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Pet Care Tips from the Experts at Petcurean

This post is sponsored and written by me on behalf of Petcurean through a campaign managed by their PR. All opinions are my own.

When it comes to our pets and being pet parents, we see them as a part of the family. We make memories with them, we include them in on celebrations, and we show them the love and attention that they need. Like many families, when it comes to the love and attention, and also understanding our fur babies so we can give them the best care they deserve, I like to turn to the experts like the ones from Petcurean.

See with Petcurean, you get more than just another pet food company, instead you get a company that offers the foods and treats for your pets that are designed to give them premium-quality recipes and give your pets the Petcurean Difference that you can not only see but that your pets will feel! I know this because over the past year we have seen a huge difference in our senior dog Chloe, since switching to the Now Fresh Grain Free Senior Dog Food from Petcurean. She has a noticeable difference in her energy levels which were very slow and sluggish before. She also has more pep in her step and is noticeably happier, and her health has improved as well where she has lost weight and due to that, she has not had issues with the arthritis pains she dealt with daily. Then when it comes to researching the foods, treats and also care advice, I turn to Petcurean for that as well, because along with the foods from Petcurean, you also get a company that offers the advice and tips from the experts on caring for your fur babies, allowing you to get the most out of their brand.

Recently I was sent some great tips on caring and showing affection to our pets from Michele Dixon, Health & Nutrition Specialist at Petcurean. With these tips, I can not only share them with my own family when it comes to our fur babies, but also share the information with my readers as well when it comes to caring for your fur babies. Which in hand gives us the advice we seek on caring for pets, as well as the tips that can help to make it so that our fur babies are happy and healthy!

Bonding. Live in the Moment.

Pets are the king and queens of living in the moment, and the best bonding experience we can have, is to meet them at that level. Share calmly in being joyous, playful, and relaxed, whatever positivity your pet is giving you in the moment. In times of stress, be your pets rock, and let them know that everything will be ok. If it’s quiet time, simply spend time doing what your pet responds to positively. For some, that may mean just sitting with them, and doing nothing else.

Bothering. Body Language 101.

Learn to read body language, so your pet can clearly communicate with you, and respect what they are telling you in that moment. Remember your pet is fully present. Avoid giving affection when your pet is giving you a negative response. You do have the opportunity to change the experience to a positive one. So either change your approach to your pet, or back off.
Signs of annoyance include: Turning their head away in avoidance, lick lipping, lip curling, yawning when not tired, sudden sniffing of the ground, or a paw being raised. With cats, they often flick their tails, put their ears back, or get up and leave

Kisses and Quality Time.

Kisses are one way, but to a dog especially, showing love is often more about their loyalty and respect for you. Cats show love by wanting to spend time in your lap, or by interacting (such as giving head bonks).  Ever see your cat give you a “slow blink”? That’s also a sign of pure love and is often referred to as “kitty kisses”.  Next time you see it, try giving a slow blink in return.

Cuddle Buddies.

Some pets enjoy a cuddle, but in some cases hugging can be tricky. Many pets feel “claustrophobic” when been hugged, especially if they are not permitted to leave. The hugs of small children who tend to squeeze too hard and not let go are a prime example. Additionally, a pet should only be hugged when you are feeling calm. In the case of an injured pet, or upset pet, hugging is often not the best solution, as this case often nurtures the unwanted behavior, and creates more of the negative behavior.

Pets Aren’t People.

It’s important to remember that pets aren’t people, and their language and emotional needs are different. The best gift you can give your pet is to be truly present, by focusing all of your attention on them whenever you choose to interact. Now is the time to stop thinking about work, your schedule, your troubles, or tomorrow, and enjoy them at their level. If you’re stressed, your pet will often reflect your stress. Learn what they like and don’t like by paying attention to the small things. And respect that like people, they are all different. Some love closeness, some are more independent.

So as you seek the brand of pet food and treats that are best suited for your fur babies as well as the advice and tips on caring for your pets, be sure to head to Petcurean and experience the Petcurean difference today!


