Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Using Fairy Lights in Your Home All Year Round (Guest Post)

The twinkle of a well-positioned string of fairy lights is utterly irresistible, regardless of the season or the weather outside. Too many people take down their fairy lights with their Christmas trees and fail to receive the year-round benefits of using fairly lights to decorate their homes. Whether your decorating style is more bohemian or sleek and contemporary, there are ways to effectively incorporate fairy lights into your home.

Living Rooms

If you’re lucky enough to have a real fireplace in your living room, you can save on the cost of gas or wood, and pile fairy lights into an empty grate. This is an effective and budget-friendly way of making use of a hearth that hasn’t been fitted with a gas or electric fire. You can also hang a long string of fairy lights, preferably in a warm colour, from the top of the chimney breast to create a sense of height and space in your living room. Draping fairy lights along the windowsills of any room in the house will create a stylish effect, but remember to switch off fairy lights and let them cool before allowing them to come into contact with curtain fabric.


Try filling a large glass bowl with fairy lights and placing it on the kitchen table for an unusual and eye-catching centre piece. You can also do this with old glass jars. If you have planters stocked with herbs on the kitchen windowsill, edging the rims of these containers with fairy lights will create a pleasing display.

Children’s Bedrooms

Stringing fairy lights around the headboard or bedframe is a popular bedroom feature, although this might not be appropriate for young children. When decorating a child’s bedroom with fairy lights, it’s recommended that they are placed out of easy reach. Examples of this include making a fairy light picture rail, or edging the top of a large mirror with lights. Fairy lights around the headboard of a child’s bed might prove tempting to fiddle with and this can potentially be dangerous. Remember to unplug your child’s fairy lights before they go to sleep.


Fairy lights can look equally effective in the garden, so try decorating trees by winding fairy lights around the trunk and draping them over the branches. You can also wind these lights over patio furniture, including deckchairs and picnic tables. If you’re planning to use fairy lights in the garden, make sure you look for high quality LED bulbs, like those available from Bright Lightz

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