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Sunday, November 19, 2017

#Giveaway Holiday Guide: Get Personalized Texts from Santa at

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With the lights going up and little ones glowing with excitement as we count down the days to Christmas, I find that aside from all of the holiday prep and shopping to be done that I also like to keep the excitement going for the kids by adding a little something special to the mix. This includes those letters I task the kids with to create and mail off to the North Pole, along with waiting to see the big man himself when we go to visit Santa for the kids to talk to and get photos with. And when it comes to the kids who are a little older, who begin questioning who Santa really is, I find that I like to seek out creative measures to keep that magic going. So when we were introduced to, I was very excited to check out the site, learn all that they offer, and also share what I found with our readers as we head into the holiday countdown!

See with we can utilize a variety of the services available that are designed to add fun to the equation and help keep the magic of Christmas and Santa alive for your kids! This service is available for kids of all ages, even those who are still kids at heart from age 1-120 and includes free emails that give you a genuine, detailed, and thoughtful reply from the Santa service when you send a email to!

Then for the kids who enjoy technology and using text messaging services, we found the daily text messages we can get from Santa (which cost $9.99) to be a great way to bring that Christmas spirit into the home! These messages include messages that are all filled with the Christmas spirit, amusing facts, and positive values. And we can take the personalization even further by receiving hand written notes, delivered right to our mailbox from Santa, which will be available towards the end of November.

Along with all of the fun messages we can receive in a variety of ways, I like that at the kids can go on safely since is certified by an FTC Safe Harbor Program. Allowing them to read about Santa's antics on his blog, download the coloring templates to color and share, and email the big man himself! Which in all, makes not just another site but a tradition to add to your families holidays. And to help with bringing some of that cheer home from, we will be giving away 3 fun prize packs that include a tote, pen, wrapped fidget spinner, Santa libs book and coloring pages, and a bumper sticker! Giveaway!

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Saturday, November 18, 2017

5 Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe Online

The evolution of the internet has changed our lives. People belonging to all age groups especially kids have high access to the Internet. Along with browsing, they are getting connected with people worldwide through social networking sites. All these jobs take place behind the eyes of parents.

Tips for Parents to Keep their Children Safe Online

Children surf, chat and e-meet with people all around the globe through few clicks. Children are hardly aware of the pros and cons related to online platform. To keep your kids safe online, below are some tips for parents that will be helpful:
       Checking The Profile Of Your Ward

As a parent, you must not keep any stone unturned to check the profile of your child. It will let you know the types of activities that are carried out online. Also, you will get to know the way your child conducts himself. In case you see that they are posting too much info about themselves, you need to make them aware.

       Customizing The Profile Of Your Child To Fit The Need

It is very much essential to customize the profile of your child for safety purpose. It is very much essential to understand the reason behind the existence of profile on that particular site. In case it is just for fun like playing online games, getting connected to school friends etc. then nothing to worry! Parents need to guide their children regarding the best ways to achieve their goals online from that particular site.

       Explaining About The Cons Involved

Rather than demoralizing your children, you need to make them careful in a smooth manner. You must appreciate the quality of your child to access the whole world within a few clicks. But at the same time, they must be made aware of the risks involved. You must teach them the trick that will let them enjoy without causing any emotional harm. They must be made aware of postings done like pictures, videos and status.

       Making Them Aware Of Accepting Requests And Messages

Kids nowadays pass most of their time browsing the Internet through MSN, Yahoo and many more. As tips for parents, you need to make your children aware of accepting friend requests from strangers. Also, you need to teach them not to accept instant messages from strangers. They must understand the consequences regarding happenings at the time of dealing with strangers.

       Preventing Children From Signing Up Randomly On Sites

Once you get inside the world of the internet, you will come across a plethora of social networking sites. For safety reasons, you must not allow your wards to sign up until the site has been verified by you. Even if your child is using it, it must be ensured that you too have access to it. This parental guide will be helpful for both children as well as parents.

High advancement in technology has proved to be a boon. But as children are not aware of future happenings, parents must be in a ready state to protect them at every stage. 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Holiday Guide: Keep Your Christmas Tree Longer with the Evergreen Elf

Thanksgiving is next week, and like many households, after we wrap up the leftovers and take on some of those deals on Friday, we will be heading out to pick out our Christmas tree for the year! This is something that we all look forward to in my home, and once we have gone to cut down our tree at the tree farm, we like to get all of the decorations out so the kids can begin decorating our tree. Along with the initial set up and the decorations, we also know that in order to keep our tree from drying out that it needs to have plenty of water in it at all times. The thing is, trying to move everything out of the way, which includes any presents, and then stick your hands in the water, can be a task all in its own just to check the water levels. So when we were sent the Evergreen Elf to review, I was excited to learn more about how it works and add it to this years holiday guide!

