Thursday, June 21, 2018

Go hands-free with the Nuk Simply Natural Freemie Double Electric Breast Pump

All nursing moms know that breastfeeding isn't always a bed of roses, and there are many times when a good breast pump can come in very handy. That is where the new breast pump from NUK comes in. The NUK SImply Natural Freemie Double Electric Breast Pump is truly hands-free pumping. When I opened the box I couldn't believe how small the pump is. You can clip the pump right to your waistband or your belt and you are good to go. The pump comes with three programmable settings to personalize the pump to your body and comfort and also has a timer.
I love that the Nuk included three of the Simply Natural bottles with the Freemie breast pump. The bottles are designed to be as close to mom's nipple as possible. I tried the bottles with my little girl who is three months old and she had no problems drinking from it and transferring right to the breast afterward. I know what a worry it can be for working moms if your baby will take a bottle while you are away and this can potentially allay that concern.

I do recommend taking some time at home to try this pump out before taking it outside and also to watch the instructional video from the company, on how to correctly assemble the Freemie collection cups. I found the video to be extremely helpful. It does take a few hours to charge the pump battery, and the company recommends boiling some of the cup parts, but not all of them before use. Make sure to try it before you take it to work with you. I recommend wearing a loose fitting top and maybe a scarf for pumping at your desk.

I wrote the post while pumping with both hands-free! I also made dinner for the whole family while pumping. I have three kids at home so sitting down to pump is inconvenient. Now I can grab a snack for the older kids while pumping a bottle for later.

Unlike some other breast pump companies, the Nuk Freemie comes with three different sizes of the funnel (the part that goes directly over your nipple) because one size does not fit all. With other brands, if the one that's included doesn't fit, you have to purchase another. Because multiple sizes are included you can try each size on to find the best fit for you, without extra purchases and returns. I call that a win!

Product received, thank you to Nuk and to PR for supplying us with a product for this review, all opinions are our own.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Summertime With Hood Calorie Countdown

This post was sponsored by Hood as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

When it comes to the summer months and those hot days spent outdoors, we not only enjoy starting our days out with the varieties available from Hood Calorie Countdown, but also making cold treats that the kids can enjoy as well. See, since we started drinking the Hood Calorie Countdown dairy beverages in my house, I found that the selections were a great alternative to the traditional milk and chocolate milk beverages that we had enjoyed. This is because we can get the dairy beverages that offer lower sugar and calorie contents than others we might have gone with in the past. Where with the Hood Calorie Countdown Whole, we get 33% fewer calories, 75% fewer carbs, and 75% less sugar per cup than traditional whole milk. Or where with the Hood Calorie Countdown Chocolate, which happens to be a favorite with my kids, we get 56% fewer calories, 67% fewer carbs, and 75% less sugar than traditional chocolate milk.

Along with those facts that come with making the switch a simple one, I also found that my entire family can appreciate that we can enjoy the dairy beverages from Hood Calorie Countdown in place of the traditional milk, without sacrificing the flavor. This is because the drinks from the Hood Calorie Countdown selection are made from ultra-filtered milk with water, cream, along with other ingredients to give us that delicious and creamy taste minus all of the calories, sugar and carbs. And I can appreciate that when it comes to the Hood Calorie Countdown, that it is made with milk from farms where the farmers pledge to not use any artificial growth hormones. Making it not only a tasty choice to go with but a healthy one all around.

Then when it comes to enjoying the flavors, such as the Hood Calorie Countdown Chocolate, on those hot summer days or during cookouts, we found that the kids can enjoy it frozen! To make these pops, we simply fill the frozen ice pop molds with the Hood Calorie Countdown Chocolate, place them in the freezer for at least 5 hours, then take them out to enjoy and cool down with. Giving the kids a delicious, low calorie, low sugar, and low carbohydrate treat that is made from their favorite chocolate dairy beverage!

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Summer Camp Considerations: Can My Child Still Go If They Have a Severe Allergy?

Now that summer is right around the corner, families are starting to think ahead to sending their child off to day camp or sleep-away camp. This is considered to be a rite of passage for many kids. But parents who have children with severe allergies -- to peanut products or plants, for example -- might wonder whether it's even safe to send their child to summer camp. The good news is that it can be done, provided that you conduct some thorough research and take ample precautions. Here's how to make sure the summer camp experience will be a healthy and happy one for your child.