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Family Dinners with Green Chef

When it comes to finding meals to create for the family, many of us find that time can be a issue. It can take time to come up with the meal ideas, find the recipes, shop for the ingredients then create the dishes. And when it comes to busy weeks where time is something we do not have a lot of but where we still want to serve those fresh and delicious homemade meals for our families, I find that the meal delivery services can be the way to go. So when I was introduced to the meal delivery service that is offered by Green Chef, I was excited to try it out and prepare the meals provided for my family!

With the Green Chef meal kits, we get a USDA certified organic meal kit that has the ingredients we will need to create our dishes. I like that there is no guessing either, all of the ingredients that are included are pre-measured as per the recipes that are included on the recipe cards. Allowing me to save time on the prep time and go straight to creating amazing dishes! I also like that when it comes to those busy weeks, that I can order those wholesome family style dinners to be delivered every week.

Then when it comes to the plans we can choose from, I like that aside from the meal portion sizes for families or couples, that they also have choices for the various dietary needs as well. Giving the choice to choose from the Omnivore, Carnivore, Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Paleo, and Vegan meal options for couples along with the Omnivore and Carnivore choices for the family meals. Making the Green Chef meal kits a great choice when it come finding ways to fit in those freshly cooked chef inspired meals any night of the week, even when you have a busy week ahead!

New customers get $50 off their first box.

I received this product for free from Moms Meet (momsmeet.com), May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my honest opinion on my blog. The opinions posted are my own.

Road Safety

Every year, thousands of children are injured in accidents on the road. Teaching your kids about the rules of the road and how to stay safe can help to reduce the chance of your child being involved in a road traffic accident.
It's a good idea to start teaching your child how to cross the road safely from an early age. Although it's unlikely that your child will ever have to cross the road on his or her old until he or she is much older, it's comforting to know that if they ever end up in the situation where they have to cross the road independently, they'll know what to do.
Start by teaching the importance of stopping, looking and listening before crossing the road. Explain that they must always stop at the kerb because cars may be coming down the road very quickly and stepping into oncoming traffic is dangerous. Then go on to talk about how cars can come towards pedestrians from both directions, making look both ways very important. Listening carefully before crossing is also important because cars can sometimes be heard before they are seen. Tell your children that they should only cross the road after they have stopped, looked and listened, and are sure that there are no cars coming either up or down the road; then, cross the road with them, explaining that they should always cross the road in a straight line, and always bear in mind the Green Cross Code.
Next, talk about safe places to cross. Highlight places that are unsafe, such as behind parked cars and at junctions and bends where it is harder for drivers to see pedestrians and accidents are more likely to happen. Teach your children about designated pedestrian crossing, and how the red and green man symbol and pelican and puffin crossings indicates when it is safe to cross the road after the button next to the crossing has been pushed.
Make learning about road safety fun and interesting for your child by implementing it in walks with your child.
Teaching your child to recognize and understand road traffic signs will help keep them safe, too. The function of most road traffic signs is to give instructions, warnings and information to drivers; however, teaching your kids how to interpret basic road signs can give them a heads-up when it comes to understanding the rules of the road and how to keep safe. Some signs are targeted at pedestrians, such as the 'No pedestrians signs' - a circular shaped sign with a red-edge and a picture of a man walking - and it's important that your child understands these signs in particular to stop them from walking in areas where it isn't safe for pedestrians to go. The sign for a pedestrian crossing (a triangular, red-edged signed with a man walking across a dotted line) is a good for one for your children to become familiar with; its purpose is to highlight safe areas to cross the road. In the event that your child ever becomes separated from you or lost, road signs may help your child to identify his or her location, or find directions to places such as a supermarket, library or police station when he or she can find help. You can make learning about road traffic signs fun by looking up pictures of signs on-line and guessing their meanings.


3 Tips to Know Who Your Child is Hanging Out With

Whether you are a hands-on mother or one who gives your child a fair amount of space, you undoubtedly still care about them.

