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Keurig Mini Plus (2011 Holiday Gift Guide)

This is the time of year when the weather starts to really cool down, and in some places may even cool down enough for some Fall snow! We had one of those amazing Fall snows this last week, and one thing that I can say that I really enjoy about a good snow fall is having something warm to drink! I am a coffee person and unfortunately for me, I am the only one in the house who is. So when I brew some coffee, I usually end up brewing too much. Or on a cold day, I end up brewing too little, then I brew some more and it ends up being too much. A girl cant get a break it seems. Or at least that is what I have thought in the past. Recently I was sent a Keurig Mini Plus B31 Platinum to review. This is perfect for me to use! I can brew my coffee one cup at a time, so I dont end up over making the coffee, and every cup is fresh!! I find that having fresh coffee is a huge plus. I have always loved that first cup you get from a freshly brewed pot of coffee, and with the Keurig Mini Plus, I can get that amazing fresh, first cup of coffee taste every time! What is even better is that I can make hot water if I want, like for my husband who loves hot tea and hot cocoa. Another plus is that I dont have to wait forever to get my cup of coffee, it only takes a couple of minutes to brew, which is amazing. It is amazing on those mornings when it is cold, I have to get everyone up, and I did not sleep too good the night before. Those are the mornings that getting a cup of fresh hot coffee, is like a bit of heaven in the mornings!! My sister just graduated from nursing school this past Spring and has begun living her life and career as a Nurse. I know that hours for a nurse at a hospital can be very tough, in fact there were times when I worked at the hospital, that I look back on and I wonder, how did I do it. I had a baby, I was a single mom for a little bit there before meeting my husband, I worked twelve hour shifts and I was a full time student. I know that during that time in my life, coffee became my best friend. I had to have it in order to function on a daily basis. So I know how it is for my sister to be starting her career as a nurse and I think this year I will be putting a Keurig Mini under the tree for her!! She may not have kids, but she is one who loved her sleep, and nurses really dont tend to get a whole lot of that, except on their days off!! So this year when you are looking for a great present to get the coffee lover in your life, get them a Keurig Mini Plus, I know I have enjoyed having one and I am pretty sure my sister will appreciate one just as much!!


HoneyB's Soy Candles (2011 Holiday Gift Guide)

Mmmmm! I love a good smelling candle! I love how good my house can smell when I have a candle burning. I am one who constantly has candles burning in my home, so when people come over, they enjoy that inviting aroma just as much as I do. I love getting a compliment from someone, like say the mail lady, who tells me that she loves coming to my door because it always smells so good!! Something that I have been interested in is the Soy based candles. Now you might think that a candle is a candle, but after trying a soy candle, my mind has changed. I am a candle lover, so I know when I notice a difference in the way a candle burns and the way it smells. Most candles are made from paraffin wax. So I went on a mission to find a candle company that makes its candles from 100% soy. I wanted to do this for reasons of not putting out unwanted toxins in the air in my home, and two, I would love to find a cleaner burning candle that also smells great and makes my home smell wonderful!! In my mission to find the perfect candle, I came across an amazing candle company called HoneyB's Soy Candles. Well when I asked if I could sample one of their candles for review, they were more than happy to assist me. I was sent one of my all time favorites, the Pumpkin Pie Spice. Let me just say Yum!! Seriously, this candle smells so freaking yummy!! Well after sitting and sniffing this amazingly yummy smelling candle, I decided it was time to test it out. Just knowing that I will be burning a cleaner burning candle made me feel good about my choice in trying a soy candle out, but after noticing the huge difference in the amount of amazing aroma this candle puts out compared to my store bought candles, I found that there was no comparison. Hands down, this candle is amazing. Oh and I cant forget to mention that this candle lasted a whole lot longer than any of my regular candles. My husband was very impressed, even though he doesnt really care details about candles. He did notice how good it smelled and how much longer it did burn, and when I told him about those toxins that can come from a paraffin candle, he asked me why I bought the paraffin candles? I dont really have a good answer for him, so instead of stumbling over my answer, I will just have to buy some more of these amazing soy candles and leave it at that!!


Pizza Hut $10 Any!!

Pizza seems to be a food that my kids will not question or refuse to eat. So, you can guess that we eat pizza quite a bit. Well when I heard that Pizza Hut was doing the $10 Any deal, I knew that this was something that we could not pass up. What made it even better, was when the deal first started again, I was given a $25 gift card from Pizza Hut to check out the $10 Any!! Well lets just say that with my kids and husband alone, we can easily go through a couple of large pizzas. So we decided to use the gift card on a night that my daughter would have some friends over! When everyone was ready to eat, I was able to go online and order a few pizzas to feed the group!! I love that we can order any size pizza with any topping on it for just $10. With my clan and their friends over, being able to buy several large pizzas for just $10 is a huge savings! Being the pizza lovers we are we have taken advantage of this deal several times in the past month. We can get this deal for delivery, carryout and when we dine in. Another huge plus is, when my husband has some friends over to watch the game, I can order several of these pizzas and be able to get enough to feed the boys, my kids and still get a few pieces for myself!! The only downside is that this deal is only for a limited time, so while it lasts, we will continue to take advantage of it and enjoy it while it lasts.


Cars2 Comes Out November 1st!!

In anticipation for Disney's November 1st release of CARS 2 on Blu-ray 3D & Blu-ray Hi-Def Combo Pack, we present you with delicious recipes your entire family will enjoy… Eat up at the next pit stop!!

Download Printable Cars 2 Recipes!


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dance With Me Baby #Giveaway (2011 Holiday Gift Guide) CLOSED!

Do you remember those adorable dancing babies that everyone was talking about from Ally McBeal? I always thought that they were so cute and it would be even better if there could be a doll like those dancing babies for kids. Now I know it has been quite a few years since the dancing babies and I know that my daughter and other little girls probably have no idea what we would be talking about if we were to mention those dancing babies. Well honestly I had almost completely forgotten about those adorable babies until I first saw a Dance With Me Baby from Baby Born. My daughter had seen a commercial for the Dance With Me Baby Dolls, and said that I just had to see it. She was going on and on about how cute it was and how she would love it if Santa could bring her one of the Dance With Me Baby Dolls this year for Christmas. So I went online and looked up the doll then watched the commercial online. And when I was watching the commercial all I could think about was those dancing babies. Very cute!! Well I was given the chance to review one of these adorable dolls for myself, which I will eventually give to my daughter for Christmas this year! Now I was thinking that this doll probably has its own songs and those will be all it will dance to. But I learned that this doll is way more advanced than I had imagined. She does come with her own special song that she dances to, but you can also hook up a MP3 player and the doll will dance to the beat of any music you put on. The first thing that popped into my mind and I told my husband was, "Why didnt they have these dolls around when I was little??" I mean, sure there was that really cute dancing flower that would dance to music that you would play through a boombox, but this is a dancing baby doll!!! I would have so loved one of these dolls when I was little. I did hook it up to my MP3 player and it was very entertaining to watch this adorable baby doll dance to my music. It was quite entertaining to watch it dance to some of my so called "Old School" music that I have on my MP3. I can so see why my daughter wants this doll, and this Christmas when she gets up to see what Santa has brought her, she will find her Baby Born Dance With Me Baby Doll under the tree!! This year, since we are already getting into the holiday spirit over here at Mommy Katie, the wonderful people from Baby Born would like to join in the gift giving spirit by giving one of my amazing readers their own Baby Born Dance With Me Baby Doll!!
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