Thursday, February 28, 2013

MommyParties sponsored by Mega Bloks® Barbie®

We recently celebrated Estrella's birthday, and for her party this year, she had a slumber party. For the first part of her party, we had a ordinary birthday party, with boys and girls present. Then once the boys left, it was time to surprise everyone, including Estrella, with a Surprise MEGA Bloks Barbie Party!! The girls loved it, and I loved seeing all of their eyes light up as my husband and I brought out all of the goodies that were sent with the party kit that was provided by MommyParties and sponsored by MEGA Bloks!
Right away, the girls all started to dig in and construct their MEGA Bloks Barbie sets that we gave them. After reading over the instructions together, it was time to start building. My husband had helped me while I was pregnant with the parties that we did, and he has now found himself a pro at throwing and helping play with the toys for the parties. So it was no surprise to me when I walked into the room to find him right in the middle of the party, building Barbie structures with the girls.
The one thing that the girls pointed out, was that there are a lot of really small pieces, and putting them in our front room on our carpet and rug made it hard to keep up with all of the pieces since the rug and carpet were both thick. Aside from the drawback, everyone, including my husband, had fun and kept busy with the sets from the MEGA Bloks Barbie collection of items that we were sent. After some time and lots of silly laughter, the girls were able to get some of their structures put together, then my destructive 4 year old boy and his friend decided it was time that the Barbie scene that the girls had spent so much time building, needed to come down. Even though my son and his friend destroyed what the girls had built, they were able to put all of their pieces back in the boxes to take to their own houses and rebuild there. In all, the girls had so much fun building together and were all very proud of what they had done, even though some ornery little 4 year old boys destroyed their hard work.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hershey’s Easter Bunny Trail: Easter Traditions That Make Memories

Easter is coming and it is time to get out the Easter baskets and decorations and get ready for the big day! I love the different holidays through out the year, and Easter is one that I love to prepare for. When I think about Easter there are many things that come to mind. Like, heading to church in your Easter clothing, looking your absolute best and celebrating the resurrection of Christ. I can remember the night before Easter each year, boiling then coloring our eggs, so that we could put them out for the Easter Bunny to hide for us that night when he came to visit. I loved sitting at the table with my mom and sister, and getting all of our favorite colors out and ready to dip and dye the eggs in. We would draw decorations on the eggs, then control the color, like if we left the eggs in for a good amount of time we would get dark colors, or if we took them out sooner than others we could get pastels and lighter colors. It was something that we would look forward to doing the entire day before Easter. I also think back on getting up on Easter morning to find a basket filled with goodies and candy, then once my parents were up, gearing up for a Easter egg hunt. Then after the hunt we would all meet up with family and friends and have a huge Easter brunch, which was always a wonderful way to celebrate each year. Now that I have kids, I try to keep those traditions alive, so that not only am I passing along traditions that I grew up with, but I am also creating memories that my kids will have that will last a lifetime, just like the memories that my parents created with me! I love being able to dye the eggs with my kids, then after they go to sleep, setting up their Easter baskets and hiding the eggs that they worked so hard at decorating for them to find the next day. One thing that I remember being in my basket each year, and that we put in our kids baskets each year is chocolate and jelly beans. We loved getting Hershey's chocolates each year and one that I looked forward to getting was those Cadbury Eggs, that were so delicious and something that we only got once a year. On top of that we also got a great variety of other Hershey's candies that we enjoyed each year as well, and that is a tradition that we also keep going for our kids. So this year, when you are gearing up for Easter, dont forget the Hershey's chocolates and prepare to make memories that last!