As part of that caring, you want to make sure that they pal around with the right kind of kids, especially as they get into their teen years. One of the reasons for this is that they will more than likely be driving and/or riding as passengers in vehicle later in their high school years. With that in mind, their well-being goes to an even higher level.
So, how involved are you when it comes to taking a role (or commenting on etc.) in those your children choose as friends?

Remember, if you become too involved in the matter, your child could end up revolting against you, potentially driving a significant wedge between the two of you. On the flip side, not being involved enough can lead to an extremely carefree attitude by your child, one that could end up coming back to haunt them and you.
With that in mind, how much time and effort this year and down the road will you put into knowing who your child is hanging out with?

Walking That Fine Line
So that you do not end up driving a wedge between you and your child (yet still show them you care), keep these three tips in mind when it comes to your kid/s and their friends:
1.    Background checks – It may seem a little severe to some parents (kids for that matter too), but would you consider doing a background check on any potential friends of your child, especially those individuals not very forthcoming? You can actually do such checks without your child ever knowing, so don’t worry about them possibly finding out (unless of course you tell them). One of the reasons for doing such a check would be if your child plans on spending a significant amount of time with one or more friends in their vehicles. Knowing that the individual or individuals taking turns behind the wheel are safe drivers should always be a concern to you. If you find out during a background check or checks that one or more teens your child spends time with in a vehicle have driving issues (citations for speeding etc.), let your child know. Sure, they may question you as to how you would know such a thing, but their safety takes precedence over any possible verbal conflicts you might have with them;

2.    Social media – It seems like just about every teen (and kids even younger) these days is on one or more social sites. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, the list could go on and on. That said you can also learn some things about your child’s friends who have social profiles. For instance, seeing a post from one of your child’s friends on how they enjoy speeding behind the wheel etc. should be cause for alarm. That teen may also hang with the “wrong” crowd in terms of not being inclusive of other races and/or religions. Knowing this information may give you reason to sit down with your child and ask them if they really want to continue such a friendship or friendships. Without coming across as a spy within your household, knowing which social sites your child visits regularly is also important, especially given the dangers of online predators etc.

Meeting the Parents Never Hurts
3.    Parental meetings – Lastly, long before there even was an Internet, many parents simply would meet up at local Little League games and/or high school events etc. That would give them a chance to get to know the parents of those their children liked to hang out with. While that still of course happens today, many parents are so busy in their own worlds (including the Internet), that such personal gatherings are not as much the norm. If your child comes home and says they have a new friend, ask them about meeting that child’s parents or parent over a bite to eat at a local eatery or simply coffee. Doing so will hopefully put you a little more at ease with those they choose as friends, although some cases will definitely not make you as easy as can be. You do not have to become best friends with other parents, but at least being on a first name basis with them certainly does not hurt.

As a parent, what are you doing to get to know your child’s friends and their parents?


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

7 Things to Know for your Baby Healthcare

Small, running newborn babies can not tell us exactly what they feel or when they feel pain. They can not say when they feel lonely when they are tired of staring at the ceiling. But, that does not mean that newborns do not feel pain, loneliness and boredom! Since we grew up in the company of people rarely newborns, we easily can come to the assumption that they are not sufficiently developed to feel pain and other feelings like us. Sometimes even experts and doctors assumed that newborn babies do not feel pain, but we can't say that for sure cause we can't remember it.

Babies can even be bored. They can have consequences from lack of stimulation and lack of communication with their parents. What happens in the first weeks, months and years can affect the rest of their lives.

The good news is that, with this knowledge, you can help your newborn to become healthy and safe infant and toddler, and one day an adult.

Here are seven things you need to know about your baby care:

1.Your baby can communicate

Newborn baby can’t say exactly what he wants and feels, but it does not mean you can’t communicate with you. Babies usually communicate by crying, but this is not the only way of communicating with your baby.

·         Rubbing his eyes and yawning may be a sign that they are sleeping.

·         Licking lips, opening his mouth and putting hands in the mouth may be signs of hunger.

