Thursday, July 24, 2014

Your Guide to Dealing with Teething (Guest Post)

Your bundle of joy has gone from a sweet, angelic being to looking like his head could spin 360 degrees like Linda Blair's character in "The Exorcist." Everyone told you that the teething stage was going to be rough, but you probably were not prepared for this level of crankiness. This guide will help you understand and get through this very trying period.


Unfortunately, teething is not a short-lived process. In most babies, the first tooth pokes through around 6 months old, but it can be as early as 3 months. Teeth typically arrive in pairs, and the middle bottom ones are generally the first ones you will see, but this certainly is not a rule. Below is a general timeline for teething.

  • 6 months - Central lower incisors
  • 8 months - Central upper incisors
  • 10 months - Upper and lower lateral incisors
  • 14 months - First pair molars
  • 18 months - Canines
  • 24 months - Second pair molars

Symptoms of Teething

Your baby will typically show a few signs long before you see the first pearly whites popping through. These signs include:

  • Puffy Gums - The location where the tooth is emerging will often appear swollen, bruised, and red.

  • Need to Gnaw - From car keys to the remote control to the dog's bone, your baby has an uncontrollable urge to put everything in his mouth to gnaw on. Counter pressure of chewing relieves pressure created from the tooth pushing through the skin.

  • Ear Pulling - Before you panic and assume your baby has an ear infection, he could be tugging on his ears because jaw pain can often be felt in the ear canal.

  • Excessive Drooling - Sometimes, drooling is simply part of a normal development stage, but other times it is a symptom of teething.

  • Fussiness - Irritability is inevitable as the tooth forces its way through bone and gum. Fussiness is usually increased more at night.

Soothing Pain

Try to resist the urge to rub brandy on his gums like Grandpa is telling you to do. Sure, he may have done it for you when you were teething, but back then folks did not necessarily know that even the smallest amount of alcohol can be toxic to a baby. Below are a few helpful ways to soothe his pain.

  • Frozen Washcloth - There are a tremendous number of teething rings you can buy, but a frozen washcloth is just as good, if not better. Just wet and freeze it. Leave one side dry so he can tug at it without freezing his fingers. The fabric is more forgiving than rings. Most babies tend to prefer it, but of course, you can try one of the products on the market, too.

  • Massage - Rubbing the area with a clean finger creates counter pressure that can work wonders.

  • Rocking - Even if you are trying to get your baby to fall asleep without rocking, swaying, etc., you may need to bend the rules a little when teeth are emerging. It is a little harder during this time for them to relax. Make sure the nursery is a soothing environment with dim lighting, clean air and a comfortable temperature. A water wall is ideal to mount in a nursery. It is soothing and the moving water moisturizes and cleans the air to create a healthy and comfortable environment. You can order one from online stores like

  • Clove Oil - This natural remedy has numbing properties. Rub the tiniest amount at the tooth's location. Too much can cause an upset tummy.

  • Licorice - Gnawing on a real licorice stick has the same effect as the clove oil. Note that this is not the candy you buy in the grocery store line. You can get real licorice sticks at a health store.

  • Pure Vanilla Extract - Many parents swear by rubbing pure vanilla extract on the gums. It creates a warming sensation and vanilla is known for its calming properties. It also calms stomach distress.
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Fixing a Healthy Super Foods Meal for Your Pet (Guest Post)

With all that you read about how some pet foods may not be as natural as the labels say it can be scary to decide which food to give your beloved pet. The only way to be completely sure what your pet is eating is to prepare it yourself. It sounds time-consuming, but think about how much time you spent looking for wireless fence for dogs review so you could pick the best one for your pet. Shouldn’t what your pet eats get just as much time? And you wouldn’t buy just any cheap dog fence so why purchase pet foods that may not be as healthy as you want?

Fixing a tasty dish for your pet is very simple. Here is a recipe to try!
  • one half cup of chopped broccoli
  • one fillet of fish, such as trout
  • one cup of sliced carrots
  • one sliced sweet potato
  • one half cup stewed cranberries
  • one cup of soybeans
Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and tear off a piece of non-stick foil that is large enough to form a packet for the meal. Lay the fish, skin side down, on the foil and place the sweet potatoes, carrots and beans on top. Add the broccoli and spoon the cranberries over the top. Completely wrap the food so that no steam can escape while it is baking for 35 – 40 minutes. Because steam can burn, you will want to be very careful when you open the package. Be sure to let the food cool completely before you feed your pets and remember to cut the vegetables into smaller pieces if you have a small pet.

