer - get baking and happy Easter!

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#Giveaway Spring Fashions from Daisy Fuentes and Kohl's ($25 Gift Card) ad

Product Received. I was given a Kohl's Gift Card in exchange for this shopping review. All opinions are my own.

Recently I was given the chance to take on the Daisy Fuentes Blogger Challenge with Kohl's to help celebrate their 10th year of the Daisy Fuentes collection at Kohl's! I not only found this a challenge that was a lot of fun to take on, but I also found some great items to incorporate into my new Spring wardrobe this year. With the Texas weather, I find that there are days where it might start out chilly, then end up quite warm. Or one day we are in the 80's and the next it is snowing, so finding clothes that can accommodate this crazy weather was what I looked for when I took on the challenge. When I went to my local Kohl's I saw many pieces in the Daisy Fuentes line that were exactly what I was looking for. From the Spring tops and dresses, to the one jacket that caught my eyes, that I can put with many of my outfits to complete them! When I saw the Daisy Fuentes Favorite Blazer, I not only saw a stylish blazer, but I saw a piece that can compliment many of the pieces in my wardrobe this Spring!

One piece that I saw as a great fit, that also makes for a great Spring dress was the Daisy Fuentes Striped Ponte Fit and Flare Dress. With this dress I not only liked the style, but I also liked the way it fit in the waistline. Then when I add the blazer to the dress, I can wear it even on those chilly mornings and or chilly days and have a casual look to go with. 

Aside from having two great pieces to make a great outfit, I was able to complete this look and the looks in my previous post with some great accessories from the Daisy Fuentes line of products at Kohl's. From the adorable and incredibly stylish sunglasses, to the jewelry which I can wear with a number of my outfits, including the ones I picked out at Kohl's! In all, I found the Daisy Fuentes Blogger Challenge to be a challenge I was not only able to take on, but also complete with flying colors knowing I came away from the challenge with an amazing new assortment of clothes and accessories from the Daisy Fuentes line! You can get the looks I went with as well as many more from the Daisy Fuentes line by heading to your local Kohl's or to Kohl'! Well, since this amazing challenge is now complete, the wonderful people from Kohl's would like to help one of my amazing readers with their own Spring shopping by giving them a $25 Kohl's gift card!

This post was sponsored by Kohl's, all opinions are my own.
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Pirate Fairy on Blu-Ray

Product Received

Finding great movies to share with the family is something I enjoy doing. I like to seek out those movies that are both fun and exciting, and when I find ones that have some of our favorite characters in them, well that just makes the search that much easier. Since the time I was a little girl, a character from he Disney family that I have adored is Tinker Bell. I, like many other kids over the years, dreamed of flying off to Neverland to fight pirates and swim with mermaids, with the help of a little pixie named Tinker Bell, and a little pixie dust! In my home with my kids, we have not only enjoyed watching that Disney classic, Peter Pan, over and over again, but we have also liked adding the Tinker Bell movies to our collection and sharing them on our family movie nights. Recently we were sent a copy of the new movie, The Pirate Fairy, to review on Blu-Ray. When I first found out about the new movie, my kids began to anticipate the release, and were so excited to finally watch it when it arrived for review. In this movie, you not only get Tinker Bell and her fairy friends from Pixie Hollow, but you also get a fairy who thought she could venture out on her own, and ride with pirates. Zarina, the Pirate Fairy, steals the Blue Pixie Dust from Pixie Hollow and joins up with the pirates of Skull Rock. In order to get the Blue Pixie Dust back and save the day, Tinker Bell and her fairy friends from Pixie Hollow must go on an adventure in order to put the blue dust back in its right place. We found this movie to make for a great addition to our Disney movie collection and you can too by heading out today and bring home your copy!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Finding Springtime Bouquets for Easter from

Product Received

Spring is here and one of the things I enjoy about the spring is the flowers. I am one who not only loves having my own garden and on walks, stopping to look at the flowers, but I also like to have flowers in my home to help brighten it up. With Easter just around the corner, I find that even though we will not be able to celebrate Easter with my family due to distance, we can still show my family we are thinking about them over the holiday by sending some fun and bright bouquets from This year, I was sent a very beautiful bouquet called Modern Embrace.