·         Restlessness and crying when they are put to bed may be signs that they are lonely or fear.

2. Your baby can feel pain

When the doctor suggested that we perform a medical procedure without any local anesthesia, we will twice consider his proposal. But, the last few decades it was quite common to work less and slightly larger medical operations on newborns without local anesthesia.

The assumption was that their little body was not sufficiently developed to be able to process pain. Babies, after such interventions, were more sleepy and lethargic. But in fact, their body was in a state of shock and simply shut down to protect. Such pain was too strong to newborns could cope with it.

3. You can help your baby to develop emotional health

Every baby is special and has already pre-marked and their own special character. The environment in which the baby grows can have a big impact on her emotional health.
When your baby learns that you will always respond to its attempts of communication and it wages when it’s consoled every time it’s scared - when you feel pain when you have enough of your closeness and stimulation, the easier it will grow into a little person with good emotional health.

Your baby is born very well developed, with very complex feelings and the ability to feel pain.

This is very important to know. It can help you in making some very important decisions. If you disconnect your time for your baby, you can build a relationship with her based on trust that will help her feel safe and loved at all times, no matter how difficult.

4. Cleaning baby's ears and the water in the ears

Cleaning the ear wax or wax in babies and other children is done best with a wet handkerchief so that it removes only the outer, visible cerumen from the ears. The ear has its own, spontaneous mechanism of cleaning wax that can support occasional drip a few drops of paraffin, or olive oil. A cotton swab in the hands of the laity is more harmful than useful for causing a blockage of the ear push wax in depth ear, ear canal skin injuries resulting in inflammation and severe pain and possible injury to the eardrum.

However, some, parents fear that something will happen if baby enters the water in the ear during swimming, which is completely unjustified because that in itself is no problem. In a healthy ear and intact eardrum water for bathing or diving regularly enters the ear is something completely normal and harmless.

5. Make sure your baby is getting enough milk

Encourage lactation even in pregnancy, breastfeeding immediately or as soon as possible after birth, breastfeeding whenever a child asks, and eat foods targeted to increase the amount of milk.

If you had a problem with lack of milk from the previous child or you have reason to believe that you have them, start to prepare for a better lactation already during pregnancy. Towards the end of pregnancy, around the term, try to issue colostrum and retain it for the baby in the freezer after you return from the hospital.

When breastfeeding or issuing, massage the breast because it can increase breast discharge up to 50%. When you slow down the baby's swallowing or leakage of milk during the issuance, use compression. Let your thumb is on the upper side of the breast, while the other fingers on the bottom. Press the breast, especially if you feel a lump because it probably is an accumulation of milk.

6. These fights about food…

Many parents struggling with feeding their children. Each meal comes down to a fight over dishes and foods that are offered, and that the child has consistently refused. The reason lies in the way how to access the food and how the child is encouraged to eat.

However, there are ways to improve your diet and stop this fight. But it would be successful should first of all stop offering candy, snacks, pastries and similar before meals. Having filled tummy with favorite baby products, what the child concludes that real meals are not as important as they are, parents would not have given to before she eats.

It should also be avoided and forcing a child to eat something. It starts eating experience as a struggle over authority, where it often wins because parents discounts just to make something eaten.

It should also be careful with the intake of fluids during meals. It saturates the child, but it can’t eat what's in front of him. In this way, the baby has fault messages that it can be saturated by anything.

Also, avoid cooking what he wants when lunch already made and served. In this way, the child sees that if persistent enough, you will get what he wants to eat. For this reason, soon, every meal turns into a fight.

7. Night waking up babies

If your bird is lively nighttime from dusk to dawn, you're probably pretty tired, or, more likely, completely exhausted. The problem of night waking up is quite common, but after a while, fortunately, spontaneously disappear. As the child grows, the frequency and duration of periods of wakefulness during the night reduced. Like adults, children are not robots than human beings, so it is no wonder occasional disturbances and irregularity in sleep schedule, but if the baby wakes up and cries at night for five or more times and it lasts longer than three months and it's a problem, use maternity insurance to contact pediatrician for advice.