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Best Buy Electronics Recycling

The Spring Cleaning season is here, and like most out there, I am going through the garage and shed, and going through all of the boxes and items that we no longer use or need. One of the rooms in my house that I need to go through this year is my office. I have many boxes and also many gadgets that I no longer need or use, so like most, I find myself trying to figure out what to do with those gadgets. I found that getting rid of and recycling my old gadgets is easier than I thought, because I can take them to my local Best Buy! Best Buy is the leader in their efforts for recycling in their industry and it can all be done for free at any Best Buy location in the US!! Since technology is the fastest growing problem when it comes to waste, and since Best Buy is one of the world's largest retailers of consumer electronics, they want to try to help by being part of the solution. A great thing about the electronics recycling program at Best Buy is that it does not matter how old or where you bought it, they will recycle it regardless! Best Buy recycles 387 pounds of electronics each minute that they are open, and if you take your old electronics to Best Buy they will responsibly and safely dispose of them! I love that after I take my old electronics to Best Buy so that they can recycle them, I can then shop there and upgrade my electronics and gadgets to Energy Star certified products!!! You can look into upgrading your home to more energy efficient products by heading over to your local Best Buy or by going to today! Also, you can get more info on the recycling program from Best Buy by heading over to their site by clicking here! So, this year while you are doing your Spring Cleaning, dont forget to take those old gadgets and electronics to Best Buy and recycle them!!

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free


Cleaning Out The Basement (Guest Post)

Cleaning Out the Basement and Attic
Most people don’t want to spend their days cleaning out the basement, attic or the garage. But if you’re running out of storage space in your home, and you’re ready to de-clutter, getting rid of a few items can free up space. Plus, too many items in your basement or attic can be a fire hazard. And if you’re looking to sell your home, de-cluttering gives the illusion of a bigger space. 
Like many areas throughout the United States, the housing market in Miami, FL is in the process of recovery. The inventory of available properties is great for buyers, yet the higher competition can hurt sellers. Sellers who rent self storage space and de-clutter their homes are typically able to sell quicker. Self storage units are the perfect place to stash unused items, and in many instances, you can find cheap storage and climate controlled storage.
If you’re ready to go through your basement, attic and garage, here are a few tips to help clear your space. 
Plan ahead
Rather than tackle all three areas on the same day, split up your efforts and de-clutter one space at a time. Get the whole family involved and set aside two or three days to complete the project. Start early in the morning and you may be able to de-clutter and entire space by the evening.
Divide and Decide
It can be difficult to part with some of your treasures, however, consider whether you’ll actually use the item in the future. Bring in three large bins to help sort the items. In each of these bins place items for trash, items for sale/donation and items for storage. Start in one corner of your basement, attic or garage and go through every box, every plastic container and every stack. Do not leave this area until each space is cleared and the items placed in a bin. Throw away items that are broken, worn or haven’t been used in one year. 
Host a yard sale to generate extra cash, and for items that you do not sell, contact Goodwill or another local charity and donate these items. Junk removal services such as 1-800-Got-Junk are perfect for discarding trash and larger unwanted items.
For the things that you plan to keep, organize these in your newly cleared space. Give this space a thorough cleaning before organizing your items - dust, sweep and mop. To keep your items neat, bring in shelves or storage bins. Label all bins and boxes to easily locate items.
Cleaning out your home isn’t fun, but the end result is well worth the effort. It’s important that you showcase your home in the best light. Whether you’re moving or staying, a clean, clutter-free home creates a cozy, happy environment.


Monday, February 25, 2013

Kindle Fire HD #Giveaway #RC

KT-slate-01-lg._V395919237_World's most advanced 7" tablet
  • HD display, customized Dolby audio, and dual-driver stereo speakers
  • Ultra-fast web browsing and streaming with built-in dual-band, dual-antenna Wi-Fi
  • Front-facing HD camera for photos or Skype or other apps
  • Integrated support for Facebook, Twitter, and email
  • Massive selection - over 23 million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines, books, audiobooks, and popular apps and games such as Netflix, Pandora, Pinterest, and Angry Birds Space
  • Control content access and set screen time limits for kids.
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P&G Prize Pack #Giveaway #RC CLOSED!