The Evergreen Elf is simple to set up when you go to set up your Christmas tree, and once it is on the stand, he monitors the levels of water. When the water levels get low, he alerts you, so all you have to do is fill the water back up and allow your Evergreen Elf to monitor the levels. Along with the water alerts that you get, you also do not have to worry if his battery gets low, because he will alert you to that as well. Ensuring you that he is working properly and keeping track of the water levels in your tree stand to help keep you and your family safe this holiday season when it comes to the issue of dry trees and potential fires. Which in all, helps to relieve the stress that can come with wondering when you checked or watered your tree last and allowing you and your family to enjoy that beautiful Christmas tree over the holiday season!

Product received, thank you to Evergreen Elf as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

#Giveaway #Holiday Guide: Warm Up with American Home™ by Yankee Candle® Balsam Fir Firelogs (2 Winners!)

The weather is cooling down and in some places is already at freezing temperatures, bringing the snow down to cover the ground and us indoors to stay warm and cozy. And like many when it comes to staying warm and cozy while the snow falls, I find that nothing beats the inviting heat we get from a warm fire! So when we were introduced to the American Home™ by Yankee Candle® Balsam Fir Firelogs, sold by Pine Mountain, I was excited to add them as both a must have for keeping the home warm and cozy as well as a great gift to give this holiday season!

Now you might be thinking, why would I want to give some logs as a gift this holiday season. Well the answer is simple, because with the American Home™ by Yankee Candle® Balsam Fir Firelogs, you get more than just some logs to warm the home with. This is because they are logs that offer a fresh scent, are fast and easy to light with no mess, crafted from real hardwood, and logs that burn cleaner than ordinary cordwood, producing up to 75% less particulate matter* and up to 80% less carbon monoxide*! Giving you and or your recipient a log that burns a for up to 3 hours, offering those who gather around the fire, both the warmth they seek and a cozy fire that is perfect for sitting around and watching with your loved ones as you enjoy some cookies and hot cocoa! So as you head out to pick up the logs to put in your fireplace to warm your home with or head out to find those gifts that are sure to keep your recipients warm and cozy, be sure to pick up some American Home™ by Yankee Candle® Balsam Fir Firelogs today! Also, to help with that holiday shopping for both the home and the gift giving this year, the wonderful people from American Home™ would like to give 2 of my amazing readers, each their own American Home™ by Yankee Candle®Balsam Fir Firelogs

Holiday Guide: Gifting Fun with Kwik Stix and Magic Stix

This post was sponsored by The Pencil Grip through their PR, and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

When it comes to the holidays and finding the gifts that are perfect for giving those little artists on your lists, I find that seeking out the tools they can use when creating their masterpieces, to give them is ideal. The thing is, when we seek out the paints and even markers that the kids enjoy getting and using, they can be messy and even have the issue of drying out if the kids forget to put the caps on. So when we were introduced to the selection of the Kwik Stix and Magic Stix from The Pencil Grip, I was excited to check them out and also add the selection to this years holiday guide!
To get started, we found the Kwik Stix to be a fun and great alternative to paints that the kids enjoy using when they are doing arts and crafts. This is because the Kwik Stix are tempura paint sticks that dry in just 90 seconds, allowing the kids to create then share and display their work within a very short amount of time! I also like that with the Kwik Stix, we get a mess free selection of colors that do not require any water and are also washable. Along with the features of being mess free, washable, and the quick dry time, the kids like that they can use their Kwik Stix on a variety of surfaces, which is a great way for them to expand with their creativity on what all they can paint and draw on!

Then with the Magic Stix, we get another set of great colors that offer variety and that are also washable, which is always a big plus when it comes to the art supplies that we get for the kids to use in the home. Along with the washable aspect that I can really appreciate, I like that that Magic Stix are markers that do not have any odor to them and that give the kids bright colors that are perfect for using when they are drawing and coloring. And when it comes to the issue of markers drying out because the kids might have not put the caps on properly, I like that the Magic Stix are designed so that they can keep from drying out up to 7 days (or even longer) without a cap on! Which in all, makes the choice to add the Kwik Stix and Magic Stix from The Pencil Grip line to your holiday shopping list, a choice that your little artists are sure to enjoy getting this year!

Motion Based Learning App for Kids with Kaju

This post was sponsored by Kaju through their PR, and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

When it comes to the kids and finding things to do that help keep them active, I have learned that it is something that many parents like myself look for. For me, I find that living in a area where we go weeks at a time with cold rainy weather, that having the kids go play outside is not always a option. And like many who seek out activities that can be done indoors, I like to seek out not only the games we can play but also the ways we can get everyone up and moving, even when we are stuck indoors. So when we were introduced to the Kaju App that encourages dancing and active fun anywhere through motion based games, I was excited to check it out and also share this app with our readers!

