Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Protect Your Child from Online Harassment with a Wise Choice of Parental App

Social networking helps to reach people easier and quicker, but is it a benefit or threat? Have you ever asked yourself what exactly your kids do on social networking sites? Do they interact with those they already know? Or it’s just a random attempt to be in touch with world? Facebook, Twitter, My space, Viber all are kids’ favorites and no one of these is safe for them. Cyber bullying is common through these sites and no one of us knows when our kid will become a victim. To meet these parental concerns parental apps are very popular and are also good at making a continuous connection with kids.

Social media - a yard for bullies

McAfee came up with this insightful infographic where 92% of cyber bullying takes place through Facebook because it is the most widely used social networking site. The bullies posts offensive pictures and status on Facebook, sending threatening messages is also very common. 23.8% takes place on twitter and 17.7% on Myspace. When it comes to instant messages or chat rooms it is covering 15.2% so do you still think that kid is safe at any of social networking site? These all incidents can leave lasting impact on your kids’ self esteem and they might try to skip the school, respond to the bully and sometimes experiences physical fight with their bully.

See what they are doing on social media

Well, it’s possible now to view your kids’ entire Web activities no matter if you are at home or at work. Where they are going and what they are doing with their smartphones is quite easy to check. Parental apps are available in the market and are widely accepted by parents. You too go for a smart parental app because you are not alone having these concerns, a number of parents and already making use of these handy apps. I tested an app FamilyTime for this purpose and I have had a good experience.

It was surprising because I just had to spend a couple of dollars and activate it very easily and what I got to use was feature packed. Let’s have a look what are its specs
·         View all of your kids’ online activities
·         Check their mist visited sites and book marks
·         Have access to their contacts with the name and number
·         View their call logs with date and time

Fight cyber bullying with a smart app!

Ensure your kids are safe from the threats and online harassment and make sure you’re right there when they need you the most. With the use of FamilyTime parental app you can enjoy a number of handy features very economically. 

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