Saturday, January 31, 2015

#Giveaway Products for Baby from Graco

As parents prepare for a new baby, we find that there are so many products to get and have in place. Then once we have a idea on the products we will need, we find that researching them and finding the ones that will have the features we need and that can help with caring for baby as well as make things a little easier on us as parents is the next step! To help with that search when it comes to feeding chairs and pack n plays, I was sent a couple of amazing products from Graco to review.

Having a Pack n Play with Nearby Napper, not only gives parents the bassinet for baby to sleep in, a changing station to change their diaper, and play yard, but also gives parents a pack n play that is unique from any others I have seen. There is a place for baby to nap and even sleep in during the nights, then with the portable rocker, you can have a seat that soothes baby with gentle vibrations as baby rocks back and forth.

I like how easy it is to switch the positions, so you can find a comfortable one for baby, making so you can have a inclined nap space or a flat sleep spot. I also like that being able to use the napper in the pack n play or take out, can give parents plenty of options when it comes to keeping baby comfortable.

Aside from the amazing extra features that you will get with this Pack n Play that can not be found on others, I also find that the ease of setting up and taking down this Pack n Play along with the portability makes using this as a piece in the home and for when taking baby on vacation, can make life with a new baby a little easier on everyone.


  • Easily switch between comfy positions - inclined nap space and flat sleep spot - all in one reversible unit
  • Gives you plenty of options to find the right position for baby - for daytime rest or nighttime sleep
  • Lightweight napper and cozy nest bassinet gives you easy portability, so you can keep baby close, day or night
  • Portable seat also becomes an elevated rocker to keep baby nearby and happy anywhere around your home
  • Rock Locks™ can be used to easilly switch from rocker mode to vibrating seat
  • Built-in 2-speed vibration helps soothe baby while resting or playing in the cozy seat and in the bassinet
  • Automatic mobile moves with the portable seat, keeping baby entertained and engaged
  • Large, extended-use changing station (up to 30 lbs.) for easier diaper changes, so you enjoy time with baby
  • Built-in storage organizer for baby's essentials - like diapers, changes of clothes, wipes and more - helps keep everything at hand
  • Music and nature sounds keep baby content and look light allows check-ins both in playard and in portable seat
  • Removable, full-size bassinet is a comfy and familiar place for baby to rest, at home and away
  • Converts to a spacious playard, creating a secure place for your growing child to rest and play
  • Signature Graco® push-button fold makes closing your playard quick and hassle-free

Then when it comes to feeding time, whether you have a newborn or even a toddler, the Swivi Seat 3-in-1 Booster by Graco, makes feeding time for infants on up, a much easier task.

I like that I can attach this booster to the chairs, securing it in place. Then with the various incline positions, you can put baby in the seat for feedings, from bottle feeding for infants, to feeding for the older babies when you put it in the upright position. There is also a 5 point harness, so you can secure baby in place while they are at the table. And with the removable tray, you can choose to either use it with the older babies and toddlers, or pull them up to the table, using the chair as a booster seat!


  • Booster's swivel seat rotation perfectly positions baby for family interaction
  • Booster is designed to grow with your child from infant feedings to up to table toddler booster meals
  • The only booster featuring true infant cradle design, for baby's earliest feedings
  • Multi-position recline to position baby for early feedings, or right at the table with the rest of the family
  • Plush head and body support keeps baby comfy for early feedings and removes as your growing child needs more room
  • Full-size seat pad can be used for comfortable feedings as baby grows from infant stage
  • Machine washable infant support and seat pad makes for easy clean-up
  • This space-saving booster is smartly designed to save space; simply use it on a chair you already have at home
  • One-hand removable tray is full-sized for all of your child's meals and dishwasher safe insert makes cleaning easy
  • Easily becomes a toddler booster, so that your ch ild can slide right to the table
  • Convertible 3- and 5-point harness keeps baby secured

In all, making both the Graco Pack n Play with Nearby Napper and the Swivi Seat 3-in-1 Booster, great products to add to those lists when preparing for baby! And to help with preparing for baby, the wonderful people from Graco would like to send one of my amazing readers their own set of Graco products!

