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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Celebrate Memorial Weekend with Litehouse + Learn How to Win 1 Year's Worth of Salad

When it comes to those Memorial Day Weekend celebrations and the fact that it is also National Salad Month, it is a given that we will be adding some fresh salad creations to our menu! And to help us with making this Memorial Day Weekend a success, we will be adding the products from Litehouse, Fresh Express and Natures Sweet to our salad line up, thanks to the people from Litehouse who sent us coupons to facilitate this post. 

See, right now when you head to your local Albertson's store, you can score big when you pick up the Fresh Express Salad Kits along with the Nature's Sweet Cherub Tomatoes and some Litehouse dressings! The three mixed together not only give you a great fresh salad to add to those menus, but right now through May 31st, you can get these three at amazing prices and also enter to win a years worth of salad and $100 worth of salad swag. Which in all makes the choice to celebrate your Memorial Day Weekend with Litehouse, Fresh Express and Nature's Sweet, one that you and your guests will appreciate!

To enter the Raise the Salad Bar contest go here.

Product received, thank you to Litehouse as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Summer Fun with the PLAYMOBIL Ice Cream Truck

With the summer fun fixing to kick off and the kids ready to take on the days ahead as they make those summer memories, I find that as a parent, that I enjoy having the summer toys and summer themed toys on hand. Like so many kids out there, there are certain things that just say summer, from the smell of sunblock to the sound of the ocean. And like many kids, I grew up with the sound of that music that was somewhat iconic, a sound that kids from all around knew all too well, as the ice cream man made his rounds on those hot summer days. So when we were sent the PLAYMOBIL Ice Cream Truck to review, I was brought back to my own childhood memories of summer and I was also excited to share this fun play set with my kids as they prepare for the summer break.

With this play set, we get a fun ice cream truck that the kids can wheel around, then stop as they pretend that kids are running to catch the ice cream man as he serves up their favorite flavors. This set comes with realistic looking play ice cream, dishes, ice cream cones, a ice cream scooper, table, beverages along with the ice cream man, two kids and many more! Giving the kids a fun summer themed play set that is perfect for taking with as we head to the park, or playing with at home.

Product received, thank you to PLAYMOBIL as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Celebrating National Strawberry Month with Rigoni di Asiago

When it comes to the spring and the flavors we look forward to, I find that the strawberries are a must! My family and I enjoy heading out to the fields to pick those fresh strawberries to share in a variety of dishes as well as adding the organic fruit spreads that we can add to our line up as well. So when we were sent some of the spreads from the Rigoni di Asiago line up, we were excited to add them to our national Strawberry Month celebrations!

With the line up of spreads that we can get from Rigoni di Asiago, I can appreciate that they are part of a family owned business which is based out of Northern Italy and that the ingredients used are picked out carefully and are certified organic. I also like that with the carefully sourced ingredients, that along with the fruit spread like the Strawberries and Wild Strawberries selection, that we can also add the Nocciolata Organic Hazelnut Spread with Cocoa & Milk to create a delicious alternative to the peanut butter and fruit spread sandwiches we like to pack when heading out for the day. Which makes adding the line up of Organic Strawberry Fruit Spreads and the Nocciolata Organic Hazelnut Spread with Cocoa & Milk, a great choice to go with as you and your family celebrate National Strawberry Month!

Product received, thank you to Rigoni di Asiago as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

#Giveaway Kopi Luwak Anti-Pollution Oxygen Brightening Treatment from Hermetise (ARV $4,944.97)

This Kopi Luwak anti-pollution oxygen brightening treatment from Hermetise is part of a three step treatment from Hermetise.

It a protecting serum that incorporates a unique caffeine infusion obtained from Kopi Luwak beans. Kopi Luwak is the most exotic coffee in the world and is known to have excellent skin benefits, such as giving naturally firm skin and reducing inflammation and redness. It is also a potent antioxidant. 

This advanced treatment clears and protects skin from environmental pollutants and treats skin with advanced oxygen and select age defying ingredients, which are fortified with 24k gold and  Kopi Luwak infusion to form an intense age treatment. This soft, ever lasting step is designed to decrease the signs of aging; its unique texture enables it to absorb into the skin delivering beneficial ingredients, it provides the skin protection from the environment.

What it is
The Kopi Luwak anti-pollution oxygen treatment is designed to clear and protect skin from environmental pollutants by delivering potent film-forming, water-holding and soothing effects.

How does it work?
3 super products to de-pollute, revive and renew your skin with Kopi Luwak infusion, oxygen and 24K gold.

