Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Keeping Your Home Clean(ish) with Young Kids (Guest Post)

Aren't young kids great? They're full of life, full of energy and just bursting with enthusiasm for excitement and totally new experiences. However, they are of course also incredibly messy, but then again you can't have everything. And fortunately there are ways of keeping all that mess to a minimum. Here are some great tips.

Be Realistic

Kids make mess. It's a fact of life. And why shouldn't they? After all their first few years are a time of great discovery. So don't take that away from them by expecting that they'll never create extra housework for you. That's not to suggest of course that you should simply let your kids run rampant, causing chaos in every room. But rather, you should be aware that your idea of clean might not be synonymous with having kids, at least for the first few years of their life. If you can learn to accept 'tidy' as meaning that the house is in one piece and you can all function happily, then that is far more important than fighting for a level of cleanliness that might not be very realistic.

Work With Your Kids

As a mother, its is very easy to become personally offended when your kids make a total mess of your home. You might even wonder whether they are doing it on purpose just to annoy you. But the chances are that they're not. So try not to fight your kids too much. Let them throw their toys around whilst playing. And when they've finished playing, clean up the toys together. It is a little unrealistic to expect young kids to be self-aware enough to completely clean up after themselves. But if you make it a joint effort, you'll be instilling good values in your children from an early age.

Prepare for the Mess

The mess that your children will make during their early years is inevitable and you can't really help that. What you can do though, is to prepare yourself and your home for these inevitabilities. One of the chief culprits in a home with small children? Dirty fingerprints on the windows and glass doors. These are aggravating to say the least and they can take a long time to clean off properly, particularly if your children have greasy hands (they often do). So safe yourself the aggravation and have your windows and doors covered with a protective coating from Barriers Components. These shields work absolute wonders for your windows and they'll put an end to any potential stress on your part.

The Best Approach

Keeping your home clean with young children running about isn't easy. But the best way to approach it is to have realistic expectations and to prepare for the inevitable.

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Pam L said...

Keeping the house clean when my children were was the hardest task I had to over come. I was not realistic like the author said. But I figured out a routine and I was not so stressed.

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