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Share Your Breakfast with Kids Who Need Them Most

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet the alarming reality is that nearly 1 in 4 children live in homes where food is not always available,making breakfast hard to come by.1  That’s why Kellogg’s is asking YOU to help.By simply sharing a photo of your breakfastKellogg's will help share breakfast with kids in school who might otherwise miss out.
The Share Your Breakfast program is runningnow through July 31, 2011, and Kellogg’s goal is to help share one million breakfasts by the start of the 2011-2012 school year - so every breakfast counts!
How You Can Help
Each time you share a photo or description of your breakfast, Kellogg's will donate the monetary equivalent of school breakfasts to Action for Healthy Kids,a nonprofit organization that focuses on childhood obesity and undernourishment.  Here are a few ways you can help:
  • Upload a photo of your breakfast and share it at
  • Text your photo with the word “Share” to 21534. 
  • Rally your friends and family to share their breakfast. Spread the word any way you like.
  • Tweet about Share Your Breakfast using #shareURbreakfast.
  • Visit the “Help A Child” tab on Kellogg's Facebook page and upload your photo straight from there! 
      WHAT is Share Your Breakfast?
      In partnership with Action for Healthy Kids, the Kellogg’s Share Your Breakfastprogram is designed to reach the goal of helping share one million breakfasts with kids who need them most.
      One way Action for Healthy Kids supports their cause is by providing funding directly to school districts to expand or initiate school breakfast programs.
      Join Kellogg's on National Breakfast Day!
      To continue spreading the word about Share Your Breakfastjoin us on March 8, 2011 in New York's Grand Central Terminal between 6am and 12pm to celebrateNational Breakfast Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness about the power of breakfast.  At the free event, TV star and mom Melissa Joan Hart will host a community breakfast and invites you to join Tony the Tiger and Snap! Crackle! and Pop!® to both enjoy and share your breakfast.
      And if you don't live near New York City, there are still ways to participate!  On National Breakfast Day only, there's one more way to share your breakfast.  All you have to do is tweet a description of your breakfast (no photo required) with #ShareUrBreakfast on March 8, National Breakfast Day - every tweet will count as one more breakfast shared!
      Learn More
      To find out more about the Share Your Breakfast programplease visit


      58 Homes Gone

      We have had an amazing response from people who are wanting to help our friend and other families as well. There have been an estimated of at least 58 homes lost to these fires here in the Panhandle. We have other friends that still do not know the fate of their homes. Our prayers are with them. The kennel where we take our animals burned and many families lost their pets. The local churches and Red Cross could really use any and all help that anyone has to offer. We have a donation pile started outside of our home. What ever our friend will not be using will be donated to others who are in the same boat as he is. If anyone would like to help please email me and I can give you more information.


      Sunday, February 27, 2011

      Grassfires tear through the Panhandle

      We are in Amarillo which is in Potter County. There have been homes lost to these fires today, a lot of families have been devastated. They have evacuated many areas and the fires are still burning. With the winds being at over 50 mph, the fire fighters can only do so much. We have close friends who are currently waiting to see if their homes are still standing and if they were at all burned by these fires. We also have close friends and some family in the neighboring towns that have either already been evacuated or are waiting to see if the fires are going to get close enough to where they will be forced to leave their homes. The fate of these families and entire towns is to be determined. Our thoughts and prayers are with them. I know that the American Red Cross is here to help and if you would like to help please contact them. Also the Cowboy Church in Amarillo has been helping as many families as they can. If you would like to contact them as well as other churches in the area to donate or help out the number to the Cowboy Church is (806) 622-8000 Prayers are always welcome and all of the families that have already lost their homes could really use them!!

      Here is a link so you can track the fire updates:
      Fire Updates: Grassfires tear through the Panhandle: "Grassfires throughout the area are devastating parts of the Panhandle."

      Thursday, February 24, 2011


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      Congrats to you all!!



      As most of you know, my husband had been laid off at the end of 2008. Since then he has been a full time student at a local college here. The past couple of years with him in school and me working have been hard on us but we did it!!!! Toby graduated last Thursday from his Network Administration course. He also landed a job the same day from Halliburton!!! I am so proud of him. He worked so hard to get to this point and I know that all of the sacrifices we had to make were well worth it!!! His actual graduation ceremony will take place in June. On another note of graduations in my family, my baby sister Erin will be graduating from nursing school in March and my mom and my aunt will be there for her pinning ceremony. Her graduation is also in June (hopefully not the same day) and I am hoping to go to San Fransisco for her graduation! My family and myself are very proud of both of them and I know that this is the start of new beginnings for all of us!!!!