See, like in many households, we have a variety of smart devices where the kids can go on and play games, check out those educational apps that they enjoy and more. The thing is, when we go for weeks at a time where the rain just keeps coming down, the kids tend to want to get more screen time to help keep them busy. So when I saw that the Kaju App is not just a fun educational app that the kids can enjoy going on, but one that encourages them to get up and dance as well, I found that it was the perfect app to the have in our home.

The kids love music and dancing, and when they are on the Kaju App, they can play games, dance and have a lot of fun. This is perfect for us so we can have fun dance parties right in our living room as the kids follow along, singing and dancing with the characters on the app and videos! I also like that as the kids follow along, that I can cast the app to our Chromecast or we can go to the KajuTV YouTube page and play the fun videos from there as well. Along with the dancing fun that gets the kids up and moving, I like that there are other motion based activities that they can do with the various games that they can play. The kids can also take advantage of the learning activities and follow along with the fun animated storybooks. Giving us a app that offers the educational features I look for in the apps we have along with a app that offers motion based learning and more! Making Kaju a app that is great for having in the home to get everyone up and moving with fun songs and so much more! You can download the Kaju App here:

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

#Giveaway NUT JOB 2 Prize Pack

Recently my family and I were sent a copy of the new movie, The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature to review and add to our family movie night line up. Along with the movie, we also received some candy and other goodies to enjoy, you can read our review on the movie here.

The kids and I found the movie to be a great way to continue with the characters and the story from the movie The Nut Job, and also found the recipes as seen below to be a lot of fun and very tasty to make and share as we watch the movie.

Download Nut Job 2 Recipes

So naturally, when we were asked if we wanted to give one of our readers a prize pack that was similar to the one we received when we were sent the movie to review, we of course said yes!!

You can enter right now to win your own Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature prize pack which will include a Blu-ray copy of the movie, 2 Cookie Cutters, and 2 fun placemats!

Holiday Guide: Little House® Covered Wagon and Sleigh Conversion Kit from The Queens Treasures

The holidays are coming, and with that comes the holiday shopping that needs to get done. Like many kids out there, mine have their lists and have been working hard at adding to those lists, so they can have them ready for sending to the big man in the North Pole! For my daughter, when she was younger she loved collecting the various 18 inch dolls that she came across, and along with the dolls she also enjoyed collecting the accessories and furniture she would find as well. And every year she would add new dolls and items to go with her dolls, to her holiday wish lists. So when we were given the chance to do a review with the very adorable Little House® Covered Wagon and Sleigh Conversion Kit from The Queens Treasures, I was excited to check it out and add it to this years holiday guide.
With the covered wagon and sleigh, you get two fun doll accessories in one. Where you can add the horses (which are sold separately) to the horse hitch and reins, then have your dolls drive the wagon or sleigh. The conversion kit for the sleigh, makes the changing from a wagon to a sleigh for riding on the snow, very easy to do and the canvas top is also simple to remove and put back on as needed as well. The wagon is big enough to seat 2 18 inch dolls in as you ride across the prairie or sleep in the wagon bed side by side when camping!

Then along with the wagon and sleigh conversion kit, you also get a fun wooden trunk that is included which is perfect for carrying around any other accessories in as your dolls take on the journey ahead! I found this accessory to be the perfect addition for anyone who is a Little House on the Prairie fan, because it not only gives you that simple prairie feel that you got from the television series, but it is also a great addition to any Little House on the Prairie Collection that goes with the Laura Ingalls 18 Inch Doll which is sold exclusively from The Queens Treasures! Making the choice to add the Little House® Covered Wagon and Sleigh Conversion Kit from The Queens Treasures under the tree this year to go with any 18 inch dolls or Little House on the Prairie collection, one that is sure to make your holidays merry and bright! And to help make the holiday shopping a little easier for my readers, right now when you shop the line of amazing gifts at The Queens Treasures, you can save 30% when you sign up for a account and use code KATIE

Product received, thank you to The Queens Treasures as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

#Giveaway Holiday Guide: All I Want For Christmas is You Prize Pack

The holidays are coming and in many homes like my own, we are getting excited to start the celebrations. We help keep that excitement going in my home by playing some of our favorite holiday music and by adding holiday themed movies to our family movie nights! So when we were sent the movie, All I Want for Christmas Is You, to review on Blu-Ray, we were excited to check it out and also add it to our holiday family movie line up!