As per research recently made by Edubirdie.com, here are a few problems that cause night waking:

·         Unfilled needs
·         Uncomfortably
·         The excitement of new discoveries
·         Fear and bad dreams
·         Denticle
·         Hunger or overly fullness
·         Health problems

About author:
Robert Everett: I am a freelance writer currently based in Chicago. Solving students career and university problems. Having an interest in marketing and business.


Five Motivational Books for Children

When you go to a bookstore you will find an entire self-help section for adults. Books on how to be happy or how to get motivated, choose a career, stay positive, find love, alleviate anxiety, and so on and son. But what about children? Don’t children need motivation, a pick me up, a way of staying positive in a world where everything they see on TV is telling them that the world is a big scary place? If you agree that this is necessary, then here are five titles for books and short motivational stories that are written specifically for children to inspire and make them happier.

1.     Beautiful Oops by Barney Saltzberg

One of the best books on positive thinking. Children need to be taught a very important lesson from a young age. It is ok to make mistakes in fact it is great to make mistakes. Mistakes are how we learn and grow, if children are taught that making mistakes is good, productive, and best of all normal then we will have a much smaller group of children who see themselves as failures. Whether your child can’t tie shoelaces, or fails a difficult school project – any flaws can be turned into strength with the smart approach.

2.     Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? By Dr. Seuss

Many psychologists agree that a key step to happiness is feeling gratitude. Feeling gratitude for what you have and lessening the constant desire for more is important to happiness. This is a lesson that is taught to children by the wild old man in the desert of Drize. In this Dr. Seuss classic, is the character of a wise old bird who tells children that whenever they feel unhappy or unsatisfied, if they feel mad or sad or disappointed then they only need to remember what they have to be happy about and why they should feel lucky.

3.     I Believe In Me by Connie Bowen

Any adult who has explored the concepts of yoga, meditation, enlightenment, or fulfillment knows what an affirmation is. An affirmation is something that you tell yourself everyday such as “today will be a great day” the idea being that is you constantly reinforce this idea in your mind then it will start to manifest itself. So here we have a book of affirmations designed for children; containing beautiful illustrations that will appeal to children this book contains affirmations such as; I am creative, I am blessed, my dreams can come true. 

4.     The Gift of Nothing by Patrick McDonnell

If you have ever read the comic strip “Mutts” then you are familiar with the characters of Mooch the cat and Earl the dog, unlikely friends who are always there for each other. They go on adventures or just walk around the neighborhood chatting. In this story it is almost Earl’s birthday and Mooch can’t decide what to get him. He already has a bed, a bowl, and a chew toy so what more could he need. So Mooch gives Earl an empty box though he says that it contains the best gift of all, his friendship. Earl responds by saying that the empty box is the best gift that Mooch could ever have given him. This happiness book is meant to teach children that material possessions are nothing compared to the happiness we receive from non-tangible items such as friendship, love, trust and loyalty.

5.     The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

Written by Shel Silverstein, a writer who specializes in fun poetry for children, the Giving Tree is meant to teach children the gratification and happiness they can receive by selflessly giving to others. In the story a young boy befriends a tree and has he grows he asks the tree for things like apples and lumber to build a home, in the end the tree has given everything he has to the boy but as he now is only a stump the tree still provides a place to sit for the boy who is now a very old man. The tree never expects anything in return and its sole joy is in giving. A lesson that can be valuable for children and adults alike is to give your skills and your own uniqueness to the world and to gain joy from the results.

Author’s bio:
Robert Everett: I am a freelance writer currently based in Chicago. Solving students career and university problems. Having an interest in marketing and business.


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Help Strengthen Your Child's Skills with Fast ForWord®

This post is sponsored and written by me on behalf of Fast ForWord® through a campaign managed by their PR. All opinions are my own.

