Saturday, September 18, 2010

Showing Some Love!

I was out running some errands, when I saw Herbie parked over by Starbucks. I love Herbie and I just had to stop and take some pics!!

Showing some love in Amarillo! There was a sign on the window that said that Herbie is on his world tour. I love the little trailer, so cute!!

Too bad the kids weren't with me. I know my daughter would have loved to see Herbie. Could have gotten better pics!! Oh well.



Mommy Life With 5 said...

Wow, I love it ! I have always wanted a bug !!! I'd REALLY like a new convertible one :)

Nicole Bouchard Boles said...

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Following you back!

Fuyume said...

how awesome i love the herbie films (but hate the lindsay lohan version) xxx

Beverly said...

Thanks for following over at
Following you back too! And wow... waht a great "find" running into the herbie car. loved this as a kid!!!

Laura Lane said...

The kids would have liked it. We like Herbie movies. said...

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