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#ad Get Your Summer On With SkateHut

Summer is here, and that means the kids are out and it is time to get them all of that gear to keep them active.  I know that when it comes to keeping my kids active, they love all of the hottest gear on the market like the shoes from companies like Heelys and Vans, then they have to have the scooters like all of the rest of the kids in the neighborhood. Well, for me, with 3 kids, trying to go out and shop for all of these items for my older two kids can be quite a chore. I might end up going to numerous different stores, spending way more time and having very cranky kids and I might not find all of the items that the kids were wanting either. That is why I love shopping online like at places that have all of the brands that the kids want, like at sites like I mean, I can save time, bring my stress level way down instead of taking 2 kids and a baby into a store, find all of the brands and the items that my kids want, order them and just wait for them to arrive without going anywhere. Then we can take that time we saved to do more things together, which is always a huge plus as a parent! Another plus is, I can also find a great selection of shoes for myself, my husband and even for the baby, which makes the whole shopping experience at even more worth my time! My kids love that they keep up with the latest fashions that they are into and that they can also find the gear that they need for play as well like the skateboards and skateboard parts that they need in order to maintain their skateboards. Also, with the prices that you find, will make a great place to go to for any back to school shopping that you have to do this year. My son loves the Dinosoles gear and they have the backpacks and lunchboxes which will be perfect for sending him to school with this coming school year. On top of that, my daughter can find a great backpack and lunchbox along with back to school shoes that will be great for her to wear on that infamous first day as well too! So this summer, get the kids geared up with the hottest trends around with the products from Skate Hut and when the summer comes to a end dont forget to head over there to get your back to school shopping done as well where you can find some amazing prices on those brands that the kids have got to have!

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MAM Baby: There For Baby From Birth And Up

I know that since having Wyatt, we have had many people, both friends and even strangers inquire about the products we use when we are out in public with Wyatt. From the baby gear to the bottles, and being a blogger and my family being my family, they are used to being asked about products all of the time. We love talking about the products, especially after I have reviewed them and they get noticed by others while we are at the park or at the doctors office or even when we are at a restaurant. One family of products that I began reviewing before Wyatt was born, that we use on a regular basis and that we give to others as gifts who are expecting, and we also recommend to others is MAM. From their bottles to the infant tooth brushes, I have loved all of their products. We found the pacifier collection to not only be adorable and attention grabbers with their cute designs and sayings, but they have also come in handy on many occasions, and are also great for moms like myself who breastfeed! I also found the bottles to be great for putting my breast milk in. I did not have issues with nursing after using the bottles and we did not have any issues with Wyatt getting extra air or gas, so the bottles have made life easier and made the whole bonding experience a dream for my husband and the kids when it came to feedings. Which in hand gave me a chance to be a human again and not someones refrigerator, even though I love the whole breast feeding experience! Wyatt has grown, and he still loves his MAM Baby Bottles, and with the teething we have had, we have found the MAM Teethers to be a life saver, so Wyatt can get some relief and we can hear again. Then with all of the great oral care products, well they have been great as well. So I guess you can imagine that when my friends come to me and ask what pacifiers I would suggest or what I would suggest they use to clean their babies gums or new teeth, I tell them to go with MAM! If you or someone you know is expecting and you are looking for some great products for feeding, oral care for baby or some pacifiers then check out the great selection of products from MAM!

To stay up to date on all of the top baby products on the market from MAM, join the MAM Club!

