Sunday, August 31, 2014

"Folr" is Launched to Help Watch over your Loved Ones #Free

As a parent, I want to feel assured that my kids are safe, and that I know where they are at, when they are with friends and not at home. This is something that I am sure every parent out there wants, but with today's technology, and people finding themselves more and more disconnected from human relations, getting the kids to check in as they head out with friends, can be easier said than done. When I was a kid, we had notes we left, and we also called mom from our friends house, to let them know we made it, and what we are doing, but in today's world, kids are more into the games and social networks on their phones than checking in with mom.

This is not just a wish of parents with kids at home, I mean, when the kids head off to college, I know that being able to keep up with them, is going to be even harder, and parents who are already living the reality know exactly how hard it can be only hearing from the kids as they check in on Facebook or call every once in a while to say hi.

Not only is the concern on being up to date on where the kids are at a priority, but with elderly parents, kids left with the nanny, or as loved ones travel, knowing where they are and that they are okay is a concern many of us have. Well, recently I was introduced to a great parenting tool, where as a parent, I can keep track of my kids, and know where they are with up to date tracking! The app is called Folr, and with Folr, myself and my entire family, can download the free app, then feel more at ease, knowing that if need be, we can track one another. Easing minds, and also providing more safety for our family, especially after school and when the kids are out with friends.

With Folr, it is easy to download and use, is available in the Apple App Store or the Android Play Store, and can be used on your smartphone and tablets! This app is also free to download and use, and offers a unique location-sharing feature, giving options to save the history and also privacy. It can give you a complete timeline of the devices you use the app with, as well as giving the user, info on when and where they are being tracked. Helping to give family and friends piece of mind when the kids are with a sitter, friends, away at college, elderly members, and when family members are on vacation. So if you are like me, and you want to be able to keep track of your kids, parents, and other loved ones when they are out and about, or on vacation, then download the free family locator app, Folr, today!

This was a sponsored post, thank you to Folr for sponsoring this post, all opinions are my own.
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#Giveaway #DDDivas #sponsored Relearning How to do the Dishes with a Cascade Platinum Party #cascadeshiningreviews

The new school year is here, and like many homes out there, we have the foods that we prepare, and finding that with the new school year, there is less time on our hands to use for cleaning up those messes. Like many homes, there might be a day where the dishes from the night before, do not get put into the dishwasher until the next day, and that is when I find time to tackle it. And like many homes, when those moments happen, I dread them, knowing that I will have to prewash my dishes before putting them in the dishwasher and even soak some in order to get them clean. Well, to help celebrate the end of summer, and the survival of the first week of school with our friends, we had a little party, one to teach others how to relearn how to do the dishes. This party was put together, not only by myself and our friends, but by the people from Cascade, who want to show people, that doing the dishes can be made a lot easier on everyone!

To get the party started, we made some, extra fudgy brownies, ones that are really sticky, and since we made them the night before the party, they settled right into the pan we made them in. In the picture below, you can see for yourself, the brand new pan, shinning and ready to be used, then the freshly baked brownies pic, where you can see, they are nice and baked, ready to be eaten the next day for our party! Creating a nice baked in mess for the guests to see!

Then for the next day, we decided we would make some good and messy, homemade cream corn with bacon, since it was a side dish that had been requested by our guests, along with some mac n cheese (recipe courtesy of The Pioneer Woman), and some barbecued ribs and chicken that we went and picked up at the store! We made sure we had our guests dirty up a whole lot of dishes, instead of using the disposable tableware that we use for most parties.

Once the messes had been made, instead of rushing to clean up, and start rinsing off all of the dishes, we wanted to ensure the dishes were messy, and also had some caked on food on them. So we decided to do a little relearning on how to do the dishes with the Cascade Platinum cleaning products! Now most believe that in order to get your dishes clean, you need to prewash your dishes and even soak the ones that have food that is good and stuck on there. But, after our little education session with the information we were sent from Cascade, we found that the way we thought we had to get our dishes clean, was all wrong. In fact, we all learned a lot about dishes, and how to clean them, as well as a lot about our dishwashers, that we did not know.

