Mommy Katie: Maternity Beauty Shopping List

Monday, December 17, 2012

Maternity Beauty Shopping List

It seems that when you are pregnant, everyone has something to say about how much you are glowing and such. With me, when I was pregnant, I did not see that glow to be all that glamorous. I had really rosy cheeks, I mean really rosy, really my entire face was red most of the time, so when I went out, I tried really hard to cover that rosy color up. I also found that my hair was a lot different. I had more dry scalp than usual and my hair seemed to be more difficult to deal with than when I am not pregnant. On top of those issues, I also had acne, which I have rarely ever had issues with, and I noticed that this time around, I had a darkening under my eyes. I honestly found more issues with my complexion than when I was not pregnant, so when people told me that I glowed, I did not see what they saw. I did try to manage my complexion and hair the best way that I could and I learned that using what I was used to, especially when it came to hair, was the best way to go. So, I turned to products that I know and trust and I used them, so that when I went out, I did not feel so uncomfortable about my complexion and instead I could take the compliments instead of seeing them being a criticism. I chose to use products like the ones from the Olay and Cover Girls beauty lines and hair care products like Head and Shoulders. I know that I am not the only one that was in that boat either while pregnant, so when I hear that celebrity stylists also suggest using the same products, I feel better about the choice that I made to use them!!
Here are a few tips from celebrity stylists on maternity beauty so that you can make pregnant look good just like the celebrities do!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.


Kambrea said...

I always looked tired or sick. Then again, I was mostly tired or sick.

These are good tips!

Alina said...

Thanks for sharing! This goes perfect with my idea of a Maternity Beauty gift box! My mother and I did something kind of like this when my sister had her first baby, we pampered her a bit and got her some great lotions and stuff. And now I want to make it a tradition, since she's planning on having a couple more little cuties, I'll be putting a gift box together with great stuff for pregnant women to make them feel better and a bit pampered. I know she'll love it!

Laura Lane said...

Oh Katie, maternity products, are you making an announcement?

I hope!

ann said...

Theres this saying that they always say a pregnant woman is glowing. But not all of us, some women need help with dark circles under their eye. Pregnant women need to feel beautiful besides feeling fat .