What it does
Kopi Luwak anti-pollution oxygen skin care treatment assists in retaining the skins trans-epidermal water loss, helps to enhance the skins oxygen delivery to help revive dull skin, for a smoother, more lifted appearance.

The Kopi Luwak anti-pollution oxygen range main Benefits:
·         Global anti-aging, face-lift alternative
·         A 3 step complete all in one "super treatment"
·         Protects from the environment (anti-pollution)
·         Cleansing and the removal of dead skin cells
·         Helps restore a firmer appearance

What else you need to know
In the ultimate connection of nature and hi-tech beauty, often one thing means the other, as is the case with the Kopi Luwak anti-pollution oxygen 3-step treatment. Along with its striking appearance, this amazing treatment has astounding multiple effects on the skin. This skin treatment is designed so that each product actually preforms and gives the benefits of two products, thus cutting down on the hassle and saving application time while maximizing the final effect on the skin.

Step 1 - Kopi luwak anti-pollution oxygen brightening treatment
This cream is an advanced formula consisting of molecular technology - offering a unique aquatic based formula which transforms into a cream- oxygen, gold and additional ingredients penetrate to treat the skin.

Step 2 - Kopi luwak anti-pollution oxygen brightening treatment

Step 3 - Kopi luwak anti-pollution oxygen brightening treatment


Each product retails for: $1649.99 or $4,944.97 for the set.

And to help with giving your skin a treatment like no other you can enter to win your own Kopi Luwak Anti-Pollution Oxygen Brightening Treatment system from Hermetise (ARV $4,944.97) below!

This prize package is being provided by the sponsors who have set up this giveaway for my readers!

Celebrate Spring with Peppa Pig

With the weather getting warmer and warmer and the sun shinning, we find that we enjoy spending our days outside in the garden and exploring our surroundings. We also find that with little ones like my preschooler, that they are drawn to the exploration part where we enjoy watching as their imaginations run wild and free, just like the imagination of that adorable pig Peppa Pig! So when we were sent a pack filled with Peppa Pig goodies that included the new DVD, Peppa Pig Around the World and the book Peppa Pig and the Backyard Circus along with some fun Peppa Pig goodies, we were excited to check them out.

With the DVD, we get 9 fun 15 minute episodes to share with our Peppa Pig fan and continue the Peppa Pig fun reading together at bedtime as Peppa and her friends set up a fun day of activities to mimic a circus in the book, Peppa Pig and the Backyard Circus. Along with the fun must have DVD and book for Peppa Pig fans, we can also take our own adventures outside as my little one helps in the garden with the Peppa Pig gardening supplies, keep track of time with the Peppa Pig watch and draw with his friends using the Peppa Pig Chalk Holder!

Then when we head out for those summer road trips and vacations, we can take our Peppa Pig fun to go with us with the brand new app, Peppa Pig: Happy Mrs Chicken. "Inspired by the “Happy Mrs Chicken” game from the series, the app encourages preschoolers to explore the wonderful world of Peppa through five fun-filled games. Young players can see how many eggs they can lay with Happy Mrs Chicken, leave a seed trail to guide chicks through a maze and much more!" Which in all makes adding these Peppa Pig goodies to your spring time fun with Peppa Pig fans a must.

Find Peppa Pig: Happy Mrs Chicken App Here:

Google Play: 

Product received, thank you to Peppa Pig as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

How to Make This Father’s Day Most Memorable for Your Dad?

When Father’s Day is just round the corner, you being his beloved daughter or son must be planning something special for him. Isn’t it? Well, it is sure whatever you do for him on this special day will make him happy. But if you want to make this Father’s day the most memorable day of the year for him then you have to think about something really different and heartfelt. You needn’t worry much as here are a few simple yet innovative ideas that will not only make him super happy but he will cherish the day throughout.
Stay tuned while we brief you through:

Start his day with flowering plant bouquets

Thinking what can be more pleasing for your dad to start the special day than receiving a lovely bouquet of orchids, irises or roses? Yes, of course these lovely flowers will make your dad happy, but if you want him to begin the day with something unique then opt to gift him a plant bouquet with no flowers and only plants. Either pick a bouquet with a lovely lucky twist bamboo or a palm tree bonsai for your father that will compliment his manliness and persona well. If your dad loves to nurture plants then there can be nothing better than gifting him a flowering plant like azalea bonsai or fragrant gardenia along with a beautiful vase bought using the Myntra coupon codes. Each of these are not only unique but will carry a strong message for him.