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Accessorize This Season With Scunci

When it comes to style and accessorizing, well Estrella and I are all about looking our best and accessorizing! One of the main things that we find a must have when it comes to the accessories is the hair. Estrella especially, she loves to add clips and headbands to her hair to help her stand out. I mean, with a name like Estrella, which means Star, you cant help but stand out! Recently we were sent a great pack of accessories which Estrella found to be perfect for her summer wardrobes, from Scunci!
My Estrella loves to shine, she loves bling, and when she saw the assortment of accessories from Scunci that we were sent, well I did not even get a chance to get a claim on any of them. She right away took them all and began deciding on what she would wear them with and how she would wear them. Estrella loves headbands, and she has found the headband that we were sent to be her favorite accessory! She says that it is because it is easy to use as a accessory and the colors go with just about anything! So this summer when you are looking for those hair accessories to go with your summer wardrobes, then check out the great collections from Scunci! Also, check out the great contest that they have going right now through July 3rd where 10 of their fans will win some great accessories, you can enter by going here!

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21 & Over on Blu-Ray

I can remember my 21st birthday, it is like a right of passage, the legal right to go out and drink until you can not drink anymore, and do it legally, to a point! I mean, when you turn 21, your friends tend to plan the night out for you, not giving you a choice on if you will be staying sober, because in most cases, it will not be happening. I can vaguely remember my 21st birthday, but I can remember that porcelain throne being my closest friend by the end of the night. Well recently I was sent a movie called 21 & Over to watch and review. This was a funny movie for my husband and I to watch without the kids on our own movie night together! You have a young man, who is a seemingly responsible young man, fixing to have a interview that will change his life forever. One for a medical school. When, his friends decide to show up for a surprise visit on his 21st birthday and show him a good time. Maybe too much of a good time, but they want him to let loose, and let loose he does! Like I said, this is one that my husband and I watched together, not one I would recommend to watch with the kids, but it is a funny movie and would also be great to watch with friends as well! 21 & Over is available to bring home today on both Blu-Ray and DVD!

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Get Hands Free Lighting With Panther Vision

My husband is a person who is always tinkering with things, from in the garage to under the hood of a vehicle or anything else that has a motor. I know that when he is digging through tool boxes, or when he is under the truck or under the hood of a car, having light is something that he needs, and usually I am the one who will stand there and hold it for him. Then he will tell me to shine it here or there for him, so he can get things done, and here I am, stuck holding a light for however long he needs it. Frankly, holding a light can be tiring, I did it for my dad, and now for my husband, and I can not just go and look and see what they are doing, because then I ruin the lighting that they need, so I am a light holder. Well recently I was sent a pack of products that is perfect for both my husband and my dad, that I wish I had years ago, but that I will gladly give the both of them now to use so that I can no longer be the official light holder. I was sent these great products from Panther Vision. I was sent a really neat Panther Vision Powercap, which is perfect for anyone who is tinkering, going through things, and needing that extra light, but does not want to worry about the whole trying to hold a flashlight deal. I mean, the Powercap makes the lighting situation no longer a situation, it is a solution for us. My husband loves his Powercap, in fact he not only uses it when he is going through his toolbox and tinkering in the garage, but he also uses it when he needs to get things out of his drawers, he says it is because he wants to save electricity and not turn on a light, I just think he likes wearing the Powercap. Aside from the Panther Vision Powercap that we were sent, we were also sent a pair of the Light Specs, which have really come in handy for when my husband gets under his truck to work on it, or when he gets under the hood, and it also saves me from having to go under there and hold that flashlight and get dirty right along side him! The Light Specs also come in handy for night reading for anyone who does not want to wake their partner or turn on any other lights in the evenings! Another great item that we were sent, that is really great to have for our kids is the Safety Light or Safety Bug, which is perfect for putting on their bikes when they are riding around in the evenings, or for me to use when I go for walks with the baby in the evenings! In all, we found all of the products from Panther Vision to be great for us to use in our home and outside of the home, and I know that they can also be used to keep you safe while hiking and for other things that you can find them to be useful for as well! You can get your Panther Vision products by going to their website today!

