Monday, March 16, 2015

My HOPE Dolls

My HOPE Dolls are a unique collection of plush talking dolls. With positive and affirming messages, they teach spirituality and meditation for every day life, those living with sickness, disability, creating peace and love (anti-gun violence and antibullying), LGBTQ community, military families, overcoming grief, infertility and more. They are fun, educational, therapeutic and bring comfort to kids and adults.

An added feature of My HOPE Dolls is that you can record your own personal message on them and the recipient will have your beautiful message to carry with them. If you’re a grandparent who lives far away, a military parent who is deployed, or you know someone who is in the hospital, the recipient will have your personal message to treasure while you’re apart.

My Hope Dolls are featured on Indiegogo at a crowd funding website, to raise money for manufacturing the doll collection and a line of children’s products. With your donation on Indiegogo, you can also pre-order your doll in time for back school, birthdays and ahead of this holiday season. See our collection and give someone the gift of hope.

After using fertility drugs to become pregnant, I experienced a great loss in my life when my baby died while in my second trimester. I know what it’s like to be given a treasure and have that treasure taken away from you. I relied on my spirituality and mediation to make me whole again. During that process of overcoming grief, the idea of My HOPE Dolls was born. My Hope Dolls are in memory of the baby I lost.

With HOPE, everything is possible! 

New job
Overcoming grief
Healing from sickness
A family to love me
Peace within ourselves
Pass an exam
To find love
To be loved
Better at sports
Starting a new business
A home Peace in our community
Financial security
Overcoming Fear
Losing weight

This post was created by My HOPE Dolls.
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lil_lady_dz said...

What great dolls, I love that you can record your own personal message on them, perfect for little ones who live far away from other family members who can record something special. Love these.

Janet W. said...

These dolls are so special and I love that they can record a message!

Fiddlin' Dandi said...

What a neat idea--this is so special!

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