When it comes to our kids and schooling, we find that not every child learns at the same pace or in the same way that others might. I have learned this by seeing it in my own children, where I have found that not every one of them learns at the same pace and where they might learn different ways. I also find that when it comes to various learning issues, such as issues with attention, and dyslexia, that the learning can be a lot harder for some. So as a parent, I find that I seek out the information and services like Fast ForWord®, which can help my children, so that they can not only build better skills, but also so they do not feel so left out when it comes to other kids in their class and grade level. Because with Fast ForWord®, like most parents and educators, they believe that every child deserves to succeed.

With Fast ForWord®, parents get a computerized reading intervention which is unlike other programs out there because it uses the principals of  neuroplasticity to make fast, and even permanent changes to the child's brain. These changes are positive changes, ones that help to make reading and all together learning, a lot easier for kids. The Fast ForWord® Home service gives parents the software for the exercises along with a learning coach who will monitor the progress and also consult parents each week. Which when parents follow, may also see improvements in their children both at home and in school when it comes to learning because with the changes, children that may have had issues with focus and attention, will pay attention longer, process information faster, and show a comprehension for what they're reading. And when it comes to how long it can take for parents to see the changes, I like that we can start seeing these results in as little as 8 weeks!

I found that after learning how Fast ForWord® works, that I really like that it helps to strengthen key cognitive and reading skills and focuses on memory, attention, and processing speed, which are keys for learning.

Then when it comes to who the Fast ForWord® exercises can work for, it has been proven that the program helps children with auditory processing disorder (APD), reading difficulties, dyslexia, autism, attention deficits, language difficulties or delays, and learning disabilities. Giving you a program that allows both parents and the program coaches to get to the root cause instead of working around it, and not only show changes in as little as 2 months but also make permanent improvements in your child's brain! Which in all makes Fast ForWord® not only a program to go with when you have a child who is having learning issues, but a program that can help any child so that they can improve and show results that have a long lasting effect!


Childhood Skin Problems to Watch Out For

Children’s skin is growing and developing at an exceptional rate, just like the rest of them. Their immune systems are also still progressing, and they are constantly being exposed to new things. This can lead to skin conditions or problems. Many of these conditions are completely harmless, but can be irritating or unsightly. Here are some to look out for.


Eczema is remarkably common in children. It presents as sore red skin, and can be very itchy. In some cases, the skin can become broken or infected and require steroid treatment. It is often found in warm, moist areas, such as a baby’s fat rolls, and tends to improve as children get older and these areas are exposed to the air more. In mild cases, it can be managed by avoiding scented bath products and washing powder as well as keeping your baby or child clean and dry.

Allergy Rash

Allergies are another common childhood ailment. Try introducing new foods one at a time, to make it easier to identify, and avoid, any allergies your child may have.

Keloid Scars

Keloid scars occur when scarring continues to grow once a wound has healed. While they aren’t common in children, because children get injured a lot while playing, those prone to keloid scars might suffer more than an adult with the same condition. Keloid scars aren’t harmful, but they can grow quite large. This can affect a child’s confidence, as well as cause irritation and rubbing. In some cases, keloid scar treatments may be needed to remove them.

Nappy Rash

Nappy rash is exceptionally common in babies and toddlers who wear nappies. It is caused by irritation and wet skin. The best ways to avoid nappy rash are to make sure you change nappies regularly, and as soon as you can when your child poos. Then, after cleaning, apply a barrier cream to protect the skin, and treat any soreness. It is now thought it’s best to avoid using talc as this just adds friction.


Most children suffer from chickenpox at some stage, as it’s unbelievably contagious. It’s generally seen as a good thing for children to have chickenpox, as it can be much more dangerous in later life, especially pregnancy. Chickenpox causes symptoms such as a fever, a rash and fatigue. The rash can be horribly itchy. If your child does contract chicken pox, ease the itching with a mild lotion, and try to stop them from scratching, as it can lead to scarring and damaged skin.


Impetigo is a highly contagious infection, which causes sore skin and blisters. Antibiotics can be used to shorten the length of time your child is infectious, but may not help the symptoms.