With the bright colored roses and beautiful white lilies that arrived hand arranged in a cubed vase, I found the bouquet to be very fitting for this years Easter holiday. I can really appreciate how the lilies were placed in this arrangement, and with the roses, I love how they arrived, not quite open yet, so we can enjoy them for days to come as they open up! Aside from this beautiful bouquet, I found a great assortment of bouquets which are all very fitting to send this Easter to help brighten the room at my parents house, like the Easter Egg-stravagance arrangement.

With the Easter Egg-stravagance bouquet, my parents can enjoy the fun bouquet with bright colors, which will look great on the table as they celebrate their Easter. I found the lilies and carnations to bring the piece together, and with the plastic eggs, the feel of the Easter celebration can bring some fun to the their holiday! So this year, whether you are looking for a beautiful and bright arrangement to add to your own Easter celebrations, or if you would like to send someone special an arrangement to show them you are thinking about them, head on over to and find the arrangement you are looking for today!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.
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Monday, April 14, 2014

Finding Gifts for Mom this Mothers Day from Isabelle Grace Jewelry

Product Received

Mothers Day is a day that my family not only celebrates and shows their appreciation for me, but it is a day that I in hand celebrate and show my appreciation to my own mother. Even though we are many miles apart, I am close to my mom. I cherish our conversations on the phone, I appreciate the advice she gives me, and I enjoy sharing the everyday lives of my kids with her. As a mother myself, I have found a deeper appreciation for my mom, and all she has done for myself, my sister, and her grandchildren. I have taken in the things that she taught me growing up, and I utilize those same techniques with my own children. Well, with Mothers Day coming in the next month, I find that it is time to find those gifts, the ones that can really show mom how much she means. Recently I was sent such a gift when I was sent the You Make Me Bloom necklace from Isabelle Grace Jewelry.

This necklace is one that I see to be a very fitting gift to give mom this Mothers Day. With Mothers Day being a Spring holiday, the flower is bright and represents the season very nicely. Then with the saying on the back which reads, "You Make Me Bloom", I find it to be a great gift to give. Moms help their kids grow, and find themselves as a person, in hand, helping their children blossom and bloom into amazing adults. In all, I have found this beautiful necklace, as well as many others from Isabelle Grace Jewelry. So this year as you are searching for the perfect gift to give mom this Mothers Day, check out the You Make Me Bloom necklace along with the other amazing pieces over at Isabelle Grace Jewelry!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.
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The Book Thief on Blu-Ray

Product Received

When it comes to finding movies, I like to find ones that not only have a great story line, but ones that can give myself and my family an idea of what it was like to live in certain periods of time. One such time is WWII. Like any time of war, the ones who see it all, who see things that no one should ever see, some things they may or may not understand, are the innocent ones, the kids. A war through the eyes of a child is something that many never think about, but it was not until I had first read the diary of a young girl when I was a young girl myself, who experienced hiding from the Nazi's and the war first hand, that the reality came into view. Recently I was sent a movie, one that takes place during WWII in Germany. The movie is called, "The Book Thief". In this movie you follow the life of a young girl, who is thrown into Nazi Germany as a orphan, adopted by a loving family, who teach her to not only read, but also teach her some important lessons in life. This young girl, started out, not knowing how to read, and after being taught by her adoptive father, she finds a world within books and writing, where she can escape, even if it is just for a moment. I found this movie to be a very moving one, and it is one I not only enjoyed watching, but one I enjoyed watching with my daughter, who is learning about WWII in school. The Book Thief is available to bring home to share with your own family today!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.
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Foundation Wardrobe Items for Moms

When you have kids, the time you have to spend shopping for you diminishes suddenly and dramatically! The key to dressing with style, but also with speed and ease, is to have some foundation items in your wardrobe that you can accessorise with each new season.

The following are just a few examples of the kind of essentials that no mom’s wardrobe should be without.

Decent jeans
Don’t settle for any old jeans. Shop around until you find the perfect pair for you, tailored to most suit the shape of your legs. The darker the denim, the more flattering the cut will be and the thinner your legs will appear. A great pair of jeans can be the base for a casual outfit – paired with a T-shirt – or something for a smarter occasion when worn with a twin set, for example.

