Friday, July 31, 2015

#Giveaway 2 New Disney Junior Miles from Tomorrowland Toys from TOMY Toys

As a parent, we find that our kids enjoy watching various shows as well as collecting the toys and products from those shows. In my house, one series that my preschooler enjoys watching is the show, Miles From Tomorrowland, which airs on Disney Junior. He enjoys the intergalactic adventures that Miles goes on along with his family and his pet robo-ostrich, Merc. So when we were given the chance to review some of the new toys from the Miles From Tomorrowland line through TOMY, we were very excited to check them out and review them!

With the Maximum Miles, 10 inch tall talking action figure, we get a toy that not only looks just like the character from the show but that also says 8 key phrases from the show! Aside from the phrases that Maximum Miles says, he also comes with his particle driven Blastboard, Laserang, and removable helmet!

Then with the Superstellar Blastboard, my little guy can gain balance skills with the 3 different game modes that are available. The modes include Blastboard Surfing, Light Speed, and the Lets Race modes, which all give my little one that feel like he is going on adventures like the ones we see when we watch Miles From Tomorrowland!

In all, making these new toys from the Miles From Tomorrowland line from TOMY Toys along with the others we can collect, a great selection for any Miles From Tomorrowland fan! And to help with building your little ones collection of Miles From Tomorrowland toys, the wonderful people from TOMY Toys would like to give one of my amazing readers the same set of toys I was sent for review! You can also find these toys from Toys R Us, Target, Walmart and Amazon!

Each household is only eligible to win 3 TOMY product prize packages, via blog reviews and giveaways, each calendar year. Only one entrant per household per giveaway. If you have won the same product prize package on another blog, you will not be eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification.

Product received, thank you to TOMY Toys as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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Summer Tunes with Kidz Bop 29

With the summer here and the kids taking full advantage of their time, we like to enjoy fun summer music to our days. So when we were sent the Kidz Bop 29 on CD to review, the kids were ready to put it in their player and get the party started!

We all like that the songs that are on this CD are ones that we know, and I like that each song is made to be sung by kids and for kids! In all, making the new Kidz Bop 29 CD a great addition to add those summer days and any summer celebrations this year!

Product received, thank you to Kidz Bop as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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Utilizing the Tools Available for a Successful Journey with Nutrisystem Week 3

Nutrisystem is providing my program free of charge in exchange for participation in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program. All opinions are my own.

Over the past few weeks I have found that making the changes to have a successful weight loss is a lot easier said than done. The first two weeks seemed simple enough, but I found that walking down to the local coffee shop and seeing the baked goods sitting there, starring me down, was a challenge to walk away from. Luckily I have found the courage I have needed not only with having my family near by when I get that weakness for those sweets I adore, but by also utilizing the tools that I have been given access to from the people at Nutrisystem.

The tools I have been given include a great app, one that allows me to track my daily progress, even when I am faced with temptation. This app  is called NuMi and it allows me to log the foods I eat, the water I drink, the activity I take part in, along with my weight loss progress, and to help me when we do go out and find those foods I would like to eat, I can even search menu items that are on the app from some of our favorite restaurants!

Then aside from the app I can take along with me to help me keep track of my daily activities, I also have my own weight loss coach, who checks in with me, is there for me to call when I have any questions, and help to encourage me on my journey so I can have a successful one. Other tools include the community, where I can read questions similar to ones I might have, the scanner that I have on the NuMi app, which allows me to scan the bar codes to the foods I eat, and puts those foods on the list and puts in their calories into my daily counts! In all, making the temptations and questions one might have while going through a life changing journey such as a weight loss journey with Nutrisystem, a little easier to manage. And for those who are wondering, I am down another pound this week, bringing my number to 13 pounds lost in just 3 weeks!!!!

Nutrisystem is providing my program free of charge in exchange for participation in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program. All opinions are my own.
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Garden Ideas to Make Neighbors Green with Envy

Summer is well and truly here and you're hopefully making the most of it by spending lots of time in the garden. Summer nights also bring with them evening barbecues, children's parties, and neighborly catch ups, so you're going to want to show off a bit! It's easy to make your own little outside oasis with just a few touches, no matter how large or small it is. Take a look at these simple ideas and keep a weekend free to get creative with your decorating.