I love finding and trying new products. I also love trying products that are from companies that I love and trust. Recently I was sent a great pack of products from P&G. The products that were included in the pack were all ones that I use on a regular basis and that I love to share with friends and family. In the bag of items that I was sent was the Swiffer Wet Jet. I love the Swiffer Wet Jet, and with a baby in the house, it helps me eliminate that extra time I might have taken using a mop. Along with the Swiffer I was also sent some of the Pantene Pro V Shampoo and Conditioner and some Duracell batteries, which are all products that make life as a mom so much easier. I not only enjoy the products from P&G but I also enjoy all of those great coupon inserts that I can get from my paper each month. Being a mom, I am always trying to find ways to save money for my family, and P&G is a brand that understands families and that helps us save money on the products we use everyday! Well, the wonderful people from P&G would like to share some great savings with one of my readers and some great products as well by sending one amazing reader the same pack of products I was sent along with some great coupons as well!

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Furby Has Made A Come Back

If you are a child of the 90's, chances are you probably had a Furby. I may not have been a little kid in the 90s, but I had a sister who was 6 years younger, so when the Furby craze came about, we both got one. We loved having our strange little creatures talk to one another and interact. We also found it fun to talk to our Furbies and teach them things. Well, when I found out that Furby was making a come back, I knew that I wanted to get one for my daughter. The craze is back and bigger than I can remember. The Furbies have improved and advanced, yet still looks like the strange little creatures that I can remember having when I was younger. Furbies are very interesting little creatures that have minds of their own. They have their own language and my daughter has been having fun learning this language so that she can interact and talk with her Furby. Watching my daughter and her friends play with their Furbies, reminds me of when my little sister and I would do the same with ours. I love that not only have the Furbies improved since their debut in the 90's, but that they are up to date in the tech world we live in. You can not only have your Furby that you interact with in person, but you can get the Furby App to download on your Apple or Android device! My daughter loves her Furby and I love seeing her play with something that I had enjoyed when I was a kid as well. You can find Furbies available at Toys R Us, Walmart and many other stores to bring home today. I found the Furby to be a great gift to give my daughter this year for her birthday and if you are looking for a great gift to give for a birthday than get a Furby!!

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Jenga Boom #Giveaway #RC ENDS 3/1!! CLOSED!

Our family looks forward to our Family Game Night, and we love adding new and fun games to our selection of games. Recently I was sent a new game from Hasbro that has really made a impact on our Family Game Night! I was sent the new and explosive game, Jenga Boom.
We have played and have loved Jenga in the past, but with the new Jenga Boom, we have found the game to have a whole new twist on it. It is a game that gets you thinking and tests your speed! You are not just up against how far you can go before the blocks come tumbling, you are now up against the clock, and with the timer on, you find yourself in a very fun and competitive game with your friends and family. Once the clock starts ticking, you are in a race to find that block, then stack it to the top, and testing your skills to see how far you can get before the tower either topples over or you get the boom! We loved adding Jenga Boom to our Family Game Night and you will too, because the wonderful people from Hasbro would like to give one of my amazing readers their own Jenga Boom!! 

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Oz The Great and Powerful - "Argument Over Oz"

“Oz The Great and Powerful” opens in U.S. theaters on March 8, 2013.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

#Giveaway #RC Contours Classique 3-in-1 Bassinet CLOSED!