With the Cascade Platinum products, you do not need to prewash, let me repeat that just in case you missed it, but, YOU DO NOT NEED TO PREWASH! In fact, with the enzymes that are in the Cascade Platinum, they are made to seek out that soiled, stuck on food, to get the food and grime off of your dishes, so the days of prewashing are long gone. Instead of the prewashing, the only thing we found that we can do is toss the large pieces of food in the trash or garbage disposal, but that is it, no other prewashing needs to be done.

We also learned that instead of the prewashing, for those of us who are worried about gumming up the pipes or ruining the dishwasher with food, we found that there are garbage disposals inside most dishwashers, which is something that the husbands did not even know! And those disposals, work just like the ones in our sinks do, taking that worry about ruining our dishwashers and gumming up the pipes with old food, out of the equation!

Well after going over this info, and discussing the surprise we all had about the no prewashing and the fact that some of our dishwashers have their own garbage disposals already in the dishwashers themselves, we decided it was time to get those dishes we set on the counters and in the sink, clean! I am sure our friends were just as curious as we were, to not only watch as I loaded the dishwasher with some pretty dirty dishes, but to see that I did not prewash any of them. As I loaded up the dishwasher, I went over some loading advice that I was given by the people from the Cascade Platinum Team, to share with our friends.

I showed them how I could load quite a bit, but I also explained how you do not want anything to block the sprayers that are inside of the dishwasher. Also, how when I loaded the bottom rack, that I put the bigger items down there, but that I also did not block the detergent chamber. I put the bigger utensils on the top, in between the coffee cup handles, and with the big dishes, I placed them face down on the bottom rack, so the sprayer could get the water inside of them, to get them good and clean! From there, I demonstrated on how to fill up the rinse aid chamber with the Cascade Platinum Rinse Aid. I showed everyone how on my dishwasher, there are 3 windows, which when filled, will let me know by turning a dark blue!
After putting in the Cascade Platinum Rinse Aid, it was time to put in the Cascade Platinum dishwasher tablet, close the dishwasher, set it to clean, then walk away and spend some time with our company!

After having some fun talking about dirty dishes, about how there are plenty of times where we will leave some dishes in the dishwasher, to run through a few times before they actually get really clean. Or after prewashing, and running the dishwasher, finding that we have to rewash those glasses and silverware, due to them being spotty and not completely clean. We also decided that we would pass out the Cascade Platinum products we were sent to give to our guests to try for themselves once they were home!

Then, once our dishwasher was done, and had completed the washing and drying cycles, it was time to do the reveal, to see if the Cascade Platinum had done the job, and to everyone's surprise, including my own, that once filthy brownie pan that we had placed in the dishwasher, was sparkling clean, looking just as shiny as it had before I used it for the first time! We also found the silverware, that had caked on food from eating and serving with, along with the plates, bowls, cups, and even the bigger dishes that we had placed in this wash, none of which had been prewashed, were all clean, and not just clean, but sparkling clean!
Making myself, and our guests, all believers in the fact that with the Cascade Platinum products, those days of prewashing the dishes, are far behind us! Well to help make you a believer as well, the wonderful Cascade Platinum Team, would like to send one of my amazing readers, a Cascade Platinum Gift Pack!

Have an opinion to share? Head to the Cascade website to leave a short review of Cascade Platinum ( including #CascadeShiningReviews. One reviewer will win a Kitchen Aid Dishwasher!

This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Cascade. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.
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Hair Accessories from BindingCreations #Etsylove

The new school season is here and on top of the new school year, we will have a new baby joining our family in the near future. So as we head out shopping, Estrella and I find ourselves getting those adorable accessories, that will not only look great with some of the outfits Estrella has picked out for the new year, but also on the newest member of the family once it arrives. Now with Estrella, she is one who loves pink and zebra, so when we were sent the set of hair accessories from BindingCreations on Etsy, I knew they would be hair accessories she would really like.

With the hair bow and hair clip, Estrella can accessorize, with her pink zebra hair pieces, then, when the new member makes their appearance come late September, she can greet the baby with a matching hair piece, with the very adorable pink and zebra printed flower bows, which are sewn with care, and will look very adorable on both Estrella's and the new babies heads!

I also found, when we went to check out the products from BindingCreations, that there is a great variety of hair accessories for babies, kids, and even women, including some very pretty handmade bouquets, making the Etsy shop, BindingCreations, a new favorite to add to our list of Etsy shops! So if you are looking for some of those adorable headbands for baby, hair accessories for you and your girls, or even a custom wedding bouquet, check out the products from BindingCreations on Etsy!

