Monday, June 17, 2013

What Exactly Life Insurance Does for Your Family (Guest Post)

Having life insurance for your family is very important. Your family counts on you to take care of them and that is a lot easier to do when you have life insurance. Here are four things life insurancedoes for your family.
Here some things a life insurance beneficiary should do.

Covers College Expenses For Your Kids

If you were to pass away before your kids were old enough to go to college, what would happen to them? Would they be forced to work instead of going to school or even work while going to school? In the event of your death, your life insurance can give your kids the money they need in order to pay for their college education as you always intended for them to do. With your life insurance set up, you will know that even if you don’t live to see your children go to college, they will still get to do so. The gift of a higher education is one your kids should never be deprived of; especially if they have already been deprived of your life by the time they are ready to enter college.

Gives Your Child A Secure Future

Every parent wants the best for their children, even after they are long gone out of the lives of their children. Life insurance will give you the satisfaction of knowing that your children’s future will be secure even after you pass away. A secure future is essential in order for a child to feel loved and for them to become successful, well-adjusted adults. Life insurance can help your children when you aren’t able to anymore.

Pays Off Your Taxes After Your Death

After you pass away your loved ones may have to pay your estate taxes if that was not already done. Having life insurance is a great way to allow your family to easily pay off your estate taxes once you have passed away. Without life insurance, they would have to pay your estate taxes off out of their own pockets.

Leaves Your Children An Inheritance

If you want your children to inherit money from you after your death, you can get life insurance to make this possible. Your children will get the money in your life insurance account upon your death.

These are all things that life insurance can do for you and your family. It is worth having if you care about providing for your family after death.



Robin Wilson said...

These are all great reasons to have life insurance and I am so glad that my hubby has some. But I think it is awful that due to my health, I cannot get any. I think one important thing that life insurance covers is the cost of burial. I never realized just how much it costs! I don't want that burden to be on my son, so at least we have that already taken care of. Life insurance is a must I believe ~ especially for parents!

jamie braun said...

such an important topic that people dont think about often enough. have to protect your childrens futures

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