Like many who grew up in the 90's, Mariah Carey was a favorite singer of mine, so naturally when my daughter and I saw this movie, we were very excited to share it on family movie night. And in this movie, you get some of Mariah's holiday songs which of course includes the one my daughter plays over and over again, "All I Want For Christmas Is You". Along with the songs you also get a great holiday story to watch where young Mariah finds that all she wants for Christmas is the very adorable puppy that she saw at the pet store. But in order to make her wish come true of bringing the puppy home, she must prove that she can properly care for a dog. The task turns out to be one that is a lot harder than she expected when she is told to take care of her uncle's dog. The dog Jack is a very ornery dog who makes things very hard for the little girl, and even for her family as they prepare for the holidays. Which makes the wish one that is a lot more than little Mariah had asked for but one that changes everything!

We found this movie to be a great addition to our holiday movie collection, where you get the iconic Mariah Carey song of, All I Want For Christmas Is You, played out in a heartwarming family movie. I also like that along with the movie, that we can complete the collection from the Mariah Carey, All I Want For Christmas Is You by adding the soundtrack that we can enjoy over and over again and the book as well. Making the new movie, All I Want For Christmas Is You, a great option to go with as you seek out those family movies to share with your kids this coming holiday season! And to help with bringing some of that holiday cheer in Mariah Carey style home, the wonderful people from Universal Pictures would like to give one of my amazing readers a All I Want For Christmas prize pack! This pack will include the digital soundtrack, the movie, book and a Santa hat!

Product received, thank you to Universal Pictures as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Monday, November 13, 2017

#Giveaway Holiday Guide: Sterling Silver 2 Photo Heart Locket from

With the holiday shopping season upon us, I find that now is a great time to get those personalized gifts to give those on your list this year. Like many who shop the personalized options, I find that they offer a way to make gifts that are extra special and made just for the recipient I personalize them for. So when we were given the chance to review a sterling silver 2 photo heart locket from the selection at, I was excited to have Heather create a locket and share her experience on creating the locket that makes for a great gift idea to add to this years holiday guide!

If you need a gift for that special someone in your life, is the place to get it. I found that while shopping on the site, that you can create your own unique piece and choose from many different styles and different metals. For this review I received a sterling silver locket with a photo of my 5 kiddos in it as well as engravings. I love the way this looks and I show it off to everyone I know. The photos that I chose to go with for this locket are laser engraved, giving you me photo that will not fall out and that preserves the photos for years to come! In fact, you can completely personalize it for any occasion, using the Design Your Own Locket in Real Time feature which can be accessed from your desktop or mobile device. From there you simply choose the locket, which photos you want to use by uploading them, add clip art from the various themes which include holidays, Mothers designs and more or add your own personal message or monogram. 

The design your own locket feature allows you to view your piece as you go along designing it, making it to you ensure you get exactly what you want! Then once you have completed your design, the ordering process is also simple, by filling out the info needed and placing the order! Making the choice to head to when seeking those personalized gifts to give this holiday season, a choice that everyone is sure to appreciate! And to help with the holiday shopping this year, the wonderful people from would like to give one of our amazing readers their own Sterling Silver 2 Photo Heart Locket with a ARV of $150.90+! 

Product received, thank you to as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Holiday Guide: Travel with Obersee Luggage for Kids

The holiday season is coming and will be here before we know it. And from the planning of the Thanksgiving meal to the shopping lists that we put together for the gifts we will place under the tree, we find that there can be a lot to be done. The thing is, like many, we might find that on top of all of the holiday planning, that there is also a lot of holiday travel that we do, and ensuring that we have everything we need before we leave is ideal. So when we were sent Space design Obersee rolling suitcase from the line of luggage for kids, we were excited to check it out and also mark if off of the list when it comes to the luggage we might need as we travel this holiday season!

See with the selection of luggage for the kids that we can find when shopping the line up at Obersee, I like that the luggage is designed with fun, creativity, style and functionality all in one! There are a variety of designs to choose from and with the insulated pocket on the front, the kids can pack snacks to enjoy as we head out for the holiday travel. Along with the insulated pocket, there are two beverage pouches on the outside, which allow the kids to also bring along a couple of water bottles as well.

Then when it comes to the ease of use along with the space that can be found on the inside, I like that the handle is easy for the kids to access, and put back when we are not needing to use it. There is also plenty of room on the inside to pack belongings in, which includes the clothing straps that are available, and on the outside there is a extra pocket for easy access of toys or activities. Making the Obersee luggage for kids not only a fun choice to go with as you plan that holiday travel but also a choice that allows your kids to have luggage that offers room and functionality as well!

