Mommy Katie: March 2013

Sunday, March 31, 2013

#Giveaway #RC #Free Dial Coconut Water Body Wash 3 Winners!! CLOSED!

I love being able to find not only great smelling body wash for myself, but also a body wash that my husband can enjoy using as well. Another thing that I look for when I look for a new body wash is how it leaves my skin feeling. Recently I was sent a bottle of body wash that not only smells great for both myself and my husband to use, but that also leaves our skin soft after we bathe with it. We were sent a bottle of the new Dial Coconut Water Body Wash to review.

The smell of coconuts give me that feeling that summer is not that far off, and with this body wash I get that fresh scent and that feeling as well. I also love that the coconut water that is used in this body wash is from young green coconuts, which are known to be rich in antioxidants and electrolytes, which in hand can provide your skin with replenishing hydration! We have really enjoyed using the new Dial Coconut Water Body Wash in our home and you can too because the wonderful people from Dial are giving three of my amazing readers coupons to each get a bottle of the new body wash for free!!! Also, Dial is celebrating 65 years, and to get the festivities under way they are hosting a great sweepstakes on their Facebook page where one first place winner will win $1,000 and 250 second place winners will each win a bottle of the new Dial Coconut Water Body Wash!! You can enter their sweepstakes by going here!

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Life of PI on Blu-Ray

I love it when I find a movie that is not only a moving movie, but also an amazingly beautiful movie. Recently we were sent Life of PI on Blu-ray to review. This was a movie that is one that we found ourselves having to watch over and over again. Life of PI is a movie that not only my husband and I loved but my daughter who is 9, also enjoyed watching! In this movie you are taken on a journey that is unlike any other that I have seen. The young man in the movie finds himself a survivor after a horrific disaster at sea, to now find himself a castaway. He finds that he is in a very extraordinary situation when the companion he finds while a castaway, to be a tiger. The two form a bond and trust that is unlike any other! We loved this movie, and we have watched it over and over again to relive and enjoy the beautiful and moving story that is truly a masterpiece! You can bring home Life of PI home today on Blu-Ray too and enjoy it over and over again with your friends and family!!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

#Giveaway #RC #Free Great New Styles from Pediped CLOSED!

I love the Spring time, from all of the flowers that are blooming, to all of the beautiful weather that I can take my kids out to enjoy! With the Spring weather comes the Spring time clothing that I just adore. I love finding the new styles that come with each new season, and with Spring, you get colors and shoes that are great for wearing outdoors and to play in. With my kids, it seems that with every season comes either a new size in clothes that we need to get or a size up in the shoes, especially for Robert. Robert is a growing boy, and he too adores this beautiful weather that we are having, although he is not too fond of the spurts of winter like weather we have had. Regardless, he has been enjoying it when we take full advantage of the warmer weather and head outdoors. Today was a day to be spent at the lake, and we have taken full advantage of it. Robert and my husband took the fishing poles and went fishing. Wyatt enjoyed the fresh air and playing in his play yard, and then the dogs, who enjoyed being out and running, also enjoyed a dip in the lake. Robert loved being able to wear his new Pediped shoes, that we were sent for review, out to the lake today. He said that they were very comfortable and perfect for not only sitting by the lake with while fishing, but they also made for some great shoes to run around in while he chased after the dogs!
We were sent a pair of the Flex Jones in Khaki to review. Robert loves Pediped, he has a few pairs of Pediped shoes and he says he likes them so much because they are very comfortable and because when he is running around and playing, he said it almost feels like he is not wearing any shoes at all. I like knowing that the shoes my kids are wearing are not only comfortable but also durable, and made for play! Another thing that I really love about Pediped is the insoles that come with their shoes, so I can adjust the fit and prolong the wear of the shoes, which as a parent, is a huge plus so that I am not having to run out and get new shoes every time I turn around! Pediped has launched their new line for Spring and Summer, and in this new line you are going to find a great assortment of shoes for both boys and girls that are perfect for play and fun! If you would like to keep up with the newest styles as well as other great new info from Pediped, sign up today to become a insider by heading over to! To celebrate the new season and the new line, the wonderful people from Pediped would like to send one of my amazing readers a pair of their Originals in a boy or girl shoe and in sizes 0-24 months! If you like pediped make sure to check out Brian James Footwear,, the new women’s footwear line from Angela Edgeworth, the founder of pediped.