Gift him with special printed coffee mugs

If your dad loves to start his day with a sip of hot coffee why not gift him coffee mugs with both of your adorable pictures printed together? This personalized warm gift from you will not only enlighten his mood on the special day but will be a treasure for him throughout the coming days of the year. The beautiful pictures engraved on the mugs will give him a feel to be close to you even when you are away. The rich smell of coffee and a look at the loving picture in the morning hours will keep him happy all day along. Choose the best of pictures that you clicked with your dad and get that printed on the mugs that come in regular sizes purchased availing deals from SaveMyPocket.

Celebrate in evening with a Gourmet cake

In order to tell your beloved dad that he means the world to you, order a personalized Father’s Day cake with a gourmet touch. You can choose the theme of the cake as per your dad’s profession or passion. If he loves fishing create a fishing set up or if he is a golf lover then an exciting golf theme is more than enough to bring a wide smile and sparkle in his eyes. What’s more? You can go for a cute papa bear cake or a drinks cake to make him grin in happiness. Cakes designed in the form of shirts, tuxedos and watches also look cute and are just apt for your super cool dad. To make him gleam in joy and pride the moment he receives the cake, include personalized messages on it that say how much you love and admire him.

The above mentioned ideas are just too good to make this Father’s Days one of the most memorable days of his life. Other than these personalized items, you can also order for suits, bows, mobile cases, cufflinks, spectacle-holders and several other stuffs that your father would love to own. Whatever you might choose, it would reflect your love and admiration towards the role model of your life. So are you ready to make it one of the happiest days of his life?

#Giveaway Triple Beauty Prize Pack Worth Over $900

Correxiko ®
Correxiko® Skin Supplements are formulated to provide the body’s cells what they’re lacking and help heal skin through lessening sun damage, acne, uneven skin tone and premature aging. Launched in 2016 these capsules, whose ingredients are 100% vegan, hit the beauty world with a clear mission, “offer results that are seen and felt.” Beauty junkies started buzzing about the top-notch ingredients leading it to achieve “best-seller” status for Beauty Supplements in Europe. Correxiko delivers the first noticeable improvement, a rise in cell energy levels within the first week of use. Then over the next weeks of daily use, people start to reap the rewards of brighter, more even skin tone. “This product is for the hardcore beauty and wellness enthusiast. These are people who work out, eat well but want an added edge to their beauty routines,” says Dr. Dinuk Dissanayake, Correxiko Co-Founder.
Price: 98.95
For 40% of women who suffer with hair loss and the self-consciousness it leads to; finally, there is a discreet FDA cleared at-home product designed strictly for women. Theragrow™ is a helmet worn at home that harnesses the power of laser light to minimize hair loss and promote hair growth. It delivers the same precise wavelength and dosage of energy proven to rejuvenate hair follicles and effectively regrow hair. Only lasers with a wavelength between 670 and 686 nanometers can penetrate deep enough to reach the base of the hair follicles and stimulate growth; a depth of 3 to 5 millimeters. No other light source, including devices using LED light, can achieve this. By treating the base of hair follicles, Theragrow's proprietary cold laser technology ensures the mitochondria - the energy generator of hair cells - is reactivated. The mitochondria then produce cell energy that is absorbed by hair follicles stimulating new hair growth.
Price: $495.00

Tresor Rare-
Ultimate Pearl Facial Peel

A definitive facial peeling gel which assists brightening, cleansing, detoxifying and conditioning the skin, generating a softer, fresher and brighter looking complexion. This mild formula includes a unique combination of ingredients to methodically and comfortably eliminate dead skin cells, surplus oil and residues hence leaving the skin feeling smooth and soft, resulting to a new healthy glow.
Application(Use this facial peel up to twice weekly in the evening.) Apply a small amount of the peeling gel onto dry skin. Using the tips of your fingers rub the gel into the face in small circular movements until you see a water-like basis. At that point, leave the mask on your face for 2-5 minutes. Remove by gently rubbing off, in the same circular motion (A tad more aggressively) getting the peeling effect. Keep rubbing until the mask has completely flaked off.  Keep away from rubbing onto the eye contour area. Rinse off any remaining residue using lukewarm water or a toner.
2.04 oz
Price: $399.00
Enter to win all 3 of these amazing beauty product worth over $900 below! 