Slapped Cheek Syndrome

Slapped cheek syndrome looks just like it sounds. Your child will have bright red cheeks, as if they have been slapped. It isn’t contagious once the rash presents, and should go away on its own within 3 weeks. Most children don’t feel unwell while they have it.
If you notice any growths or rashes on your child’s skin, while they are probably harmless, it’s always best to get them seen by a doctor before trying any home remedies.


Thursday, February 16, 2017

#Giveaway Find a Better Way to Clean Your Ears with the OTO-TIP from Clear Ear

When it comes to the health and wellness of our families, along with bathing and oral hygiene, we know that we also need to insure that our ears are clean as well. Like many, I seek out the tools that can help with these tasks, and like many I seek out the tools that are both safe and effective when it comes to both myself and my family. So when we were sent a OTO-TIP from Clear Ear to review, I was curious to learn more about this tool and also share with my readers!

One of the things that stood out for me after checking out the OTO-TIP is the guard that is on it, making it so that you do not put the tool too far into the ear canal and you can clean your ears safely. This is also great for ensuring that you do not cause any damage, which can occur from using other tools including cotton swabs. Along with the guard, I like that this tool is designed to be effective, and when in use, it helps to rid the ear canal of the wax that can build up inside. Then when it comes to the ease of use, well it is very simple to use, allowing you to place it in the ear and press the button to begin using the OTO-TIP then wash off after you have cleaned out the ear! Making the OTO-TIP from Clear Ear a must have ear cleaning tool to have in any home and a great must have tool to add to you and your families daily hygiene habits! And to help with getting ears cleaned safely and effectively in your home, the wonderful people from Clear Ear would like to give one of my amazing readers their own OTO-TIP!

Product received, thank you to Clear Ear as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Save Big with the Pampers Print at Home Digital Coupons

This post was made possible by iConnect and Pampers. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.

As we prepare for little Zoey to make her arrival, we find that along with stocking up on all of those must have clothes and gear for the house, that Heather and her family are also stocking up on the Pampers Swaddlers needed. This is not only the case in their home, but in the homes of others who are preparing for a new baby or who have little ones who are in diapers as well. So when we come across those must have coupons for the Pampers that are a much needed necessity as well as the #1 choice of moms when it comes to baby, we not only utilize those coupons, but also share them with our readers!

See, when Heather stocks up on the Pampers Swaddlers and wipes, she knows that she is not only getting the brand that is most recommended by moms, but also a diaper that locks away 2X more mess for superior comfort and protection. We all like that we can get up to 12 hours of dryness, allowing all-night sleep protection, with the only diaper that offers 3 absorbent layers, vs the 2 that you can get with the other leading brands. And with the print at home coupons that we can get right now on the various products from Pampers, we can get the best savings on the best-fitting diaper, which includes the Pampers Cruisers that fit better around baby’s legs to help stop leaks. Making this Pampers print at home digital coupons a must have for anyone with little ones in the home who are in diapers! You can get your coupons here: http://bit.ly/2kLR3fe


Design and Drill Robot from Educational Insights

Finding new toys that are both fun and educational is something that I enjoy doing for my kids, and when it comes to finding those new toys, I have learned that seeking ones that promote great problem solving skills and more can make learning a lot of fun. So when we were sent the new, Design and Drill Robot to review from the line up of new spring toys at Educational Insights, I was excited to share it with my preschooler!
With the Design and Drill Robot, we get a toy that is great for promoting hand and eye coordination along with matching and pattern skills. We also get a toy that encourages problem solving and with the tools that my preschooler can use to build his robot, and as he plays he can also work on his building skills which is great for helping to encourage the fine motor skills that is also great for the STEM learning that we enjoy exploring in our home. Then when it comes to the robot and all he can do, I like that he can design his robot with the stickers included and pose him as well! Making the Design and Drill Robot from the new line up at Educational Insights a great choice to go with when you are seeking a toy that is both fun and educational for the preschoolers in your life!

