Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ways to Travel by Air Without Frequent Flyer Miles

If you have the right credit card in your pocket, you can fly almost anywhere for discounted prices. However, not everyone has one of these frequent flyer cards and may wish to visit faraway places. Instead of paying full price for flights, there are several ways you can travel home for the holidays or take a vacation during the summer for less. Regardless of why you want to travel, you can do so while saving money.

Promotional codes for flights are provided by many different travel companies. Often times, these are displayed in advertisements or distributed across social media channels. If you keep your eyes open for these codes, you could save a certain percentage of the money for the flight. However, some companies offer promotional codes only during certain times of the year or during various events. Although some of these codes might be seasonal, it may still be worth your time to take advantage of these to make your flight cheaper.

Being on the right email list can be beneficial as well. While you don't want to fill your inbox up with spam, some lists are safe. Many people will use free web-based email addresses for sign-up offers instead of their primary accounts. These secondary addresses serve the purpose of collecting offers and spam while leaving your main email account free of random junk mail. Some booking companies will send offers for up to 60 percent off airline tickets only available to those that are on the email list. Airlines may also send discounted prices through email to those that are subscribed in order to fill seats for an upcoming weekend flight.

Weekend flights are usually more expensive as it's considered a prime time to fly. If you schedule flights during weekdays such as Tuesday or Wednesday, the price is usually quite a bit cheaper. Times of the day can also play a factor in the price of flights, as fewer people will want to board a plane at three in the morning. Since the airline needs to make money, these early morning flights are reduced in order to entice consumers.

Following your favorite airline or online booking service within social media sites may be beneficial for scoring cheap tickets. Aside from the promo codes mentioned earlier, companies such as these often use social sites to distribute deals and specials. It's advisable that you act quickly on those you find for there may be thousands of other people looking at the same message. While sitting at home doing crossword puzzles may be entertaining, the perfect deal can be swept out from under you by someone else who is looking for a cheap flight if you're not paying attention.

Online booking agencies are one of the most prominent ways that people find fair priced tickets. These businesses scour a variety of airlines to bring the most cost efficient deals possible. Many people purchase tickets from a single airline for no other reason than because it's a brand name they heard or saw in an advertisement. What these individuals don't realize is that they may have been able to save an incredible amount of money if they would have used a booking service to find low cost tickets across a vast number of airlines. The next time you plan on traveling, take a look at CheapOair and the deals that may be available. You could save yourself quite a bit of money that could be better spent while at your destination.
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