Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jim Henson's Dinosaur Train A to Z Contest

A-B-C-Dinosaur!  The EMMY®-nominated children’s series DINOSAUR TRAIN® will encourage its tiny viewers to practice the alphabet while learning about the diversity of dinosaurs with a “Dinosaurs A to Z” one-hour special premiering THIS MONDAY, May 14th on PBS KIDS!

But why wait until next week for all the Dinosaur A to Z fun? It’s never too early to practice the letters of the alphabet and learn about Buddy, Shiny, Tiny and Don’s ancestors and where they fall on the A to Z list.

That’s why we are hosting our first-ever Dinosaurs A to Z Countdown Contest on the new Dinosaur Train’s Twitter and Facebook pages. You and your little paleontologist-in-training can help answer fun and educational Dinosaur A to Z trivia questions on Twitter and Facebook for a chance to win Dinosaur Train prizes every day!

Prizes include:

  • Dinosaur Train collectable gifts
  • Grand prizes of one-of-a-kind Dinosaur cartoon art created especially for your little one by Craig Bartlett, the artist and creator behind Dinosaur Train!  



Judy B. said...

They have such great resources for kids now. I would have loved this as a child. Thanks for the post.

Laura Lane said...

There are so many ways for kids to learn now.

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