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#Giveaway #RC #Free World Series Of Yahtzee CLOSED!!

We love our family game nights, and when we find new games to add to the mix then it makes our game nights even more fun! Recently I was sent the World Series of Yahtzee to review and play with my family. Yahtzee is one of our favorite games to play on our family game nights, and when we were sent this form of Yahtzee to try out, we were all excited to play a old favorite with a new twist to it! Now with the original version of Yahtzee, we had the pace that you went at that was whatever the other players were at, but with this new game it is a version of Yahtzee that is a fast paced version! It is so much fun to play and we love how we all get excited when playing it. It reminds me of a casino like game that keeps you on your toes and gets you excited to play and win! It is truly a face to face dice showdown, where you have everyone rolling the dice. You roll fast in order to get the highest score on the board and to be the first to lock in and start the electronic timer! Then, when everyone is done rolling, you grab your card to get your points, and the one with the highest score in the end wins!! We loved adding this fast paced new game to our family game night and you can too, because the wonderful people from Hasbro would like to send one of my amazing readers their own World Series of Yahtzee game!!!

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One Night With The King on Blu-Ray

I love finding movies that are moving and emotional, and when I find movies that are very enjoyable that I can watch with my husband and kids, I find them to be something that I enjoy sharing. With 'One Night with The King', I will have to say that Robert did not care to watch it, but Estrella on the other hand enjoyed watching it right along with my husband and I. This is a great movie that has a Cinderella type feeling to it, or like a Aladdin movie that has the roles of the princess and Aladdin reversed. You first find a girl who is a beautiful girl, who like many in her time, was born to a life of poverty. She finds herself catching the eye of the king and he decides to make this beautiful girl his bride. Even though she is the bride of a great king, she finds her life in danger because she has a secret, one that is a deadly one for her. The beautiful girl is Jewish, and in her time the Jewish people live their lives in fear, because all of the Jewish people are put to death. She finds herself trying to save her people, and even though what she is doing is dangerous and she is warned not to, she defies others and tests all limits in order to do what she knows is the right thing. In doing so, she puts her own life in danger since she puts the secret of her own heritage that she has tried hard to hide, in danger of being known. This was a great movie for myself, the hubs and my daughter to watch together and I would suggest it to anyone who is looking for a new movie to add to their family movie night!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.

BabyGanics Fine & Handy Wipes

If you have little ones, then you know how prone they are to dirt and muck. Little ones are like magnets and if there is dirt or something that can get on them in the same room or space that they are in, then you can almost bet that somehow some of that will end up on them, or at least that is the way it is with my kids! I am the type of mom that carries the hand sanitizer around and I am constantly washing faces and hands with my kids. So when I was sent the BabyGanics Fine & Handy Wipes to review, I was interested to see if they can pass what I call the baby and 4 year old boy test. I have been carrying them around in the diaper bag, since that seems to have taken place of my purse lately, and I found that having them with me when I am out is a good thing. I do not have to run to the nearest fountain or restroom to wash hands and faces up after playing or somehow finding a burried marker on the playground and coloring ourselves with them. I love the BabyGanics Fine & Handy Wipes for both being a great and truly handy product to have when you have kids, and for also being a product that I can trust, a product that is safe to use on my kids and that is also safe for the environment. So when you are out and find yourself with messy hands and faces, get some BabyGanics Fine & Handy Wipes and keep those dirty fingers at bay!! You can buy the BabyGanics Fine & Handy Wipes at Babies R Us, Amazon as well as several other online retailers!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.

