Wednesday, July 6, 2016

How to Reduce Trampoline Injuries in your Backyard

Trampolines are a ton of fun for children and great entertainment for adults. The trampoline is a great form of exercise for children. It's guaranteed to give them a great workout, and get them to take some time off from their cell phone, computer and other electronic devices. Put a trampoline in your backyard –  you are guaranteed to be the most popular family on the block.

However, the exhilarating hobby of trampolining comes with some inherent risks — especially if you still use outdated spring-based models. According to areport by the ABC, the three impact zones that cause the most risk of injury are:

1. The trampoline springs. The trampoline springs are located on the surface of the trampoline. Someone using a trampoline can obtain a serious injury by hitting the exposed springs on a traditional trampoline.

2. The steel frame. The steel frame located on the outer edges of the trampoline can cause injury to anyone jumping on a trampoline and steel frames that hold up a safety net enclosure are also a risk.

3. The ground or any obstacles located on the ground. Anyone using a trampoline could obtain a serious injury if they fall onto the ground. 

This is why Springfree Trampolines manufactures trampolines designed with your family's safety as their first priority, and they have single-handedly set the standard for the safest trampolines. The talented mechanical engineer, Dr. Keith Alexander created the Springfree Trampoline, by reviewing information on traditional trampolines and setting a new standard in design and quality craftsmanship. During his research, he discovered the components that make traditional trampolines unsafe and prone to causing many injuries, and set out to replace them. By using flexible carbon rods in place of springs and steel poles, and the patented FlexiNet enclosure, Dr. Alexander created the safest trampoline on the market. To learn more about the three basic impact zones on a traditional trampoline and how they have been mitigated or eliminated by the Springfree design, check out to see the full list of improvements and discover the best trampolines online.

To reduce injuries,the rods are positioned underneath the trampoline surface, which eliminates injuries caused by traditional metal springs. The jumping surface of the trampoline uses a patented SoftEdge mat, a shock absorbent jumping surface designed to eliminate impact injuries.

Springfree trampolines also use the patented FlexiNet enclosure, whichprotects jumpers and guides them back to the jumping surface or safely to the ground. A traditional trampoline uses metal poles to hold up its netting, which can cause additional risk. When jumping on a traditional trampoline it is very easy to hit one of the metal poles causing serious injuries. By using the design created by Dr. Alexander, Springfree has created the world's safest trampoline. To guarantee your safety Springfree Trampolines go 
through rigorous testing and quality control. The manufacturer has received several awards, including the International Design Award and the U.S. Family Choice award, making it the right choice for your family.



CindyWindy2003 said...

I still remember when my sister cracked/fracturered her shoulder, it was crazy.

Julie Wood said...

Trampolines are so much fun, but my friend broke her leg on one at her house. I was to scared to go on it after that. But I bet she did not have a very good trampoline. So important to make sure they are in tip top shape!

Rose-Marie said...

My sister bought a house with a trampoline, she said her insurer wouldn't cover it, so she got rid of it. These look really safe, I wonder if it makes a difference as far as insurance or if you need a special rider and pay more, or just no coverage. Important to find out if you want one!

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