Mommy Katie: Dremel 8300-01 Cordless Multi-Max Kit Review

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dremel 8300-01 Cordless Multi-Max Kit Review

Like most men, my husband loves his tools. He loves to tinker with things and build things. So when given the Dremel 8300-01 Cordless Multi-Max Kit, he was like a big kid that had just been given a toy. It wasnt but a few minutes before he had left to the hardware store, to find something to build so he could use his new toy! Lol, men, it seems like they never really grow up. My husband is always giving me a hard time when I take him shopping with me but when we go to the hardware store, I think he is worse than I am! Well, once he finally decided what he was going to make we were finally able to go home. He decided he would make a bookshelf to hang on our wall in our room. He grabbed his new Dremel 8300-01 Cordless Multi-Max Kit and went out to his man cave, and started on his project. It didnt seem to be too long before he was done. The finished project was beautiful! I love it when my husband makes things for our house! Once he finished his project he decided he needed to show off his new toy to all of his friends. Like I said before, men, all of his buddies were out in the man cave checking out his new toy, like it was a new big red wagon or something. The thing is, he loves his new Dremel 8300-01 Cordless Multi-Max Kit and now he has a new toy to make all of his friends jealous with. Thank you Dremel for giving my husband a new toy that we could test and review!!

Cordless Dremel Multi-Max™
Oscillating Tool System Fact Sheet

Dremel 8200
Cordless Dremel Multi-Max
The Dremel brand is taking its high-performance Multi-Max™ Oscillating Tool System to a whole new level of convenience – no cords attached. For the first time, do-it-yourself enthusiasts with a variety of project needs can use the cordless Dremel Multi-Max oscillating tool to 
Repair. Remodel. Restore. Unplugged™


  • The cordless Multi-Max’s high-performance motor and 12VMAX Lithium-Ion™ battery provide the same high performance level of the corded Multi-Max at all speeds
  • A separate on/off switch and speed control retain speed settings for ease of use and the perfect speed every time
  • With a variable speed range from 3,000 – 21,000 oscillations per minute (OPM), the cordless Dremel Multi-Max offers added detail, precision and optimal performance in a variety of materials and do-it-yourself applications
  • The cordless Dremel Multi-Max offers a soft-start feature that minimizes abrupt starts and provides a feeling of control as the tool ramps up to the desired speed, as well as an electric break that stops the tool’s oscillation immediately when it is turned off


  • The cordless Multi-Max provides the same high performance of its corded counterpart in a cordless package, allowing users to grind, sand, scrape, cut and remove grout anywhere
  • An on-tool battery fuel gauge allows users to keep track of battery life while working, preventing unexpected project interruptions


  • The cordless Dremel Multi-Max is compatible with all Dremel oscillating accessories and attachments
  • As the only cordless tool with a quick change accessory system, the cordless Dremel Multi-Max’s Quick Fit™ accessory interface makes accessory changes twice as fast as similar oscillating tool systems
  • The cordless Dremel Multi-Max marks the Dremel brand’s first cordless tool outside of the rotary category that uses an interchangeable battery pack
  • The cordless Multi-Max’s 12VMAX Lithium-Ion™ battery is interchangeable with the Dremel 8200 rotary tool


  • With many of the same great design features found in the original Multi-Max, the cordless Multi-Max is a compact tool that can fit easily into tight areas with cordless convenience
  • An ergonomically designed soft grip allows for added comfort and control


  • The 8300-01 cordless Multi-Max kit features two 12VMAX Lithium-Ion™ batteries, a one hour charger for reduced down-time, deluxe storage case and seven genuine Dremel oscillating tool accessories starting at $149.99 USD and $159 CAD
The cordless Dremel Multi-Max will be available beginning in October 2010 at most hardware and home improvement centers nationwide.


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Laura Lane said...

I'd like to have one of those.

Mark Hunter said...

There was a time when Dremel was one of the best power tools brand, with the passage of time more power tools brands came and there is now Delta, Dewalt, Makita and many others. The biggest problem with Cordless Tools is that you have to carry extra battery with your Cordless Tool Kits