Keep furniture colorful

Whether your garden is a lush paradise of greenery or a stretch of minimal decking and paving, there's always space for a little more color. Choose vibrantly colored outdoor furniture pieces or keep costs low by up-cycling old pieces with paints! Take an old wooden chair and place it on some old rags outside. Sand it and then use a primer so that the paint you use will bond better. Use an exterior paint then finish with a gloss or matte, depending on the look you are going for. You could even paint a rainbow of outdoor furniture, which will put a smile on any visitor's face.

Go kitsch

Use your garden to reflect your personality and show guests who you are by adding in quirky objects and furniture. Garden parasols come in all shapes and sizes (and prices, Tesco’s range offers good value for money) a colorful parasol is a fun way to keep shaded from the sun. If you have a couple of trees in the back yard, tie up a hammock for some serious zen factor. Lights are another practical, but personal touch and Chinese lanterns or tea lights always go down well on a warm, summer evening. From gnomes to chalkboards to, well just about anything going, don't be afraid to add a little kookiness to your garden.

Fire up the BBQ

Everybody loves a barbecue — it's a great way to mingle with the neighbors (and show off the home)! A good decking area provides social space and is a perfect opportunity to jazz the place up. Cushioned seating and outdoor heaters ensures that guests are comfy, whereas pretty teapots and teacups are great for serving cocktails in! For something a bit different, building a fire pit is a lot simpler than you might initially think. Select a secluded part in the garden and pave a square of concrete slabs or bricks. Create a circular wall of bricks that is big enough to fit your grill into. Place the grill in the center, fill with wood and fire it up!

Hopefully, you'll now be inspired to enjoy personalizing your garden and to show it off to friends, family and neighbors, who will no doubt be green with envy!


Back to School Menus Made Simple with Dana's Dinner Dash

The back to school season is upon us, and like so many, aside from the school supplies and clothes needed for the kids, I find that I am at a loss when it comes to creating those menus for the family. I find that this is a issue I face every year as we head into a new school year. I mean, we go from summer schedules, which do not have as many set times for everything to getting back into those school schedules, and finding time to sit and create menus, figure out recipes and shopping lists can be a lot. So as a mom, I seek out services that can help with making the meal planning a little easier for me, and recently I came across a service that does that and more for families with Dana's Dinner Dash!

With Dana's Dinner Dash, parents and caregivers can get a service that not only helps with creating those menus that the entire family can enjoy, but they also help with creating the shopping lists needed for the recipes they provide and also by providing menus that have family friendly budgets in mind! These menus are created with the idea of adding new dishes to the table, so you are not stuck in the same old same old that some families find as a safe solution when trying to create menus with busy schedules.

The menus are also created with the schedules families have that can be quite busy and tight when it comes to meal times, and also with those family budgets in mind. Making it so when we get our menus, we know how much time will be needed, what items will be needed, and making it to where there is less time spent in the kitchen and more time at the table!

In all, making Dana's Dinner Dash a great service for any family to use, especially with the back to school season upon us, to help with saving both time and money, and bringing delicious meals to the table for the whole family to enjoy!

This post is sponsored by Dana's Dinner Dash, all opinions are my own.
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The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel on Blu-Ray

When it comes to adding movies to our list of favorites, I like to find ones that my husband and I can watch together to help make for a great date night in! To add to that list of favorites, we were sent the movie, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel on Blu-Ray to review.

This is the sequel to that favorite of ours, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and just like in the first movie, you have Maggie Smith who is back. Along with some of the familiar faces you find that adding the incredibly good looking, Richard Gere to the cast as well as a list of other favorite stars, makes this movie a must watch. In this movie, you have Patel, who is busy as usual and not only preparing to open a second resort, but also planning a big wedding!

These plans might seem as simple ones to have in place, but with the obstacles that cause those plans to go different than he had wished, you find a hilarious movie that is perfect for adding to any movie collection. And right now you can bring this great movie home to watch and enjoy when you head out to pick up your copy on Blu-Ray or DVD!

Product received, thank you to Fox Home Entertainment as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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Good Cooking Auto Vacuum Food Dome

With the summer here and the windows open to let that fresh air in, I also find that those pesky bugs can find their ways in a lot easier as well. When the fruit flies and other pests come in, they end up getting on our food, which is then wasted because we have to throw it out due to contamination and such. So to help with the solution of not only keeping food fresh, but also keeping those household pests off of our food, I was sent the Good Cooking Auto Vacuum Food Dome to review.

I like how simple this food dome is to use, by just placing the food we want to keep fresh and protect on the plate on the inside, then pressing the red button on the top. Once we press the red button, it then creates a vacuum fresh seal. Keeping the food on the inside fresher longer, and also keeping any elements from outside the dome from getting to our food.