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Practical Ways of Protecting Your Baby against Burns

At our best essay writing service, we believe that carrying a pregnancy for nine months is the most important life journey you can ever take. Besides, the reward of a little, bouncing bundle of joy that comes out of it cannot compare to any other achievement. However, after all the joy and excitement, there sets in the most challenging part of parenthood—caring. As a mother, you are the one who will spend the longest moments with your baby during this most critical, delicate, and vulnerable stage of their life.
As such, you need to sharpen your instinct for protection so that nothing hurts your little bundle of life and joy. Some of the most dangerous forms of accidents you will need to protect your baby from are burns. This post will give you a comprehensive coverage of the steps you need to protect your baby against the various forms of burns you need to keep your child safe from. So, raise your maternal antenna high and engage a protective gear as we move on with this post.
Protecting your baby against fire
To protect you baby against burns that result from fire, you need to take the following measures:
     Put out all fires after use
Whether you are using the fire inside or outside the house, you need to put out the fire as soon as you are through with it. For example, if the family was warming itself around a wood or coal fire, you should extinguish it immediately so that little kids do not find their way back there and risk burning.
     Store all inflammable materials and objects away from fire
The second precaution you need to take to keep your baby safe from fire burns is keeping all materials that can easily burn from open flames. For instance, you have to keep all clothing and paraffin away from open flames to avoid the possibility of an explosion.
     Train the baby about fire as soon as they can understand
Another way to keep your kids safe is putting the power in their hands as they grow. You need to teach them how to respond when they see any fire and when their clothes catch it. For example, training a child to shout “fire” when they see it will be a good precaution as they grow.
     Keep away all fire makers away from children
Do you still want your kids to remain safe from fire? Then you need to pay attention to where you store things such as lighters and matchboxes. This way, you will deny them the opportunity to try experimenting with them and light accidental fires.
     Offer supervision
Since you cannot completely keep your kids away from fire, you need to exercise supervision when it is necessary for them to be around a fire. Make sure you supervise kids when they are around burning candles, fires, and paraffin lamps.
Prevention against electrical fire burns
Electricity is another cause of burns that can harm your children. As a caring and safety-minded mother, you need to take the following precautions to keep your kids safe:
     Instill training
You need to train your kids about the dangers of electricity as soon as they can understand it. You should let them know that it is risky to stay or play close to an electrical power sub-station and other installations.
     Cover all outlets
When you are not using electrical outlets, you need to cover them with safety plugs. This way, you will avoid the possibility of kids trying to poke sticks or wires into them.
     Beware how you run and load electric wires in the house
Another way of ensuring your baby is safe from electrical fire burns is paying special attention to how electric wires run through the house. Don’t run electric wires under the carpet and you should avoid overloading to reduce the risk of fire.
     Keep all electrical cords and tools away from kids
To keep your baby safe from the possibilities of electrical fires, you should store away all electrical plugs and cords from the reach of all children.
Protection against scalding and fluid-related burns
Besides taking care of fire-related burns, you should also take care of burns that result from liquids. This section of our post will discuss the measures you need to take to keep your child safe in this area.
     Don’t store hot liquids and foods on the edges of the table
If you have a small kid who is crawling or learning how to walk, be careful where to place food on the table. If you put foods near the edges, you will be exposing your child to burns should they reach out their hands and pull the vessels that contain the hot foods or liquids. To keep your baby safe, store all hot liquids and foods in the center of the table so that the baby does not reach them.
     Take care of hot water in the bathroom
To keep your kids safe from burns, you need to follow the right order of mixing water in the bathroom. You need to pour cold water before you mix it with hot one. This way, it will be safer for your child in case they step into the bathtub in your absence.
     Don’t pass a hot liquid over your baby’s head
No matter who you are, never ever try passing a hot liquid over your baby’s head, never!
     Test hot water before bathing your baby
Another safety measure to protect your baby is testing their bathing water with your elbow before dipping them in it.
     Don’t mix cooking with baby holding
When cooking, don’t try to experiment your multitasking skills using your baby. To keep your little one safe, don’t try holding them while cooking.
     Don’t take hot drinks while holding the baby
Even if you are starving, do not try to take a hot beverage while holding the baby. Just rest assured that should they accidentally knock the container, you would have an accident. Keep your baby safe.
     Instill tap training
Hot taps are another leading cause of water burns among children. You need to train your kids the difference between hot and cold-water taps as soon as they can understand.
Test the baby’s food before feeding it
Another way of keeping your baby safe is tasting the baby’s food every time you remove it from the oven. This way, you will double check to ensure that you heated it evenly.
Think about fire-resistant clothing and bedding
To prevent potential burn in the face of a fire, you need to equip your baby with clothes and bedding that are designed to resist fire. For instance, you need to buy mattresses, fabrics, and pajamas that are fire-resistance. Make sure you check the labels of such fabrics to see if they meet the established standards.
Watch over these electrical appliances
Lastly, you should watch over all electrical appliances that heat up fast or can stay hot after you have finished using them, for instance, iron boxes and hairdryers.
Now you are well-equipped with all vital information to keep your child safe. Good luck with safety and security in all your daily routines!