Product received, thank you to Obersee as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Send Today, Share Tomorrow with TimeSpring

This post was sponsored by TimeSpring through their PR, and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

When it comes to family, and the memories we make together, many of us find that we turn to our phones to capture many of those moments. We find that with kids, from the time they are born and as they grow, that the time goes by very quickly and we notice changes and moments with them every day. So as a parent who enjoys capturing those moments and memories, and who has family far away, I find that I like to not only capture those moments on my phone but also find ways of sharing by utilizing apps such as TimeSpring!

With TimeSpring, we can take those photos and videos we enjoy taking and preserve them, share them with those we care about and want to share them with not just today but also in the future. Bringing our memories to the forefront where both those young and old can enjoy them, in time released messages that we set to be sent when we want them to be sent.

We can do this, and not have to worry about the forgetting of certain moments or events, and even include the kids on the app. Where we can set up accounts on TimeSpring for the kids to access later, and have messages and memories shared with them in the future, capturing moments that they might not remember, but that they can look back on. Giving us a tool through the app that helps to fill in the gaps for both the young and the old.

Which for me, makes for a handy app to have as we head into the holidays, and have many moments with the family we have not seen all year. Where I can capture and tell the stories of the moments from the baking with grandma, the reading of holiday stories with my sister, to the family games we play and the laughter we share. Making TimeSpring not just another app for photos, but a app where memories are given a story to tell that can be looked back on and shared to be relived again and again!

You can get TimeSpring on iTunes and Google Play

Create Custom Holiday Photo Cards with Fotor Online Photo Editor

As the holiday prep lists start coming together and the shopping begins for both the home and for those gifts we will be giving this year, I also find that now is the perfect time to get those holiday cards together as well. Like many out there, I enjoy taking the family photos and using the ones that stand out most for our holiday greeting cards. The thing is, like some, I am one who has a million and one things to get done on my to do list, and with that I find that I am one who is guilty of waiting too long to make the appointment to get photos done for our cards. Leaving the time to get the cards done and sent out, something I find I end up not having enough of. So after a few mishaps over the years where I have found the time to really be a issue when it comes to getting everything together for the holiday cards, I found that using sites such as Fotor can really be a time saver!

See like many, I take a lot of photos, which I enjoy sharing on the various social networks for friends and family to view. And like many, I have found that when it comes to some of those photos, that the best family pics can be found from the ones on my phone or the ones I have shared online. Ones where we were out enjoying the day together, allowing me to capture natural photos that come from just being ourselves. The photos that I can then upload to my Fotor account, where I can even edit the photos I want to use, and utilize the card maker to create those photo greeting cards that we can send out.

Then when it comes to the editing tools that I can get from using the Fotor site, I like that I can create a variety of looks and effects. These include the various filters, the adjustments in the colors, lighting and crispness of the photos, and even the addition of stickers, photo collage effects and more! Allowing me to personalize the photos I want to use, and even personalize the photo greeting cards we will be sending out this year, right from home and even print the cards from home to send out without any issues of time getting in the way! Making the choice to utilize Fotor for your photos this coming holiday season as you go to edit, share and even create those custom cards to send out, a choice you are sure to appreciate!

How to Find the Perfect Mattress for Your Bedroom

Choosing a good mattress for your bedroom is not always an easy process. You’ll come across a lot of designs and producers will do all that they can to convince you to buy their products. Besides, the cost is also a huge issue that you’ll need to consider carefully. Of course, you may not have the budget for top of the line mattresses. Knowing a lot about mattresses, I sought some pointers from the guys at from Try Mattress on how to choose the perfect one for me, and they shared some interesting information. Here are some of the points I took home:

Do Enough Research and Always Have a Budget

It’s essential that you know the amount of money your willing to spend. You’ll avoid wasting a lot of money once you have a spending cap or budget. Also, it will assist you in getting the right mattress by eliminating additional costs. I learned that stores are known for trying to add unnecessary accessories on their mattresses. The salesperson will mostly try to sell you some bedcovers, pillowcases, and even bed frames.

Understanding the Mattress That’s Best for You

Mattress retailers and manufacturers have different names for mattresses. However, you should not let this fool you as there are only a few common types. These include memory foam, latex, and spring foam mattresses. I love the memory foam brands because they provide additional comfort. They fold correctly into the shape of your body as you sleep. Besides, they also offer enough support for all body muscles.
You should also decide if you want a plush or firm mattress. Just as their name goes, they show the softness or firmness of the product in question. I saw that some even come labeled “extra firm, plush, firm and even ultra plush!”
In some situations, to get the ‘ultra push’ effect, manufacturers will add thick pillow tops to a regular mattress, just to make it feel a bit softer. Whichever the case, remember to pick the one which makes you feel like your resting in the clouds.