I also like that when I have the Auto Vacuum Food Dome sitting out on my counters, it looks nice, and the food on the inside is displayed for all to see. In all, making the Good Cooking Auto Vacuum Food Dome a great product to have in any home when it comes to keeping your foods fresher longer and also when it comes to keeping household pests from ruining your foods!

Product received, thank you to Good Cooking as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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Thursday, July 30, 2015

#Giveaway #MLPFriendshipDay Celebrate with My Little Pony

Like so many houses with MLP fans, my daughter and her friends find that everyday should be celebrated as Friendship Day. The girls enjoy watching the episodes of My Little Pony as well as collecting their favorite characters. So when we were invited help celebrate My Little Pony Friendship Day, my daughter and her friends were not only excited to join in, but also excited to find ways that they could help celebrate as well.

This year will be the first of hopefully many years to come, of celebrating My Little Pony Friendship Day, which is tomorrow, July 30th! When it comes to the celebrations, Hasbro has teamed youth service movement generationOn for a day-long celebration that encourages and empowers kids around the world to make their mark on friendship through volunteerism.

There are many ways to help celebrate by encouraging kids to help out around their community, and also by educating kids on the importance of community involvement through education, helping the environment and so much more!

In fact, when you head to the My Little Pony Friendship Day site, you and your kids can find a variety of activities that you can do with them and they can share with their friends, in all, helping and encouraging our youth to not only celebrate Friendship Day tomorrow July 30th, but everyday! And to help with encouraging your kids to celebrate My Little Pony Friendship Day, the wonderful people from Hasbro would like to give one of my amazing readers a great pack of My Little Pony products!

Product received, thank you to Hasbro as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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Back 2 School with JCPenney Optical + Enter to #Win on the #PicMyKidContest

I received a JCPenney gift card for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.

The back to school season is upon us and aside from heading to the stores, stocking up on the school supplies needed for the upcoming school year and getting the kids new clothes, I also find that it is the ideal time to have the kids eyes checked so they are ready to take on the new year! For my family, we like to set up the kids to have their teeth cleaned and checked, get their physicals done if needed, and their eyes checked all around the same time and all before school starts. And one place where we can have the kids eyes checked as well as get the glasses they will need for school is JCPenney Optical.

I like that when I go online to the JCPenney Optical site, my kids can get an idea of which glasses they might want for the upcoming year, and if available, I can go on and schedule an eye exam. I also like that when we head into our local JCPenney Optical location, we can not only check out the selection of frames they have and try them on, but right now we can get a selection of the kids frames for just $29.99, which is a very back to school family friendly price.

The back to school offer allows us to get any pair of the kids frames, that are valued up to $120 normally, for just $29.99 plus FREE impact & scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses, FREE UV protection and FREE eyeglass protection plan for any school-aged child 16 & under. Giving the kids the looks they want when it comes to their glasses, and giving parents a great price on the complete set of frames that the kids find as a must have. Another great thing that I like about the back to school promotion is that we can take advantage of the deal on frames from now through September 15th, giving us plenty of time to set up those eye exams and get the kids their new glasses.

Then if that is not enough of a great deal when it comes to getting the kids glasses for the upcoming school year, right now through August 16th, parents can enter to win one of 12 $30 JCPenney Gift Cards to use for their kids frames this year. To enter parents will need to take a picture of their kid preparing to go back to school then share it on Twitter, Instagram, or the JCPenney Optical Facebook Wall using hashtag #PicMyKidContest. They can also upload a photo directly via the entry form on the JCPenney Optical Facebook Page.

So as you get those lists and prepare for the new school year, be sure to get your kids eyes checked and head to your local JCPenney Optical where you can take advantage of the JCPenney Optical Back 2 School promotion from now until September 15th, and also be sure to enter for your chance at winning a $30 gift card now through August 16th!

I received a JCPenney gift card for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Innovative Ways to Give Back to Your Community

When it comes to giving back to your community, it does not have to end with giving monetary donations. In fact, many people feel guilty because they would like to give back but can't because they simply do not have the extra money to donate to others. Thankfully, there are some innovative ways that you can help others within your community, and none of them involve cash. Continue reading to learn more.

Donate Your Car or Boat

If you have an old car or boat that you are planning on getting rid of, rather than trashing it or selling it for a very small amount of money, why not donate it to a charity like Boat Angel instead? These organizations are designed to take used cars or boats off your hands so you do not have to worry about having to put in any extra work. They will then sell the vehicles for money that can then be used to help those in need.