Product received, thank you to Binding Creations for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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Back to School Labeling Made Easy with Mabel's Labels

The new school year is upon us, and as we completed the first week here with the kids, we have found that the need to label their supplies and personal items is a must. Just like other kids at the school, my kids have picked out items, with their favorite characters on them, or items that are very fashionable that their friends also have, so to ensure that Estrella does not get her items mixed up or lost this school year, we were sent a Ultimate Back-to-School Combo Pack to review from Mabel's Labels.

Now over the years, we have bought many packs of labels from Mabel's Labels, ones that we have used for daycare and summer camps, as well as ones we use for school. Estrella and I have enjoyed the designs, and have found that as she gets older, she is still able to find those designs on the labels for her to use! With this pack, we not only got a great assortment of labels in a variety of sizes to use, but Estrella also liked the personalized tags that came in her set, so she can put one on her key ring and one on her backpack, so she can keep up with those items this year.

She also likes that with the peace sign design, she can label her items, but use her own sense of style, so not only will it be easy to keep up with her items school this year but she will be able to do it in style!

From a mom's perspective, I like the ease of ordering from Mabel's Labels, and I like that with this Ultimate Back-to-School Combo Pack, we can get quite of bit of labels for one great price! This pack includes 40 Skinny Minis, 50 Tag Mates, 16 Shoe Labels, and 2 Teeny Tags. I like that with the Skinny Minis, Estrella can label her school supplies, all of them, and still have some left for when she needs to get more supplies later in the school year. Then with the Tag Mates and Shoe Labels, we can easily label her gym clothes and gym shoes, so she can keep up with them, and even have labels to tag other items, like when she goes to a friends house for a sleep over! In all, making the label sets you can find from Mabel's Labels a must have item for this back to school season!

Product received, thank you to Mabel's Labels for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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Effortless Meals Ready to be Served with Coca Cola and Walmart

When we go through our schedules for the new school year, I find that 3 out of our 5 nights, we have busy schedules that leave the time for preparing and serving a dinner for the family, very minimal. So as I get those grocery shopping lists together throughout the week, I look for meals, that I can serve on those busy nights, where I can have dinner ready and served, effortlessly and quickly. One place I know I can head to on these nights, where I can pick up already prepared meals, that are ready to be put on the table and served, is Walmart. And when I shop at Walmart to pick up those effortless meals, I can also find a variety of Coca Cola products, to help complete our meals and also collect those My Coke Rewards Points!

At Walmart, I can pick up those ready to serve rotisserie chickens in a variety of flavors, along with some potato salad from the deli which are both ready to serve. Then to complete our meals from Walmart on those busy nights, I can pick up rolls, a dinner salad, fruit for the kids, and a Coca Cola 2 Liter product to collect those awesome My Coke Rewards Points, making dinner a win win for this mama!

So this school year, as you scramble to get everyone to and from school, practice, and other after school activities that the kids have on their schedules, head to your local Walmart, and pick up one of the Effortless Meals you can find there where you can also collect the My Coke Rewards!

Thanks to The Coca-Cola Company for providing compensation for this blog post, all opinions are my own! 
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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Back to School Fashion from Lands' End

As we head out shopping for those back to school looks that the kids see as a must have, I find myself feeling nostalgic. When I look at all of the styles that the kids want, I see styles that I can remember being in, and once being the hottest looks for school when I was a kid. So it was no surprise to me, when we started our back to school shopping this year, to see all of those leggings back in, and the puffer vests as a must have for Fall this year.

Well, as a parent who knows that when it comes to style for the family, I can find those styles for everyone, in one place when I shop at Lands' End! This year, when we were given the chance to pick out some items for review for back to school, the kids both agreed that the puffer vests were hot, and a look that everyone will have this year.

Just as we did when we were younger and the puffer vests were a must have outerwear item, the kids are using them to layer with, and although I would think that the layering would be with the long sleeves, the kids have informed me that they go with short sleeved items as well. For me, I like the fact that with the cooler weather we get in the fall, they can keep warm, and wear a very stylish piece of outerwear at the same time. I also like that they are not made with down, instead with a down alternative, so with kids like Estrella, who has allergies to down, she can enjoy the fashion, without having to worry about having a reaction to the clothing. With the down alternative, the ThermaEffects Insulation, the vest will retain heat, and trapping warmth even when the vests get wet, which make them not only a great item to have for school this year, but also a great item to take when we go camping this season!