Friday, March 29, 2013

#Spon #NSNation #Nutrisystem Week 1: Nutrisystem Journey

I embraced the beginning of this weight loss journey this week. I must admit, the temptations are a lot harder than I thought they would be, but I was pleasantly surprised on how the Nutrisystem meals and plan helped keep me full and were able to keep me on track. I found the online journal to be a great outlet and also the daily log does help as well. I also will have to say that when I went to my Dr today and weighed myself, I was shocked to see how much I had lost already. I am 6 pounds down, and that is only since starting the Nutrisystem plan on Monday of this week! I did not think I would be down that much at all, I was guessing maybe 2 lbs, but to loose 6, well I am very proud and that makes me even more excited to continue this journey. Now after talking to my Dr today, I know that I may not get the same results every week, but 6 lbs is a huge esteem boost for me and I can not wait to do another weigh in next Friday, which will be a full 7 days on the diet from today. I have a huge sweet tooth and I know that the sugar cravings I got were a big part of my problem, but I love that the desserts are tasty, filling and they satisfy that craving! I must admit, I am pleased thus far and I hope to continue to get results each week.

The meals and supplies for this weight loss journey were provided to my by Nutrisystem, all opinions are my own and I was not paid to say anything. Thank you to the sponsor!
Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting

#Spon An Experience That Will Last A Lifetime: Take Lessons Local Music and Singing Lessons

My Estrella is a very talented young lady. Her name means Star in Spanish, and she fits that name to a 'T". She loves to shine and she loves to be in the spotlight at any given time. So naturally you can imagine that when she is given the chance to show off her own natural talents like acting and singing, she stands out and take over the stage! Estrella has been able to find her hidden passion and talent for the stage and music at school, but like my own parents who are actors, she is ready to expand and learn more on how she can flourish even more on her God given talents! This year for her birthday, she asked for music and acting lessons. I was very happy that she chose this route, and you can imagine that when she let my parents know what she wanted, they were not only thrilled to see their granddaughter follow in their footsteps, but they have also insisted that the lessons would be their gift to her for her birthday this year. We decided that we will wait until Summer to sign her up for lessons and classes so that she can finish out this school year then focus on her lessons over the Summer! As a parent, finding classes and music teachers can be hard. Not only for finding that perfect class to enroll her in and that teacher that is just outstanding and will help bring out Estrella's natural 'Star' quality, but also finding someone that I can trust with my daughter is something that I face. I have gone to others and after much searching, I was able to find a great class for Estrella's acting lessons that I am confidant with and I know she will shine in. But that is only half of what is needed for her. Sure, I have got the acting class set up, but she also wants to take singing lessons to help make her voice stronger and to learn what her ranges are. I personally found myself lost in the aspect of finding a teacher that is not only good at teaching children, but also can give my daughter the one on one she needs and who is someone that I can trust with my daughter. I mean, this is my baby girl, and I do not want to take her to lessons and leave her with just anyone, so finding that teacher has proven to be quite a challenge for me. It was not until recently that I found a solution to my issue. Recently I was introduced to an amazing site, one for parents to use as a safe way to search and seek out those amazing music teachers and classes for our kids. The site is called Take Lessons, and on this site I can do a search that is local, and that will key in on the type of lessons that I am seeking out for my kids. I found it to be very easy to use, when I go on the site, I first type in the type of music lesson or class that I am looking for, then I type in my zip code and click search. From there, I get this amazing list of music teachers who are not just part of a listing like you may find on other searches, but they have been checked out and verified. From background checks to reference checks, these instructors are the kind of teachers that I want for my kids! I also love that instead of having to choose a teacher based on a tight schedule, when I use the Take Lessons site, I can choose to find a teacher that can come to my home or their private studio if I want, and I can find lessons that are tailored to my own schedule. I love the scheduling part, because once the Summer is over and we are back in full swing of the school year, and if Estrella enjoys the lessons then we will continue them for as long as she wants! So finding teachers that are willing to work with me, even on the crazy schedule I keep at certain times of the year is a huge plus! I can also find teachers who are online if I want and say if I am not satisfied after the first session, the people from Take Lessons will help me find another instructor or they will refund me my money. Having that kind of guarantee is a huge plus in my book, especially as a parent where you do not find too many guarantees out there. I have found the Take Lessons site to be a great tool to use for Estrella and I am just as excited as she is to get set up this Summer with a great schedule of music lessons that I will get from Take Lessons and of the acting classes that she will be taking as well! So if you are a parent who is in search of a music teacher or a class for your kids, and you have found yourself lost when it comes to finding the right teacher, then head on over to Take Lessons and find that teacher who you are looking for today!! Also when you head over to Take Lessons today through April 1, you can get 20% off all of their lesson packages when you use the promo code SPRINGMUSIC at check out!

