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Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas without Breaking Your Budget

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, if you haven't done it already, it's time to come up with a gift idea for your special someone which can be challenging if you're on a budget. The important thing to remember is that some of the best gifts are all about thoughtfulness and spending quality time together. The memories you create will last far longer than a box of chocolates or a dozen pricey roses. The following Valentine's Day gift ideas are sure to make a great impression without breaking your budget. You can check out Discountrue this week in case you need further inspiration.

Use Your Creative Talents

Instead of getting bogged down in the Valentine's Day buying frenzy, show your love by acknowledging your special someone, whether it's your significant other or your kids, by giving them your undivided attention. Plan a special evening at home and make a scrumptious meal (and not just meatloaf unless it happens to be their favorite). Browse for recipes online to find something interesting to make, keeping in mind the kinds of things your partner enjoys eating. If you plan on watching a DVD later in the evening, prepare a fun and tasty popcorn recipe to enjoy while you watch it together. Once you look at Valentine's Day from the perspective, it's easier to recognize that a budget Valentine can be even better than an extravagant one would be.

Make Your Own Valentine's Day Card

Making your own heartfelt Valentine's Day card will be much more appreciated than an impersonal one you buy at the store. The recipient will not only be touched by what the card says, they'll appreciate all the time and effort you put into making it. When it comes to mementos, it's likely that the card you handcrafted will be kept as a keepsake.

Love Coupons

Consider all the different things your significant other loves or acts of kindness he or she would appreciate and turn these considerations into "Love" coupons. These could be anything from promising to give them a back-rub to cooking their favorite meal or sexier promises that will make their heart  go pitter pat. First, make a big heart from something like construction paper, add embellishments (your local Dollar store should have everything you need) and attach your coupons.

Draw on Your Strengths

Come up with some gifts based on your strengths. For instance, if you're a great cook, whip of up a wonderful meal, if you enjoy the outdoors, look up a great hike and act as a guide as you venture out with your special someone, perhaps even tucking away some goodies for a surprise picnic.

Get Your Culture On

Does your significant other enjoy cultural activities? Then take them out to a foreign film, a museum or art gallery, or even to a trendy rare book store, stopping to have a special treat afterward like Biscotti and a special Valentine's Day Latte. Most cities have these kinds of venues and the good news is that many are free and at the very least affordable. Most movie theaters have times when the tickets are discounted and a lot of museums are free or at least affordable.

Since money doesn't really buy love, why spend a small fortune on Valentine's Day gifts when gifts from the heart are so much better?



Amy @ body appendix said...

Hey, agree about the gifts from the heart being so much better.. I guess the issue is that now our significant others also expect us to get them something that is worth some money in addition to something from the heart :)))

slehan said...

I like the Love Coupons. They're good for any kind of gift giving.

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