Help Build a New House

Those who are willing to get to work and get their hands a little dirty, as well as learn a thing or two about construction, will enjoy volunteering for groups like Habitat for Humanity, which work on constructing new houses for those who can't afford to get one of their own. You can usually volunteer on weekends, and these houses will help the homeless directly.

Volunteer at a Local Animal Rescue

Whether you volunteer at your community shelter or any other non-profit animal rescue group, you can give back to your community by helping strays and homeless pets find loving homes with people who are in search of the perfect animal companion. With so many opportunities to help animals in need, from wildlife rehabilitation centers, to no-kill shelters and foster networks, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Paint a Mural

If you are an artist or you know of someone who is, go in search of a large blank wall that could use some art, and then work on beautifying it for your community. Ask the town and owner of the building for permission first, of course, but once you get the go-ahead, paint a mural that will make the building look like new and will provide art that will grab people's attention and bring a smile to their faces. 

Volunteer with Kids

Individuals who love being around children can find ample opportunities to volunteer with them. You can help out with a variety of activities for kids, such as those at schools in your area. There are also after school programs, camps, the YMCA, the Boys and Girls Club, day care facilities, mentor programs, church groups, and more that all offer you the chance to work with children on everything from music and sports, to arts and crafts. You can even volunteer as an after school tutor to help kids succeed at subjects that are difficult for them to grasp.

Take Time Out for the Seniors

Senior citizen centers are always willing to hire volunteers who can spend some quality time with their residents. Many times, these seniors do not have many people that they can talk to, so volunteering to listen to their stories or have a conversation with them is a great way to make them feel better and keep their minds active. In addition to simply talking to them, you can also do art with them, dance with them, play cards, and more.

Donate Used Items and Clothing

Do you have a lot of used items around the house, such as clothing, musical instruments, and electronics? If you do not plan on using these any longer, consider donating them instead. There are many organizations that will gladly take things like used musical instruments and donate them to schools that have music programs for kids. Donating your old clothes and shoes is also a good way to give back to those who can't afford new clothing. And if you have used computers and other electronic devices, you can donate those as well to individuals and groups who need them. Doing so keeps these items out of landfills while directly and positively impacting the lives of others. 
There are so many creative and innovative ways to give back to your community, and doing so will make you feel great because you will know that you are directly impacting others in a positive way. So check out some of the opportunities available in your area and head out there to do some good today.

Creating a Nursery on a Budget

Planning a new addition to the family can be an expensive time, so finding ways to budget will give you more money to spend on other things, like clothes and diapers. The cost of setting up a nursery is one of the areas where money can be saved. If you approach it in the right way, you can still have a lovely room for your baby without breaking the bank.

Choosing What You Need, Not What You'd Like

It’s all too easy to be drawn into magazines showing pictures of beautiful nurseries, when half of the things in them aren’t needed or used. Choose only what you need is the key.
The main item you will need is a cot and these come in various shapes and sizes. Cots vary from Moses baskets up to a full sized cots with adjustable bases. It is worth remembering, however, that for the first six months baby will be sleeping in the same room as you (if you have the space), so a Moses basket or crib is all that is needed. This gives you a little breathing space to save for a larger cot, which will then last until baby becomes a toddler. Some cots even convert into a small bed, which in the long run could be an investment.
A changing table is a useful piece of furniture, whether it is a standalone table or simply a board which sits on the cot. If you live in an apartment a changing table will be an ideal option, as it will have storage space underneath for all the little bits you will need, such as ointments and diapers. If on the other hand you have stairs to contend with, then a simple changing mat is a good, cheap option. It can be placed on the floor, then slipped under the sofa when not in use.
Storage boxes are a useful addition, as you will soon find out that baby’s accessories take over your home. Being able to put them away when not in use will give you back your space. A simple drawer under the bed, or some stackable boxes for the closet, will soon prove their usefulness.

Should Everything Be New?

Buying new furniture is great if you can afford it, but for those on tight budgets it might be an idea to ask friends or family if they have items they have outgrown. In which case they could either give or lend them to you (if they need them back in the future).
Some items, such as a mattress, should be new as a matter of hygiene. Baby will spend much of his or her time sleeping, so a good mattress is essential.

How to Refresh Used Furniture

If you buy someone else’s old furniture, from Craigslist for example, you will want to make sure it’s clean and undamaged. Stained wood can be cleaned using oxalic acid; oxalic acid is an organic compound that will remove urine stains without harming the wood. You can then paint or varnish your furniture and have peace of mind that baby will be safe.