Product received, thank you to Graco as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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Sending Some Love this Valentines Day with Pajamagram and Vermont Teddy Bears

With the love in the air and the Valentines Day just around the corner, I find myself in search of those gifts that are meaningful and that show the ones you love and care about how much they mean to you. One family of companies that we have adored in the past when it comes to sending those we love and showing how much we care, even when we are across the country from one another is the Vermont Teddy Bear Company which also has those adorable Pajamagrams! So when we were sent a soft, comfortable Hoodie-Footie with matching Vermont Teddy Bear to review, we were very excited to check them out!

I love how the 2 together, with the Bear and PJ Gift Sets, make for a great gift to give that special someone! Having received my own Pajamagrams in the past, I know not only how incredibly soft and comfortable their products are, but I also know how nice it is to get one as a gift for Valentines Day or any occasion!

With the Hoodie-Footie, I like the head to toe warmth and softness you get from wearing one, and I also like how you can zip off the feet on them. I also like the various colors and designs, and when you shop the Hoodie-Footie's you can have them personalized and even find bundles so you can send a Hoodie-Footie along with other night gowns or pajamas.

Then, with the Vermont Teddy Bear, you can find a large selection of teddy bears, from the small ones to the very large ones. I also like that when you shop at the Vermont Teddy Bear online store, you can even get the Bear and PJ Gift Sets, like the one we got, where we were able to get both the Hoodie-Footie and the matching 15" Pink Hoodie-Footie Bear!

In all making the Bear and PJ Gift Sets from Vermont Teddy Bear, a great selection of gifts to give and even get this Valentines Day!!!

Product received, thank you to The Vermont Teddy Bear as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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#Giveaway Stainless Steel Engravable Heart Photo Laser Keychain

Valentines Day is just around the corner, and like many, I am in search of those perfect gifts to give those I love. I enjoy finding gifts that are meaningful, ones that are personalized, so they are not just another gift, but a gift that can be cherished! Well to help with this years Valentines Day gift giving, the wonderful people from would like to give one of my amazing readers a Stainless Steel Engravable Heart Photo Laser Keychain!

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Celebrating the Super Bowl with SoftJox

This Sunday is the big one, Super Bowl Sunday, and like many, we will be celebrating the Super Bowl with family and friends! When it comes to the Super Bowl festivities, we will have lots of good food, and some games to play during half time. We also like to have games and toys for the kids to play with during the big game, so they can also have fun. So when we were sent a Softjox to review, we were excited to give it to our kids to add to our Super Bowl party!

With the Softjox, we were able to get the kids a fun, personalized football player, for them to play with during the big game! Our boys love football, so when Wyatt saw the Softjox, he right away took it and decided that it was meant for him. And aside from him being able to play with it during the big game on Sunday, he also likes having his Softjox to play with when he is playing with his big brother and to snuggle with when he goes to bed.

We chose to have our Softjox personalized with Sexton and the number 44 since both the last name and number have been a combination that has been on many jerseys of the boys in our family when they played football in their younger years. Making the Softjox not only a fun stuffed toy for Wyatt to play with, but a toy with a personal twist to it! So if you have any little football fans in your home, check out the Softjox, where you can find some fun stuffed football players that you can have personalized to give to the football fans in your life!

Product received, thank you to SoftJox as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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The Tom and Jerry Show Season 1 Part 2: Funny Side Up on DVD

Finding those fun family movies and shows to share with the kids is something I am always on the lookout for. To help with the search when it comes to those shows that I grew up on, I was sent the Tom & Jerry Show Season 1 Part 2: Funny Side Up on DVD to review with my kids!