      Below are pictures of my husband Toby and our son , and my sister Erin and her friend!


      Spring Clean with Fellowes

      The Fellowes P-12C paper shredder is a durable, innovativeand affordable machine. With Fellowes’ industry-leading technologies, the P-12C provides high-security and is safe for family environments.
      To ensure high-security against identity thieves, the P-12C features Cross-Cut technology, which destroys a single sheet of paper into nearly399 particles. 
      The P-12C also includes Fellowes’ patented SafeSense technology, which disables the shredder when it senses hands or large pets come too close to the paper opening.
      The P-12C can also shred staples, credit cards and paper clips to help speed up your spring cleaning process.
      Its slim profile design allows the P-12C to fit in any office environment, including under desks or in kitchens and other rooms.
      The P-12C has a suggested retail price of $89.99 and is available at Target Stores nationwide.
      Spring Cleaning Tips to Protect from Identity Theft   

      The Identity Theft Resource Center recommends their
      Top 5 Tips for spring cleaning the home office:
      Begin with the Basics: Sort through the piles of paperwork on your desk and in your office drawers.  Place them into two categories: ‘save’ and ‘shred.’
      Proper Storage: Organize the "save" pile into labeled folders and be sure to put anything confidential into a fire-proof lock box.  The "shred" pile should be properly disposed of with aCross-Cut shredder, such as a Fellowes P-12C. 
      Cross-Cut technology is an important feature for a shredder because it provides high security, destroying confidential information into unidentifiable pieces.  Equally important areenhanced safety features, such as Fellowes' Safe Sense technology, which shuts the machine down when hands come too close to the paper opening, which is so important if you have children.
      Get a Digital Makeover: Refresh your home office computer bydeleting files you no longer use and backing-up important dataonto an external hard drive.  Clean out your inbox and change all passwords.  Refreshing your computer is a good practice to follow throughout the year as well. 
      Make Life Easier: Plan ahead by purchasing organizational tools for your desk, such as computer risers or file folder holders.  This will help clear clutter from your desk top while keeping things within arms reach.
      Freshen Up: Get rid of dust and germs that easily build up on office equipment such as keyboards, telephones and cabinets.  You'll feel instantly more productive with a clean workspace.

      I am working with One2One Network and Fellowes, and all opinions are my own.


      Wednesday, February 23, 2011

      Daily Tweets Are Back Up In All Current Giveaways!!!

      I am so sorry guys! I just realized that I have not been adding the daily Tweets in my giveaways lately. I dont know why I did not catch this before, but all of my current giveaways have been fixed and that entry is back up!!!!


      Smarcks Talking Building Blocks Review + Giveaway Closed!!

      When it comes to educational toys, we are always looking for new ones to give to our kids to play with. I love finding toys that are not only educational, but ones that my kids really enjoy playing with and learn from. Who knew that my 2 year old would learn to count and sing nursery rhymes with some building blocks?? Well when I was given some Smarcks Talking Building Blocks to review for my readers, courtesy of the wonderful people from Smarcks Talking Building Blocks, I knew these would be fun to try out with my kids. When I was reading about these awesome blocks, I could completely relate to how the creators felt and how they came up with the idea of talking smart blocks. I dont know how many times we have gone out and gotten our kids really great, electronic educational toys, then by the end of the day my kids end up playing with something as simple as building blocks. That is why I knew that my kids would love these amazing talking blocks. My kids love to build things and my son loves blocks, and ever since we received the box of Smarcks, he has played with them daily! Both of my kids love playing with these blocks, and my son repeats what the blocks say, which is very cute! I would suggest to anyone that has kids that they need to get some Smarcks Talking Building Blocks!

                                                           Hmmmm, where is that one block????
      Robert is singing with the blocks, lol!!
      The wonderful people over at Smarcks Talking Building Blocks would like to give one of my amazing readers a Smarcks Learning Special (ARV $77)

      The Math and Counting Blocks provide children a way to see, touch, and hear what they are counting and adding. When a Smart Block is stacked on two 3 blocks the child can see the 6 posts on the blocks, can touch and count them, and can hear the Smart Block count, add, or subtract them. Learning with the Smarcks is a more interactive and fun method of teaching compared to traditional square number blocks. The Learning Special also includes the Spelling, Shape, and all 7 Color Blocks. Your kids may already know their colors but they will love the Color Blocks with all their fun sound effects and rhymes.
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