Thursday, September 30, 2010

stride rite STEP Review

Being a parent, we all know that shoe shopping can be quite a chore. Finding the correct size and fit for your child is very important. Stride Rite has recently announced a new system to help make shoe shopping easier for you and your kids. The new system is called the STEP system. I have their press release below about the new shoe shopping tool.
The STEP system is a new in-store program intended to make shoe shopping easier on parents and helps ensure quality, healthy footwear for every key developmental stage.  stride rite shoes under the STEP program are built with fit, flexibility, comfort and durability in mind and are scientifically tested, as well as validated through studies on children's walking patterns in various shoes including barefoot.  stride rite branded shoes go through extensive testing of materials, fit and wear with shoes typically being fit-tested on at least five children and real-world wear-tested for a period of 30 days.  As well, the recently completed 2010 "Effects of Footwear on Children Learning to Walk" study, a SRCG-commissioned research initiative conducted in conjunction with the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, validates stride rite's design as being best for babyto reduce stumbles and falls when learning to walk. Specifically, for example, the rounded edges and soft structure of the SRT™ Soft Motion product outperformed all other shoe products and tested the closest to barefoot.  Shoes that mimic barefoot are important as babies and toddlers need footwear that conforms to the surfaces they are walking on and flexes in multiple directions.  
Few parents realize that children's feet remain vulnerable to ill-fitting shoes right up to the age of 18 years.  A recent survey of 1,132 Moms conducted by Mom Central Consulting (MCC) found:
  • 96% of Moms surveyed felt that proper footwear is either very important or important for their child's overall well-being, although they did not know the critical years for bone development or walking patterns.
  • 80% of Moms never discussed the importance of foot development and proper footwear with their child's pediatrician.
  • 69% of the surveyed Moms did not know if their child's shoes have been tested, even though a quality shoe is the most important factor when making a purchasing decision.
  • 44% of Moms don't know critical bones in the foot aren't completely formed until age 5.

The effects of childhood foot damage can show up in posture and walking gait even in the early 20s.  The STEP program helps address the needs of children's feet and provides parents an easy-to-shop method that is based on both the developmental stage of their children, as well as the trusted and proven assurance behind every stride rite shoe.
"Up until age five, a child's foot is still forming and is mostly cartilage, making it easy for parents to accidentally squeeze feet into ill-fitting shoes," said Dr. Tanya Altmann, FAAP, a pediatrician and best-selling author of Mommy Calls: Dr. Tanya Answers Parents' Top 101 Questions About Babies and Toddlers. "stride rite's STEP program helps to educate parents on how choosing the right footwear is a significant building block in a child's wellness."
The program consists of three distinct STEPs including:

STEP 1: Pre-walkers
Soft support allows tiny toes to wiggle freely.
Child's Developmental Stage:
  • Crawling
  • Kicking their feet

Key Technology: Robeez® by stride rite® is a pioneer in pre-walkers and offers a wide assortment of leather soft sole shoes that are designed to flex and bend to help promote healthy foot development. And with the elasticized easy-on, stay-on feature, those little feet will always be protected, no matter where adventure leads them.

STEP 2: Cruisers & Early Walkers
Unique design mimics the natural shape of the foot to reduce stumbles and falls.
Child's Developmental Stage:
  • Cruising
  • Taking a few steps
  • Walking independently for less than 5 months

Key Technology: From crawling to cruising, SRT™ Soft Motion is designed for early walkers offering a unique design shaped like the actual foot with rounded edges conforming to the bare foot to build confidence and reduce stumbles and falls. SRT Soft Motion is stride rite's most flexible technology and is designed to protect and support little feet without restricting movement.

STEP 3: Off & Running
Cushioning, durability and flexibility keep up with your kid on the go.
Child's Developmental Stage:
  • Walking steadily
  • Constantly on the move

Key Technology: When children are off and running, stride rite's Sensory Response Technology product is the best choice. The stride rite SRT collection is designed to optimize the biomechanics of the foot to allow children to develop healthy and natural walking patterns. SRT Preschool is engineered for active toddlers as their feet continue to go through a critical development stage. Plus, only SRT Baby and Preschool feature the Check Fit System™!
stride rite has translated the STEP education program in its stride rite stores through vibrant signage and a color-coded tiered wall display. Retail prices range from $22 to $50 across all three STEPs. For more information and to learn what STEP your child is visit


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