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What to look for in an Engagement Ring (Guest Post)

Statistics can sometimes be misleading, and even extremely depressing upon in some circumstances! This is especially true when it comes to the grand institution of marriage, which seems to constantly be the subject of media scrutiny or an intriguing piece of new data. According to recent statistics, for example, nearly 40% of all existing marriages are expected to end in divorce, with the majority of this earmarked for failure before their 20th year.

This should not put anyone off the idea of marriage, however, as it remains an incredible institution that has delivered happiness to hundreds and thousands people across the globe.

What to Look for in an Engagement Ring

One of the most enjoyable aspects of getting married is shopping for an engagement ring, as this comes at a time when the idea of marriage is still fresh and exciting. So what exactly should you look for in an engagement ring, and how can you choose between the numerous options available? Consider the following: -

The Quality of your Jeweller

Jewellers come in all shapes and sizes, from nationally renowned chains to independent family outlets that have been sustained for generations. The latter are often the best for finding unique and high quality engagement rings, however, while they are also renowned for offering far better value for your money. Online resources such as Diamonds and Rings also provide a huge range of choice and affordable credits, while they are also accredited to sell industry standard goods.

Which Stone Would you Like to Feature in your Ring?

Although the vast majority of jewellers will sell you a pre-set ring with a stone already included, you can often save money by choosing a diamond separately. Whether the recipient would prefer a rounded solitaire shape or a marquis design, you can select the ideal stone and include this is a separately purchased band. The next step is to appraise the clarity, cut and the colour of the stone, as this will enable you to select a product of the highest possible calibre.

What is the Preferred Setting for your Stone?

One you have selected your preferred stone, the next step is to place it in the ideal setting. This process begins with the selection of either gold, while gold, platinum or titanium, which is the colour that will adorn your engagement ring band. Then the fun starts, as you will be given the opportunity to experiment with the overall design of your ring! Regardless of whether you want to add filigree or additional stones, you will be given the scope to create your dream piece of jewellery.

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