A good coat
For all those times you’ll be in the park while the kids are running around the playground, you need to be able to wrap up warm. A thick and cosy winter coat is a real necessity in a mom’s wardrobe. There are numerous different styles available from traditional came coat, through to practical puffer jacket and trendy Superdry style. It’s not just a winter coat you’ll need either; there are quite a few months either side of winter when you’ll need an extra layer to keep the breeze off. A lightweight jacket to see you through the spring and autumn months is also an essential item.

A great handbag
Moms carry stuff, and lots of it. Whether you’re in the baby years where you need a diaper change kit on hand at all times, along with bottles of milk, or if your kids are a bit older and just need a couple of snacks and a handy pack of tissues, there’s no question that moms do need a decent-sized bag to lug everything around with them. Thankfully, big handbags are very much in fashion at the moment, so you can combine the practicality of space with any style that you like. A multi-use bag will work as well at the office as on the days you’re going to the park with kids, or out for the evening with friends. When something’s that versatile, it also makes it easier to justify spending more on it!

Good shoes
At the risk of sounding like a mother from the previous generation, good shoes are important. As a mom, you’ll be on your feet a lot of the time, and if you can choose shoes that are comfortable as well as stylish, then your day will be a happier one. Ballet flats come in such a wide range of styles today that it’s no problem to find a pair to suit your own signature style. Knee high boots are also great for the colder months, and can be paired with so many outfits. Of course, you’ll need some sandals for the summer, too.

So soft cashmere
Everyone likes to have comforting clothing, and that’s exactly what you get with a cashmere twin set. Suitable for almost any occasion, cashmere can be accessorised to look formal or casual and will give you such a cosy feeling when you wear it, even though it always looks sophisticated and elegant.

The mom years don’t have to mean that you lose your style, and with some wardrobe essentials in place, it’s really easy to maintain your own individual look.  

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

#Giveaway Save Time and Money by Shopping at Boxed ($50 Gift Code)

Product Received

As a mom, it seems that there is always something that I need to have done. From ensuring that the kids get to and from school on time and to their after school activities, to making sure that the house is also taken care of. I find that there are plenty of days where I have a list of things that need to be done, but there might not be enough time in my day to get them all taken care of. That is when I look to the apps on my smartphone or tablet, that can help me get things done. I mean, if I am at a Dr's appointment with one of the kids, and I know I have to get certain bills paid, I like that I can get them paid right from my phone. So naturally, if I know that I need to go to certain stores to get things, I like that I can shop right from my smart phone and or tablet without having to go anywhere. I think one place that I make a stop at, a few times each month, that can take more time getting through and getting checked out than I care for is the big box stores. I mean sure, I enjoy shopping them so that I can buy certain items for my family in bulk, and save money, but the fact that there are membership fees, certain times to shop, and the fact that getting checked out can take quite a bit of time, I can feel really discouraged to go. Recently I was introduced to a new app, one that helps by not only saving me gas and membership fees, but also helps by saving me time when I need to get certain big boxed items. The app is called Boxed, and it can be easily uploaded to your Apple or Android devices.

Boxed Wholesale is a app that has the items I shop for at those big box stores, but it saves me gas and also saves me money on any membership fees that I might have to pay to shop at the big box stores. I like that when I am out running errands and I find that I am needing to get some big boxed items like toilet paper, laundry products and food, I can go right to my Boxed App, get the shopping I need done, and continue on with my day, then wait for my shipment to arrive! The app is really easy to not only upload, but also navigate and shop from. Then in just a few days, I will have my items arrive right at my door. In all, I have found that using the Boxed Wholesale App to save me time and money, and is also a app that I will recommend to others! So if you enjoy shopping at the big box stores and clubs, but do not want to waste gas, time or money on a membership fee, then get the Boxed Wholesale App today, and start shopping today! Well the wonderful people from Boxed Wholesale would like to give one of my amazing readers a $50 gift code to spend shopping with their app!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.
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Snack Time for the Kids with Baby Mum-Mum

Product Received

When it comes to finding snacks for my kids, well I like to find ones that are not only tasty but also good for them. I also like to try to find snacks that all 3 can enjoy. Recently I was sent a variety of snacks from the Baby Mum-Mum line. With the Mum-Mum Snacks, I found that I could have snacks for each of my kids that not only taste great, but that are a healthy choice for them at snack time!

