Monday, December 23, 2013

How to Choose a Gift for your Host or Hostess (Guest Post)

If you’ve been invited for an elaborate meal or to stay for a couple of days, it’s always a good idea to show your host or hostess how much you appreciate their hospitality with a small gift. What you bring doesn’t have to be very expensive or showy, but it should be meaningful and well thought out. Chances are that your host or hostess will have worked very hard to prepare things for your arrival, so by surprising them with a gift, you are giving something back.

Make it Personal

If you know the hostess well, a personal gift with always be well received. You can add an extra special touch to any gift just by having it personalised or engraved. So, if you have a failsafe, go-to gift that will delight the pickiest of people, go that extra step and get it personalised. Monogrammed coasters, napkins or a wine stopper are all thoughtful ideas.

Beautiful Blooms

A bog standard bouquet may not be the key to your hostess’ heart but that doesn’t mean that beautiful blooms are out of the question. Flowers are a clichéd gift but there are plenty of ways that you can make your gift stand out. Include a beautiful vase to complement your flowers or bring prosperity to their home with a Bonsai tree.

Do It Yourself

Nothing shows your appreciation like a handmade gift. Why not whip up a batch of homemade brownies or present your host with a trio of homemade preservatives? Presentation is the key if you want to give your homemade gift the wow factor. Gingham material and pretty labels are all you need to create a show stopping gift.

Wonderful Wines

Delicious, drinkable wines are a usually a no brainer but there are a few things to keep in mind if you want your gift to stand out. Before you decide that you don’t have the budget to splash out on a fabulous bottle of wine, rest assured, a great gift doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune. Try and choose a wine that boasts a significant date, either for you or for the recipient as this will show that you have put thought into the gift and make it that little bit more special. This Infographic will make the choosing process simple.

Humorous Gifts

Humorous gifts from somewhere like The Discovery Store are often the best kind of gifts as they are usually the most memorable. Quirky kitchen gifts or any kind of novelty home ware gift will make a refreshing change from chocolate and other clichéd gifts.

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Pam L said...

We always bring wine for the hostess and to make it personal it is usually decorated with some fun homemade label.

Wanda McHenry said...

I am one for bringing the hostess wine. I guess I should change it up sometimes by giving a bouquet of flowers or something else, but then there might not be any wine! LOL!!

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