This set is packed with 13 fun episodes that have that funny cat and mouse team who as always, are up to their slap stick antics that are very entertaining to watch over and over again! Tom and Jerry was a show that I watched as a kid, and with the Tom and Jerry Show, you get the same group of animal characters where you have Tom the cat who is always trying to find ways to catch that crafty little mouse Jerry. This DVD set comes with 2 discs which have the following shorts for you and your family to enjoy:

Featured Shorts:
Turn About/The Plight Before Christmas
Tuffy Love/Poof!
Top Cat/Mummy Dearest
Domestic Kingdom/Molecular Break Up
Just Plane Nuts/Pets Not Welcome
Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’/Road Trippin’
Magic Mirror/Bone Dry
My Bot-y Guard/Little Quacker and Mister Fuzzy Hide
Pipeline/No Brain, No Gain
Cat Napped/Black Cat
Hunger Strikes/Gravi-Tom
Ghost Party/Cat-Astrophe
Curse Case Scenario/Say Cheese

The Tom and Jerry Show Season 1 Part 2: Funny Side Up has made for a great addition to our collection and can make for a great DVD set to get for your family when you head out today and bring home your copy today! 

Product received, thank you to WB Home Movies as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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Looking After the Family: What Are Your Options When caring for Elderly Family Members?

Caring for an elderly family member can be easily done, when you take into consideration the number of options that are available. Deciding where your elderly family member should live is a key aspect that you should consider when deciding on the best type of care they need. You may choose to move them to another place where they can be well taken care of or you can opt to take care to them in the comfort of their own home.

Although this might seem like a difficult stage of your life, it can be made easier if you choose the right mode of care for your loved ones. Here are a few options that you can consider to ensure your elderly family member is well cared for and happy:

Nursing home

A dedicated nursing home is the ideal place where the elderly member can interact with others who are living in the same environment, however be sure they are happy with the move before rushing them out of their own home. Distress and turmoil can make things harder for elderly people and leave them disorientated and upset. However, nursing homes can provide a private or a semi-private room where the elderly member of your family can stay with a roommate to keep them company. Nursing homes are ideal for those who have limited space in their homes and where your elderly members will be given the best possible care, however keep in mind that you must prepared to pay for the service they provide. Nursing homes can cost more than $70,000 dollars every year.

Adult day care

If you find it hard to separate from your elderly member, you may choose to bring them to adult day care. This is more ideal for homemakers who need a little time away from taking care of the elderly. Just like child day care centers, adult day care centers are paid on a daily basis. Unlike nursing homes with dedicated teams working round the clock to provide care for your parents, adult day care centers are more similar to its children’s counterpart. The daily rate can cost up to $70 per day.

Home care 

If you have to take care of an elderly who refuses to move out of their home, you may opt for the service of a home care specialist. These specialists will visit your elderly family member or in some special cases, live with them to provide the care that they need. Hiring a home care specialist is ideal for elderly members who are bed-ridden and immobile. These specialists are paid on an hourly basis, costing as much as $20,000 per year.

Assisted Living

A number of assisted living services and facilities are also available. Unlike home care that focuses on a sick and immobile patient, assisted living specialists are more concerned in helping out with the daily tasks of your elderly member. The goal of an assisted living specialist is to help the elderly handle life’s challenges with ease and to provide support for the mental and emotional well-being of the elderly member of your family. Assisted living in Ohio can cost over $40,000 per year.

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Safety Precautions To Take With Your Car This Winter

The winter season will present a load of trouble for car users who are unable to prepare for the harshest conditions. If you find the need to drive while the snow is falling, you have to ensure that your car is able to perform perfectly while you are out there on the road. Here are a few ways on how you can ensure your safety while you are traveling during the winter season.