Best Super Foods

See how easy that was? All you need to know is what foods are considered super foods and you will be ready to create your own recipes for your pets. You probably already know many of the super foods, as they are the same ones that you eat to stay healthy. The health benefits of these foods work for pets, too.
Stop saving the organic sweet potatoes for holiday dinners! Both you and your pet would benefit from having a serving of sweet potatoes every day as they aid in the prevention of cancer and can slow the aging process.
Oily fish, such as herring, orange roughy, salmon and trout, are excellent sources of Omega 3 fatty acids that aid in increasing intelligence and improving behaviors. Beans have been a staple of our diets for years, but rarely do we think to give them to our pets. The protein in the beans is very important to our pets, too, and beans can help burn body fat.

Organic carrots are perhaps the most convenient super food. They are relatively inexpensive and very easy to carry as snacks. Give one to your dog or cat and see how much they enjoy it. Carrots prevent heart disease and improve vision.

Although broccoli is a very important super food, be sure that no more than ten percent of your pet’s diet contains broccoli. It helps treat heart disease, fights infections, and prevents cancer and can help the body get rid of toxins.

With this list of super foods, you will be able to prepare delicious and healthy meals for your pets every day!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

#Giveaway Fashion Decor for their Lockers with Locker Lookz

I think one of the things I can remember on that first day of school was getting my locker. I remember the teacher in our homeroom, handing out locker assignments, with the locker number and combination code. That piece of paper was gold, because until you could remember that combination, you had to hold onto it and you also did not want it to get lost and someone else get a hold of it.

As we prepare for the kids to head back to school, I know that those lockers are still there. The ones we used when we were in school, and just like when we were kids, they are very plain and boring. They all look alike, and some even have the remnants of the prior owner still lingering, with a tag, sticker, or even an occasional unusual odor left behind that may or may not be appealing.

To help my diva, Estrella, with her locker this year, we were sent some pretty fabulous fashionable locker decor from Locker Lookz! Estrella's favorite color is Zebra, and she adores anything that sparkles, so when we saw the zebra print, chevron, and polka dot collections of Locker Lookz products, we knew it was fate! With having the looks, merge together in her locker, she is sure to have the cutest locker in the hall!

Estrella is one little Diva, who in between classes, likes to be able to check herself out in the mirror, and with the oh so divalicious, zebra print mirror with the strong magnetic strip, which will help keep her mirror in place even when she slams her locker, she will never miss a divalicious moment of checking herself out in the mirror! She will also have her friends raving about the pink glittery chevron printed wall paper, that will help keep some of those tags or stickers from lockers past, hidden, allowing her personal sparkly style to shine! Another plus about the wall paper is that she can adjust it as needed, and at the end of the year, take it down to use again if she wants, since it also has those strong magnets to help keep it in place throughout the school year!

With the fluffy zebra print rug, she can ensure the comfort of her belongings, and also keep her book bag from getting scuffed or damaged, as well as add style, on the bottom of her fashionable locker. I like that it will stay in place with the no skid backing, and like the other locker products, it is made to fit most lockers!

She can keep up with any notes to herself, notes from friends, reminders and such with her oh so chic black and white polka dot dry erase board, that, just like the mirror and wall paper, has strong magnets on it to help ensure it stays in place this school year!

Then when it comes to having those extra pens and pencils on hand and ready to grab, instead of scouring through her locker, she can keep them all in one place, easy to access and organized, with the fashionable glitter zebra print locker bin, that also gives her that bling that she adores! And just like the other items for her locker, this bin will be able to stay in place due to the strong magnets that are on the back of the bin! Aside from the great, fashionable items that Estrella picked out to bling out her divalicious locker this year, I like that when the year is over and it is all said and done, she can remove her decor, and not leave any scratches or scuff marks behind, and take her Locker Lookz products home to use again if she wants!

So this year, let your kids personality sparkle and shine, by letting them design their locker with the products from Locker Lookz! Well to help with decorating your kids lockers this year, the wonderful people from Locker Lookz would like to accessorize one of my amazing readers kids lockers!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.

