Mommy Katie: Holiday Gifts from Origami Owl Custom Jewelry

Monday, October 26, 2015

Holiday Gifts from Origami Owl Custom Jewelry

When it comes to the holidays, we like to find gifts that will make a statement and leave an impression. For me, when I think of those gifts that are sure to leave an impression, I think of gifts that can have a personal touch to them. And one company that I have adored over the years that not only allows me to find beautiful pieces for myself, but also pieces I can put together when it comes to gifts is Origami Owl.

With Origami Owl Custom Jewelry, I like that I can create pieces that have meaning and that can tell a story by hosting a party with friends and family or by going online and finding the pieces I am looking for. The pieces are put together by choosing one of the base pieces like a living locket. Once the locket is picked out I can then choose a plate to go with it or leave it clear.

Then once I have picked out my base piece, I can begin telling a story, by choosing the charms that will bring that story together. For the one I chose for this review, I chose to go with a theme for my daughter, starting with a E for Estrella. Then going from there by adding charms that appeal to her likes and passions. Making the story I chose to go with a story about my daughter!

So this holiday season if you are looking for a gift that is eye catching, one that is personal, and one that can tell a story, then check out the gifts you can create at Origami Owl Custom Jewelry!

Product received, thank you to Origami Owl as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.


Janet W. said...

What a beautiful piece of jewelry! I'd love to add something like this to my collection!

D Johnson said...

I love this charm necklace; so pretty.