Make your car winter-proof

Whenever the winter season rolls in, it’s best to have your car checked and prepared for the cold weather that’s about to hit your area. By simply bringing your car to a service center nearby, you can have the automobile specialists to do a rigorous check for your vehicle. Always remember to have the radiator system checked. See to it that the antifreeze levels are within proper calibration. You can do this yourself if you have an antifreeze tester within your tools. If the level is too low, add more antifreeze to ensure that your car doesn’t lock up. Replace fluids like the windshield wiper with a specialized mixture that allows it to work even in freezing temperatures.

Check the inner workings

It’s simply not enough to ensure that the fluids are properly maintained, you should also be able to check the inner workings of your vehicle. One important part to check is the condition of your car battery. A weak battery can fail to work if the temperature is too low. All belts and hoses should be properly checked as well to ensure that you won’t face any mechanical failures while you’re on the road. Gas tank additives can hinder the moisture found inside the lines from freezing.

Prepare a safety kit

If you ever found yourself stuck in the snow with the vehicle refusing to start, you’d know that it would be a nightmare for this to happen to others. One way to avoid these types of circumstances is to prepare a winter kit that can help you combat the cold. Pack in necessities like a flashlight, a bottle of water, ice scraper, jumper cables, a first aid kit, and a thick blanket that can keep you warm should you get stuck out there in the cold. It’s also important for you to remain in your vehicle and just call for help instead of going out into the darkness and the cold to look for help.

Check your tires

One of the most important parts of your vehicle are the set of tires that you install. If you’re expecting to experience a long winter season, it’s best to replace your old tires with snow tires that are specially formulated to work in even the harshest winter conditions. Studded tires can reduce skidding on ice-covered roads, leading to fewer accidents. The main difference between regular tires and snow tires is the fact that those used for the snow contains more sipes (grooves) to increase the traction of the vehicle when driving in snow or ice. Visiting a reputable tire shop like Vredestein Tires USA can help you determine the right tire for your vehicle this season.

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Top Tips To Entertain The Kids On Long Journeys

Keeping children entertained on long journeys in the car can be quite a challenge, especially if your kids easily get distracted or lose interest in what they’re doing. Making sure they have something to occupy their time also lets parents, who are usually the drivers, prioritize their family’s safety by focusing on the road instead of minding the kids every now and then. If you will be going on a long trip with your kids, here are some great tips that will make the journey enjoyable for everyone.
Let your children choose a few things they want to bring, such as their favorite toys and books.

  • Consider buying your kids, especially those in the 6-10 age range, their own digital cameras. There are plenty of inexpensive cameras now that are extremely easy to use. Make a list of things they have to look out for and take photos of, such as an oak tree, a bridge, and a group of cows. Kids can also have fun making movies in the car and taking crazy selfies.

  • Coloring books, puzzle books, and other activity books can also keep children occupied for hours. Give each child his or her own set of crayons or washable markers as well.

  • Common household items can become great toys during a long journey. A favorite among young ones is the humble pipe cleaner, which can be turned into “jewelry”, braided with other pipe cleaners or braided into hair, and shaped and turned into figures of animals, objects, and just about everything. 

  • Make your kids interested in where you’re going and make a list of quirky and memorable quick stops along the way, such as the World’s Largest Twine Ball. Create a kid-friendly map of your journey showing the stops and interesting places along the route and track your trip with the kids. For kids who can already write, give them a notebook where they can take notes and document where they have been and what they did there. You can also get your kids started on creating their own scrap books and travel journals by letting them write down their impressions on your trip and taking photos.

  • Bring along your kids’ favorite music in CD or MP3 form. You can also download audiobooks of fairytales and other literary classics for children. Having something to listen to will make children quiet, and perhaps even make them sleepy enough to doze off.

  • Pack easy-to-eat snacks, juice, and water so your kids have something to munch on between stops. Don’t forget tissue and hand wipes! 

  • Travel board games are a hit among school-age children. Popular travel versions of board games include snakes and ladders, connect four, and checkers.