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#Giveaway Backpacks and Lunch Bags for Back to School from Accessory Innovations

I think each year, as we do our back to school shopping, one of the things the kids look forward to, is shopping for that new backpack and lunch bag. The kids take this part of the shopping for school supplies very seriously. I mean, we might go to several stores, and at each store they will stop to look at the products that are available, then decide which to head back to so they can get that backpack and lunch bag that they feel to be a fit for the new school year.

For my kids, one of the things that really plays a big role when it comes finding those backpacks that will make the statement they are aiming for this year is what characters they will go with on their backpacks and lunch bags. This is something that I know many kids look at, when they go to find that one backpack, that one that they will use during the school year, and that one that will show others what they like when it comes to characters.

When it comes to Estrella, well it is pretty easy, she finds the characters from Monster High to be a favorite of hers, and when we shop the backpacks from Accessory Innovations, we can find a great variety of bags to choose from, even the backpack and lunch bag combos that match up, so she can have coordinating bags this school year!
Another plus about the bags from Accessory Innovations is that they have bags for the different ages, ones that appeal to the older and younger kids. So when Wyatt prepares for Preschool this year, we can find the bags he will like with his favorite characters from one of his favorite shows, Yo Gabba Gabba! Wyatt adores the singing and dancing, along with those adorable monster characters that he dances along with, and the backpacks from Accessory Innovations hit right on the mark when it comes to the appeal for Wyatt!
Then for my older son, Robert, he not only loves anything that has to do with Star Wars, but like many other boys his age, he also likes those turtles in a half shell, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and when we shop the line of boys bags from Accessory Innovations, we can find a variety of Star Wars and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bags for Robert to choose from! Other characters that are big with the kids and their friends include Barbie and those adorable Minions from Despicable Me, which are also character themed bags that can be found from the Accessory Innovations line of products!

So this year, when you take the kids shopping to find those backpacks and lunch bags that they just have to have, head to stores like Target and Toys R Us, where you can find the variety of bags I have pictured above and more!! Well to help with that back to school shopping this year, the wonderful people from Accessory Innovations will be giving 2 of my amazing readers, a variety pack of boy and girl bags from the selection I have pictured in this post!!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Personalize the New School Year with Labels from Label Land

With all of the back to school shopping we do, I know that when the kids head off on that first day, we as parents, do not want the items we bought them to get misplaced. We spend hours shopping for that first day, to prepare them not only for the first day of school, but for the start of a new school year, and when they head back, there are other kids, who may have the same items or when our kids go to school, they may misplace items. So for me as a parent, I like to label everything for my kids. I tend to do this as we get supplies, so when that first day comes, they have what they need and they can keep up with their items a lot easier.

This year, with Wyatt, we have discussed letting him go to preschool, so having his items personalized as well is just as important. To help with preparing Wyatt, we were sent a great pack of personalized labels from Label Land to review.

I like that once I found the design I wanted to go with, I was able to personalize the labels with Wyatt's first and last name. So when it comes to snack time and he needs his sippy cup, his will not get mixed in with the others since he will have his name on his cup!

With the School/Camp Pack of personalized name labels that we were sent, I like that there are lots of labels in this variety pack. The pack includes 100 iron on labels, 30 medium waterproof, 2 bag tags and 14 shoe labels, giving us plenty to ensure that all of Wyatt's items that he takes to preschool anytime of the year, will be labeled so we can keep up with his items. I also like that this variety pack is not only great to use on Wyatt's stuff this year, but I can choose from a variety of designs, so I can get labels for the older kids too, so that this year, when we send the kids to school, they can all keep up with their items! So this year, as you do your back to school shopping, don't forget to add personalized name labels to your list and head on over to Label Land!!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.
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#Giveaway Back to School Shopping on a Budget with ($50 Gift Code)

The back to school shopping season is upon us, and like many parents out there, I want my kids to have a new wardrobe to start the new school year in. Also like many parents, I do not have the money to spend, especially with 3 growing kids, on several new outfits for each child, so I enjoy those children's consignment shops. The thing is, I also like to purge all of the items they have outgrown, and take them in to the stores when I do my shopping, but I do not always have the time to do it, or I end up putting it off. 

Well recently I was introduced to a online children's consignment store, where I do not have to take a day to schedule going through the items I need to get rid of then spend the rest of the day scouring through unorganized shelves in search of those specific items I am looking for when shopping for the kids. The site is called, and over at Swap, I can find all of those items I would find in a consignment store, but without the hassle of beating the crowds when new items are put on the racks, and without the possibility of spending a day shopping to come up empty handed and frustrated after going through the disorganized racks.