Monday, May 22, 2017

#Giveaway Only the Best Ingredients with Petcurean

This post is sponsored and written by me on behalf of Petcurean through a campaign managed by their PR. All opinions are my own.

When it comes to our families and our babies, both our kids and our fur babies, we as parents and pet parents want to ensure that we are giving our babies the best foods that are available. For my home, when it comes to the pet foods that we use, we find that it is a given with the selections we can get from Petcurean. I say this because since we replaced the dog food brand we had used for many years with Petcurean Senior for our dog Chloe, we have seen a huge difference. Chloe has shown a noticeable improvement in her health, her energy level, and her overall well being, since we made the change a couple of years ago. So when we adopted our newest family member, Nakoma this past month, we of course chose to raise our fur baby on the Petcurean brand!

See when we choose to go with the selection of pet foods from the Petcurean line up, we are giving our fur babies a line of foods and treats that contain premium ingredients. Like when we give our fur babies the foods from the GATHER collection, I can be at ease knowing that Petcurean is open to letting consumers know how their foods are gathered, and are proud of how carefully the ingredients are selected.

This care in selection of ingredients is not just something you can read about for reference either. This is a fact because you can also see the difference in your fur babies as well when you feed them the selection of GATHER foods from the Petcurean line up, and you can read more about the ingredients used and how they are gathered in the info provided below from the people at Petcurean!

ABOUT GATHER: with the knowledge that consumers are increasingly demanding sustainability, transparency and organic ingredients in their pet food, and scrutinizing more than ever for quality and safety, Petcurean created GATHER. GATHER is a new category of pet food crafted from certified, organic, non-GMO and sustainably produced ingredients. The recipes are perfectly blended and balanced to provide dogs and cats with premium quality, natural nutrition and are free from rendered ingredients.

CERTIFICATIONS: Pet food certifications are used in the food industry to provide information to consumers about the way in which a food is produced. Certifications are developed by governments or independent organizations which establish the certification’s ‘standards’. These are the documents that describe the criteria a food producer must meet in order to become certified. To become certified, food producers must undergo a highly detailed audit by an accredited company that determines whether the certification standard is being met. The certification cannot be used by the food producer until the auditor determines that all of the relevant criteria on the standard are fulfilled. To maintain certification, most certification bodies require an annual re-certification audit.

Many certifications have been developed for the food industry, each having its own unique set of standards. GATHER™ dog and cat recipes have received three different food certifications to provide transparency about the ingredients that have been carefully selected for these diets: Organic, Vegan, Marine Stewardship Council. Find out more here.

  • GATHER Wild Ocean & Free Acres: At Petcurean, we’re always thinking and talking about pet nutrition, formulations and ingredients for our premium-quality pet foods. We’ve been excited by all the benefits of krill, and are excited to include it in two of our new GATHER recipes; Free Acres ™ and Wild Ocean™ for dogs. Our producer partner is Aker Biomarine, certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (Aker Biomarine’s extraordinary sustainability practices were critical in our decision to partner with them). The krill we use in GATHER is fished from the oceans surrounding Antarctica, using proprietary Eco-Harvesting™ technology. This prevents by-catch (fish and animals other than krill) and brings the live krill onto the ship where it is processed immediately to ensure maximum freshness.

  • GATHER Wild Ocean: Catching cod by longline is one of the most environmentally-friendly and sustainable methods of fishing used today. A particular school of cod can be located, identified, and brought on board, without the damage to the ocean floor associated with some net fishing. Individually-hooked fish are handled carefully, and the minimal by-catch of fish other than cod are released, live. These are just a few of the reasons we chose Alaskan Leader Fisheries LLC to supply us with their Alaskan Leader® brand cod for our GATHER Wild Ocean Recipe. Alaskan Leader, family founded and family run (just like Petcurean), operates out of Dutch Harbor, Alaska. The fish they provide us for GATHER Wild Ocean is the same Alaskan cod that’s sold in supermarkets and served in fine restaurants.

Alaskan Leader Fisheries LLC is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council. The MSC Fisheries Standard is designed to assess if a fishery is managed for protection against overfishing, habitat damage, and pollution. It was developed in consultation with scientists, the fishing industry, and conservation groups and reflects the most up-to-date understanding of internationally-accepted fisheries science and best practice management.

Alaskan Cod is the single source fish protein we use in Wild Ocean; it provides dogs with an excellent source of high-quality protein, is rich in the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, and is a source of essential vitamins and minerals, specifically niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, phosphorus, and selenium. The catch is so accurately targeted and recorded, that we can track the cod in a package of Wild Ocean right back to the day the cod was caught, which Alaskan Leader vessel caught it, and where it was caught.