  • If all else fails, whip out a tablet or smartphone filled with child-friendly movies, apps, and games. If you’re using more than one device, make sure your kids have their own 

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

#Giveaway Purex Power Shot Super Concentrated

Laundry can be a dirty word, especially when it has to get done. It seems in my house the laundry is never done. I can do several loads, looking around and thinking I am about done and begin to relax, to find that someone has added to the basket, leaving more laundry for me to do. So when it comes to getting the laundry done, I like to use products that are both effective and that can go a long way.

To help with getting laundry done in my house we were sent some of the new Purex Power Shot Super Concentrated to review. With this Purex, I like the auto dosing feature, which not only makes it easy for me when I do laundry, but also easier for anyone else in the house when they do laundry. This Purex also goes a long way, with the Super Concentrated formula, we can do a lot more laundry using less of the Purex.

Then with the fact that it is a Purex product, I like knowing that it will get the job done, and I also like the fresh Mountain Breeze scent, making the Purex Power Shot Super Concentrated a great new product to have in the home when it comes to the laundry, and to help in your home when it comes to doing the laundry, the wonderful people from Purex would like to give one of my amazing readers their own bottle of the Purex Power Shot Super Concentrated!

Product received, thank you to Purex as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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Organizing with Delta Children

Spring is just around the corner, and in my house, I like to try to get a head start on my Spring cleaning. One room that I always dread tackling is the kids playroom. This is the room that can only be attempted when there are no kids around, because if they are in the vicinity, and they see me going through their toys, they all of sudden decide that those toys that were in the back of the closet or toy box that they have not touched in months, are all something that they can not live without. So when it comes to my Spring cleaning, I like to start with the hardest room and coordinate a time where the kids can be out of the home while I go through it.

Aside from going through the room, I also find that adding new bins, toy boxes and organizers, can help with not only my organizing, but the kids seem to like to keep it clean when they have the organizers to use. To help with this years Spring cleaning of the kids play room, we were sent a Mickey Deluxe Book & Toy Organizer to review.

I like that with the items I have used over the years from the Delta Children line, they not only have a variety of products for the kids rooms with their favorite characters on them, but they are parent friendly when it comes to the assembly.

I really like the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme on the design, and I also like the top portion is perfect for holding the kids books in, and with the various bins, we can store and organize their toys! Being that this is a Mickey Mouse themed organizer, I decided that this would be a great fit for Wyatt to use. Wyatt found that having his favorite characters on the organizer and bins not only added a fun look to the play room, but he likes that it is meant for his toys and books, making it easier when it comes to cleaning up after playing and reading since he has his own fun bins to put his items in!

In all, making the Deluxe Book & Toy Organizers from Delta Children, great items to have in your kids rooms or playrooms when it comes to organizing them this Spring!

Product received, thank you to Delta Children as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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The Mommy Body: Prevention and Fixes for Uneven Breasts and Saggy Skin

Having a baby can really put a strain on your body. Things get pushed and pulled, sag, and pretty soon you feel like a different person. But, never fear, there are always options to get back into shape. Here’s how to fix saggy skin and uneven breasts post pregnancy.

Hormonal Changes

Your body goes through a lot of different changes after you have a baby. One of those changes involves hormones. It’s normal to feel “down” or “blue” after you give birth. Usually, these feelings begin a few days after giving birth and may last a few weeks.

If the feeling doesn’t go away on its own and persists, or you find yourself feeling worse as time goes on, there may be a more serious problem and you should talk to your doctor or caregiver.

You may suffer postpartum depression, which is a more serious problem that requires medical treatment.

Sagging Skin

Sagging skin is a major reason why women become disillusioned after pregnancy. They don’t see themselves in the same way after pregnancy. It’s because there are real physical changes that have occurred. Your breasts may have swelled and become fuller.

The ligaments which are responsible for supporting them will usually stretch after pregnancy as they become larger. Because of this stretching, your breasts will sag regardless of whether you breastfeed or not.


