Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Effective Tips For A Clean And Hygienic Bathroom (Guest Post)

The only room in the house that you shrink from scrubbing is the bathroom but not anymore. Here are some tips to make your bathroom real clean and sparkling without taking too much of an effort.

Regular cleaning saves time

Daily wiping of the toothpaste blobs cleans the sink right away, if you allow it to stay on the sink or the mirror especially the hair or spilled powder, that will take away the beauty of your toilet. All you need is a pack of paper towels, or wet wipes that comes in handy every time you create a mess and there will be no deposition of dirt. Go for a weekly scrub down, this will make the place even more hygienic.

De-clutter the place and not just clean

Remove all the toiletries that are not in use for long. All those creams that make promises, those leaky bottles of shampoos and soaps that might be affecting the bathroom fixtures. Products beyond expiry date can be harmful for you and creating a clutter in the bathroom making you impossible to clean it properly by taking p extra space.

Cleaning products that are a must

There have been times when you simply pick a product because it was shown good in an advertisement. For the bathroom you need something that not only give you sparkling shine and kill germs. If the product says that apply it for 10 minutes, the suggestion is to heed the advice of the manufacturer. You need to be well armed to fight your battle with the germs, take the cleaning solution in a portable tray so that you can carry it everywhere. Buy cleaner for multi-surface because your bathroom is a mix of many surfaces and choosing four different products at a time might not be feasible. Next you need is a bowl cleaner, tub and tile cleaner, and abrasion cleaner in a powdered form.

Cleaning gadgets that can help

Choose soft and easy products that can good for the bathroom fixtures, like cotton cloth to wipe dry fixtures, double duty sponge, squeegee that is rubber lipped as that is good for glass and mirror, title brush for tub and shower, toothbrush for nasty spaces, mop for cleaning the floor, rubber gloves and an apron to protect you.

The biggest offender of the bathroom

There are so many things that actually keep your bathroom dirty but we are not talking about the users of your bathroom. The biggest offender here are hard deposits of soap scum, mildew, mold, splashes, hard water, shampoo residue and body soil etc. All this when gets accumulated is tough to clean if you leave it unclean. The last person to use the bathroom must have the habit to wipe the floor; all these things are daily tasks to perform. To deal with factors like ammonia deposits on the shower and mineral deposits on the floor, you can always get in touch with the best plumbers in Simi Valley that can help you with all kinds of cleaning process. 

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slehan said...

Clutter!! That's my biggest problem. I promise that I'll get rid of all the stuff I don't need. Thanks for the info.

slehan at juno dot com

Pam L said...

OH MY..I started laughing when I seen the paragraph on "The toothpaste blobs". They irradiate me to no end...even with the water running they do not want to go down the drain peacefully. An endless battle that I will never win.

Shelly Peterson said...

Cleaning the bathroom is the worst room to clean. these are some great tips and will hopefully help with the dreadful job of getting it clean.

Susan Broughton said...

You have some really good ideas here. I find I have a terrible problem with bathroom clutter. I need to figure out what I am doing wrong and correct it. I agree with you that you need to de-clutter the bathroom

Harry said...

Thank you for informing us about this interesting offer. I want to propose it for my audience at I'm sure some of them will be so amused! Thank you so much!

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