  • GATHER Endless Valley & Free Acres: Farmer Direct is a farming co-operative based in Saskatchewan, Canada. Their 60+ strong family farms grow certified organic oil seeds, oats, lentils, beans, wheats, ancient grains and peas to the Canadian Organic Regulation, USDA National Organic Program and the European Union Organic Standards. The farmer-owners in the cooperative have been stewards of the land for generations. In fact, a number of the families have been farming the same land for over a century and were practicing organic agricultural techniques before organic certification was even available.

Naturally, we were drawn to Farmer Direct Co-Op as our supplier of the organic peas for our Endless Valley and Free Acres recipes. Their sustainability practices include rebuilding the soil through proper crop rotations, preventing topsoil erosion with cover crops, protecting shared waterways and air by never using toxic herbicides and pesticides, and honoring a farmer's right to independence by never using genetically engineered seeds.

Peas are a nutrient-rich, environmentally-friendly ingredient that contain a variety of compounds to support health and are an excellent source of carbohydrates, protein, and many essential vitamins and minerals. They provide most of the essential amino acids required by dogs and cats. Peas contain insoluble fiber, soluble fiber, and resistant starch, which all provide benefits for the digestive system. Peas also contain compounds known for their antioxidant properties that may protect dogs and cats against various diseases such as cancer. Also, a diet with peas as the primary source of carbohydrates has been shown to lower insulin levels in obese dogs.

  • GATHER FREE ACRES: When we were creating our new GATHER Free Acres recipes for dogs and cats, we wanted to have certified organic chicken as a primary protein source. Our search for the ideal partner took us across North America. We spoke to many producers, inspected their farms and finally decided on a family-owned and operated company in Northern Indiana known as Miller Poultry, who’ve been around since 1942.The folks at Miller provide us with a reliable, consistent source of USDA certified organic, free-run chickens that are raised in smaller flocks on Amish family farms.

These “broiler quality” chickens are fed an all-vegetable, antibiotic-free diet with no animal by-products, animal fats or artificial coloring. They also have access to the outdoors and three living enhancements that include things to perch on, hide behind and run through. Miller Poultry strictly adheres to the humane treatment policies defined by the Whole Foods animal welfare spokesperson, Temple Grandin. They don’t de-beak their chicks and use both male and female chickens. We were very pleased to hear that Miller has invested heavily in “Where Food Comes From”, a program that allows them to trace every bird to the specific farm where it was raised. And although chicken production is a water-intense process, they capture and treat all the water they use in the harvesting process, and then spray it on croplands surrounding their plant.

This remarkable-quality organic chicken with USDA/MOSA/BRC/GAP certifications is the single source poultry protein we use in our GATHER Free Acres recipes for dogs and cats. It’s a perfect meat source, in that it’s a high-quality protein which supplies all essential amino acids; it’s a source of omega 6 fatty acids and a source of essential vitamins and minerals, in particular niacin, vitamin B6, phosphorus, potassium, and selenium.

Which when you see the facts and the difference that the foods make, we find that the choice to go with Petcurean and the GATHER products, is a choice that both you and your fur babies will appreciate for years to come! And to help with giving your pets a chance to try the products from Petcurean, the wonderful people from Petcurean would like to give one of my amazing readers a coupon to get a full sized bag of GATHER! Also be sure to get your $5 off coupon on GATHER by going here:

Thursday, May 18, 2017

#Giveaway Diary of a Whimy Kid: The Long Haul Prize Pack + $25 Gift Card

Open to US mailing addresses only
Prizing and samples courtesy of 20th Century Fox

When it comes to family time and taking those family times out, we find that we enjoy heading to our local movie theater to catch those must see movies. Like many kids, mine like making lists of the movies they want to see, especially with summer just around the corner. With that said my kids have the new movie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul on their list of must see movies.

With the new movie hitting theaters tomorrow, we are excited to add a movie night out to our weekend itinerary! Here is some info on the movie provided to me by the people from 20th Century Fox:
In DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: THE LONG HAUL, based on the record-breaking book series, a family road trip to attend Meemaw’s 90th birthday party goes hilariously off course--thanks to Greg’s newest scheme to (finally!) become famous.

And to help with the anticipation of heading out with the family to watch the new movie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul tomorrow, we can head to where we can wimp our entire family!
Also be sure to enter below to win a $25 Visa to use when you go to see the movie, along with a Hardcover book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul.