With, I can go on, choose the category I am looking to shop from, and even choose the size I need, then find tons of new and gently used items for my kids, at a fraction of the price I would pay if I had to buy them full price! 

I was given the chance to shop at for myself, and with just under $100, I was able to find numerous new outfits and accessories, including some brand new toys, for all 3 kids, all in one place! I was even able to get some new pieces of clothing that were brand new, still with tags on them, for a fraction of the price I would have paid, had I bought them full price from the department stores. Oh, and the fashion pieces for the kids, well they are what the kids want, what is in, and what I have been out looking for while I have been doing some of this years back to school shopping!! 

I think one of the big scores I found were the Justice Girls clothes for my daughter. I mean, if I allowed her to, she would only shop at Justice, but like many other parents with girls who know how pricey shopping at Justice can be, being able to score those hot fashions that are gently used and even some that are new, at a small fraction of the price I would pay, is a big deal! Other great buys I found were pieces from Gymboree, Osh Gosh and more! 

Aside from the shopping that I was able to do, I also found that I can list the outgrown gently used or new clothes, toys, and even gear, that we will no longer be using, easily, and get a decent price for the items as well! To sell on, you need to set up an account, and once you have completed everything they ask, you can start selling, send in the items you want to list, then they will do the rest for you. They will categorize, take pictures, and list your items, and say if they do not sell after 45 days, they will buy the items from you! Making not only the buying experience on a fun and easy one, but also the selling experience just as fun and easy!! 

So if you are wanting to get some of that back to school shopping done, or even if you just need to get some gear and clothes for the kids, but dont want to pay those high prices and want gently used and new items, then check out Same goes for if you are wanting to get rid of some new and gently used items that the kids have outgrown, be sure to check out! Well to help with that Back to School shopping this year, the wonderful people from would like to give one of my amazing readers $50 to use at their site!!!! 

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.
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Outdoor Protection with MOMiN

When it comes to products for my family, I look for products that are safe and preferably organic. With the issue of sensitive skin in my house which not only includes my kids but also myself, I like to have items like repellent and such that are safe to use, so we do not have any breakouts or bad reactions.

Well with those bugs that bite, which includes those pesky mosquitos, we were sent some great products for keeping my family protected this summer from the MOMiN OutdoorShield line of products from MOMiN. With this selection of products, I can have products on hand, that are great for carrying in the diaper bag, that we can use to not only repel the bugs without any harmful chemicals, but in the case that we do get bit, we can relieve the annoying itch with safe organic products as well!

Then for when we get those boo boos while playing outdoors, having the MOMiN OutdoorShield Herbal Soothing Ointment on hand, is great for soothing scrapes and cuts, so the kids and I can enjoy our time outdoors, even when those boo boos happen!

For the repellent, I like the light fragrance that the MOMiN OutdoorShield Herbal Outdoor Repellent has, and with the Rosemary Essential Oils, I can spray down baby, and let baby play without the worry of having bugs bite! So this summer, gear up your diaper bag with the products from MOMiN OutdoorShield, and keep your family protected while they enjoy their time outdoors!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.
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Monday, July 21, 2014

#Giveaway Back to School with Yak Pak

When it comes down to the Back to School shopping season in my house, I have to take into consideration the fact that I have kids in different grades, boys and girls, and the fact that I also have a husband who is a full time student. So finding products that will help make life in school for everyone easier, is my goal! With having a daughter who is almost middle school age, and a techista, I know that having not only a backpack but also a laptop bag for carrying her computer in when needed is something that will come in handy this school year.

Recently I was sent the perfect bag for her, which will really come in handy for both carrying her books and her laptop in, on the days that she will be needing it in tote for class, when I was sent a Deluxe Cab on the go Laptop Tote from Yak Pak! With the Yak Pak products, I like that I can find a variety of products that can really help with our everyday lives, from the luggage to the backpacks, lunch totes, and even laptop totes, in fun fabric designs that give myself and my family the chance to make a fun fashion statement!

With this laptop tote, Estrella not only gets a fun, bright, fashionable tote for carrying her laptop in, but with the extra space and outside zipper pouches, she can carry her books, papers, writing products, and more! I like the handles which are great for using when carrying, and the extra padding this tote has on the inside, so she can easily carry it and also keep her electronic devices safe with the padding.