Exercise is a proven method of getting back into shape after a pregnancy. Sometimes, the problem can be helped by just strength training. If you think that you’ve put on a few extra pounds, this is where strength training and cardio would be beneficial.

Changing up your diet to include more fruits and vegetables may also help. But, for the most part, you should focus on getting more activity. Moving around more during the day, focusing more on running, swimming, and biking, or some other form of cardio, as well as lifting weights, will help you burn fat and build muscle.

Since muscle consumes more calories than fat for maintenance, you should notice a long-term slimming effect just by building more muscle. You don’t have to be bulky, either. If you’re not interested in lifting weights, your only other option is to jump on the treadmill or focus on increasing calorie expenditure through strict cardio.


Some of the best options involve surgery: see here. Breast lifting, augmentation, and evening will fix uneven breasts so that you look like you did pre-baby. If this is really important to you, then you owe it to yourself.

Like all surgery, there’s a risk. It may take several weeks to recover from the surgery, and you may notice a few side-effects like numbness or needling in your breast area. You may also notice some pain. This is normal.

Surgery involves working in and around nerves and muscles. If you are getting implants, the side-effects can be more pronounced. If you’re just getting a lift, then you may not experience severe side-effects at all. 

Dr. Kevin Ruhge is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. When he's not running his busy practice in southern California, he's writing about the latest health and wellness news. Look for his articles on health and wellness blogs.
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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Valentines Party Prep with Oriental Trading

In my house, we enjoy celebrating just about every holiday out there, and one that is coming up that we are preparing for is Valentines Day! With having 3 kids, 2 of which are in school, I like to get those Valentines for the kids to give out and share with their friends. This year,  Valentines Day is on a Saturday, which happens to be the weekend of my daughters birthday, so the kids will not only be handing out Valentines at their school, but for my daughters birthday this year, we will be having a Valentines Day party!

When it comes to the party planning, we like to head to places like Oriental Trading, where we can find a variety of party favors for various themes, all at amazing prices. Making it so we can get all the supplies we need to make our parties both fun and memorable for everyone!

Being that Estrella's birthday party will be on Valentines Day this year, she decided that having a theme of love for the party was very fitting, so she chose to add Paris themed items into the mix. We were able to find a large variety of Paris themed products to add to her party, that included Paris themed tableware, party favor bags, and even party favors for her guests. For the tableware we found some great Paris themed plates, napkins and cups, and for the Paris themed party favors, we got some fans, and some pencils!

For the Valentines aspect of her theme, she decided that having Valentines out for her guests, would make for a great touch. She chose to go with some mustache suckers, which fit into the Valentines Day cards they come with, that read, I Mustache You To Be Mine. She also chose to add some Star Wars themed Valentines into the mix, not only for her guy friends who will be attending her party, but also because her brother thought they would be a good fit as well (not that it goes with her party look, but being the good sister she is, she went for it).

To go with the Valentines theme, she got a bag of some Hershey's Kisses to spread out on her table for guests to enjoy during the party, and a bag of mixed Valentine themed candies to put on the table as well. Then to go with the Mustache themed Valentines, Estrella found some fun flashy stache molded straws to have for her guests to use during the party, and some mustache blowouts as well! In all, making Oriental Trading a hit when it came to finding the pieces for putting together the unique party that Estrella had in mind for her birthday this year.

Product received, thank you to Oriental Trading as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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On the Go in 2015 #Giveaway

All moms understand that it's really hard to travel with kids, even if only going to the park or the store. Here are some great products to make getting out of the house a little easier, whether it's just for an afternoon or for a whole weekend. We are excited to bring you this awesome giveaway in collaboration with Green Scene Mom!
Green Scene Mom On The Go in 2015 Giveaway

Make taking kids on the go a little easier, and definitely more fun!