NEW Limited Edition Spring Scents from Softsoap

With the warmer weather upon us, the flowers blooming and that fresh air ready to be taken in, I find that aside from opening the windows in my home up to let that freshness in, that I also enjoy seeking out the fragrances to use in my shower as well. So when we were sent the new Limited Edition fragrances from Softsoap to review, I was excited to try them out and share about them as well.

With these two new fragrances, you get scents bring that fresh aroma of May Blossoms like in the Blushing Bouquet variant is sure to turn your shower into a floral paradise or  you can then get the sweet floral and fruity scent with the Eternal Bloom.

Then when it comes to how these two new limited edition fragrances can improve your skin, I like that they leave your skin feeling soft and revitalized after the shower with the moisture rich formula that is designed to keep your skin feeling hydrated, smooth and radiant! Which in all makes the New Limited Edition Spring scents from Softsoap Body Wash line, a great choice to go with when you are seeking out those fresh scents to add to your shower routine!

Product received, thank you to Colgate Palmolive as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Lotus™ Sit-Stand Workstation from Fellowes

When it comes to work and school, whether you work in a office or at home, we find that a lot of the time we spend either doing class work or our day to day work is spent at our desks. The thing is, when we have a long day of work that is done on our computers, we find that we are sitting for the majority of the time. This can then lead to a stiff back, stiff knees, poor posture, headaches from looking down at monitors, and eventually lead to other problems along the way which includes increased risk for heart attacks, elevated blood pressure and more. And like many who work from home and who also go to school full time from home, I have found that in order to keep going as well as avoid issues from poor posture and sitting for most of the day, that I need to stand while working. So when I was sent the Lotus™ Sit-Stand Workstation from Fellowes to review, I was excited to start using it and also see the difference that it can make when I use it for both work and school!

With the Lotus™ Sit-Stand Workstation, I get a versatile desk that I can place on the top of the desk or table I am using, and adjust as needed. The adjustments are simple to do, by just lifting and using one of the 22 height settings that are available, which gives me the options to get the correct height that I might need. And when used correctly, the Lotus Workstation gives me the relief my back and neck might be needing, from sitting to standing, and back again which allows me to take a stand against sitting!

Along with the height adjustments, I like that I can place my monitor on the top of the stand along with any other items such as my pens, use the next level for my phone, books and paperwork, then the keyboard platform for my keyboard and mouse. Allowing me to work on improving my posture and overall health, but also have a work station that is convenient for me to use. Which in all makes the Lotus™ Sit-Stand Workstation from Fellowes a great product to have in any office, home office or work space to help when it comes to improving posture and health while working.

Product received, thank you to Fellowes as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Tips on Re-finding Yourself as a Woman After Child Birth

Having a baby is one of the most incredible life experiences a woman can have, but it can also be very difficult. One thing many mums struggle with (aside from the obvious lack of sleep that is) is a sudden inability to feel like themselves. Many women talk about feeling like they have lost their own personal sense of identity. Here are some tips to helping you find yourself again after welcoming your bundle of joy into the world:

1. Bathe
One of the easiest things a woman can do to relax after the birth of her child is to take a bath. Taking time out of your super schedule as a new mum can be tough, but taking ten minutes to take a refreshing soak in a candle-lit bath filled with gorgeous smelling bubbles will do wonders for you mind (and for any niggling post-birth pains). As a new mum, days can you pass you by before you realise you haven't washed in a long time, so even the small victory of feeling clean for once can have a massive impact on your self-esteem. Plucking your eyebrows and painting on some pretty nail polish is also a quick means of giving yourself a mini pampering session.

2. Have a time out
Leaving your little one for the first time is an inevitably daunting experience, but making some time for you and your partner to have a date night, or for arranging a girly catch up with your best time will do you the world of good. The process of getting dolled up and donning your best dress will make you feel good in itself, and the time out to think of things that aren't associated with breast pads, night feeds and baby poo will definitely help you to feel like yourself again. A word of warning though: no matter how much you enjoy your night, you'll still end up leaving earlier than pre-baby you ever would have done just to make sure your darling angel is okay.

3. Exercise
Signing yourself up to a year-long gym membership probably isn't the best thing to do when you've just had a baby, but participating in some regular exercise definitely is. As a new mum, your exercise regime won't be as intense and up-date as it was prior to you having your baby, but it can still be as effective at improving your mood and helping you to feel better. All exercise, including gentle exercise such as a short stroll is guaranteed to release vital feel good endorphins that will lift your mood and help you to feel a little more positively if you're feeling a little down in the dumps. Taking your little one out in the pram is a great way to fit some exercise into your day, and it's also beneficial for baby; being outside in the fresh air is a welcome distraction for little ones and many new mums swear by it as a technique for helping to soothe babies on their more demanding days.