Make sure their records are up-to-date

With so many staff members at any given camp, the best source of information for them will be your child's medical records. At this point, camp staff is likely used to consulting allergy records, as 4% of children under the age of 18 have known food allergies. But you'll need to make absolutely sure that the medical records and prescription information you provide are accurate and clear. You should also go over meal information and camp activities in detail with key staff members -- and get everything in writing -- to ensure that your expectations will be met every step of the way.

Ask about training protocols

When your child is away at camp (particularly if it's in a remote area), you'll need to depend on knowledgeable staff members as the first line of defense in the event of an allergic reaction. Although up to 65% of all ER episodes can be treated in urgent care facilities, an allergic reaction can be a true medical emergency. Therefore, you'll need to assess whether the camp you've chosen is truly up to that task. Any well-run facility should have very specific protocols in place for dealing with allergies and you should absolutely ask what these protocols are. You need to know for certain that these situations are handled as recommended by experts and that you will be notified along every step of the way. You need to know that all staff members are properly trained and will know when to call 911 in case of an attack -- even with medication on-hand.

Visit your doctor beforehand

Although nearly six out of 10 households report that at least one of the residents has gone camping, things become a bit more complicated when you need to bring medication along. To alleviate the possibility of running out of medications or being caught without the right kind, it's important for families to visit their designated doctors well in advance to ensure the camper has everything they need before going off to camp. Considering how difficult many families have found it to find and buy EpiPens at their local pharmacies, you should prioritize this and take care of it ASAP. Since many camps will accept only the EpiPen brand due to differences in training, you may not be able to get away with a generic brand here. Your doctor may be able to provide an EpiPen sample until your prescription is able to be filled, but that won't do when it's time to head off to camp. So give yourself plenty of time to get what your child needs.

It's understandable that you may have concerns about sending your child away to summer camp, regardless of whether or not there are health issues at play. But by planning ahead and asking a lot of questions, you can gain valuable peace of mind and know your child is in excellent hands this season.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Natural Bath Oils To Help Your Kids Sleep

Any mom will know that getting your little ones to sleep can sometimes be problematic. This can have a knock-on effect to how you are feeling, in fact, a survey showed that moms of young children reported feeling tired 14 days out of every month. With every additional child in the house, the probability of not getting enough sleep rose by 50%. No wonder everyone is exhausted. Using natural oils in a bath before bed can help you and your little ones to get more sleep. Even better, these three oils are really good for the skin: natural healing that is great for the whole family.
Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is a really gentle essential oil. Because it is chemical-free, it is perfect for helping you to get to sleep, certainly no hangover feeling the next day! Clinical studies on people with insomnia showed that the use of lavender oil as a sleep aid did indeed improve sleep by 2.5 points on the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index. It is also excellent for the skin, as a natural antibacterial oil - particularly good for those grubby little monkeys. Lavender has anti inflammatory qualities, great for tired muscles and growing pains. Put a few drops into the bath and your children will be relaxed before bedtime, with soft and beautifully clean skin.
Chamomile Oil
Chamomile is a natural sedative, it calms the body, slows the heart rate and helps give an overall feeling of relaxation. Roman chamomile has a pleasant fruity smell. It is often used in aromatherapy to relieve stress, as well as help you to sleep better. Chamomile is often used for soothing the skin, and particularly good for eczema. It is so gentle that it’s perfect to help protect baby’s soft and fragile skin. You can also put a few drops of oil in the bath to help relieve and itchy, dry or irritated patches too. Such a good all-rounder.
Valerian Oil
Like chamomile, valerian is often taken in a tea to help promote good sleep. A few drops of oil in the bath will do the same thing. It can also help the whole family look after their skin. For parents, valerian has been shown to help prevent wrinkles and dryness. For little ones it helps promote healing - it can be used to treat cuts. It also helps with dry patches, giving skin a nice, even tone. 
Natural oils that can help everyone sleep better, and give you great looking skin at the same time! These should be a staple in everyone’s bathroom cupboard, good for the whole family.