When it comes to shopping for baby, there are so many items that you come across. Some are items that you wonder if you will ever need or use, and others are those items that are must haves. The ones that your friends and family tell you all about and let you know you will be needing. Recently I was sent one of those items that I see to be a must have. Even though Wyatt is growing fast on us, there are still plenty of our friends who are still adding new bundles of joy to their lives, so when I find products that I not only used for my babies, but am more than happy to review and show others about, you will hear about it. I was sent the Contours Classique 3-in-1 Bassinet to review. I learned after having my first baby that there are just some items that need to be at the top of any expecting moms list, and well, this bassinet is a item that will count as three. When I had Estrella, I found that not only was it great to have a bassinet, but having a changing table was also a mom saver. Then when I had Robert, I found that having a Moses basket was a item that I did not know what I did with out when Estrella was a baby. So you can guess, that when Wyatt came along, I was a seasoned pro, and the must have can not do without items, were ones that went on the preparing for baby list right off the bat. Well, I found that if you are preparing for baby, the Contours Classique 3-in-1 Bassinet is the item to get, then you can cross of the bassinet, changer and Moses basket all in one stroke!
The bassinet and Moses basket are great items to have in those first few months, or until baby reaches 15lbs, which in my case, Wyatt soared to that 15 lb mark by the time he was 2 months. Even with that said, I found that the changer was great to have and use during diaper changes, and with this bassinet there is quite a bit of storage that is great for holding the diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, toys to distract a squirmy baby and more for any other items that I may have missed that are ideal to have nearby during a diaper change. I also found that even though we did not get a chance to test out the bassinet and Moses basket on our Wyatt, we were able to test it out and see it in use with our friends baby, who reports that this 3-in-1 bassinet is the most versatile item that they have received for their baby, and it also appears that they will be able to use it longer than we would have! I love not only finding, but also knowing that the items I find are great to have and do the job they are meant for, so when you are preparing to bring a new bundle of joy into your life, save time and money by getting the Contours Classique 3-in-1 Bassinet! Well, the wonderful people from Kolcraft would like to make one of my amazing readers lives a little easier, by giving them their own Contours Classique 3-in-1 Bassinet!!

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Glow Crazy Doodle Dome #Giveaway #RC CLOSED!

Another birthday for my Estrella has come and gone, and we had a blast with all of her friends. Every year that she gets older, it seems to be harder and harder to find gifts for her. One thing that I know I can not go wrong with is gifts that she can use for art. She loves to draw and color, so when I was sent the Glow Crazy Doodle Dome to review, I knew that it would make for the perfect gift for her birthday this year! Once we opened it, we found that not only did Estrella really enjoy going inside the tent to draw with the special light pen, but her party guests and her little brother also enjoyed taking turns going inside the tent to draw.
I say taking turns because there is only room for one maybe two kids inside, I would stick with one, but they had fun going in two at a time to play drawing games and tic tac toe. The Doodle Dome also came with some great and fun stencils that everyone really enjoyed using when they got their turn to draw. I love that my kids can play in the Doodle Dome Tent anytime, whether it is light or dark out! My kids have loved playing with their new Glow Crazy Doodle Dome, and since they have enjoyed it so much, the wonderful people that sent us the Glow Crazy Doodle Dome would like to send one of my amazing readers their own Glow Crazy Doodle Dome!

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Friday, February 22, 2013

The Wide World of Plate Frames (Guest Post)

The Wide World of Plate Frames
Plate frames are a great way to spruce up your car, show off school spirit, let the world know what you love or just help hold your license plate on your car. These are very popular and understanding the different types of frames, you can choose from. Here's a list of some of the most popular and unique choices:

Seven types of License Plate Frames

1.  College 

College plate frames are some of the most popular because they offer fans a chance to show off the team they love, along with alumni the chance to show some school spirit. These frames also allow students to express their school spirit and they come in a variety of styles. Most schools carry a few just displaying the school and a few displaying the mascot name and the school or even the word "alumni".

2.  Military

Every branch of the military has at least one license plate frame and most have a variety of types. You can go with a traditional one just displaying "ARMY", "NAVY", "MARINES" or "AIR FORCE". However, if you want to get a little fancier, you can find one with the actual logo representing the branch or even a camouflage design to show off your military connection.

3.  Engraved 

Engraved plates are great to match your vehicles or use as a custom plate. You can get one with the brand of car you own on it or any custom message you choose. This is great if you want to match the frame to a vanity license plate or you want to customize it with your favorite bible verse.  

4.  Tattoo/Tribal

Tattoo frames or tribal frames actually look like a tribal tattoo. These are very cool and can offer a customized design of barbed wire or any type of tribal looking design for your license plate. Reviews about these license plate frames have all been very positive because of the custom designs offered.


It's no secret, NASCAR is very popular. If you have a favorite driver, you can choose a license plate frame with that driver's number, name, car or anything else associated with them. This is a great way to spruce up your car and show off your love for the sport.

6.  Antique/Vintage

If you rebuilt an older vehicle or own one, you may need an antique license plate frame to match the car or fit over the older style license plate. This can offer the perfect vintage look to match the vehicle, as well.

