Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas Tree Market (2011 Holiday Gift Guide)

The holidays are coming, and it seems that when I go out shopping now, I am seeing more and more beautiful decorations at stores that remind me how close we are getting to the holidays. I for one love decorating around the holidays. Usually we end up going to my parents house every year for Christmas, so the decorations are usually for my own family and friends to enjoy on days leading up to the Christmas break. I have not had a year where my kids are actually home at our house on Christmas morning. This year will be different. My family has decided that they want to come here for the holidays and spend Christmas at my house! Sure the stress level went up, but really it is not so much stress but more of a excitement about the whole thing. I am very excited to host Christmas at my house this year, and I cant wait to have everything all set up for my family to enjoy with me at my house for once. With that being said, I am on a mission to make everything look good, and festive! When I think of Christmas I think of Christmas trees and wreaths. So this year my tree will be the one that everyone will celebrate under, and my house will be the house that we will celebrate in, so my house has to be the welcoming house. I have my decorations, but I will be adding to my collection this year so it will be as memorable as the Christmas' that we have spent at my parents house every year. One item that I have been on a hunt for is a wreath. I have one that I hang up outside on my window, but I want one that I can hang up on my door, that is very inviting and gives me and others that see it, that homely holiday feeling. Well I was sent a very nice wreath that is just what I had been looking for. I had been looking at some holiday decorations online and I was looking at the Artificial Christmas Trees and the Pre-lit Christmas Trees over at Christmas Tree Market. I love the selection of trees they have and as I was looking around I came across the wreath that I knew would be perfect for putting up this year on my door! The Princeton Pine Wreath is beautiful and is decorated just like the ones I remember around Christmas in the small town I grew up in. I always felt that homely holiday feeling, when I would go into a home that had a nicely decorated wreath on the door during the holidays. I was sent a Princeton Pine Wreath to review and I love how full it is. I love that it has lights on it and how it is decorated as well, which will bring the holidays into my home. This year when my family comes to visit and spend Christmas in my home, I know that with the preparations I am already making that include this beautiful wreath, I will have a very inviting and homely holiday feeling in my home, which I hope help make this Christmas as memorable as past ones have been at my parents!
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