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A New Year and a New Family: Great Resolutions and Ways to Celebrate 2014 (Guest Post)

The New Year is just around the corner, and that means thinking about ways to make the most of 2014. Here are some excellent ideas for starting out the New Year right.

Eat More Veggies Together
One great resolution you can make as a family is to eat healthier in the New Year. Creating a goal of incorporating more vegetables and whole grains with less junk food in your family diet can help kids and parents to keep each other accountable. It will also allow you to all enjoy the experience of healthier eating together.

Try Something New in the New Year
A great way to challenge yourself and your children in 2014 is by setting a few goals to branch out and try new hobbies. Sign up for online acting classes or a few ballroom dancing lessons. Tackling a new challenge might result in discovering a fun pastime or even passion to enjoy as a family. And making a family resolution will help encourage your kids to experience the arts and develop their cultural awareness.

A More Active 2014
The New Year is the perfect time to start exercising more and incorporating physical activity into your weekly routine. Families, too, can get in on the action by setting fitness goals together. This might include charting out an exercise plan, registering at a gym or YMCA or finding creative ways to have fun outdoors.

There are many fantastic ideas for to get the family outside and moving at the same time. Browse through an adventure gift guide to find ideas for family ski trips, day hikes, rock climbing and more. You can also plan family adventures by season. Try snowshoeing in January and surfing in August.

Be Kind to Everyone
Perhaps the best resolution your family can commit to is trying to be kind to more people. Whether it is younger siblings, peers at school, adults or elderly neighbors, everyone can use a little more kindness in their day. Set up a few endeavors as a family to smile more often, to be nice to the people you come in contact with and to go out of the way to show you care. This might mean baking cookies for a lonely neighbor or cutting the grass for an older friend. There are lots of creative ways to be kind, so put your heads together as a family to generate new ideas.

Celebrating the Noon Year and More
Once you have discussed your resolutions, it is time to decide how to celebrate the New Year. For families with younger children, deciding when to celebrate is often an important discussion because most little ones either can’t or shouldn’t be up until midnight. PBS Parents recommends celebrating the noon year at 12 pm in the afternoon on New Year’s Eve. You can pull out the noisemakers and toast with apple cider right before lunch time. This way, children don’t feel left out of the fun when going to bed on time in the evening.

Another fun tradition involves setting alarm clocks for each of the different time zones around the globe and celebrating as each region reaches midnight.

With these tips for ringing in the New Year, your family will be off to a great start for 2014.

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Pam L said...

I love the be kind resolution, I am a teacher and I see children be mean constantly just to show off. I do not know why that is a badge of honor.

Just giving a compliment out of no where would really put a smile on someone's face

Shelly Peterson said...

I definitely need to be more active in the new year. Being kind to every one is a great resolution for everyone, there are a lot of not so nice people these days.

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