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Give A Young Girl The Christmas Gift Of Their Dreams With A Bratz Doll

First released in 2001, the Bratz dolls have become a young girls fashion doll wonder. At first believed by many to be a short-lived fad, they have proven to have maintained their popularity among the young for a number of years.

What They Are

The Bratz dolls are fashion dolls for young girls. They have very large heads and doe-like eyes. They are super slender, and sport heavy made up faces and fashionable clothing. Some claim that they give the very young a false sense of what beauty is supposed to look like.

The Growth in Popularity

After a very slow start their first season, in 2001, these dolls began to grow rapidly in popularity. Their sales increased to the millions, increasing to 2 billion in 2006. The movies, TV programs, videos and games helped market them to increase sales.

Labor Practices

There was a lot of controversy over labor practices in China where these dolls are produced. Long hours, substandard conditions, low pay, and forced hours were all brought to attention. This caused some United States companies to question whether they would buy them. Labor conditions were resolved satisfactorily and the line continued to be produced and marketed to U.S. companies.

Legal Issues

Many legal issues have surrounded the design and production of the Bratz dolls. These issues threatened to stop the forward movement of this line. However, in spite of trials and appeals, all legal issues were resolved. The ownership of the design was in question and copyright infringement were both parts of these legal issues. Once these concerns were resolved, the line took off with a bang.

Add-ons, Movies, Videos, and Games

There are movies, videos, TV shows and games all involving the dolls. These have all help to increase the popularity and sales of them. The episodes place the Bratz dolls in many exciting situations and adventures. Critics, however, claim they give mixed messages to young girls and are shallow and uninteresting.

Additional issues through the years include babies, siblings, and accessories. These all helped, as well, to add to the overall sales figures. In addition, they make the dolls more appealing to the young person’s imagination.

Unique Features

The popular fashion Bratz dolls have very specific, unique features. These features appear to be setting standards for fashion dolls or the younger set of girls. These features include super large heads, extremely large, brightly colored lips, and large, almond-shaped or doe like eyes. Each has heavy applications of eye and lip makeup. They also come with any number of fashions that appeal to modern young girls. They feature bold, bright colors and prints, and styles that mimic current clothing fashions of the day.

The many selections of designs, hair colors, and accessories make these dolls very collectible, making them an excellent gift idea.

Author Bio

Ginger Gautman has collected Bratz dolls since their very inception. She writes about them in articles and blogs. Here up-to-the-minute information will keep you informed a new developments and releases.

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Shelly Peterson said...

my daughter is now 18 but she loved bratz dolls when she was younger and still has her bratz doll collection

Pam L said...

I Bratz dolls are adorable. I have always liked the outlandish styles on them. I believe they add to the child's imagination.

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