Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cooking For Your Kids: The Essentials (Guest Post)

In the past few years, there has been a much stronger focus on the importance of quality food. For this, we largely have TV chefs such as Jamie Oliver to thank. And thank him we should. For the food we eat is far more important than some parents realise. Seeing young moms flooding out of the supermarket with stacks of frozen pizzas and fast foods is shocking. As responsible parents, we have to see to it that our kids get the very best where food is concerned.


It's amazing how many moms think that ordering a massive bucket of fried chicken from KFC is treating them. Treating them to high cholesterol and saturated fats, yes. But your children need real nutrients to grow up fit and healthy. And don't for a second believe that the vegetables you're getting from the supermarket are chock full of vitamins. Sadly, much of the vegetables in supermarkets (the big chains at least) are grown quickly and under very poor conditions, often with pesticides and preservatives used to keep them looking ripe for longer. In truth though, if you want to do the best by your kids, get real vegetables from a greengrocer and quality meat products from a trusted local butcher.


Good food is an experience to be savoured. And for this reason you should try to show your family just how diverse and exciting the various tastes and textures of the world can be. Why on earth would you want to settle for a frozen pizza, when your family can adventure into the realms of Indian, Moroccan, Spanish, French, Italian, African, Chinese, Jamaican or Mexican?

A Good Stove is a Must

It's almost sacrilegious to invest your hard-earned money in top quality ingredients, only to to ruin them through the use of an inferior stove. Cheap stoves or electric ovens simply do not cut it. We should all be going back to the traditional ideal of food being a bonding experience between families, a moment of togetherness and a time to reflect on the day. And such time together warrants a spread of food that has been lovingly prepared using good quality ingredients and good quality cooking equipment to do the moment justice. Forget microwaves. Forget cheap stoves. Treat your family to a top quality cooker from Better Kitchens.

An Important Part of Family Life

Thanks to individuals such as Jamie Oliver, food is once again becoming a more important part in the lives of everyday families. To see that your family gets the most out of the experience, quality ingredients, a diverse range of dishes and a top quality oven are essential.  

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