I also like, that when the days warm up, the kids can pack away their vests easily in the backpacks, because the material can compress easily. Then for when I need to wash the vests, I can wash them in my washing machine on cold, making them easy to clean, and also making the vests from the Lands' End line of puffer vests, which we can get for the whole family, a must have item this back to school season!

Product received, thank you to Lands' End for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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#Giveaway The Boxcar Children Collector's Edition on DVD US & Canada

Finding and sharing great family movies is something I enjoy, and recently I was sent a great movie that we not only enjoyed on our family movie night, but one that others can enjoy with their families as well. We were sent The Boxcar Children Collector's Edition on DVD to review.

In this movie, you find a group of orphans, who are siblings and also are homeless. The group stumble upon an abandoned boxcar, in which they turn into a home for them to live in as a family. The group work hard at making the boxcar a home, and keeping the group together and from being found by their grandfather, who they have never met, who if they do get found, they will have to go to live with. They do not want to go to live with the grandfather due to his reputation of being mean. The kids find that they are able to hide and live happy together until they are forced to seek out help when one of the kids gets sick.

Find out what happens to the Boxcar Children, as they adventure out to create a home for themselves, and as they face a harsh reality. You can bring The Boxcar Children Collector's Edition on DVD home today, which you can find at Walmart!

Collector's Edition Special Features 
Well to help bring this great movie to your family movie night, the wonderful people who sent me my copy for review, would like to send a copy to one of my amazing readers!

Many thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC for providing this prize for the giveaway. Choice of winners and opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation. I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post.
 Only one entrant per mailing address, per giveaway. If you have won the same prize on another blog, you are not eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification.
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#Giveaway #MammaChiaMagic Fueling the Family for the New School Year with Mamma Chia

This week was the big week, the first week back to school for our kids, meaning the week we get back into the routines, back to getting up extra early to ensure everyone gets ready and off to school. All of this can be quite exhausting, and for me, after getting everyone in the house up, ready, breakfast on the table, lunches made, then taking everyone to school, I go home, clean the house, get my to do list made out, then take on the rest of the day, leaving me running on fumes come mid day when it is time to pick up the kids and take them to their after school activities. And like most parents, my day does not end there either, because I still have to get the groceries, prepare dinner, pick kids up from their after school activities, help with homework, serve dinner, get everyone ready and off to bed, then clean up the dinner mess, work on my blog, to go to bed and start everything again tomorrow.

Well one thing that is always in the diaper bag for Wyatt are those pouches, the ones that are easy to grab and give to him while we are out during snack time. So when I was introduced to the Mamma Chia, Chia Squeeze, I not only saw it as a great on the go snack for me to pack in the diaper bag on those busy days, but also a great snack to have to energize me, especially when I hit that mid day syndrome and need something to refuel with!

I like that the Mamma Chia products, both the pouches and the drinks, are made from Chia seeds, which are well known for giving you energy, as well as boosting the immune system with the antioxidants, complete nutritional profile of omega-3's, balanced dietary fibers, complete proteins, and minerals! I find that having the pouches on hand, help not only when I need that boost, but also with the new school year, where the kids end up bringing home all of the new virus's and bugs that go around the schools like wildfire. Because as a busy mom of 3, I can not afford to get sick every time another cold or stomach bug goes around the schools, and with the Mamma Chia products, I can help with giving my kids those immune boosters and energy they too need, because the Mamma Chia products are healthy and safe for the whole family!

Another plus about having the Mamma Chia beverages and snacks, is that they are all organic, and are made with organic fruits and vegetables, giving myself and my family a great, healthy option to have not only in the diaper bag for on the go snacking for this mama, but also in the house, to pack in the lunches and have on hand for the whole family to enjoy! So if you are looking for a great way to fuel your day, help boost your immune system, and help so you and your family can take on the new school year with healthy drinks and snacks that are made from a product that has been used by athletes and even Aztec Warriors for health, energy, and strength, for centuries, then check out the amazing line of products from Mamma Chia!