7.  Licensed

Licensed plate frames are those matching with any professional sports team. You can choose from NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA teams, along with some soccer teams.

No matter which type of plate frame you prefer, it's cool to find the one that matches with your style and vehicle best. This is a great and affordable way to dress up your car a little.


Thursday, February 21, 2013


Just like me, my daughter loves to be comfortable when she is at home and walk around in her house slippers. Estrella loves to keep her feet nice and warm when we are home, and I dont blame her. Over the past year she has voiced her interest in a new fun type of house slippers. One that, you can say is more than your average slippers for kids. The slippers are called Stompeez, and if you have kids then you have probably heard of them too. Stompeez are these fun and adorable slippers, that when you walk, can either have their ears pop up or mouth open and close, or even play peekaboo. They do this with every step that your child takes, so you find your kids wearing them and walking all over the house with them, just so they can have their Stompeez animal or monster go to work. Recently we were sent the very adorable Perky Puppy to review!
Estrella not only loves her Perky Puppy Stompeez because they are a pair of very adorable puppy slippers, but she also loves them because they are pink, and when she walks, her puppies ears flop up and down! I found them to be very cute as well, and since Estrella got a pair that we reviewed, I found that I had to get Robert a pair as well. Robert went with the Growlin' Dragon, which open and close their mouth when he walks. In all, my kids were very satisfied with their Stompeez, and they both love that they are not only fun and adorable to have, but they also keep their feet warm. So if you have wondered about what your kids are talking about when they say they want some Stompeez, then wonder no more and head out today or go online and get them a pair of these adorable and fun slippers!!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.

Monsters Inc on Blu-Ray 3D!

I can remember the first time I had watched Monsters Inc when my younger cousins were little, and they adored Boo and Sully. And I can remember watching it over and over again with them when I would babysit. Now that I have my own kids, the love for Monsters Inc has grown. My two oldest have both adored the movie, and over this past holiday season, we went to the theater to watch it for the first time in 3D. The 3D experience in the theater was amazing, and we loved watching our favorite characters from the movie come to life and pop out at us. So when we were sent the 5 Disc Collectors Set that included the Blu-Ray 3D disc, my kids and I were thrilled to be able to relive that experience we had in the theater all over again from the comfort of our home! With the Monsters Inc 5 Disc Collectors Set, you not only get the remastered version on DVD and Blu-Ray, but you also get to watch the movie and get an experience like no other when you watch it on the Blu-Ray 3D with your family. The picture quality and sound is amazing, and when you watch it in 3D, you bring the characters to life, right in your own home. The look on my kids faces was priceless when we saw it at the theater in 3D, and to be able to get that same reaction from them in our own home, is just as priceless! Also, when you bring home Monsters Inc Ultimate Collectors Edition, you get some really great bonus features like a sneak peak at the upcoming release of "Monsters University", which is a movie that my kids are eagerly waiting to have come to theaters, as well as the Toy Story Toons short, "Partysaurus Rex" and much more!! The Monsters Inc Ultimate Collectors Edition is available now to bring home and share with your family!!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.

Monday, February 18, 2013

National Children's Dental Health Month and My Flipper

February is National Children's Dental Health Month, and to get the kids excited about their dental hygiene, I was sent a couple of the very adorable and fun My Flipper's to review. I know that with my kids, it is not that they do not like to brush their teeth, it is that they have to be reminded on a regular basis to do so. So when I find products that will make the remembering to brush teeth ordeal a easier one, I like to share the product with others. With the Flipper, I have them hanging up above the sink, so when my kids go to wash their hands, they will see their toothbrushes in their Flipper and then remember to brush their teeth. I also like that with the Flippers that we were sent, they are easy to open and close, so storing the toothbrushes is easy and getting them out to use is easy as well! Also, when they use the Flipper, I know that they are storing their toothbrushes and they are keeping them clean and hygienic. There are so many Flippers to choose from, so you are sure to find a fun one that your kids can enjoy as well. Check out the Flipper today and also take advantage of a great discount when you use the code dentalhealth at checkout! 