So as you prepare your family to head back to school this year, be sure to check out the products from Yak Pak! Well to help with getting my readers ready for school this year, the wonderful people from Yak Pak are going to to give one of my amazing readers their own Yak Pak product!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.
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#Giveaway Back to School Fashion Fun with Click-eez

The back to school shopping season is upon us, and aside from the list of school supplies, basic clothing needs, and products that we need for packing school lunches, with a girl, I find that as she gets older, she seems to find a need for fashion accessories as well.

Well to help with those back to school fashion accessories that my daughter sees as a must have when doing the back to school shopping, we were sent some very fashionable and adorable Click-eez to review. With the Click-eez, Estrella and her friends can mix and match the clickable fashion bracelets.

We like the varieties we can find, and with the different Click-eez, the girls can stack, mix and match to meet the style they are aiming for. Making them a jewelry accessory that is not only a must have for this years back to school shopping with the girls, but also a accessory collection that the girls can collect and exchange with one another! So this back to school season, as you head out to cover all of those items on the kids lists, be sure to get the Click-eez bracelets for your girls! Also, to help with the accessorizing this school year, the wonderful people from Click-eez would like to give one of my amazing readers their own Click-eez!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.
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Packing Lunches for School with Refreshing Drinks from Cascade Ice

The back to school shopping season is upon us, and whether we are ready for it, the reality of it all hit me when I received the kids school supplies lists in the mail. Well like many parents out there, who are looking to get a head start on the shopping this year, I have been able to find the products on the kids lists, and I have also found some great products that will be great fits for the lunches this year.

To help with the drinks aspect when it comes to packing those school lunches, I was sent some refreshing Cascade Ice varieties to taste and review. I like that with the hot days the kids will be dealt when we head back to school here in Texas, I can send them some naturally flavored sparkling water with juice in the lunches. I also like the variety of flavors we can choose from, so I can pack a different drink in the kids lunches every day, and I can choose the flavors that the kids will like, even if they do not agree on the same flavors!

Another great feature about the drinks from Cascade Ice is that there are no added extras like calories, sodium, caffeine, gluten or sugars. Instead, the kids will get a sugar free drink, that is not only thirst quenching, but also tasty! And with the 21 flavors I can choose from, I can be sure to find a flavor to satisfy even my pickiest kid! So this year, as you head to the stores to get those items on those back to school shopping lists, be sure to also plan ahead when it comes to their lunches and consider getting the kids some Cascade Ice for packing in their lunches this year!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.
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How to Choose the Right Moses Basket for Your Baby

One of the exciting tasks which parents-to-be have is selecting an appropriate Moses basket for their new arrival. Its relatively small size ensures baby can't wriggle too far down whilst the high walls enhance safety and prevent uncomfortable drafts disrupting sleep. With so many advantages, it's clear why it is normally near the top of the list of must-haves in any nursery. If you're planning to purchase one, read on to discover what options and accessories are available to complement your investment.

Natural Materials are Very Safe for Baby

Traditionally made from willow, today these delightful baskets are made from a variety of different natural sources, including corn husk and wicker. A Moses basket is a great investment for parents because they are durable comfortable and lightweight. The addition of a well-fitting mattress, appropriately covered, gives even greater comfort for baby to enjoy at night.

Consider Purchasing an Additional Stand

The said basket is often safest on the floor, as even if baby manages to get themselves out they aren’t going to fall anywhere. If you would prefer the basket higher up, then a special stand can often be easily purchased. It’s advisable to purchase the stand and basket together, as sometimes there can be issues with compatibility if the items are bought separately.

Fancy Dressing Isn’t Essential

Whilst many parents love the opportunity to bedeck the said basket and stand with yards of embroidered material, this won’t affect the function of the basket and may even lead to additional laundry when the dressing needs washing. Remember that a stable, well-constructed stand, suitable mattress and sturdily made basket are the key requirements for a suitable bed for baby. Don’t be tempted to compromise on the basics just because a flimsier alternative looks more appealing.

Chosen correctly, a Moses basket which has appropriate bedding and is safely located makes an excellent first bed for any baby. Easily portable and extremely comfortable, it can help baby sleep as contentedly, which means mum and dad can hopefully get some shut-eye too!

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Snack Time with Skippy Singles

When thinking of those snacks that are good to have on hand at home, on the go, and for those summer camps, I think of peanut butter. I mean with peanut butter, we can make a variety snacks and even meals like with a peanut butter sandwich, so when we were sent some Skippy Singles to review, I knew they would really come in handy.

