Sunday, January 22, 2012

King Carousel Gumball Machine #Giveaway (Birthdays for Kids Guide) CLOSED!

I know that when I think back on childhood, one thing that I think most of us can remember loving was gum. I remember doing just about anything for some gum, then when I would go out with my parents and there was a gumball machine, I would be on my best behavior in hopes of getting a gumball. Gum is just one of those things that did not cost a whole lot, but lasted a long time. Then when you think of gumballs, they are not only cheap and last a long time, but every kid I have ever known, loves gumballs. I think that is why I was very pleased when I was sent a King Carousel Combo Gumball Machine from to review.
I know that when it comes to birthdays for kids, making the birthday fun is what it is all about. When I think of fun items to get my own kids, I tend to think back on my own childhood and what I found to be fun. Even in a world full of video games and electronic devices and gadgets, the simplest items can be the best gift ever. I know that when I was a kid, and like many other kids out there, I wanted my own gumball machine to keep in my room. I never got one, but it was something that I always wanted. After getting the King Carousel Combo Gumball Machine, I realized that this is an item that I would have adored and loved to have as a child. I mean this to me, is one of the ultimate birthday gifts that you can get a kid. Not only do they have gumballs right at their reach to have anytime they want and share with all of their friends, but you can turn it into a piggy bank for your kids. Sure you can choose to utilize the free spin, but I think that making your kids pay for their gumballs in their own room, makes the machine that much more fun and enticing. I love how authentic this gumball machine is. From the glass globe to the stand. It looks like one of those gumball machines that you remember seeing as a kid, that stood out and you just couldn't resist. The one that would catch your eye from the time you walked in to the time you left. This gumball machine is not only perfect for a kids birthday, but also makes for a great decorative piece for any home or office. Oh and you don't just have to use gumballs in this machine, you can use candy or nuts as well. To make the King Carousel Combo Gumball Machine a even sweeter machine, the wonderful people from are going to give one of my amazing readers their own King Carousel Combo Gumball Machine!!!

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