Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Getting Thinner! (Guest Post)

Getting Thinner!
Technological innovations have changed the way we live life on a daily basis. These advancements allow us to enjoy spectacular benefits. Nowadays we can find electronic devices and apps that can help us in unique ways. Various ‘thin trends’ have evolved in all types of markets. It seems everything is getting smaller, thinner, and at the same time, the items offer more features.
In essence, we can do more with these advanced products and take up less space in the process. Even the most sophisticated devices are now available in small packages. Great examples of this can be found in telephones and computers. We’ve gone from using phones attached to the wall with large handsets to mobile devices that can easily fit into the palm of our hands.
The first computers were large bulky pieces of equipment that were extremely expensive and that required substantial space. Fast forward to today and we have compact computers that can do more, cost less, and that can fit into a handbag.
A Growing Trend of Going Thin
Cameras are another product line that has seen many advances. Gone are the days when we have to buy film and wait to have pictures developed. In this modern era we can immediately enjoy taking pictures with our cell phones. Digital cameras make it possible for nearly anyone to instantly become an amateur photographer. It’s as simple as, point, shoot, and enjoy the images.
Fitness and good health are always in the spotlight and the ‘thin trend’ has been put to work there too. There is now a focus on ways to get multiple health and fitness benefits from one product or effort. For instance, we can now find supplements and vitamins that promote health in multiple ways. This eliminates the need for taking several different substances and it can simplify the process of ensuring good health.
From Fitness to Fashion, Makeup, and Beyond
Rather than needing a complete gym fitness products are available that not only offer a good workout, but they are small enough to be considered portable. In fact, some fold-up for storage and others are small enough to take along when traveling. The trend for getting thin can also be seen in modern camping and outdoor equipment. There are now cigarette lighters that have a built-in flashlight. Special water hoses are available that expand while being used and shrink back to a very small size when not in use.
Movements toward ‘getting thinner’ have not gone unnoticed in the world of fashion and makeup either. Many people prefer a Leather BigSkinny Wallet over older styles that are bulky and cumbersome. When it comes to makeup it’s a no-brainer to choose dual-purpose products. Options include tinted moisturizers and mineral makeup that helps improve overall skin tone and complexion.
The reality is, all industries are working to provide products that offer more than one benefit. In most cases this results in the convenience of saving space and other advantages. Clearly, good things really do come in small packages.



Kambrea said...

Everything is about multi-tasking now. Be it on a computer or with a moisturizer/foundation.

Laura Lane said...

It is amazing how things have changed. I have listened to Bible Gateway while making most of my entries in your giveaways. It has allowed me to listen to hours of Bible chapters.

Jessica B. said...

It is crazy how far we have come with cameras and computers.

Bobby said...

Great post! And very useful information! I should become aware in this field instead of wasting my life on and the similar services

Dennis said...

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