Well to help seed your family for the new school year, the wonderful people from Mamma Chia would like to give one of my amazing readers a great Mamma Chia Gift Pack with products and coupons!!

This review and giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Mamma Chia. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.
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Finding a Easy way to get to a Better You with Shake the Crave

As a mother to 3, I find that trying to stick to diets can be hard. With all of the on the go eating, and unhealthy snacking, I always find myself coming up with excuses. Recently I was introduced to a way to help with taking on a diet and achieving my dieting goals with Shake the Crave.

Shake the Crave is not just a supplement that helps to curb my appetite, but also a system that provides support and help me get that access weight I have. The Shake the Crave site offers support, recipes, information, products, and tips that help with supporting a healthy lifestyle.

By following the information they provide, I can still eat those desserts that I adore and love so much, but just not as often. I can find a way of changing my eating habits, and increase my activity, so I can make the diet plan work, and make it a part of my everyday lifestyle! For me, I was able to use the Chocolate Shake Mix from Shake the Crave, and see a 5 pound loss! I mean, that is huge, and by using the shake mix, I was able to curb my cravings and my appetite, and slowly reteach myself to live a healthier lifestyle, in hand, losing that weight I have been carrying around, helping me be happier and healthier!

So if you are wanting to start a diet, but do not know where to start, and are discouraged by the different diets you have tried in the past that have failed, check out the Shake the Crave site, and make the change today!

Product received, thank you to Shake the Crave for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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Cloth Diapering Made Easy, Even for a Rookie with TidyTots

As parents prepare for a new baby, they come across many decisions that they must make before baby even gets here. Like whether to breastfeed, bottle feed, or do both, then the decision on whether to go with disposable or cloth diapers. For me, I have always been curious about using cloth diapers, and I have tried in the past, but until now, I thought it was just not for me. With a new baby joining our family in the very near future, the aspect of using cloth diapers has once again come to the table, and as the new babies due date gets closer, we decided that with this new baby, the cloth diapering route will be a great option. This decision was one that was considered very carefully, and after being introduced to the diapering system from Tidy Tots, I am now a fan of cloth diapering!

The first thing that I noticed when we received the Great Starter Set to review, was the fact that this set has what we will need to get started on the cloth diapering journey we will be taking with the new baby. I like that the diapers are made from organic hemp, which is a big plus since I have had 2 babies who have had skin irritations that were caused by the chemicals that were in some brands of the disposable diapers. The hemp diapers and boosters, come pre-washed, so they are ready to use, and this set comes in a free wet bag, which is really going to come in handy on this cloth diapering journey! Another plus are the designs, so when the baby gets here, we can cover its little bottom with very adorable fluff!

Once we had gone through the pack of cloth diapering supplies that we were sent, I found that the instructions that come in the pack, are very easy to follow, and take that anxiety of whether we are doing it right or not, out of the equation, making the cloth diapering experience easy and more enjoyable for everyone! I also found that the no fold diapers were easy to set up, and putting the boosters in was very simple. I like that the hemp boosters are not only easy to put in the no fold diapers, but they give us a triple layer of absorbency, which will come in handy for when we are out and about with baby, and at night, to help absorb any extra wetness and keep babies bottom dry!
Once we got the diapers and boosters put together, placing them inside of the covers was also very easy, it was literally a snap to set up! I like that the snaps are easy to secure together, so even when we have those late night changes, putting together the diapers for a diaper change, will be easy, even when parents are going on little to no sleep!
After I had the diaper put together and ready to be used, I was very impressed. Impressed on how easy it was, that there were no issues, and impressed that after I put the diaper together, being able to use the one size diapers, was easy to adjust when it comes to sizing as well! Also, another thing that I really like about these one size diapering system is that these cloth diapers can be used on baby up to 40 lbs, and the fit is one that speaks for itself, allowing baby to be comfortable in those first few months, not leaving any skin irritations as they coo and wiggle those little toes, to being mobile once the rolling, crawling, and walking takes place!
Then, aside from the assortment of fluff we can choose from at Tidy Tots, the easy of using their diapering system, and the boosters that help keep those little bottoms dry, keeps them free of leaks, even through the night and during playtime, I like that the Cloth Diaper Starter Set that we were sent also came with a roll of 100 Flushies, which are great for on the go cloth diapering, and are easy to carry around in the diaper bag! In all, making the Cloth Diaper Starter Set from Tidy Tots, a must have for any parent who is wanting to or even considering taking the cloth diapering journey with baby!

