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Making Your Child More Comfortable on Vacation

Making Your Child More Comfortable on Vacation
Becoming a parent is one of the greatest life events someone can experience. And then at some point you have to take a long road trip, or fly on a plane and you start to second guess the amazing wonder of being a parent. Seriously, kids are great but they don’t always make the best travelers. 
There are some things you can do as a parent however to make the journey a little more enjoyable for your young one. And if the trip is more pleasant for them, then it will certainly be more pleasant for you as well.
Traveling with Infants
A common stress of traveling with an infant is when you have to fly somewhere. One tip is to try and schedule the flight during your baby’s normal nap time so they’ll already be on a schedule that can be helpful while you’re in the air. Joanna Goddard suggests that if you are traveling with a spouse or partner, get seats that are not together so you can have a break from time to time, and your child will like change as you switch back and forth for baby duty. 
She also points out that you want to make your child as comfortable as possible so make sure you dress them appropriately, and if your baby is young enough, keep them in a wrap or sling close to your own body throughout the flight process.
Traveling with Toddlers
Taking a trip with toddlers can be a little more difficult at times because they are old enough to know they aren’t at home, and they can get restless being away. The best thing you can do for your young one is to find ways to make them feel at home by surrounding them with things they are familiar with. 
Family Go online recommends to have your child pack a backpack of their own with some of their favorite toys, stuffed animals, and even a blanket if they have one they really like. And bedtime will be equally important since they will be sleeping in a strange bed, so find some soft girlspajamas or maybe some superhero ones for your little boy and they will sleep better being more at ease.  
Traveling with Teens and Adolescents
With older kids the stressesin traveling usually have to do with them getting bored, or being disinterested. A great thing you can do for them is find ways to get them engaged in the traveling process. Before you leave for your trip to map out how and where you will be going and find ways to have you child get involved. 
Maybe they can learn about the route you will be driving on a long trip and plan a few fun stops along the way. Or they can learn about the area you are traveling to, and find fun games or interactive activities to do with them when you get there like a photo scavenger hunt.
Traveling with your kids doesn’t have to be feared. Take some of these tips and really make it a great trip to remember.  



betty baez said...

great tips! especially planning a flight during nap time

Kambrea said...

These are good tips! Thank you!

ColleenMarie82 said...

These are some good tips. We are going on mini vacation Mid-march, I especially like the tip to "find ways to make them feel at home by surrounding them with things they are familiar with."

Shelly Peterson said...

Thanks for sharing such great traveling tips!

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