Having a baby in your life can be hard work, leaving you tired and stressed, but if you plan your budget and recycle, it needn’t be an expensive experience.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Save on Ink this Back to School Season with HP

I was selected for this promotional program with HP through MomSelect, all opinions are my own.

As we gear up for the new school year, there can be a lot that things to be done, and if you are like me, the list of things to do and get just keeps on growing. In my house, we have our kids lists from the schools. These lists can be pretty basic, but when it comes down to it, those basic lists that the teachers make and what you need in the home for the kids, can really add up and make those lists grow.

For me, I have learned that whatever supplies the teachers put on the lists, I better at least double that, so when the kids have homework, we have what is needed at home. I have also found that insuring we have those computer, printer, and other office supplies, is a necessity when it comes to ensuring the kids have what is needed for homework and other school projects. So like many parents out there, I seek out those deals and jump on them when I find them during the back to school shopping season.

Well with all of the shopping for the back to school supplies and the sales going on, I was pleasantly surprised to come across the HP Ink Buy One Get One Half Off sale that is going on right now through August 1st. In fact, this sale is one that is perfect for stocking up on the ink we need, and since I can pick up those ink cartridges we need at our local Staples, Best Buy, or Office Depot, I find that I can save both time and money since I can get the supplies we need which includes the ink at the stores we shop at for back to school!

I also can appreciate that I can get the Buy One Original HP Ink and get the second of equal or lesser value for 50% off, on the HP site! Making the HP Buy One Get One 50% Off sale one that we know will not last, and one that is meant to be taken full advantage of! So right now, head on over to the HP site or to one of the stores listed above which will be having the sale, and stock up while you can on the HP Ink Cartridges for your home!

I was selected for this promotional program with HP through MomSelect, all opinions are my own.
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Household Goods from Ohuhu

In my house, I enjoy having products that help with the decorating and also help with making things a little easier when it comes to getting things done. So when I was sent a selection of items from the line of Ohuhu products for the home, I was excited to check them out.

I am one who enjoys having candles around my house, I enjoy the light that candles give off, and having that calming ambiance you can get with having candles on. The thing is, with having little kids in the home, I do not feel safe with having lit candles around the house. It can be dangerous when they are running around and playing. So when I saw the selection of electric candles that I can get from Ohuhu, I was pleased to see the choices I could pick from.
With the Ohuhu® Flameless Candles, Real Wax Battery-Powered Color Changing Candles, I like that I can not only get that real candle look without the flames, but I can also choose to change the colors up, by selecting from the 12 color choices that are available and that can be changed by using the remote. Then for those tealights that I enjoy having around the house, I can use the Ohuhu® Can-Be-Blown-Out Real Wax Flameless Candles / Tea Lights / LED Candles with Wind Senser. Giving me that real flame look that even reacts to wind, and allowing the kids to blow out a candle that does not have a fire flame on it, but a electric flame on it which makes them unique all in their own.

For those room lights that we enjoy having in our home, that offer a relaxing night light as well as a great light that helps to give the room a calming or romantic affect, we were sent the Ohuhu® Romantic Relax Ocean Wave 12 LED Light Projector / Night Light, Mp3 Speaker, Night Ocean Light, Water Wave Lamp, Battery-powered & USB-powered. With this light, we can not only get a ocean like atmosphere in our room, but it makes for a great night light to put in the kids rooms, and it shuts off automatically after 1 hour. We can also take this light to go with us, using the USB feature, and even playing the music from our MP3 players, computers, phones and more!

Aside from the selection of lighting and flameless candles that you can find when shopping the Ohuhu line of products, I like that I can find other products for the house, like the Ohuhu® Cake Turntable/ Revolving Cake Decorating Stand / Cake Stand, which can not only be handy when cake decorating, but also a great stand to display and hold a cake on. With the Ohuhu® Clothes Folder - Adult Dress Pants Towels T-shirt Folder / Shirt Folder/ Laundry Folder Board Organizer, I can cut laundry time down when it comes to folding clothes and linens.

Then when it comes to the back to school shopping and finding those supplies the kids need, or even art supplies to add my own collection, I like that I can get some high quality colored pencils with the Ohuhu 48-color Art Colored Pencils/ Drawing Pencils for Artist Sketch / Secret Garden Coloring Book, Set of 48 Assorted Colors! In all, making the products you can find from the Ohuhu line on Amazon, a great selection for when shopping for the home or even when shopping for those back to school supplies!

