Thursday, December 29, 2011

Help Find Haley: Watch and Share This Video

This is a video that was created by a dad, here in Amarillo, who is desperate to find his daughter Haley and bring her home. She has been gone since December 26. Please share this video on facebook, twitter and your blogs! Thank you guys!!!
The song in this video is one he wrote for his daughters. Because she is 17 she is not considered a missing child in the state of Texas.



Janet W. said...

Poor father. You can see the heartbreak and it's so sad to watch. I hope he can find his daughter.

Mommy Katie said...

I do too, she is considered an adult since she is 17. I could not imagine being this parent. They have had this all over the news here. She left her phone so he could not try to call her. Very sad.

MJD's Mommy said...

17 or not. My daughter will always be my baby. Hope that girl is safe!

jessiesee said...

the thing is, I was working on researching educational resources, and I got distracted by this amazing post. thanks a lot for relaxing me for couple moments!

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