Thursday, August 18, 2011

Win Win’ Grocery List

A list to take on your next trip to the store? Yummm!

In the movie, Jackie Flaherty (Amy Ryan) takes Kyle (Alex Shaffer) to the grocery store so he can pick up some items for his grandpa. This outing also bonded the two a little closer as Kyle had never had a real mother figure in his life until then.



sueparks2003 said...

Awe, this seems like a good down home movie. I like them but then I still watch the Waltons! I'm glad you had this post because I would have never heard about the movie. If I weren't looking for something to comment on I wouldn't have found it either :(
Gladys P
P.S. Good Luck with your son. My sons have a Emotional/Learning disability and it can be tough! I agree God won't give us more than we can handle <3

Mommy Katie said...

Thank you Sue, this school year is going to be a test for us. But I know he will do just fine!!

jenzen69 said...

I havent heard of this movie before now but it sounds like a good movie. I like that guy thats in it, hes pretty funny

won said...

I'm with Sue...I still love the Waltons. I love them so much I named my daughter after Mrs. Walton.

I should think about this movie now and put it on my list!

Laura Lane said...


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