Product received, thank you to Ohuhu Direct as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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Monday, July 27, 2015

Lose Weight with SLIMQUICK Pure Extra Strength Drink Mix

With the summer upon us, we find that we might have more time spent outdoors, but for me, I also find that I am snacking and eating more as well. I have 3 kids, and when we head out for a day at the beach or to an amusement park, I might end up eating those greasy foods, going for those sweet treats, and finding that I end up gaining more weight over the summer months than any other time of the year. So to help with controlling my appetite, increasing my energy and more when it comes to my weight loss goals, I was sent a box of SLIMQUICK Pure Extra Strength Drink Mix to review.

Now with the summer here, and knowing that in previous years I have ended up gaining more than losing when it comes to summer, I have found that watching what I eat and taking on a diet plan is what I need to do. I have found that adding SLIMQUICK to my diet mix this year has shown to increase my weight loss and also help with keeping me from feeling hungry.

I can appreciate that with the SLIMQUICK Pure Extra Strength Drink Mix, I get a drink mix that is a 0 calorie mix and that can help women lose up to 3 times the amount of weight by addressing 6 issues women might face when trying to lose weight. I also like that when I add SLIMQUICK to my diet, I get a mix that has natural ingredients like antioxidants, calcium, vitamin D and BioPure Green Tea™.

SLIMQUICK Pure works to
-Increase Metabolism
-Reduce Appetite
-Boost Energy
-Reduce Excess Water
-Support Hormones
-Reduce Stress

Then when it comes to the SLIMQUICK Pure Extra Strength Drink Mix, I like that there are a variety of ways I can consume it, by not only adding it to some water, but by also making it into a popsicle which is not only a great way to help with boosting my metabolism, but also a great way to do so and stay cool this summer with an amazing cold treat! I also find it to be very helpful when I head over to the SLIMQUICK site, I can find a variety of recipes and weight loss tips, helping me to get the most out of adding SLIMQUICK to my diet! In all, making the SLIMQUICK Pure Extra Strength Drink Mix a great product to add when looking to lose weight and increase energy! 

Also be sure to get your $5 off coupon by going here:

Product received, thank you to SLIMQUICK as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, this post is Powered by BrandBacker, all opinions are my own.

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

#Giveaway Healthy Snacking with Mamma Chia Vitality Granola

With the kids home for the summer and even when it comes to those school lunch options, I find that having snacks on hand for everyone to enjoy is very important. The thing is, when it comes to snacking, I want to have snacks that are not only filling but also snacks that are good for you, and one line of products that myself and my family have enjoyed is the line from Mamma Chia. So when we were sent some of the Mamma Chia Vitality Granola to check out along with some of the other products from the Mamma Chia line, we were pleased to review them.

As with the other Mamma Chia products that we have tried and enjoyed, I like that with the Vitality Granola, I can get those same Chia seeds that not only give us a great dietary fiber that is complete with antioxidants and protein, but also gives us a seed that has the richest plant based source of Omega 3's on the planet!

With the Chia Vitality Granola products I can appreciate that baked into each serving my family and I get 1500 mg of Omega-3's, 10 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, and only 220 calories per serving. I can also appreciate that they use Gluten-free whole grains, and that the granola varieties are both soy free and dairy free as well as being a Kosher product, and are USDA Certified Organic. Giving us a granola that not only tastes good but that is good for us, and with the 3 flavors to choose from, we have found the Mamma Chia Vitality Granola to be a new favorite in my house when it comes to healthy snacking and granola options!

In all, making the Mamma Chia Vitality Granola a great product to add to any menu as a meal or snacking choice when it comes to summer snacks or back to school foods, and to help with giving you and your family healthy snacking options, the wonderful people from Mamma Chia would like to give one of my amazing readers a Mamma Chia prize pack!

Prize Pack will include the following products:

·         One variety pack of Vitality Granola – one each of all three flavors
·         7 Chia Squeeze vouchers
·         7 Vitality Beverage vouchers

Product received, thank you to Mamma Chia as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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Personalized School Supplies with Gotcha Covered Notebooks

It is hard to believe that our summer will be coming to a end in the near future, and with that means it is time to get those lists together and begin getting the supplies the kids need for the upcoming school year. For my kids, they like to find products that are not only what is needed on those lists, but the ones that will stand out, and be personal to them. So when we were sent some of the personalized notebooks from the Gotcha Covered Notebooks selection, we were excited to check them out.

