Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Keeping Your Toddler Safe in an Emergency (Guest Post)

Special precautions to take to protect your child

Many of us always say that we will never be the parent who isn’t prepared. Many of us also say that emergencies will never happen to us. However unusual an emergency is, it is important for any parent to be prepared just in case it happens to you. That is the difficult concept to grasp with emergencies; you can never know when and where they will happen.

It is always a good idea for your family to go over what steps you would take in the case of an emergency. It is even more important to take precautions now that can prevent an emergency or help your family stay safe in the event that an emergency happens to you. Here is a list of a few of the emergencies that could happen to your family, what precautions to take before and how to handle them in the future.


A burglar can choose anyone from any neighborhood as the next victim to theft, but there are some precautions you can take to lower the chances that you will be the next one chosen. Consider a home security alarm system, like Dallas home security, to protect your home at all times. Also, keep all doors and windows locked as much as possible. Never leave your child unattended outside the home and keep his or her bed away from any windows. In the event of a burglary, check the entire house and clean up any broken glass or other hazardous materials before letting your child wander around.


Create a fire escape plan in your home. Never let your child play with outlets, flammable materials or electrical cords. Also, keep your child a safe distance away from the stove or any other hot kitchen appliances. Carry your child low at your waist and against you through any smoke. Begin to teach your child why certain items are dangerous and what the consequences of playing with them can be. This basic lesson will help keep your child safe throughout his or her lifetime.

Choking/Blocked Airway

Prevention for this is a little less tricky when a toddler can put something in their mouth without you seeing it so quickly. Stay on the safe side by keeping small objects out of reach and cutting food into bite-sized pieces before giving it to your child. Taking a CPR/First Aid class will help you as a parent be more prepared if your child does begin choking. Look for local classes with the Red Cross.

Contact with Poison

This is easier to prevent than choking, but still just as easily could happen to your toddler. Store away all cleaning products and other hazardous chemicals in a locked cupboard. Make silly stickers with a poison symbol that you can teach your toddler to recognize and put them on all chemical bottles and containers. If your toddler does come into contact with poison, call 911 and immediately flush the area with water.

Image: http://www.child-care-business.com/toddler_safety.html

Author Abby Evans is a mother and freelance journalist currently reviewing safety options for her family. 
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joanna garcia said...

These are great tips i like the idea of making silly stickers with a poison symbol that you can teach your toddler to recognize and put them on all chemical bottles and containers. We do everything else and have the poison control number on the fridge too!

Julie G. said...

Great tips and review for home safety for my little ones... It is so easy to think that this stuff won't happen to us but that is the problem. It does and can happen to anyone. It is important to be prepared!

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