The Baby Mum-Mum snacks are great for teething babies, they are not messy and dissolve in babies mouth. They make for a great first food for baby to try. Then for the Toddler Mum-Mum, I found that they are great for putting in the diaper bag for those on the go snacking, as well as during our snack times at home. They have just the right amount of flavoring for my little toddler, and the fact that they are organic, makes them even more fun to give to my toddler at snack time! With the Mum-Mum Snax, my older kids can enjoy a great after school snack that is only tasty, but that also contains no artificial flavors or colors. They are also low in cholesterol and saturated fats, and when they have play dates with their friends, I can feel good about feeding them to their friends knowing that they are free of any egg, peanuts and gluten! In all I have found the snacks for my kids from Mum-Mum to be a great healthy choice, and my kids enjoy the flavors as well. The Mum-Mum snacks for baby, toddler, and kids can be found at your local grocer to bring home and share with your little ones today!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.
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Friday, April 11, 2014

Oball Fun with the Oball Obounce Activity Center

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Having a baby is so much fun, I have always enjoyed watching and sharing the many milestones they conquer, and taking in every sweet moment! I think one thing, when it comes to preparing for baby or for when I have friends who come to me asking what is the best activity toy for their little one, is having a great entertaining activity center! Recently I was sent the Oball Obounce Activity Center to review from the wonderful people at Kids II.

When it comes to toys for babies and kids, one thing I look at right away is how easy it is to put together, and I found the Oball to be one that was not only easy to put together, but also fun! I mean, when looking for an activity center for baby, I look at the toys that are included on the activity center, and with the Oball Obounce, I found many great and exciting toys to keep baby engaged. The first toy that caught my eye, was the Piano Station, which I know when it comes to music, this one part can help entertain baby. Then as baby is ready to go on to the next toy, baby can easily spin around to the next station with the spinning seat. Another toy that I found to be very neat, and that is one that can be used not only to play with on the Obounce but also as a removable toy to play with separately is the Spinning Oball Station, which not only provides light up rattling fun for baby while they play in the activity center, but it can also be removed for fun anywhere! Aside from the many fun toys on the Obounce Activity Center that baby can play with, I also found the Bounce Pad to be a great thing for baby to enjoy, and I like that it can be adjusted as baby grows! In all, I found the Oball Obounce Activity Center to be a great toy to have for anyone who is preparing for or has a baby and is in search of a fun activity center for baby! You can find the Oball Obounce Activity Center by heading to your local Toys R Us or by shopping online at!

Say what?!? I can enjoy the Oball toys in a activity center?!?!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

#ad Party Time with the Peppa Pig Party Time App and Peppa Pig My Birthday Party DVD

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When it comes to the shows that the kids and I enjoy watching together, that adorable little British pig and her family from, Peppa Pig, come to mind! We like watching as adorable little Peppa embarks on adventure with her little brother George and her mom and dad, Mommy Pig and Daddy Pig! Like my own kids, Peppa loves to play games, dress up, go on trips, and even jump in the muddy puddles. My kids and I like that not only can we watch Peppa Pig when the show comes on Nick Jr. 7 days a week, but we also like adding the different DVD's with some of our favorite episodes on them on our family movie nights! For more information on Peppa Pig, you can head to the Peppa Pig website, the Official Peppa Pig Facebook Page, and also follow Peppa Pig on Twitter @PeppaPigUS! Well to add to our Peppa Pig DVD collection, we were sent the new DVD "My Birthday Party", to review. In this DVD, the kids and I can enjoy 14 of some of our favorite Peppa Pig episodes along with 2 never before seen educational extras! In the episode, "My Birthday Party", Peppa invites all of her friends to her birthday party, and Daddy Pig gives his magic a try, getting the party guests and my kids a laugh! You can find this great Peppa Pig episode along with the other fun episodes by heading out today and bringing home your copy on DVD or by heading over to iTunes and downloading the digital version!