#Giveaway Tunai Creative Drum Earphones Review

Let us ask you a few questions: what is your favorite song? Songs? How about your favorite group? Favorite soundtrack? Now that you have a song or two stuck in your head, imagine how amazing they always sound with the volume cranked up. We all love music and the better the sound quality the more enjoyable the experience, no matter whether we are dancing at a party, grooving to our workout playlist or enjoying our very own music bubble with some headphones on. These days, we all carry around an almost limitless music collection on our smartphones and of course the best way to enjoy it is through the right set of headphones (over-the-head or in-ear). We are always on the lookout for affordable, high-quality headphones and hence we jumped at the chance to try out the Creative Drum Hi-Res Earphones from the good folks at Tunai.

This is the first foray into making earphones from Tunai, after the launch of their bluetooth receivers. They started with a very successful Kickstarter campaign last year and now have made the Drum earphones available to all. We are a sucker for eye catching design and right off the bat this product blew us away as soon as we opened the mail package. A sleek, square box with cool graphics on the outside and a nice foam insert inside to nestle the Drum earphones. The Drum earphones look great out of the packaging as well, with a great combination of black and variety of metallic colors to choose from. The earbuds are covered in a soft rubber that feels silky smooth in the ear and doesn’t slip, even after long use. The wires are soft and flexible and haven’t really tangled into a crazy knot yet even after being in use for a couple of weeks.

So they look great but how do they sound? There is good news on that front too. They sound great! Yes they may not have the sound quality of high-end (and pricey) headphones but they sure hold their own. The bass and treble come out nicely balanced, the different instruments sound clear and very low distortion when the volume is cranked up. In this price range of around $30, the Tunai Creative Drum offers almost everything you could ask for. There are now many wireless headphones in the low price range as well but many don’t sound great and bluetooth is still very much a battery hog. I love that I can buy a couple of these Drum earphones so I’ve always got one close at hand - maybe throw one in the gym bag and a second in my office bag. Music is magic for me, so I don’t really know all the technical details of how they make such great sound come out of such small earphones but if you are so curious you can learn all about it on their site. All in all, these are a very solid pair of earphones with a great price. These unique, design-forward Drum earphones could also be a great gift for Dad or even a back-to-school survival kit to help keep the peace among the roomies.

Now one of our fabulous readers can get their hands on one of these Drum earphones in the color of their choice, all thanks to our partners at Tunai letting us run a giveaway:

Product received, thank you to Tunai for supplying us with a product for this review, all opinions are our own.


Friday, June 8, 2018

SunBrite TV - Veranda Series at Best Buy

Picture yourself out in the backyard enjoying a nice summer barbecue with your family and friends. Somebody mentions that an exciting game is on TV or the popular TV show is about come on, and then everybody makes beeline to head inside and gather round the TV. Now what if that scenario can be changed to one without going indoors to watch TV and where TV can be enjoyed outside, whether in the shade or even in the sun. This is where the outdoor TV series from SunBrite comes into play. The SunBriteTV series is a family of weatherproof televisions designed for the outdoors: Full Shade (Veranda), Partial Sun (Signature), and Full Sun (Pro).

Outdoor living is very much on-trend these days and anything that can help us stay outside longer is worth checking out. We all have come across outdoor bars, grills, fireplaces or decks at one time or another but equally convenient are outdoor TV’s. The ones made by SunBrite are meant for permanent outdoor installation and are more durable, safer, and higher performance than using indoor TVs outdoors. Not many people know how delicate indoor TV’s can be when taken out of their enclosed environment: they are not meant to deal with sunlight, fluctuating temperatures, wind, snow, or the occasional curious squirrel. Think of an outdoor TV as an affordable room addition with a pretty open seating selection.

As usual, the good folks at Best Buy have a good deal on SunBrite TV’s with a free Outdoor Weatherproof Tilt Mount for 37" - 80" TV Screens & Displays - (Black) with the purchase of: SunBriteTV - Veranda Series - 55" Class LED - Outdoor - Full Shade - 2160p - 4K Ultra HD TV. The right installation does go a long way in getting the most out of any TV. So go out, get a SunBrite TV and stay out!
This is a sponsored post, written by us on behalf of Best Buy. 
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