After looking over the notebooks we were sent, we went on the website and were very pleased to find a great selection of notebooks for the kids to choose from for this years back to school shopping. I like that we can personalize the notebooks from choosing from the various designs to designing their own notebooks.

Once the kids have picked out their selection, I can then go on and get the correct size and paper they need for school, then have each notebook personalized for them! Making the notebooks that we can get from Gotcha Covered Notebooks, a great selection to add to those back to school shopping lists this year!

Product received, thank you to Gotcha Covered Notebooks as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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Summer Snacking with Dole Dippers

With the summer upon us and the kids at home, I like to seek out frozen snacks for our snack times. When it comes to the snacks in our house, I like to have snacks that everyone can enjoy, so when we were sent some of the Dole Dippers to try out, I was excited to try them and share them with my family.

I like that the Dole Dippers are made with real fruit, and each of the flavors are under 100 calories. I also like that they are covered in dark chocolate, which is always a plus for me when it comes to snacks. The kids like that they are a delicious frozen snack that is great for grabbing during snack time on a hot summer day.

Then when it comes to the varieties, we all like that we can choose from the strawberries, bananas and the new Pineapple Dole Dippers! In all, making the Dole Dippers a great snack to have on hand for these hot summer days for the whole family to enjoy!

Product received, thank you to Dole as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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Send them Back to School with fun Backpacks from Adventure Packs

When we think of heading back to school, I like to think of what it was like to be a kid, and what back to school meant for me. I can remember always wanting to find those products that helped me stand out from the rest, items that were fun and adventurous, yet items that were needed on those lists for the back to school shopping. And being the mother of 2 boys who enjoy finding anything that has to do with space or the sea, and a way to create their own adventures, I find that getting products to encourage those imaginations is the way to go. So when we were sent a Jetpack Adventure Pack from Harry & Jack's, I was excited to share it with my kids and check it out as well.
I found that the 3D design on this backpack is one that makes these bags stand out from the rest. The adventurous design with the rockets on the back are not only fun, but are also great for storing those items that just have to go along when we head out. I also like the space that is available, so when my boys take this bag to school, they can carry their supplies in it.

There is a place for the boys to put a water bottle in, so whether they are at school or on their next adventure, they can have room to carry their drinks in. The boys also like that they can fill up their jet tanks with toys, then store them away safely.

They can get additional storage on the side compartments, then with the reflective material that is on the rockets of this awesome bag, we can get extra safety when out walking and playing! In all, making the Jetpack from the Harry & Jack's Adventure Pack line, a great backpack to have for both school and play!

Product received, thank you to Harry & Jack's as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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It's All About that Base with the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles iHome Rechargeable Speaker

With the summer here and the kids home, we like to find ways to keep our days fun and interesting, and one way we like to do this is by adding their favorite music to the mix. My kids enjoy being able to put on their own music when we are doing fun art projects or even when we decide to have a goofy dance party. So when we were sent the totally awesome Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle iHome Rechargeable Speaker to review from eKids, my boys were excited to get the party started!

The first thing the boys liked was that this speaker resembles those iconic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which they adore. They also like that their speaker has its own ninja swords, just like Leonardo has in the cartoon. They also like that they can plug in their iPod or MP3 players to their speaker, and jam out as their music comes through with a smooth crisp sound, which is perfect for adding to our goofy dance parties!

Then for me, I do like that this speaker is one that is like their favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Leonardo, and I like that the built in battery is rechargeable. And with the sound, I like the quality that this little speaker puts out, giving the boys just the right amount of sound when listening to their favorite music. In all, making the character speakers from the eKids line of iHome products, a great line to choose from to get the kids not only a great speaker for listening to their music from, but also a speaker that resembles their favorite characters!

Product received, thank you to eKids as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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Friday, July 24, 2015

#Giveaway Backpacks the Kids want from Accessory Innovations

The back to school shopping season is a time where parents and kids get together, and get the items that are needed on those lists that the schools give out each year. For myself and my family, we have 2 kids heading to grade school, then my toddler heading to pre-school. With that, I want to ensure that when the kids each head to school, they have the supplies and the bags that will help them get through their days. So to help when it comes to finding those backpacks and lunch bags for the kids this year, we were sent a great selection to check out from Accessory Innovations to review.

I have found that with each of my kids, they each have their own likes and interests when it comes to style and characters they like. And with the line of bags that you can find from Accessory Innovations, parents can find those styles and character bags that the kids will be proud to take to school this year.