Try Everything!

If the manufacturer or seller does not give you a chance to lie down on the mattress for at least 30 seconds, then run away from that store. The salesperson should give you a test sample so that you can try it out in all your sleeping positions. The best mattress stores will provide you with time to relax and experience the feel of the mattress before you make any purchase.
Here, I was advised to test if the mattress is too soft or firm. They added that it’s not wise to settle for a cheap mattress if you don’t get the one you wanted. Starting with high-end products in the shop and going down from there is a neat trick of getting an excellent mattress. Although you’ll be leading the sales person on a bit, you’ll eventually have a taste of their level of comfort. In the end, you’ll make the right decision based on their support and budget!

A good mattress goes a long way in determining the level of sleep that you’ll have. If you keep waking up in between the night or wake up with aches and pains all over your body, then you should consider getting another mattress. With these tips, you’ll quickly replace it with one of the best in the market!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Holiday Guide: Princess Peppa Pig Must Haves

The holidays are coming which means it is time for those Peppa Pig parents to head out and start picking up those must have Peppa Pig books and toys! We like Peppa Pig because along with the show that my kids enjoy watching, we can also collect the books that are a favorite for bedtime stories and the toys that the kids enjoy playing with. I also like that when it comes to the selection of products, that we can seek out the themed gifts such as the schoolhouse selection or the treehouse fun selection that we have in our collection of Peppa Pig must have goodies. So when we were sent the collection of Princess Peppa books and toys that also includes a fun DVD to share, we were excited to not only share but also add them to this years holiday guide!
See with the books, I like that there are a variety to choose from which also includes the books that are great for the early readers! The Princess Peppa collection has the early reader book, the Peppa Pig's Pop-up Princess Castle and a Princess Peppa book to share at bedtime! With the books, the kids can follow along with Peppa, her friends and family as they go on some fun royal adventures! The Pop-up book is one that offers not only a fun story but also a playset that pops up for the kids to enjoy as we have a fun story time!

The kids can then take that creative imagination of theirs even further by adding the Princess Peppa toys from the collection available which includes the castle fort, the Princess Peppa's Royal Family and even the Princess Peppa plush that comes with the DVD! The DVD includes 12 fun and magical tales that the kids can watch over and over again, and that are a great addition to the books and toys that can be found in the Princess Peppa collection! Making the choice to add the new, Princess Peppa toys, books and DVD to your holiday shopping list as you shop for the Peppa Pig fans on your list, a choice that they are sure to appreciate seeing under the tree this coming holiday season!

Product received, thank you to Peppa Pig as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

#Giveaway Holiday Guide: Holiday Ideas for Fur Babies with IKEA & Petcurean

This post was sponsored by Petcurean through their PR, and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

When it comes to the holidays and the celebrating we do in my home, we not only celebrate with friends and family but also with our fur babies. Like many pet parents, we are ones who include our fur babies in many of our festive celebrations, and with Christmas we like to ensure that our fur babies feel special by seeking out their favorite toys, pet care items, treats and foods to give them. So when we were given the chance to not only add some of our dogs favorite foods from the Petcurean Now Fresh line as well as a pet bed for our cats from IKEA to our holiday line up, we were not only excited for our fur babies to check them out but also excited to add the products to our holiday guide.

See when we add goodies such as the Now Fresh foods and the Spike treats from the Petcurean line to our fur babies stockings, we know that they will be very happy to see them. We also like knowing that as we head out to our local IKEA to pick up the items we might need for the holiday entertaining, that we can also find a line of pet products for both our cats and dogs. Giving us options for not only the care items such as the collars and leashes from the LURVIG pet products line, but also pet beds and scratching mats that our pets enjoy getting under the tree as well.

Then when it comes to the prices on the pet items that we can pick up at our local IKEA store, I like that they are very budget friendly. Allowing me to not only save on the gifts and entertaining items I might need for the human guests this year, but also the gifts and pet products that we might want to get for our fur babies as well. Making the choice to add both the foods and treats from Petcurean along with the gift ideas you can find from the pet line of LURVIG products at IKEA to your holiday line up, a choice that both you and your fur babies will appreciate! And to help with that holiday shopping when it comes to the fur babies, the wonderful people from Petcurean and IKEA would like to give one of my amazing readers a holiday prize pack that includes a $50 IKEA Gift Card and a 3 month supply of Petcurean Dog or Cat food!

Play Murder on the Orient Express in Mahjong Crimes

When it comes to ways we find that help to pass the time, I find that there are many options out there. From the videos we can stream to the social networks we can interact on and more. And like many, I enjoy playing the various games on my phones and other mobile devices, which include the problem solving and puzzle games. So when I given the chance to play the game, Mahjong Crimes, which is available now for free on both iOS and Android, I was excited to check it out!