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Friday, June 28, 2013

#ad Get Your Perfectly Patriotic Clothing From Kohl's

This next week, we will be getting together with friends, cooking out and setting off the fireworks so we can celebrate our countries birthday! I love the Fourth of July, from all of the barbecues to the watermelon, and all of the patriotic decorations that I dress my house and my family up with each and every year! This year will be Wyatt's first Fourth of July, his first look at those amazing fireworks that will light up the night sky, and I am probably more excited about than he is. In fact, I can almost guarantee that I am because he does not even know what the fourth is. But I do, and I will be celebrating and so will the entire house. When preparing to celebrate one of our stops for decorations and clothes for the entire family is Kohl's! Recently I was given the chance to head there and do our shopping for the Fourth of July there. I loved the displays for the home decorations that they had, as well as the prices! I am one that loves a good sale, and well frankly, Kohl's always seems to have a good sale going!
Aside from the great patriotic household decorations that are available over at Kohl's and, I love the selection of clothes that will make babies first Fourth of July a very memorable one! Even though I have a baby boy, I could not help but notice all of the adorable little dresses that were available, but they also had an amazing assortment of clothes for baby boy as well which were perfect for Wyatt to wear for his first Fourth of July!! I was able to find some great tops and shorts to go with the tops at amazing sale prices from the Jumping Beans collection over at Kohl's. I know that when Wyatt wears these ensembles this year, he will be showing his Patriotic best thanks to Kohl's!! So this year, as you are making your preparations for the Fourth of July, head on over to Kohl's or for all of your Patriotic needs from your decorations to the clothes so that your house and family are ready to celebrate our countries birthday!

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

#ad Keep The Kids Busy This Summer With Music Lessons From TakeLessons

With the summer break here, the kids are home and trying to fill their schedules with activities can be a chore. Sure there are camps and such, but the camps that I sign my kids up for are mostly day camps and they only last a week at a time, then I have the rest of the summer to worry about. Yeah, we have a lot planned, but there is a lot of time in there where I have to fill spots to keep them busy. I do not want them to get that dreaded summer brain rot. You know, where they do not do anything academic for a couple of months then when school starts, it is like starting all over again. I keep my kids busy with reading and art projects as well as fun activities that involve skills like math and online games that keep them engaged academically, but one thing that I wish I knew more of and that I lack in is the music department. I mean sure, I can make noise, but that is all I can do. I am tone deaf and I wish I knew how to play an instrument so that I could teach my kids, but I do not, so instead of trying to figure out how to fill that area in our summer, I know that I can go to TakeLessons. At TakeLessons, I can find and connect with private music teachers, art instructors or even academic tutors when school is in session, who are available to come to my home, a studio or even for online instruction, and who are able to work around my schedule! I love the online option, because then I do not have to worry about rushing to get to a studio or wasting any gas, all I have to do is have a computer with a webcam, a Skype account and a good internet connection and my kids will have access to the lessons that I set up for them! Another huge plus about TakeLessons that I love is that all of their tutors and instructors complete an extensive interview, training and an annual criminal background check. I have talked about TakeLessons before in a previous review about how amazing they are and how they work with the busy parent, well that is another plus, they really do work with you. Right from the start they assist you with the scheduling, the initial coordinating and billing, so all you have to do is enjoy the lessons that your kids take. So what are you waiting for, before the infamous summer rot kicks in, keep your kids brains going and keep the juices flowing with some amazing lessons from TakeLessons, and right now when you sign up you can get the free ebook, “Quick Guide to Getting Started With Music Lessons”, as well as 20% off music lesson packages when you use promo code ‘MBSUMMER6’ at checkout! Call 855-503-5109 to speak with a TakeLessons Student Counselor. Offer is good through July 6.
About Us:
TakeLessons connects students and families with private music teachers, arts instructors and academic tutors throughout the US. Safety and quality are our priorities; every instructor completes an extensive interview, training, and an annual criminal background check. We assist with scheduling, initial coordination and billing- so all you have to worry about is enjoying your lessons!

We provide In Home and In Studio Lessons, as well as Online Lessons, which are a popular choice for busy families. All you need is a computer with a webcam, a Skype account, and a good Internet connection. Cut down on commute times by taking lessons in the comfort of your own home!

