Friday, November 18, 2011

Play-Doh 2 Sets 1 Winner! #Giveaway (2011 Holiday Gift Guide) CLOSED!

I remember when I was little, I loved playing with my Play-Doh. I loved creating different shapes and creatures. As a kid, I could play for hours with my Play-Doh. Now that I have my own kids, things really have not changed too much. Sure the toys are more advanced, but one thing that I love that is still around is Play-Doh. The product itself has not changed much since I was a kid, which I love. I love that when I sit down with my kids, I can play with the Play-Doh and it truly does take me back. The only thing that is different is the amazing play sets that they continue to come out with. I love that this wonderful classic continues to amaze kids, even in a day when technology is taking over, something so simple that we played with as kids, is still around and still just as amazing and fun to play with!!! I was sent a couple of great sets to review for the holidays this year. The first one I am going to tell you about is the Sesame Street Color Mixer. If you have ever watched Sesame Street, then you know that Elmo loves colors! This set comes with your basic colors. As you put the colors in the wheel and spin them by Elmo, Elmo will tell you what the colors are. Then when you stop the wheel on a certain color, Elmo can tell you all kinds of information about the certain color. You can also mix the colors by putting two colors in the compound mixer then cranking the wheel. After mixing colors and when your kids are ready to mold the Play-Doh, they can do so on the mat! They can also stamp their creations as well. This set leads to tons of fun with your little ones, and Sesame Street fans out there will really enjoy and appreciate this wonderful set this holiday season!!
The second set I was sent that I will tell you about is the Doctor Drill and Fill set. This one is perfect for my daughter. Both of my kids can enjoy this set, but it is one that will be for her this holiday season! I love how this set is meant to make going to the dentist a little less scary. Your kids can make and brush the teeth, they can make braces and even drill with the cool tool that is included! There are also tweezers for pulling teeth, a dentist tool, and a braces roller for making the perfect braces on your patient!! This set is great for kids who may or may not have a fear of the dentist. It makes the thought of the dentist fun and they also get to play that they are a dentist, which helps those who are scared relate to what the dentist is doing!
In all both of these sets are great and will make great gifts this year for my kids and for your kids as well! That is why the wonderful people from the makers of Play-Doh would like to make your holiday shopping a little easier by giving one of my readers both of these amazing sets!!!
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Entered Naturepedic Contoured 2 Sided Changing Pad giveaway #2
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