With the Skippy Singles, I can have some great, go to snacks for the kids to have at home and even take with them to camp this summer. I like with the Skippy Singles, we can choose from the original creamy and the Skippy Natural Singles Creamy.

Both of these options give the kids 1.5 oz cups, which are great for snack time, so the kids can dip their carrots and apples in them, making snack time easy and very convenient. So this summer, if you are looking for great snack products to pack in the kids suitcases for when they head to summer camp, or if you want to have some great go to snack options on hand for snack time at home, then check out the Skippy Singles, which you can get in the original creamy and the natural creamy.

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.
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Packing Nutritious Foods for Summer Activities with Honey Bunches of Oats

With the summer activities in full swing, and summer camps for the kids included on that list, I like having products that can be eaten on the go, ones I can pack away when I send them to camp, that are not only filling but also nutritious. Recently I was sent such a product when I was sent some of the Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds Single Serves to review.

With the Honey Bunches of Oats Single Serve products, I can feel more at ease knowing that even while the kids are not at home, they can get a filling and nutritious bowl of cereal, from Honey Bunches of Oats! Along with the single serve bowls, we also got these containers that we can stick in the freezer, that can come in handy when we leave to go on summer adventures, which keeps the milk cool in the bottom part, and ready to use when they are ready to eat! So this summer as you pack the kids for summer camp, or any other adventures where they might need to have a quick, easy, and nutritious breakfast that is ready to grab and go, get them some Honey Bunches of Oats Single Serves and enjoy your summer!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.
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Whitening my Smile with the Crest 3D White Brilliance Duo

There are many things we eat and drink throughout the day, which leave their presence behind, starting with the morning cup of coffee. With me, I drink coffee daily, I also eat foods, that all together, leave my teeth stained. So like many others out there, who enjoy that coffee, who also enjoy other products that can leave the teeth stained, I look for oral care products that can help whiten my teeth, so the evidence of that morning coffee, does not continue to follow me.

Recently I was sent the Crest 3D White Brilliance Duo to review. With this duo of Crest 3D products, I can brush my teeth normally with the Crest 3D White Brilliance Toothpaste, then follow up with the Crest 3D White Brilliance Boost, which is a tooth polishing system that gives me 3 times the stain fighting power. So if you are one who enjoys that extra cup of coffee in the morning, like I do, and you want to get rid of the evidence it leaves behind on your teeth, then whiten your smile with the Crest 3D White Brilliance Duo!!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.
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Wedding Favor Shopping made Easy with

Preparing for a wedding can be quite a task, and that is why many of us take months, even years to get everything in place. From getting the venue booked, notifying friends and family of a upcoming wedding, getting the invites out, then getting all of the other preparations in place, is not only time consuming, but it can be a lot to take in and get done. So as we prepare for my baby sister's wedding, I have been helping, by getting some of those details for her taken care of.

Recently I was sent some little glass jars, with personalized stickers that go on them, for the bridal shower. I was sent them from Over at the My Wedding Favors site, we were able to find those odds and ends that we need to ensure the wedding has everything we will need, all in one place. From the bridal shower that we have planned a couple of days before the wedding, to the wedding favors we will need to have in place on each of the guests place settings during the reception!

With the little Personalized Glass Favor Jars, we will be able to fill them with treats for the bridal party to enjoy. We also liked that we were able to personalize them, giving them the look and personalized look we were aiming for, so that they can coordinate with the rest of the bridal shower decorations. I also like that we can order them in sets of 12, so we can order the amount of jars we will need!

Then once we get all of the RSVP's in, we can head back over to the My Wedding Favors site, and get the name card holders along with wedding favors for the guests, along with any other items we see as fitting to make my sister's wedding, the wedding of her dreams and one that others will also remember!!!

So as you prepare for your wedding, or the wedding of someone close to you, head on over to and find the favors, place card holders, and more, to help make your wedding a memorable one!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.
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Get the Best of Both Worlds: Top Five Holiday Destinations for you and Kids (Guest Post)

If you’ve been running around all year long looking after little ones, there’s a high chance you could do with a holiday. Thankfully, there are many places which are not only great for kids but are perfect for grownups too. You’ll find superb packages from companies like, so why not check out one of these top five holiday destinations?