With Mahjong Crimes players can take a chance at cracking the puzzle where murder and mystery are all part of it. Taking players into a world with one of the most loved murder mysteries, Murder on the Orient Express!

In this game, players get to take on the mysteries at hand with one of the world’s most popular games. There are 250 levels of Mahjong Solitaire, where players unlock clues as you travel through 5 different scenarios within Agatha Christie’s iconic mystery.

Giving players two great things in one with the Mahjong tile game and the murder mystery or Murder on the Orient Express. Making the new game of Mahjong Crimes, a game that is sure to keep you on your toes as you go through the levels and try to solve the various puzzles!

Download now on App Store or Google Play.

Product received, thank you to Spil Games as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Holiday Guide: PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendars

As we get closer and closer to the holiday countdown, we find that if there are kids in the home, that the wait can seem like forever for them. Like many kids, mine look at the calendar daily, looking at how many days until the month of December, so that they can officially start a countdown. And like many parents, to help with the holiday countdown, I like to add fun advent calendars to our home each year. So when we were sent a couple of the holiday advent calendars from the PLAYMOBIL line up, I was excited to add them to our holidays, and also add them to this years holiday guide! 

With the different advent calendars that you can get from the PLAYMOBIL line up, you can choose from a variety of themes that your kids are sure to enjoy. For my home, when it comes to my boys who adore the toys from the PLAYMOBIL line, we found that the Jewel Thief Police Operation was perfect for my son who loves the PLAYMOBIL City Action line up. This advent calendar is one that brings that same play from the City Action collection to our holiday countdown. Where we find that the police are in pursuit of a thief who is after the jewels, and each day as we countdown the 24 days to Christmas Eve, the kids can open a window to unlock another clue and piece to the set. When all pieces are out, the kids can then set up their own scene of how it all goes down, over and over again!

Then for my younger son who also adores the sets from the PLAYMOBIL line, we found the PLAYMOBIL Advent Santa's Workshop to be a great set for him to follow along with. Giving him 24 windows of surprises that can be found at Santa's workshop. From the toys and helpers to the sleigh and even Santa himself! Which once all the days have been counted down, give my little guy a fun set up that allows him to play like he is at Santa's Workshop over and over again with the various pieces that are included! Which in all, makes the choice to add the PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendars to your holiday countdown a choice that is not only a lot of fun as the kids find a surprise everyday, but also a choice that helps make the countdown a easier one for the kids to follow as that anticipation builds up!

Product received, thank you to PLAYMOBIL as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Holiday Guide: Bath Time Fun with Musical Duck Race from Yookidoo

The holidays are coming and with the lists that seem to be growing daily, I find that getting some of the shopping done now can really help in a lot of ways. For me this allows me to get some of those sales that come out before the rush, and also get a little more organized as well. With that said, as we go over those lists, we find that when it comes to kids, the gifts can vary when it comes to the different ages and stages. So when we were sent the very adorable, Musical Duck Race from Yookidoo to review, I knew that Heather would enjoy checking it out and sharing it with little Zoey as well as adding to this years holiday guide as a great gift idea for baby this year!

Do you have a little one who doesn’t always like bath time? Then you are really going to want to check out the Musical Duck Race by Yookidoo, which is a bath toy that will make bath time go much more smoothly. Zoey loves to pick up the ducks and play with them while she listens to the music and watches the little ducks swim around. She also finds it fun as she tries to stick her finger in the hole where the water comes out and winds up spraying herself in the face leaving her giggling. Along with the ducks and the water sprayer, when she presses the leaf, it makes the water bounce and plays 9 different sounds. 

Then when you place 1 of the 4 ducks on the water sprayer, we find that each one has a different pattern that sprays out. Our favorite is the duck with the lifesaver on it because when placed on the sprayer, it spins and sprays water out the sides and top. The 3 minute automatic shut off saves on batteries as well. When it comes to the developmental aspects that this fun bath toy offers, I like that it is helping Zoey learn hand eye coordination and sensory play while she takes her baths. Making the Musical Duck Race by Yookidoo, a tub toy that will be around for lots of baths as it is very durable, and great for little ones to play with and also a great gift to give this coming holiday season!

Product received, thank you to Yookidoo as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

#Giveaway Holiday Guide: Secure the Home with the Logitech Circle 2

The holiday shopping season is here and like many, I find that means scouring the online sites for those deals that we do not want to miss. With that, we find that we have more packages being delivered to our homes and find that it is also the time of year where the theft of those packages is at its peek time. Being a blogger, I learned years ago that there are people out there who look for opportunities to take things that do not belong to them, and after having packages go missing from my home I became more aware of the issue and find that having cameras up is a must. So when we were recently introduced to the Logitech Circle 2, I found that it was not only a great must have for my home, especially over the holiday season, but also a great gift to give this year as well and would make a great addition to this years holiday guide!