4. Mummy makeover
One of the reasons why many mums feel less like themselves after childbirth is because they no longer feel like they look like themselves. Pregnancy is an amazing experience, but it can have a very real physical toll on a woman's body. Stretch marks appear, tummy muscles loosen, and skin around the tummy area sags. As easy as it is to say it's all just part of the parcel when it comes to motherhood, that won't do much to boost your confidence. Not being happy with your appearance is a leading cause of low self-esteem and can cause feelings of depression and anxiety, particularly if you're already feeling tired and low. Cosmetic procedures such as the so-called 'mummy makeover', which you can find out more about here, have been designed to specifically target areas of the body that are affected by pregnancy, such as the tummy, hips and breasts, and can help to rejuvenate the areas and help mums get back to feeling great about themselves.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

#Giveaway Summer Travel with BuddyPhones - InFlight Headphones

With the summer plans being made, and the kids counting down the days for those epic summer vacations, I find that I like to ensure that everyone has the products we might need on hand to help make the travel a little easier. Like many kids, when we travel, mine enjoy watching the movies we download ahead of time as well as catch those in-flight movies for them to watch on the plane. This allows that time in the air to be a little easier for everyone, and also keeps the kids from getting too bored while we are on the plane. The thing is, when it comes to traveling, and having headphones for the kids to use, we always seem to have issues with those headphones that they offer on the planes. My little ones are not too fond of the earbuds being in their ears, and end up tangling the chords along the way, making it so we only get one use out of those earbuds. So when we were sent the BuddyPhones - InFlight Headphones to review, I was excited to check them out and also see what my preschooler thought of them.

See with the BuddyPhones - InFlight Headphones, we not only get a kid friendly headset for my little guy to use while we travel, but he also gets a set of headphones that have a fun robot on them and are designed for little ears! I also like that with these headphones, we can pack them away in my sons backpack that he likes to have his travel games and activities in. The headphones fold up and are easily stored in the bag that is included, which is perfect for putting in his backpack when traveling. Along with the headphones, I found the chord to be another huge plus, giving us a flat chord design that helps to eliminate that tangle that we can get with other chords, and with the InFlight plug, we can plug in to the plane and listen and watch those in-flight movies.

Then when it comes to ease of use and comfort, I like that the plugs are simple to set up, the volume is set to be safe for little ears, and with the pillow soft ear pads, my little guy can drift off to sleep while we are traveling without having his headphones causing any discomfort! Making the BuddyPhones - InFlight Headphones a great choice to go with when you are making any travel plans with little ones this summer! And to help with making that travel a little easier for your little ones, the wonderful people from Onanoff would like to give one of my amazing readers their own pair of the BuddyPhones - InFlight Headphones.

Product received, thank you to Onanoff as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

A Mermaid's Tale on DVD

Finding those fun family movies to add to our family movie nights is something everyone in my house enjoys doing. So when we were sent the new DVD, A Mermaid's Tale to review, I was excited to add it to our next family movie night.

In this movie, you get a magical tale of friendship and adventure as a 12 year old girl makes friends with a teenage mermaid! The two find that with their friendship, it is far from the mythical one many might think, and that they can help to bring their two worlds together and heal an old feud between the humans and the sea people. Making A Mermaid's Tale on DVD a great movie to add to your next family movie night as you share a magical tale of a young girl's friendship with a mermaid!

Product received, thank you to Lionsgate as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Stow-N-Go® Portable Luggage System

With the summer travel plans being made, and those lists of what all we might need being made, I find that I like to seek out the products that can help with making travel a little easier, especially when it comes to the packing. So when we were sent the Stow-N-Go® Portable Luggage System to review, I was excited to check it out and also add it to my list of must haves when traveling!

When we add the Stow-N-Go® Portable Luggage System to our luggage, I like that we can organize our luggage easier and access our stuff a lot easier as well. To get started, I can hang the Stow-N-Go in my closet at home, then pack the items I will be taking, from the clothing to the shoes and accessories I might need to pack. Once my Stow-N-Go is packed, I can then take it out of my closet, zip and snap it up, and place it in my suitcase.

Then once we are at our destination, I can easily remove the Stow-N-Go, hang it in a closet or even in the bathroom for easy access to my items while on vacation, and when I get back home, unpack easily as well! By having the dirty laundry kept in the laundry compartment, and keeping my items organized to make the unpacking after a vacation a breeze. Which in all makes the Stow-N-Go® Portable Luggage System, a must have when making those summer travel plans this year.

Product received, thank you to Grand Fusion Housewares as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.