Pack your bags, jump on a plane and head to the sunny island of Cyprus. Experience the relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle of this beautiful country and catch some rays as you take in all the magnificent scenery. From water sports to boat trips, ancient ruins to castles there’s plenty to keep both you and the kids entertained, but if you want some time to yourself you could always suss out the kids’ clubs. Many Cypriot resorts provide entertainment all year round and some even offer a babysitting service.


If it’s luscious white beaches and turquoise seas you want, look no further than the Caribbean island of Anguilla. While the adults can take in and appreciate the famed sunsets of Crocus Bay and the abundant fresh seafood, the kids can while their time away on the luxurious coastlines. This really is sandcastle heaven for anyone who likes frolicking in the great outdoors. The rainy season falls between July and November, so visit outside these months and enjoy a spectacular family vacation.

Sri Lanka

Nestled in the Indian Ocean, the Asian country of Sri Lanka is a sight to behold. Complete with unspoilt beaches, untamed forests, sensational wildlife reserves, ruined cities and royal palaces it’s a great place to teach the kids about nature and to do a spot of sightseeing yourself. Your cheeky monkeys are sure to love a rustic safari and you too will go home with memories that’ll last a lifetime. Tired after a long day? Then kick back on the glistening coastline while your kids splash in the sea.


France is often thought of as a romantic place for couples and while it’s ideal for a lover’s getaway or a memorable honeymoon, it’s also great for a family vacation. With many of the hotels offering safe, outdoor spaces for the kids to run free, you can relax on-site while the youngsters unleash their adventurous side. As well as dramatic and mind-blowing landscapes and countryside, France also offers bustling cities and a wealth of tourist attractions. People of all ages can enjoy views from the top of the Eiffel Tower, for instance, but just make sure you’re not scared of heights.


The temperamental weather in the UK can often make it difficult for youngsters to play outside without getting completely soaked! Wet conditions can get a bit tedious from time-to-time, so why not put an end to cabin fever with a once in a lifetime trip to the Maldives? The children can enjoy hours in the great outdoors under a clear blue sky while you lounge on a sunbed with a cheeky cocktail. As this is an island nation, you could even hop around this spectacular part of the world and experience a wealth of fun boat rides.
There are many places across the world that your whole family will love, so put your adventurous cap on this year and go somewhere fabulous.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

#Giveaway #nanoblockBIYW Summer Building Fun with Nanoblocks Building Sets from Target

With the summer rains, we find that having indoor activities for the kids a must. I like to find products that will keep them busy, and at the same time, get those creative gears going. One thing that my two older kids enjoy doing is building things, so when we were sent a couple of the Nanoblock Building sets from Target to review, I knew they would be sets the kids would enjoy putting together.

I think one of the things that really stands out with the Nanoblock sets compared to other building blocks is the size of the little blocks. The kids really like the nano size, and find the challenge to be a lot of fun. Aside from the fun we can have building those fun Nanoblock sets, we were also told about the Nanoblock Build it Your Way Competition, where we can create our own unique building sets using the Nanoblock sets we can find at Target, to enter to win great prizes which include a family vacation valued at $4,000, our own iPod Nano's, or Nanoblock sets for a year! This competition is open between now and September 1, so get your Nanoblocks and get to creating and head here to enter !

Well to help with getting those creations together, the wonderful people from Nanoblock would like to send one of my amazing readers their own Nanoblock Building Set!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review. 
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Bottle Feeding for Breastfeeding Moms made easy with Munchkin

An obstacle that many new and soon to be new parents come across is what kind of bottle they will use. This can be a issue, and I know personally that when it comes to making the choice on whether to bottle feed, breastfeed, or both, it is a decision that parents really do carefully consider. For me, I have always chosen to breastfeed my babies, but I also enjoy allowing others to bond with baby, giving me not only a break, but also giving my husband and other family members, the chance to get that bonding moment when feeding baby. So having bottles to use for breast milk, that also do not create issues with breastfeeding, is something I look for when preparing for baby.

Well, since we are making preparations for a new member to join our family, the hunt is on, to find those bottles which will not only make bottle feeding easy for baby, but also make the transition from bottle to breast and back easy on mom as well. To help with that search, I was sent such a bottle recently when I was sent the new Latch by Munchkin to review.

With the Latch bottles, babies will get the same experience as they get with the breast. Giving them that same suction that is needed with the breast, by having baby put pressure against the nipple, which releases the milk as baby nurses.