Product received, thank you to Tidy Tots for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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Spark Daily Nutrition Supplement for Your Pets

Just like our kids, in our house, our pets and their health is important to us as well. So finding foods, treats and supplements, that can help support their health, is something I do look for. Recently I was sent some Spark Daily Nutrition Supplement for our fur babies to try.

With this daily supplement, I can help our pets by supporting healthy teeth, bones, and coat. I also like that this daily supplement can help our pets muscle and joint health, which is something I look for to help Chloe as she ages. I like that it is easy to prepare and give to them each day, by adding the recommended amount either to the top of their food or by adding to some water and making it a gravy to put on their food. In all, making the Spark Daily Nutrition Supplement a great product to have to help support your pets health!

One serving per day provides support for:
  • Healthy bones, teeth and coat
  • Good digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Joint and muscle health
  • Immune system and normal recovery
  • Healthy hormone levels
  • Supports the body to fight free radicals
  • Important vitamins & minerals for growth, aging and normal cell repair

Product received, thank you to Spark for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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Friday, August 29, 2014

Living Well with Well Beginnings Products for Baby from Walgreens

With a baby, I see everything as being a new beginning, from those first coos that come from baby, to those first steps they take, and everything in between and there after. As we celebrate all of those new things that a baby experiences, we also find that we want our babies to have only the best when it comes to the products we use when caring for them, and just like when we head to our local Walgreens for some of our household needs, we can also head to our neighborhood Walgreens for those baby care products as well.

Recently, I was sent a great of baby care products from the Well Beginnings line of products from Walgreens. With the Well Beginnings line of products, I can find diapers for baby with a fun design on them, that range from newborn to size 6. I can also find those care products like the Baby Wash and Wipes, all from the Well Beginnings line.

Now as a parent who wants only the best for baby, I like knowing that when I reach for the Well Beginnings Diapers for my Wyatt, I am not only getting a quality product that is made right here in the U.S.A., but they are soft, absorbent, and give my Wyatt leak protection both day and night. I also like that the inner liner is made from natural botanicals, vitamin E, and aloe, giving babies bottom a diaper that not only keeps them dry, but also soothes!

Then with the Well Beginnings Wipes, I like that they have 3 layers, so they are strong, and they are hypoallergenic, with no alcohol, so they not only cleanse babies skin, but they do not irritate the skin. And with the Baby Wash, I can give Wyatt a bath, cleansing his soft skin, without drying it out, and also keeping his eyes tear free during bath time, since the wash is soap-free, dye-free, PH Balanced, and phthalate-free. I also like, that like the diapers from Well Beginnings, the other products from the Well Beginnings line for baby are also made in the U.S.A. And being a parent, knowing the fact that I can find these products, that are not only a better option when caring for baby, but also at a very family friendly price, makes the Well Beginnings products for baby from Walgreens, a new favorite in our house!

I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms Meet program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meets blogger, I agreed to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of the product.

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Goodbye Summer Welcome Fall Party with Oriental Trading

It is hard to believe that the summer is coming to an end and the fall season is just around the corner, but it is true. Schools are starting to get back in session, and the cooler weather will be here soon to make its presence known, and like many, I enjoy finding ways to welcome the changing seasons. I find that with the kids, there are always excuses to have fun, and well, celebrating the changing seasons is a great way to have fun! Recently we were sent a great pack of products from the Oriental Trading Co to review, to help throw a End of Summer Bash with the kids and their friends!

We find that adding fun products to parties that help to let the kids and parents let loose is the way to go, so for our end of the summer party, we decided to go with some of the Glow Necklaces and some Shutter Shading Glasses, to make a fun retro cosmic night of games and disco dancing with the kids! The glasses are a great choice to add to any party, for both kids and adults to put on and have fun with. Then with the glow necklaces, everyone can have fun with the disco ball going and wearing their glow in the dark necklaces, both the glasses and necklaces bringing our disco dance party together for everyone to have fun at and enjoy!
We have found that when we prepare for parties, heading to the Oriental Trading site or ordering from he catalog, can not only help to bring party themes together, but we can also find the products we need at some amazingly affordable prices. So for your next party, whether it be a end of summer party, birthday party, class party or one of those just because parties, be sure to check out the products you can find over at Oriental Trading!