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.


The Spring Cleaning bug is in the air, and with that comes all of the going through closets, pulling out the warmer weather clothes, and putting away all of the Winter items. For me, that also means changing the scents that I use in the home. I go from all of the baked goods to the floral and fresh scents, which bring out that sense that the warmer weather is just around the corner. One room that can get overlooked when I am going around adding fresh fragrances and scents is the restroom. I do like to put a warmer in, but one place that I think can get overlooked is by the toilet, where it can get very smelly. After all, is that not in the area where a fresh scent can really make a difference? Recently I was sent a set of some really great fragrances that are meant to be used only on the toilet paper roll. The product is called ReJuvenescence. To use these, you place your toilet paper roll over the cylinder then put it in the place in between the brackets where you put your toilet paper. Then, when you take toilet paper off of the roll, it releases the fresh scent, which is very nice to have in the bathroom! So if you are like me, and you like to try to keep every inch of your home smelling good, then check out the ReJuvenescence and give them a try in your restroom!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

#Giveaway #RC $50 Gift Card + H&R Block At Home Premium Edition Software CLOSED!

It is that time of year again, that time to get your papers and documents in order and file your taxes. Tax time can be a stressful time for some. You have the worries, hoping that the person who you have file your taxes is doing everything right, so that you do not get that dreaded audit. Or, if you decide to file your taxes on your own, you have that fear of missing or overlooking something. Well this year the people from H&R Block want to make preparing and filing your taxes easier than ever. They want to relieve that stress and help you get the maximum refund. For me, instead of going to a tax specialist, I was given the chance to try out the H&R Block At Home Premium. I found the system so easy to use, and the fact that there are tax specialists on hand ready to answer any questions I may have, made filing from home and online a breeze! To get prepared to file, just like if I was going to a tax specialist, I had to have all of my forms and papers ready, and once I had everything I needed, I was ready. It was so easy to use, I just put my information in, answered the questions and before I knew it I was done and I was filing my 2012 Federal Return and ready to anticipate a very nice refund! The H&R Block At Home Premium Edition also has the State Filing option, which since I live in Texas was not needed, but it is there and ready to use for those who need to use it. I found the burden of filling my taxes was gone and was actually not a burden at all, and the end outcome was more than I had expected, after using the H&R Block At Home Premium Edition to file my taxes!!! Well, since it is tax time, the wonderful people from H&R Block would like to help one of my readers file their own taxes from home by giving one lucky reader their own H&R Block At Home Premium Edition and a $50 AMEX Gift Card!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

H&R Block provided me with a Premium Tax Edition code. The prize was provided and may be shipped to the winner by H&R Block, but H&R Block is not a sponsor, administrator, or involved in any other way with this giveaway. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of H&R Block. Entrants must be 18 or older and located in the US only. Winner to be chosen at random.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Quick Install Safety Gate by Munchkin

With little Wyatt here and growing fast, I know that before I know it, I will be needing to go around my house and baby proof once again. With us having stairs to get into the garage and into the boys room, the need for some good safety gates is a must. One company that I love and use for other baby proofing needs is Munchkin. Recently I was sent a great Munchkin product to add to my collection of Munchkin baby proofing products. I was sent the Quick Install 26" Gate to review. Since we do not have Wyatt up and moving around just yet, I decided to put the gate to the test with our dogs. I put the gate up in our garage door, and one thing that I noticed and really appreciated right away was how easy it was to install. I literally only had to remove the cardboard that was on the gate, then set it up in the doorway then push the bar into place. I found this gate to be one of the easiest gates to set up, and I like that it fits in place and once set up, it is not going to be pushed out of place by a baby or a dog for that matter! Now that I have found the gate that I will be needing to keep my Wyatt from falling down any stairs, I will be getting another one to put in the boys room as well! So if you are looking for a safety gate, that not only keeps in or out the kids or animals, and one that is easy to set up and take down, then check out the Quick Install Safety Gate by Munchkin!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.

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