Friday, August 8, 2014

#win Meaningful Melodies #Blogger Competition

I’ve just heard about an amazing competition for bloggers, which is being hosted by hearing retailer, Hidden Hearing.

The competition, ‘Meaningful Melodies’, invites bloggers to write a post about five songs that have significant meaning to them. This can be anything from a song that reminds you of your childhood, to a song that just makes you happy! You can choose absolutely any songs you like and feel free to include videos and images.

The competition and Hidden Hearing itself aims to promote the ‘pleasure of sound’ and how important our hearing is to us everyday. A new survey conducted on 1,000 men and women in the UK highlights the evocative power of music, yet many of us take hearing for granted.

You will need to start your post with something along the lines of ‘I am taking part in Hidden Hearing’s Meaningful Melodies Competition’, but this can of course be reworded to suit your blog’s style. You will also need to add in a link to ‘Hidden Hearing’.

It’s a great opportunity to get creative with your next post and potentially win a prize of £100 worth of ASOS, Amazon or iTunes vouchers!

The deadline for your entry is the 15th August.

Once your post is up and live just send a link to Amanda Walters to be entered into the competition:

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