Wally Inflatable Bed Rail, from The Shrunks giveaway
The Shrunks Wally Inflatable Bed Rail - $25
At The Shrunks, we believe that kids are cool. Creating stuff that makes bedtime fun and safe for them, wherever they are, is what we love to do. Keep your child safe from rolling off the bed with The Shrunks Inflatable Bed Rail! Its slim design allows the bed rail to slip conveniently under any fitted standard sized twin, queen or king size bed sheet. Each package comes with a bed rail, foot pump, and a carrying bag for easy transport to all of your destinations. Recommended for kids 2 years and up. Shop @
Milkdot Popdots Go Pouch giveaway
Milkdot Popdots Go Pouch - $20
Popdots Go Pouch is the perfect carryall for everyday or for travel. Plus, it's insulated so it makes a great snack bag too. Use it as a toiletry bag, storage bag or quick change diaper bag. With one large elastic pocket and three smaller elastic pockets, your items will stay in place and organized. It's the versatile pouch for children, teens and women to take on the go for school, work or travel with plenty of room for school supplies, arts and crafts, toys, cosmetics, medicine, toiletries, first aid, baby essentials, snacks, drinks and much more! Shop @
Poncho Baby Pack-N-Run Organic Diaper Pouch giveaway
Poncho Baby Pack-N-Run Organic Diaper Pouch - $35
This eco-friendly and portable organic diaper bag pouch is perfect for those times when a diaper bag is too big. Made in the USA with 100% Cotton Muslin Imported. Use it for a quick trip to the supermarket, the park or an airport bathroom. It's been carefully sized to hold just the necessities. Also works great as an insert in a purse or diaper bag. Shop @
Poppy Drops $30 Gift Certificate giveaway
Poppy Drops $30 Gift Certificate
Poppy Drops was created due to a dilemma lots of us face — when to pierce a little girl's ears? Poppy Drops earrings really are the perfect solution that is practical for parents and super fun for kids! From our signature earrings came other solutions for modern kids! We now offer Tattoo Nail Art, Mix & Match Tattoo Jewelry, Perfume Sticks & Lip Luster — all of which are designed for little ones but are great for EVERYONE! All of our products are made with natural ingredients — 100% safe for any age. We make staying young even more fun than growing up! Shop @
yummi pouch reusable food pouch giveaway
Yummi Pouch Reusable Food Pouches set of 6 - $15
Yummi Pouch reusable food pouches combine style and convenience in an eco-friendly container you can fill with homemade smoothies and blended snacks! Yummi Pouches are easy to fill and clean through the top zipper opening and are great for taking healthy snacks on the go. Shop @
Zippyz Baby Footed Pajamas
Zippyz Baby Footed Pajamas - $27.99
Zippyz are baby footed pajamas with a patented design to make diaper changes quick and easy. Zippyz have a zipper from foot to belly so parents can change diapers quick and easy while keeping their baby covered and warm. Shop @
Pacidoodle Personalized Pacifiers set giveaway
Pacidoodle Personalized Pacifiers set of 2 - $12.50
Pacidoodle Personalized Pacifiers are the Cute, High Quality Solution to Accidental Paci-Swapping! Baby's name, monogram or cute saying is engraved on pacifiers and will not rub off or fade. "A little paci love made with a lot of His love". Shop @

Enter to win this Amazing Prize Set!

This giveaway is open to United States and Canada.
Green Scene Mom On The Go in 2015 Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Natural Rehab with Juicing 
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Looking for the Right Pushchair or Pram when Preparing for Baby

As parents prepare for the day that baby will get here, we find ourselves with a list of things to do and get that seems like a endless list. It may seem like the 9 plus months we have may be like plenty of time, but between seeing doctors and getting everything ready, the time goes by a lot faster than some might think.

There are so many things to have in place and find, so that once baby makes their arrival, as parents, we can relax a little and enjoy those first moments with baby. One item that can be a hard one to make a decision on when it comes to the baby gear is the stroller, and when searching for the perfect one, I find that looking for the sites where there is a selection of baby pushchairs/prams sold, can make the process of choosing the right one a little easier.