Aside from the great DVD with some of our favorite episodes on it, we also had the chance to review the new app, Peppa Pig's Party Time App on iTunes! We like that on this app, you get the characters from the show along with the music and even sound effects. There are seven party themed games and activities that are sure to keep your preschooler entertained while they play! On this app, the kids can help Peppa as she prepares for her birthday. The games include fun ones like, "Let's Make a Cake", "Create Your Own Invite", and "Musical Chairs". This app is available on iTunes and Amazon and is compatible with the iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

In all, we found both the new DVD "My Birthday Party", and the new app Peppa Pig's Party Time, to be great and very entertaining for our own Peppa Pig fans and you can too, by getting your DVD copy and downloading the app today!

This was a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

#Giveaway Chuggington Megabuild with the Stack Tracks

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With having kids, myself and my husband enjoy finding toys that not only the kids can play with, but also ones that we can all have fun with. With my boys, they adore the show, Chuggington, and over the years, we have collected many of the Chuggington play sets. Now, the boys have so much fun putting together the tracks and rolling the trains along on the tracks, but it was not until recently, when we were sent some of the Chuggington StackTrack sets, where we found that we could put the track building to a whole new level, in more ways than one!

I had never imagined that a train track can go to the levels that we have now taken them to with the Chuggington StackTrack sets. I mean, with each set, we are able to create a new railway for the trains to roll on, then with the other sets, we can not only build, but we can put them together, and make one large track, that towers over all others! I love that there are so many possibilities when it comes to how our tracks can come out, and the fact that our favorite Chuggers can roll along the tracks that we put together, makes the Chuggington StackTrack sets a must have for any Chuggington fan, or in my husband's case, anyone who enjoys putting together train tracks and watching the trains follow along the tracks that you lay out! We all also like that we can keep on adding, by getting as many of the Chuggington StackTrack sets we want! So if you have a Chuggington fan in your house, then check out the Chuggington StackTrack sets today! Well to get you started on your own StackTracks or to add to the ones you have, the wonderful people from Tomy would like to give one of my amazing readers their own Chuggington StackTrack sets!

TOMY Giveaway Guidelines:
Each household is only eligible to win 3 TOMY products, via blog reviews and giveaways, each calendar year. Only one entrant per household per giveaway. If you have won the same prize on another blog, you will not be eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification.

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.

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#GNLightsOut Ad Better Nights with GoodNites®

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of GoodNites®.
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Bedtime is a time in our house where we have a routine set in place. With the older kids, we get pajamas on, and brush teeth, then take half an hour for reading time before the lights go out. My older kids are in school, and I know that ensuring they get a good nights sleep the night before is important. Due to the fact that every child is different, we do take that into consideration when it comes to how we can help make sure everyone sleeps through the night. My son is scared of the dark, so when it is time for lights out, I turn on his night light. Then, with my eldest, even though she is older than the other two, she has a issue that she and I have been working on over the years, and even though most nights it is under control, we like to be safe, rather than wake up in the middle of the night with an unexpected accident. That is where having the products from GoodNites® come in. My daughter feels more at ease knowing that even if she has a nighttime accident, she does not have to worry about waking up to a wet bed.

There are many reasons why kids have nighttime accidents, so ensuring that they can avoid the embarrassment, by being able to wake up with dry linens in the mornings, is something that I try to do for my kids. Recently we were sent some of the GoodNites® Disposable Bed Mats to try out and review. I found that setting up the bed mats was very easy, and I like that they stick to the bed, so they stay in place, which if an accident occurs, the mats can help absorb any moisture, and are easy to take off and dispose of. On the bottom of these mats, are tabs that you peel off, then place right onto the bed. I was able to attach right to the fitted sheet, and even when my child tosses around in the night, the mat was still attached and in place, making the nights easier and drier for everyone. In all, we have found the products from GoodNites® to help make nights in my house, easier, by helping to keep the beds dry while the kids sleep.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of GoodNites®.
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