Mommy Katie: Top 5 Baby Care Essentials For A Newborn

Monday, January 11, 2016

Top 5 Baby Care Essentials For A Newborn

You always had your eyes on those incredibly cute onesies and teeny-tiny socks with little animal prints. Or just everything related babies? Even if it’s a nail-cutter, it’s mere size is fascinating and simply charming. Many soon-to-be-moms absolutely love the shopping part even before the baby is due! They stock up and go window shopping and relish every moment done in preparation to welcome the newcomer. With advice coming in from all directions, be it you moms, concerned neighbors and the entire relatives squad! But while they’re out there pouring suggestions, we’ll help you strike few essentials off the list.

1. Sanitation needs: This is quite a list as your baby needs all the gentle and tender care in the world. You just can’t use your shampoo and soap on him as the chemicals used in them can prove to be quite harsh. Hence, enter baby products. Buy baby oil, wipes, shampoo, soap and everything else. The list might be long but don’t let that stress you out! You can use Firstcry coupons and get great deals and offers.

2. Apart from the usual sanitary products, you need to buy a baby tub which is safe and prevents slipping and is portable. You’ll also need a soft brush and wide toothed comb which is easy on the scalp. Having a pair of baby friendly scissors and nail-cutter also comes handy.

3. Skin care is extremely essential as their skin is sensitive and even the slightest use of a chemical can trigger infection or irritation. Before buying skincare lotions and products, consult a doctor and be extra careful before experimenting. Also, the all-time all-age petroleum jelly can be useful for some moisturizing and skincare. It can also be used to prevent diaper rash.

4. Medicines like the other essentials are quite different for babies but nevertheless just as important. Some medicines and medical aids are an absolute must-haves in order to tackle emergency. These include hydrogen peroxide, alcohol wipes, bandages, adhesive tapes, heating pad and nasal aspirator to name a few.

5. Last but not the least, bay furniture! While you’re busy baby proofing the sharp edges of tables and electric sockets, don’t forget to buy them their own set. Today, the wide range of baby needs furniture is simply amazing and helps the baby in every phase of his growth. You could consider options like pram, crib, highchairs, etc. Oh! The possibilities! What are you waiting for? Start filling your cart already.


Tamra Phelps said...

I would say you're right. These things are essentials today. (It's funny, when you think about how many of today's essentials didn't even exist when our parents were having kids, lol.)

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It is an awesome post. These five things are essentials today.

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