Product received, thank you to Educational Insights as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Teaching ATM Bank from Learning Resources

When it comes to finding the toys for my kids that are both fun and something that is also educational, I like to turn to some of the companies that we have enjoyed in the past. And one company that I have enjoyed getting those educational toys from that are also fun is Learning Resources. So when we were sent the Teaching ATM Bank to review from the new line up of toys at Learning Resources, I was excited to check it out and share it with my kids.

With the Teaching ATM Bank, we get a fun, pretend play toy that my kids can not only play with but also learn from. Like with my preschooler who enjoys counting, when he plays with this ATM, he can start learning about money and how to count money. He can also learn math skills that will come in handy as he prepares for Kindergarten this next fall. I also like that when it comes to recognizing money and currency amounts, as he puts the money in the ATM, it counts it and tells him what it is that he is using. Then along with money counting fun features, I also like that there is a pretend thumbprint feature and a fun ATM card that he can use when he wants to make a withdraw, giving him a fun almost realistic ATM machine! Which in all makes the Teaching ATM Bank from Learning Resources a great teaching toy to go with when you are seeking out a toy that is both fun and educational for kids ages 3 and up!

Product received, thank you to Learning Resources as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Baby Bandana Drool Bibs Gift Pack from ABbaby

When it comes to finding those gifts to give expecting parents at a baby shower, I find that I like to seek out gifts that will come in handy, the ones that are ready to give, and the ones that the new mom will enjoy having. And one product that I find can come in handy and new parents will appreciate is a bib. So when we were sent the Baby Bandana Droll Bibs Gift Pack from ABbaby to review, I was excited to share it with our baby blogger, Heather, and get her thoughts on this fun gift pack as she anxiously awaits the arrival of little Zoey!

The ABbaby Baby Bandana Drool Bibs are excellent quality and really cute! Love the beautiful colors, the softness, and the bandana design. We are sure to get many compliments when out and about because of how cute they will look on baby. You get six bibs and an "I love Mama" hat. This is a very good value for such a high quality and super cute bib set. Very happy with these.

Product received, thank you to ABbaby as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

#Giveaway Rip It & Win It: Celebrate 40 Years of Fun with Chuck E. Cheese's and Skylanders Imaginators

When it comes to finding those family fun places to head to for family outings, meals and parties, I find that I like to head to places like Chuck E. Cheese's where we can not only get those pizza meals to share but we can also enjoy the games and prizes that are available. So when I heard that the Skylanders Imaginators are helping Chuck E. Cheese's to celebrate 40 years with the Rip It Win It cups where every cup is a winner, I was excited to get the family together and make it a date.
See along with celebrating with Chuck E. Cheese's I like that right now between February 26th, the Skylanders Imaginators are helping to make the party even more fun. Allowing kids, their friends and families at a chance to win amazing prizes when they Rip It & Win It! Below is more info on this celebration provided by the amazing people from Chuck E. Cheese's.

It seems like only yesterday we were opening our first Chuck E. Cheese’s and now, millions of birthday parties later, we’re getting ready to throw a party of our very own: our 40th birthday. But even though it is our birthday, you get the presents! 

During our Rip It, Win It promotion we will make sure every kid receives a gift with every large cup purchase through February 26.

Rip Into 40 years of fun! Each participating cup will contain a rip off tab that can be torn open for the chance to win tickets, tokens, and large prizes.  Prizes include a VIP trip for 4 to the studio that created the Skylanders video game. 

You can also win gift cards from Michaels® or Fandango®, a pizza party for 40, or 40 tickets or tokens!

Every cup wins!

So gather the family and head to your local Chuck E. Cheese's today and help celebrate 40 years with the Rip It & Win It! Also be sure to enter the giveaway below for your chance to win a Chuck E. Cheese's Guest Pass (1) Large Pizza, (4) Soft Drinks and (30) Game Tokens…a $30 value!

Product received, thank you to Skylanders and Chuck E. Cheese's as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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