This is a sponsored post. I am being compensated for my time and for the post. Thank you to the sponsor!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

#AGiantSurprise #spon A Giant Surprise: Green Giant Veggie Snack Chips

My kids are complete opposites in so many ways. One thing that they can never agree on is their veggies. Estrella loves her veggies and does not have any issues eating them when we put them on her plate, Robert on the other hand, will cry, will make himself gag and refuse to eat his. To get Robert to eat his vegetables we have to come up with creative ways to incorporate vegetables into his meals and snacks. One thing that I know we can not go wrong with when it comes to snacking with Robert is chips. The boy loves chips, and it is a rare occasion that he gets chips too, so when he does get them, he is all in. So, for me, I see that being able to incorporate vegetables into chips would be a sensible thing to do, but until recently I had not seen it happen. Last week I was sent quite a surprise, you can maybe say a Green Giant Surprise! I was sent a couple of bags of chips that are from Green Giant. Just having the name Green Giant on the bag, you know they have to be made of vegetables, and you are right! In fact, when the package arrived, I put the bags on my counter in anticipation of taking some pictures of the bags and of my kids reactions to the chips. Well, Robert saw the bags and had asked if he could have some. Me, not thinking about being careful with how I word certain things to a four year old, said sure you can have some, and I did add for lunch, but all Robert heard was you can have some. So when lunch came around, I went to get my camera and get the bags of chips ready to serve up for lunch for my kids to try, to find the bags missing. Apparently Robert went to his dad and said that mom said that he could have the chips, then Estrella asked if she could have some too, my husband said that she could since there were two bags. Well, instead of maybe portioning out the bags to the kids, my husband said that since there were two bags and mom said that they could have them, they could each have a bag. So, this was a fail on both of our parts. Good thing is that the kids did not eat the entire contents of the bags by themselves, instead they shared with their friends, which is not a bad thing, unfortunately I did not get to try these chips for myself since by the time I figured out what had happened they were all gone! On the plus side, Robert devoured and not only loved but asked for more of the Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips, which he had no idea until I told him, that these chips were made from roasted vegetables. And another plus was, even though the Green Giant site did not show any stores near me having these chips that the kids enjoyed in stock, I was able to find them at a local grocer, where I went and bought two more bags so that I could do my review! I was very impressed by the flavors and the crunch, they are just like those potato chips that the kids love, but they are made from vegetable. I love that for people like my husband, who is a snacker, he can grab some of these chips and not only get a great tasting snack but also feel good about it! I personally really enjoyed the Multigrain Sweet Potato Chips, but I also liked the Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips, and I think the biggest part of all of this was that Robert loved these chips!  
Well, since we can honestly say that not only are these chips a Green Giant Surprise all in their own, but that my kids are also magicians in making them disappear very quickly, I would like to share some other great surprises from Green Giant! The people from Green Giant have compiled some videos of other talents that people have shown and surprised them with! You can check them out on the Green Giant Facebook page as well as their YouTube Chanel! Not only can you watch some great talent on the videos you will find even more of the Giant's favorite surprise talents at the Green Giant YouTube channel! Also take advantage of this great coupon from Green Giant for 85 cents off the Green Giant Veggie Snack Chips

Thank you to The Green Giant™ for being a sponsor. Show the Giant your surprise talent

Beauty Myths Infographic for April Fools' Day

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

#Giveaway #RC Purex Plus Fabric Softener with Crystals Fragrance 3 Winners!! CLOSED!