Online Lessons are a great way to keep your kids busy over the summer months!

Online Music Lessons:
Convenience & Affordability
- In-home lessons at a more affordable price
- Avoid the commute and save money on gas
- Great option for homeschooled students and busy families
- Make the most of your time: complete your warm-ups before your lesson, and review what you've learned immediately after!

Quality Teachers, 100% Money Back Guarantee
- Access to exceptional teachers nationwide, no matter where you're located
- All teachers are pre-screened and monitored through student retention and feedback
- Same benefits of our in-person lessons, including our 100% Money Back Guarantee
- Online tools to keep track of your schedule, payments, and progress

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

#Giveaway #RC Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper CLOSED!

When we were preparing to have Wyatt, there were so may items to check off the list and it seems that when I look at products that are out there, I wonder how I missed them on my check list with Wyatt. Well, I still get chances to prepare for new babies all of the time. Right now, I have a friend who is preparing for a baby girl who will be here soon. She is going over all of those checklists just like I did, and I am having fun going over the checklists with her, testing out all of those great baby products! Recently we were sent a great baby item to review and mark of the checklist. We were sent the Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper to review.
I love that when 'Baby Girl' gets here, we will be able to rock her gently in this awesome baby rocker. She can enjoy the mobile with the little toys that move around as the music plays for her. Then as she gets a little older she can raise her hands and hit at the toys or even grasp them and play with them because they are set to be just in babies reach. With the napper part itself, you have the flat pad for baby to sleep on with raised borders, which offers a safe and comfortable napping environment for baby to sleep in! This rocker will be great for my friend to have for her baby to use from the time she is about one month old til she is about 6 months old. Another thing that I really like is, with my babies we had some issues with colic, and this rocker's vibrations can help comfort and soothe the discomfort baby can have when they experience colic. I know that the Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper would have made a great rocker for Wyatt to use and I know my friends baby will enjoy using it, and your baby can enjoy using it as well because the wonderful people from Tiny Love are going to give one of my amazing readers their own Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper!
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

#ad Clean Up After Summer Parties With The Bissell CleanView Plus

Summer is here and it is time for the cookouts and get togethers. At our house, we have lots of kids that come in and out during the day, and in the evenings we have cookouts with friends. We enjoy our movie and game nights, but I know that not all of our get togethers are planned out ahead of time. In fact, during the summers, most of our little parties end up happening with out any planning at all, and for me that means, all of that grass and those crumbs that the kids may have gotten all over the house during the day, need to be cleaned up and quick before the company shows up. I like to have the house nice and clean for when we have guests, even if it is the same friends night after night, but I also do not have a whole lot of time to get the house cleaned. So when I was sent the Bissell CleanView Plus to review, I was curious to see how it would make my life easier, especially during these summer evenings when I have to get those last minute parties together.
Well first of all, I noticed that it had a longer cord than my other vacuum, which will help cut back on that cleaning time, which is a plus. With the Bissell CleanView Plus, it has a 27 foot power cord, so yes, that is a big difference, so I am not having to constantly unplug the cord then find another outlet and plug it back in again then so on. Another feature that I liked and noticed right away as well was the brush design, which you can see in the little window on the vacuum, and it is made so you get everything up in one pass, which saves time as well! I love how easy it is to maneuver around corners and such, like when I go into the hall, and around the couch. I also like how easy it is to clean out, the dirt cup comes off easily and empties very easily as well. Then with the attachments, I can clean up the popcorn off the couch after a movie, or I can get the chips off the stairs down to Robert's room after he and his friends with the 4" Turbo Brush Tool, which also is great for getting that pet hair up off the furniture might I add! The 10" crevice tool is great for getting between the cushions on the couch as well as any other nook and cranny that I might need to get to and the 11" extension wand is great to have for when I need to clean the fan and the dust off the ceiling. In all, I found the Bissell CleanView Plus to be perfect for those quick cleanups for when we have those summer get togethers at the house, and also for everyday clean up. I love that it cuts back on the time with having a longer cord and the fact that I only need to go over areas in one pass. So if you are looking for a vacuum that is going to do the job and cut back on your cleaning time, then get the Bissell CleanView Plus!
You can also follow Bissell on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube!