I like that we can shop the line of Accessory Innovations bags from a variety of stores when we do our back to school shopping, and I like that with the bags we can get them at very family friendly budget prices. For the kids, they like that there is a range of products that they can choose from. From my youngest and his friends who adore the characters from the Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol lines, my middle son who loves anything Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Minion related, to my eldest, who is at that pre-teen age and who likes the bags that have unique designs on them.
With the bags we were sent, we found the R2-D2 Backpack is one that is sure to make any Star Wars fan happy this back to school season. This backpack is the perfect size for carrying those books and school supplies in, and just like in the movies and cartoons, this R2-D2 lights up and makes those iconic noises!

The Peppa Pig Backpack has that adorable piggy herself on the front, wearing a tutu, just like a real ballerina. The Minion Backpack looks just like those fun Minions that the kids find as a must have this year, and both bags can be found at your local Target or Also, while shopping at your local Target store or on, you can find the fun Donut and Kitten Backpacks, that are both unique and perfect for the pre-teen and teen in your life. And for the Barbie fans in your house, you can find the Barbie It's All About the Sparkle Backpack ready to buy and take to make a great first impression on that first day of school this year!

For the Paw Patrol fans in your house, like my toddler, you can pick up the fun one we were sent from Toys R Us. Then when you are seeking out a great Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Backpack and Lunch bag to send the kids to school with this year, head to your local Old Navy to pick up the set pictured above. All together, making the selection of bags from the Accessory Innovations collection a must have when heading out for this years back to school shopping! And to help with this years back to school shopping, the wonderful people from Accessory Innovations would like to give one of my amazing readers their own collection of bags, like the ones we were sent for review.

Product received, thank you to Accessory Innovations as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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#Giveaway Back to School Gear from Logitech

With the back to school shopping season starting up, I like to seek out the products that will not only be needed but the styles that the kids will like sporting at school this year. When it comes to those lists, it seems like they are always growing each year as the kids get older, and on those lists I find that the need for tech gadgets is a must have. So to help with this years back to school shopping, I was sent a mouse from the Logitech's new Play Collection to review.

I was sent the new M325c with a very bright and fun owl design on it. I found that setting up this mouse was very simple. I like how easy it is to scroll through pages and documents, and I also like that it has a reach of up to 33 feet. Then from a parents perspective when it comes to saving money, I like that I can get a battery life that will last up to 18 months!

For my kids, they really like the fun and bright designs, and that they can take and use their mice on a variety of devices without having to upload any sort of software. All they have to do is take Nano receiver out of their mouse, then when they are done with it, store it safely within the mouse itself. In all making the new Play Collection from Logitech a great selection of mice to add to those back to school shopping lists, and to help with this years back to school shopping the wonderful people from Logitech would like to give one of my readers their own Logitech Mouse from the Play Collection!

Product received, thank you to Logitech as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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Back to School Gear from Personalization Mall

The back to school shopping season is upon us, and when it comes to gearing the kids up with what they need for school, my daughter can be quite particular about certain styles. My daughter is one who likes to stand out from the rest, she likes to have things have a personal look. So when we shop for various items, especially when it comes for the back to school shopping, she likes shopping at places like the Personalization Mall, and to help with the back to school shopping we were sent a great collection of products for review.

For this years back to school selection, my daughter really found the Geo Pink collection of products to be what she was looking for when it comes to her personal style. With this collection she was able to find the Geo Pink Embroidered Backpack, which gives her the space she needs with the 3 large compartments which also have multiple pockets, when carrying her books and supplies this year. She also likes that with this backpack she can carry it on either her shoulders or her back, with straps that are padded and have a air mesh material and are adjustable.

To coordinate with her Geo Pink Backpack, she chose to add the Geo Pink Embroidered Lunch Tote. My daughter likes that it matches her backpack, and I like that when it comes to packing the school lunches, I can fit the food storage containers in it along with a water bottle to store her drinks in. I can also appreciate that this lunch bag is insulated, allowing me to put cold and warm foods in her lunch, and feel good about knowing that they will remain that way by the time she goes for lunch at school.

Then, when it comes to completing the look for this years back to school shopping, my daughter went with the Geo Pink Embroidered Pencil Case. We both found the pencil case to be a great addition to her Geo Pink collection, which we were able to have personalized along with the backpack and lunch bag! In all, making the Personalization Mall a great place to head to when doing this years back to school shopping!

Product received, thank you to Personalization Mall as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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