With three kids, a husband, dogs and a cat, we get a lot of dirt. It seems that the kids and my husband for that matter are prone to dirt. Then with a baby, I am prone to drool and spit up. So you can imagine that we go through quite a bit of laundry. A brand that I use on a regular basis and trust is Purex, and in the past, I have had the chance to review the Purex with Dirt Lift Action and the Purex Crystals, which I still use both on a regular basis. Recently I was sent a bottle of Purex that has both of these great products all in one, I was sent the Purex Plus Fabric Softener with Crystals Fragrance to review! I love that not only does this new detergent leave my clothes soft and smelling fresh, but it also gets all of that dirt and muck that we may accumulate during the day. I love that even after a day of drool and spit up, and my clothes smelling like old milk and baby drool, after washing them in this all in one detergent, they come out smelling fresh, clean, and ready for another round of mommy vs baby!! Well, the wonderful people from Purex would like to give three of my amazing readers each a coupon to get a free bottle of their own Purex Plus Fabric Softener with Crystals Fragrance!!

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

#Giveaway #RC Star Wars Lightsaber Night Light by Uncle Milton Toys CLOSED!!

My Robert loves Star Wars. He is a huge fan and he loves to add awesome Star Wars products to his ever growing collection! Robert may love the whole Star Wars thing, but he is not too fond of the dark. He has us keep a night light on in his room at night, but he has reminded us that it is not a cool night light and that it is not Star Wars. Well, recently we were sent a great night light that is not only cool, but also Star Wars! We were sent a Star Wars Lightsaber Night Light from Uncle Milton Toys to review.

Robert finds this night light to be a great addition to his room. With this lightsaber, Robert, as a young Padawan, can construct his own lightsaber, which all Jedi's do, then display it in his room. Then with the remote, Robert can pretend that he is turning it on and off using his Jedi powers!! Robert loves Darth Vader, and having Darth Vader's Lightsaber as his night light, makes this night light the perfect one for Robert to put up in his room!!! Since Robert loves having his own Star Wars Lightsaber Night Light up in his room, the wonderful people from Uncle Milton Toys would like to send one of my readers their own Star Wars Lightsaber Night Light to share with their own Star Wars fan!!

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Celebrate Noodle Month with Annie Chun's All Natural Asian Cuisine!

My family loves Asian foods, and the one thing that we can always agree on when we cook or order in any Asian foods, is the noodles. With myself going on a whole new journey with a big diet, finding those favorites that my family loves that are healthy as well, has been a bit of a challenge for me. One thing that I know I can get that my family loves and that is a great choice when getting them some really great Asian dishes is Annie Chun's. Recently we were sent a great selection of Annie Chun's All Natural Asian Cuisine noodle dishes to try out in honor of Noodle Month! I love that when I am serving the kids some of the Annie Chun's Noodles, I know that I am serving them some great natural noodles that are MSG free and also preservative free! I also love that I can add my own meats and extras to the dishes which gives these noodle bowls a fresh look and I also know what I am adding to them. Aside from the great variety of Asian Noodle Bowls that my family loves from the line of Annie Chun's, we were also sent a great snack, which is not only good but also a good for you snack. We were sent some of the Seaweed Snacks to try out as well, and I loved seeing that my kids ate the Wasabi Seaweed Snacks without batting a eye. These Seaweed Snacks are good for the entire family because they are packed with great vitamins and minerals and make for a great afternoon snack to keep the family going for the rest of the day!! In all, we enjoyed the delicious variety of noodles and snacks that we were sent from Annie Chun's and if you are looking for some great Asian foods that are all natural as well as MSG and preservative free, then check out the amazing line of foods from Annie Chun's All Natural Asian Cuisine

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.

#Giveaway #RC Rise Of The Guardians DVD 3 Winners!! & Chuck E Cheese! CLOSED!