Product received, thank you to the Oriental Trading Co. for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Incredible Deal on the 2013 Buzz Xtra Stroller from Quinny (guest post)

As the time gets closer for the newest member to join our family, I find that having the gear that will come in handy for when we head out with baby, is very ideal. Now, when it comes to the strollers, I am one who has to have strollers for different occasions, and one occasion that we enjoy taking advantage of as a family is going for walks. Whether it be to the park for a fun day of play or off to the trails for a day of exploration, having the strollers needed to take on the task at hand is ideal. One stroller, that I have had my eyes on, not only for taking baby for walks on, but also for taking Wyatt in, is the Quinny Buzz Xtra Stroller, and when I heard about the sale that is happening right now, I just had to share! 

For a limited time only, customers can purchase the 2013 Buzz Xtra Stroller for the unbeatable price of $399.99. While supplies last, this promotion will run at retailers like and This is an amazing value for the stylish yet rugged designed stroller, compatible with both the Quinny® Tukk Foldable Carrier and Maxi-Cosi Infant car seats.

Features include:

•              Air filled, all-terrain tires
•              An extra-large canopy to protect little ones from the sun and rain
•              Extra padding to provide comfort during those all-day adventures
•              Large shopping basket provides more storage for on the go essentials
•              Automatic unfold, forward and rear-facing seat, and adjustable parent handle 

So hurry and get yours, while supplies last!!
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Getting Excited for the LeapTV Pre-Sale!!

After we found out about the new LeapTV, which will be here soon, the kids and I have been excited for the pre-sale to get here! I mean, sure there are other gaming systems out there, but the fact that the new LeapTV will be designed for kids, age 3-8, makes it a system that is going to be a must have item for our family!

The kids are excited, knowing that there will be over 100 games available, and for me, knowing that the games will be interactive and educational, is exciting. I also like the fact that the LeapTV, will be a system the kids can use, and play on, without my help. They can become a star in their games with the Body Motion Games, or use the controller with the Classic Controller, letting them take charge of their game play!

So if you have little ones, and you would like a gaming system that is made for them, with interactive and educational games, then be sure to be the first to get your hands on the new LeapTV, and be ready for the pre-sale, which will be happening starting Sept 2nd!!!!!

This post was part of a sponsored campaign by LeapFrog and MomSelect. All opinions in this post are my own.
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Gearing Baby up with Products from MAM

Preparing for a new baby can take some time, so I guess having those 9 months or so to get ready can really be helpful. At the beginning, it can seem like 9 months is a long time, but as those months come and go, we realize that the time goes by really fast. With a new baby coming in the very near future, we find that ensuring all of those odds and ends are in place and ready for when the baby gets here, is necessary. On the list of what needs to be in place, I find that a must have product, is the bottles, and one company that I have used in the past and will recommend to others is MAM.

With my babies, I have always chosen to breastfeed, but also pump, so I can give others the chance to feed and bond with baby, and also give me a chance to rest during a feeding. And with the bottles from the MAM line, I can easily transition from breast to bottle and back. I like that the bottles from MAM come apart in 5 parts, so I can clean them easily. I also like the silicone nipple, which helps make that transition from breast to bottle and back easy for both mom and baby. With the base ventilation system that these bottles have, I can also have a set of bottles that are designed to prevent extra air getting in babies belly, which helps prevent colic, gas and burps.

Then with the line of pacifiers I can get from MAM, I can be sure to not only have some incredibly adorable and stylish pacifiers for baby, but I like that the pacifiers are made for different stages, so as baby grows, I can trust the line of pacifiers from MAM, knowing that they are anatomically correct. Making it so the pacifiers fit babies mouth as they grow, and so the pacifier is always in the right position. I also like that they have a curved shield with large air holes, helping to keep babies skin from getting irritated and creating a rash. And with the fun pacifier clips I can get from the MAM line to help keep me from losing babies pacifiers, I can be sure to keep up with the pacifiers and have them handy when needed! In all, making the products from MAM, a line of products that are a definite must have when preparing for baby!

Product received, thank you to MAM for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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