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P&G’s 175th Anniversary #FunFact Infographic

In honor of P&G’s 175th Anniversary, they created a #FunFact Infographic, celebrating past and present brand innovations, full of cool sound bites and are sharing it with my readers.


Monday, June 24, 2013

#JOCKEYbra Get Your Perfect Fit With The New Jockey Fit Kit

 With me, it seems that when I get bras, they do not ever fit just right. Especially after having Wyatt, then breastfeeding and loosing the weight I have lost, I have no idea on what bra size I should go with. I have gone and tried on bras, but I end up guessing and just going with what I think might work best. It really makes the whole bra shopping experience for me one that I rather avoid unless I absolutely need a new bra. Well, recently I found that bra shopping does not have to be a issue or something that I have to avoid, I found that it can be something that I can actually enjoy and get a comfortable fit as well as the end result. To start me off on my new bra shopping experience, I was sent a really neat Fit Kit from Jockey. Honestly, this kit really exceeded my expectations. I mean, when it came in, it came in a very nice mesh like bag with several breast forms inside. Then there was also a measuring tape and a fit guide as well. Now when I say several forms, I mean several. Which is great, because we all know, that we are not all A B C and D, we are all different sizes, and I love that the people from Jockey understand that. I also love that they make the whole bra fitting a more personable one, instead of one you might go and do in a lingerie store in front of someone. I also find that the fitting is a more accurate one that ones I have had done in the past, which I feel more confident about when I go on to make a purchase from the Jockey store. Once I had my measurements, I was then able to easily go on the Jockey website and find the bra I wanted, place my order then sit back and now wait for it to arrive. I love that now that I have my Fit Kit, with me continuing to loose the weight, I can go back in a few months and measure again to reorder so that I can make sure that I get the perfect fitting bra! So if you are like me, and you would love to have a bra that really fits you, and that you can be comfortable wearing knowing that it is made for your fit, then head on over to the Jockey website today and get your Jockey Fit Kit!

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New Looks For Summer From Skip Hop

I love finding new looks especially when it comes to the diaper bags, and when companies like Skip Hop come out with their new lines, well I am all over it! I have to see it, and yes, I want them all!! I love that they not only keep in mind the fact that we as moms need to have the accessibility of a diaper bag with plenty of room for all of the needs of the baby items in it, but they also keep in mind the fact that we need plenty of room for our own items as well.
Another huge plus, that I love about Skip Hop when it comes to their diaper bags is that yes, they keep in mind that we as moms need the diaper bags, but they also keep in mind that we are still women and we still like to have some fashion. Even when we are wiping noses and chasing babies in dirty diapers. I like to stay trendy, from the clothes that I wear to the stroller I push and even to the diaper bag that goes with the ensemble, and with the new Skip Hop Versa with the Sketch Diamond pattern, I can get it all. I can get the diapers, the bottles, wipes, the extra clothes, sunblock, snacks, a changing pad, that by the way comes with this diaper bag, a burp cloth, my woman extras and still look good carrying it all in one bag!! For me, I change up my diaper bags with what I am wearing, but with the Skip Hop Versa, it can really go with just about any outfit I wear this summer!

Another great feature that I love is that I can easily attach the Skip Hop Versa to my stroller, so that not only is it out of the way, but I can get to things easily as well when we are out and about! In all, I love the new Skip Hop Versa from the new summer line of Skip Hop Diaper Bags and you can find the Versa in the Sketch Diamond pattern like I was sent or in many other patterns that are available from Skip Hop as well as many other trendy diaper bags that are new in their collection! 

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.

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