Having a selection when shopping for the various baby gear items makes it easy because you can compare the different items, research them by looking at the reviews, and also look into the options available, so when you make your decision, you feel good about the one you choose.

For me, after having 3 babies, I have found that when it comes to the stroller options, I like to have the strollers that grow with baby, from birth on up to the toddler years. So as I look over the various baby prams, I like the ones that not only have the option for fitting a infant car seat on it, but also have the removable bassinet, and can convert into a stroller when baby can sit up and ride.

I like to also find the options that accommodate the busy parent, allowing a easy fold option, something that is sturdy but also light weight, has a large basket in the bottom, and that is also easy to steer. Making it so when I shop for the baby pushchairs, I have a idea on what I am searching for, so I can narrow the options down right away and find the stroller I am in search of!


Monday, January 26, 2015

#Giveaway Win One of 3 Uniden Lullaboo Video Baby Monitors

As a parent, when we find out that we are expecting a new baby, a million and one things go through our minds. Like making sure we have all of the items needed in place, from the clothes, diapers and baby gear, to making plans for their futures. We make plans, like starting a trust fund for our kids, saving up for their college, and deciding on whether or not we will use placenta and cord blood banking.

All of these decisions are not ones that can necessarily be made over night, or even by the end of the week. The ones that have long term effects are ones to think over, and make a decision on based on the facts and benefits. From where you will set up your child's college fund at to get started with, to who you will bank with when it comes to the cord blood and placenta banking, as a parent or even grandparent, the decisions are ones to be thought through so you make the right ones.

When it comes to the cord blood and placenta banking, there are a lot of things to look into, which includes educating yourself and others on the many benefits you and your child can get from cord blood banking. This is something that should be gone over before the baby gets here, in the months leading up to the birth, so once you make your decision, everything is in place and ready once the baby arrives.

One place to turn to, where you can not only find the information you are in search of when making the decision to placenta and or cord blood bank, but also use as your bank, is Life Blood Bank. On the Life Blood Bank site, you can find information on both Placenta and Cord Blood Banking, and also find out how to sign up, so when baby gets here, you are ready and have a bank in place!

Well aside from the benefits and information you can find by simply visiting the Life Blood Bank site, right now, you can head on over to the LifeBankUSA Facebook, where you can enter to win one of 3 Uniden Lullaboo Video Baby Monitors! You can enter by go to this link:

Gift card received, thank you to Life Blood Bank as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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Saturday, January 24, 2015

#Giveaway Setting up for the Big Game with LTD Commodities ($50 Gift Code)

Like many, we are making those game day preparations. Getting the jersey's out so we can root for our teams, looking up recipes for snacks to cook and serve up at our Super Bowl party, and searching for all of those products that will help bring our party together! To help with these preparations this year, we were given a chance to shop the line of NFL products over at LTD Commodities.

We found a great selection of game day products available. From the apparel to the table top items, they have a great selection of NFL products, from one site online, and all at amazing prices! For our game day preparations, we found the Chicken Wing Football Serveware to use and help bring that fun football look to our table for our guests!
While the game is on and during half time, to keep everyone entertained, we can head out front for a friendly game of football with our friends and the kids! We can do this by using one of the NFL Stadium Collection Footballs, giving us a item that is not only great to use as a decor item during the game, but also one that allows us to show our team spirit and have fun with our friends while we do!
Then when it comes to other decor items to put up around the house, we can find some great signs that have our team on the signs, and are personalized with the Personalized Framed Sports Pub Print! Making the items you can find at LTD Commodities for this year Super Bowl, the items needed so you can pull off a Super Bowl Party to remember! And to help with those parties this year, the wonderful people from LTD Commodities would like to give one of my amazing readers a $50 gift code to use online!

Gift code received, thank you to LTD Commodities as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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