The Logitech Circle 2 is a weatherproof camera system that you can set up anywhere inside or outside your home as you see fit. Giving you a security camera to put outside to watch your porch to see who comes and goes, or a camera to put in the play room to keep an eye on the kids when they are playing. In fact, you can wire or go wire free throughout your entire home, so that you can keep a eye on each room and keep an eye on the entire outside of our home if you wanted to! The Logitech Circle 2 is also very simple to set up, and once you have found where you want to place it, you can then access the 180 degree angle it offers from any of your devices using the Circle app!

With the Circle app, you can get smart alerts when someone is at your door, even when you are not home, from your mobile device. Allowing you to see when a package is delivered when you are out, or see who came by to visit. You can then take that security from the smart alerts even further, like if you go on vacation or are away from the home for most of the day by adding the Circle Safe subscription plan to your camera. This allows you to access more storage from the videos and photos that your camera takes as well as even more features that your camera offers. Going from the 14 days of storage that the Circle Safe Basic offers to 31 days of storage and extra features that the Circle Safe Premium offers.

Then when it comes to some of the other features you can get with the Logitech Circle 2, you get the night vision which gives you a clear as day view, up to 15 feet in the dark. You can also use a variety of integrations such as Alexa, Google Home and more to control and pull up the live stream. Which in all, makes the Logitech Circle 2 not only a must have for any home to have up to help keep the home secured both inside and out at any time of the year, but also a great gift to give this coming holiday season. And to help with securing your home or with the holiday shopping this year, the wonderful people from Logitech would like to give one of my amazing readers their own Logitech Circle 2!

 Product received, thank you to Logitech as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

#Giveaway Holiday Guide: Power Up Your Holidays with Innergie

When it comes to the holidays and the preparations we put into play, we find that there can be a lot that needs to get done. For me this includes the lists, the menus, and the items I might need to have in place for holiday guests. These preparations include not just insuring we have extra towels and other linens in the home, but also ensuring that we have the extra chargers, ports, and even the back up power packs on hand as well. So when we were sent a selection of the products available from Innergie to review, I was excited to check them off my list of some of those holiday must haves for when entertaining guests, and also add them to this years holiday guide!

To get started with the products we were sent from the line up at Innergie, I found the Innergie Lifehub to be a must have for not just the holidays, but for any home at any time of the year! This is because with the Lifehub we can not only charge up 3 of our devices all from one charging hub, but we also get a hub that offers technology such as the InnerShield™ POWER PROTECTION which protects the devices on the hub, even when we are away. It does this by protecting the devices from issues such as overcurrent, overcharging, and overheating. Another feature that you can get with the Innergie products that I find a must is ECO-FRIENDLY GreenSense™ TECHNOLOGY, which all of the products from the line up offer and it helps to save energy, charge devices faster than ever, all while caring for the environment at the same time!

The next device that I also see as a must have, especially for guests who are traveling, is the PowerGear 65 Pro. Which offers similar technology as found in the hub but allows you to also charge those laptops when both at home or away from home. It is very portable, allowing you to carry it in your purse, suitcase, backpack and more without taking up a lot of room, and when you have a layover you can bring it out to power up both your laptop and phone at the same time if needed. I also like that with this device, you can power up all of your tech devices from your phone and tablet to your laptop and even the gaming consoles! And to ensure that you can power up multiple devices, it comes with 9 tips, making it so you can be sure to be prepared for just about whatever devices that your guests might be bringing with them this holiday season!

Then when it comes to just ensuring that you have plenty of extra ports available in the various rooms of our home, I found the Power Joy Pro 24 and the Power Joy Plus 17 to be must haves as well! Both of these offer the same technology when it comes to protection of your devices and the environment. I also like that both of these are very compact and offer you dual ports which is ideal when you have a full house. With the Power Joy Pro 24 I like that it offers super fast charging for devices with the 4.8 amp USB ports. And with the Power Joy Plus 17 you get 3.4 amp USB ports, which gives you options and choices to go with when you look at which rooms get the most traffic with guests compared to other rooms. Which in all, makes the choice to power up your holidays with Innergie, a choice that is sure to give you kudos when hosting guests as well a as a choice that can also make for a great selection of gifts to give this coming holiday season! And to help with the holiday shopping this year, the wonderful people from Innergie would like to give one of our amazing readers a Innergie Power Joy Plus 17!

Product received, thank you to Innergie as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.