Monday, April 14, 2014

Foundation Wardrobe Items for Moms

When you have kids, the time you have to spend shopping for you diminishes suddenly and dramatically! The key to dressing with style, but also with speed and ease, is to have some foundation items in your wardrobe that you can accessorise with each new season.

The following are just a few examples of the kind of essentials that no mom’s wardrobe should be without.

Decent jeans
Don’t settle for any old jeans. Shop around until you find the perfect pair for you, tailored to most suit the shape of your legs. The darker the denim, the more flattering the cut will be and the thinner your legs will appear. A great pair of jeans can be the base for a casual outfit – paired with a T-shirt – or something for a smarter occasion when worn with a twin set, for example.

A good coat
For all those times you’ll be in the park while the kids are running around the playground, you need to be able to wrap up warm. A thick and cosy winter coat is a real necessity in a mom’s wardrobe. There are numerous different styles available from traditional came coat, through to practical puffer jacket and trendy Superdry style. It’s not just a winter coat you’ll need either; there are quite a few months either side of winter when you’ll need an extra layer to keep the breeze off. A lightweight jacket to see you through the spring and autumn months is also an essential item.

A great handbag
Moms carry stuff, and lots of it. Whether you’re in the baby years where you need a diaper change kit on hand at all times, along with bottles of milk, or if your kids are a bit older and just need a couple of snacks and a handy pack of tissues, there’s no question that moms do need a decent-sized bag to lug everything around with them. Thankfully, big handbags are very much in fashion at the moment, so you can combine the practicality of space with any style that you like. A multi-use bag will work as well at the office as on the days you’re going to the park with kids, or out for the evening with friends. When something’s that versatile, it also makes it easier to justify spending more on it!

Good shoes
At the risk of sounding like a mother from the previous generation, good shoes are important. As a mom, you’ll be on your feet a lot of the time, and if you can choose shoes that are comfortable as well as stylish, then your day will be a happier one. Ballet flats come in such a wide range of styles today that it’s no problem to find a pair to suit your own signature style. Knee high boots are also great for the colder months, and can be paired with so many outfits. Of course, you’ll need some sandals for the summer, too.

So soft cashmere
Everyone likes to have comforting clothing, and that’s exactly what you get with a cashmere twin set. Suitable for almost any occasion, cashmere can be accessorised to look formal or casual and will give you such a cosy feeling when you wear it, even though it always looks sophisticated and elegant.

The mom years don’t have to mean that you lose your style, and with some wardrobe essentials in place, it’s really easy to maintain your own individual look.  

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