Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer & Winter Weddings @ Birtsmorton Court

There are strange incidents in life. Sometimes you go totally ahead of time and plan for something before a long time it is about to happen. And call it the fate but sometimes these long anticipated trips don’t seem to be as great as we have expected them to be. And sometimes there are trips and journeys that we only make due to some sort of some social obligation and these turn out to be one of the most beautiful journeys that we make in our life. Something like that happened when I decided to attend a friend’s wedding in Birtsmount Court which is now I can say with surety; is the best when you are planning a wedding.

Wedding Venues Gloucestershire from Birtsmortoncourt on Vimeo.

And this place provides you with the dream wedding you have always dreamt of; no matter whether it is a summer wedding or a winter wedding. Although what I attended was a summer wedding. After putting a lot of thought into it; I decided to take out some time and go to the wedding of my high school best friend. She was getting married in Birtsmonton court. The reason I chose to go there was that I needed a break from my hectic schedule and wanted to visit the place where I spent an important part of my life. But what amazed me was the beauty of the place; I just wondered how could I spent so much time here and never got an opportunity to be a part of wedding in this place for so long.

The Birtsmonton court is situated in a place where every inch has the magical touch of the nature. At night the court glows like a bride itself and the reflection of light in the water nearby; the beauty of the nature itself will make you mesmerized. And the cold breeze coming out of the water is exactly what is needed for a perfect summer wedding. And if I have to quote the local residents; “the place is miraculous and has great enchanting effects in the winter weddings too”.

Overall I had a great trip and an awesome wedding but I suggest to every bride out there in the nearby areas; it will be an injustice to yourself if you don’t consider this place before you get married. 

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