The nipple on the bottle also moves with baby, helping them keep that continuous latch, which helps with reducing colic. Another plus is, even with the breast milk being fed through a bottle, the Latch bottles, prevent any air bubbles traveling through the milk, which also helps to reduce gas and fussiness. Making the Latch bottles, a bottle to add to those lists of must have items for baby and those registries!

So as you prepare for baby, and as you look for bottles that will help with the transition from breast to bottle and back, be sure to check out the Latch Bottles from Munchkin!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review. 
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Sunday, July 13, 2014

#Giveaway Outdoor Play with Kettler USA Kids Tricycles

The summer is here, and like my older kids, Wyatt wants to be outdoors, riding bikes like the big kids. To help with that ambition Wyatt has, we were sent a very cool kids tricycle from Kettler USA to review.

We were given the Kettrike Happy Navigator for review. As a parent, one of the first things for me is the assembly, and we found the assembly process to be very easy. Once it was put together, Wyatt could not wait to take it on a maiden voyage! In the past, prior to getting his own bike to now ride, Wyatt had followed his older siblings in a stroller that was being pushed by either myself or my husband. Or as the kids rode around with their friends, Wyatt would watch from a far, dreaming of the day he could follow behind them.

One of the features that I like is the removable parent bar, which when in use, allows mom and dad to steer the bike, along with the Parental Control Steering Lock. This locking system allows parents to lock the front wheel in a straight position, which is great for when we go on long walks as a family and Wyatt wants to ride along on his bike instead of a stroller. The 3-in-1 Auto-Freewheel, which is there for pedaling and coasting is great for when we push the trike, so Wyatt can rest his feet on the pedals and avoid dragging his feet on the ground.

I also like the seat belt restraint system, so I can buckle Wyatt in, and make sure he does not accidentally fall off of his trike. The seat also offers support and comfort, so little ones do not slide off the back while they are riding along. Other features for those big kids who are ready for the big kid trike is the 5 position Quick-Adjust, which allows parents to adjust through the S Frame, and the 4 point adjustable seat, so we can adjust the trike as Wyatt grows!

For the times when Wyatt is riding like a big boy, without mom or dad helping him along, Wyatt can push the pedals with his feet, and even bring along a snack or some toys and store them in the rear tipping bucket. Wyatt finds the bucket feature to be a favorite, so he can help transport toys and snacks for himself and his older siblings, giving him a mission when we are outdoors playing and riding bikes!
With the safety features, you also get the limited turn radius steering device along with the low center of gravity, which helps to prevent tipping. Then with the tires, Wyatt can enjoy a smooth ride with the MaxXTread wheels! With the wear and tear aspect that parents always worry about with outdoor toys, I like the carbon steel frame, which provides a sturdy frame and the fade resistant powder coat, so even when we leave Wyatt's trike out in the hot Texas sun, he can continue to ride his bike that remains looking new! Making the Kettrike Happy Navigator, a great trike to have for the toddler in your life! Well to help with finding those outdoor play items for the kids this summer, the wonderful people from Kettler USA would like to give one of my amazing readers their own Kettrike Happy Navigator!!!!!

Product received, all opinions are my own.

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#Giveaway Swaddle Designs Muslin zzZipMe Sack

When preparing for a new baby, there are a lot of things to check off that list, the list of must have items for baby. For me, I like to have everything ready for baby, ahead of time, so that once baby is here, I can enjoy and cherish all of those first moments that go by so quickly. Recently I was sent one of the new Muslin zzZipMe Sacks to review from Swaddle Designs.

This adorable wearable blanket is both soft and offers a breathable material, so when the newest member of our family makes their debut, she can sleep comfortably. This wearable blanket is going to really come in handy when baby is ready to start transitioning from the traditional swaddle.

I also like that when we use wearable blankets like the zzZipMe Sack from Swaddle Designs, we can avoid using loose blankets, which can be a safety hazard while baby is sleeping. Another plus about the design is the two way zipper, which not only makes it easy for when we place baby inside this wearable blanket, but it also helps make those night time diaper changes easier, so we can try to keep from waking baby. Making the zzZipMe Sack a new must have item for any parent or caregiver to have and add to their lists when preparing for baby! Well to help with your own preparations and sleep times with baby, the wonderful people from Swaddle Designs would like to give one of my amazing readers their own zzZipMe Sack!!

Product received, all opinions are my own.
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