Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Amarillo's 6th Street Massacre 2012

It is that time of year again, the time to get tricked and stock up on the treats. Along with all of that comes the season of the haunted houses. I dont know what it is about loving to have others scare me, but when it comes to Halloween, I see that you have to get a good scare in, and going to a haunted house is the place to have others do it to you! This year, as in past years, I went out to the famous 6th Street Massacre, to once again put myself through the anxiety ridden, pulse elevating haunted house for a review. This year, I took my sister in law with me to walk through the haunted house. I thought that having her along for the ride would make it a little easier for me to go through. I mean, you would think that after going through this haunted house in previous years that I would be more prepared to take what is around the corner, but no, they change up this haunted house every year, so you are not prepared for what is coming at you. But that is what makes the 6th Street Massacre in Amarillo, a haunt that stands out from the rest, and that is why when you drive by or walk up, there is always a line of people waiting to be scared half to death when they open their doors! Personally, the thing that scares me the most, something that I just can not stand and have nightmares about is clowns. I dont like them and want nothing to do with them, but of course this is a fear that a lot of people have and this is a fear that people who create these haunted houses feed on. Well, this year there seemed to be a lot of clowns, more than I can remember, plus the zombie count was up, which is also a common fear. I mean, there were clowns and zombies behind doors, behind bars, and walking around, waiting for you as you round the corner! So as you can guess, the scare that we were looking for when going in for the review was more than what we had expected and as we saw the exit nearing, you can imagine that we were thanking God that we survived the 6th Street Massacre this year!

You can check out the 6th Street Massacre at http://www.youcantscareme.com/!!

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