Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Mom’s Guide To Curbing Weekend Blues (Guest Post)

Most moms know curing their kids’ weekend boredom can be something an art. Although kids count down the days of the week until their glorious Saturday and Sunday, when the weekend finally comes, there is suddenly “nothing to do” for 48 hours sending kids into a boredom frenzy.

While dolling out extra chores is a great way to cease the “I’m bored” whine, here are some other great activities to keep the kids engaged and entertained all weekend long.

1. Be A Tourist
When people move to a new city, they generally never explore it like a tourist would. They know the lay of the land but may have never seen some of the magnificent sights the city is known for.

Take a couple of hours on a Saturday morning to adventure through your city’s downtown area, museums, local art scene, or great culinary spots. Take pictures along the way to embrace the entire sightseeing outlook.

2. Watch A New Movie
Whether it is going to a theater or renting a movie, there is nothing like watching a movie together to stave off boredom.

Going to the theater is a great experience, but footing the bill for a few tickets is a hefty price. For moms looking to cure boredom on a budget, renting a movie or saving on local Direct TV deals is a relatively inexpensive substitute to the theater.

3. Family Project
If the kids are whining about having nothing to do, put them to work on a project that has been sitting around half-finished. Make it a family affair by spending the time together building new shelves for the garage, planting a garden outside, or sprucing up the family room with a new coat of paint.

4. Geocaching
How about going on a real live treasure hunt? According to the official Geocaching website, “Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.” Basically, it’s like a hiking and mapping challenge that parents and kids alike will enjoy as an exciting activity.

5. Visit A National Park
Beautiful and rich with history, national parks are a great place to visit and volunteer. Although national parks generally have an entrance fee, there are a quite a few days where fees are exempt (usually national holidays). These parks have different tours, hikes and activities for families to choose from. To make it more fun for the kids, purchase a Passport to National Parks and make it a hobby to collect stamps from every park visited.

6. Visit The Zoo Or Aquarium
Most kids love animals, and zoos and aquariums house exotic animals that are not often seen outside of Animal Planet. Seeing animals up close and personal teaches children about their behavior, habitat and interaction with their fellow kind. Wildly educational, children will learn immensely without even realizing it.

7. Get Outside
The outdoors are beautiful and too many kids spend the days inside rather than soaking up the fresh air. Get outside and play in the park, fly a kite, or ride a bike around the neighborhood.

Make memories with your family while curing these weekend boredom blues with new and thrilling activities to try together.

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joanna garcia said...

i agree about going outside and doing a family project! we love to do arts and crafts and bake too!

Julie G. said...

I really need to be a tourist! We live in the Chicago suburbs and there is so much to do right at our finger tips. We really need to get the kids downtown to see all the great musuems and sights that there is to see. You take it for granted when you have lived here for so long. I forget how fun and exciting it can be!

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