Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sons of Anarchy Season 3 on Blu-Ray

I am so in love with the Son Of Anarchy. I have followed every season and I have the seasons on Blu-Ray as well. I was recently sent Season 3 to review on Blu-Ray, which helps me get my fix before the new season starts this coming Tuesday. Season 3 is full of drama, action, and of course my fave Jacks, lol. Season 3 is hot and heavy and if you are a Sons Of Anarchy fan then you need to add Season 3 to your collection. The Blu-Ray has a clip from the new Season 4 on it as well as the extended episodes, gag reel and other great extras, this set can help you with your craving for the Sons Of Anarchy!!
The Sons of Anarchy is about a biker club based out of Charming, California. They deal with life, drugs, weapons laundering, porn stars and rival clubs on a regular basis. Whatever it takes to make money for the club. They are a very tight knit club with families, fathers and sons in the club, with the wives and girlfriends just as involved.

Here is a little clip from Season 3, the new season will premiere on Tuesday Sept 6 on FX!!!

Here are the thirteen episodes contained on three discs in the third season set.

1 – So
2 – Oiled
3 – Caregiver
4 – Home
5 – Turning and Turning
6 – The Push
7 – Widening Gyre
8 – Lochan Mor
9 – Turas
11 – Bainne
10 – Firinne 
12 – June Wedding
13 – NS 

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