Like many other parents out there, we have been running around trying to find those great gifts to put in our kids Easter Baskets this year. One thing that I know I really can not go wrong with is a movie for the kids that they can add to family movie night. My kids feel so big, getting a movie as a gift then being able to nominate their movie to be the movie we watch together on our family movie night each week. Recently we were sent a great movie that not only makes for a great movie to add to our own family movie night, but also makes for a great gift to add to the Easter Baskets!! We were sent Rise of the Guardians from our friends at Chuck E Cheese. Now you may be thinking why would Chuck E Cheese send such a thing? Well, inside of this great movie case there is a set of coupons that can be used at Chuck E Cheese!! One is for a great family meal deal that has tokens included in the deal, then the other coupon is for tokens where you end up getting a extra 25 tokens when you use the coupon!! For my kids, Chuck E Cheese coupons mean time for fun!! My kids love going to Chuck E Cheese to not only have fun and play, but it is a place where my husband and I know our kids are safe and are allowed to just be kids and let off any steam that they might have built up after a week of school!! When we go to Chuck E Cheese, we not only get to enjoy a fun night out to eat with the kids at one of their favorite restaurants, but after everyone has eaten, we can let them run loose and play games, then before we leave then can cash in the tickets they win and get some great prizes! I also love that when we are at Chuck E Cheese's, they not only get to eat some great pizza and play games, but they also have fun when the great mouse himself makes an appearance and interacts with the kids! So when you are looking for a great gift to add to your kids Easter Baskets this year, not only will Rise of the Guardians make for a great gift, but the fun does not stop when they get the great coupons that are inside of the movie!!! Well, this year, the wonderful people from Chuck E Cheese would like to share a great movie and some great coupons with some of my readers by giving 3 lucky readers their own copies of Rise of the Guardians on DVD along with the great coupons that are inside of the movies!!

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Chasing Mavericks Blu-Ray Review

When it comes to finding new movies to share and watch with my husband and kids, we like to find something that we can all enjoy. Recently we were sent such movie when we were sent Chasing Mavericks on Blu-Ray to review. This is a great surfing movie that is more than just a movie about a couple of surfers, it is a movie about a friendship and bond that is built between two surf enthusiasts who, on the outside, appear to be complete opposites from age and experience, to who both on the inside share a passion and vision. The young surfer in the movie seeks out a wave called a "Maverick", which he thought to be legend to find it to be a real thing. He seeks out the training and advice of a very experienced and expert surfer, who can help him find and hopefully conquer the Maverick wave. These two go on a quest to achieve what some may say is impossible, and along the journey they develop a bond and a friendship like no other, one that is unique and changes both of their lives. This was a great movie that we shared with our kids and made for a great addition to our family movie night! I think we all found this movie to be even more moving knowing that it was based on a true story! Chasing Mavericks is available to take home today!!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.

Monday, March 25, 2013

#Giveaway #RC #Free Deuter Sleeping Bags: Get Out And Go Camping With The Family! CLOSED!

I love the Spring time, and I look forward to the warmer weather. My family and I love being outdoors, we love to go hiking and one thing that we really look forward to every year, is camping! We love to take the kids out and spend a few days outdoors in nature. The kids enjoy it as well. There is something that the kids get out of camping that can not be compared to any other experiences. We get a chance to be together as a family, and explore together, with out the electronics or gadgets that we use on a daily basis. The kids love being able to gather round the campfire and listen to stories and even tell some of their own as well as learn about things that we may come across on trails and around the campsite. It is a time that we can just be ourselves and not have to worry about deadlines or missing phone calls, because we leave all of that behind when we go camping with the kids. My husband and I try to make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves, from the daily activities that we do together while we are camping to being comfortable and warm while we sleep at night. One way that we can ensure that everyone sleeps well at night while we camp is to make sure that everyone has a nice warm and comfortable sleeping bag to sleep in at night. Over the past couple of years, Robert has been able to use toddler gear for camping, but we have found that after getting all of the camping gear out, that Robert has outgrown all of that stuff. He is just too big for the toddler gear, but he is also too small for some of the big kid gear that we have too, so we went out and started looking into getting Robert some new gear. That is when we came across Deuter. We were sent a Deuter Little Star Exp sleeping bag to review for Robert. I found this sleeping bag to be the perfect size for him. It is not too big and not too small, it has room in it for him to grow into so that he can use it for a while. I also love how warm and comfortable it is, so Robert will be sure to get a good night sleep when we go camping! I love the extendable foot bag that can make it so this sleeping bag can go from 3 feet to a little over 4'3, which is perfect, so that it can grow with my Robert! I know that once it warms up a little more, and we get ready to go on our first camping trip for the season, Robert will be ready and he will stay warm at night with his new Little Star EXP Sleeping Bag from Deuter! Well, to get my readers geared up and ready for their own camping adventures the wonderful people from Deuter would like to give one of my amazing readers their own Little Star EXP Sleeping Bag!!

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This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.