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Kids Can Give Their Moms Plenty of TLC

For the countless mothers out there nationwide, life can at times come at them with overwhelming speed.

From taking care of the kids full-time to oftentimes working full-time outside of the home, it may seem like many moms simply get worn down.

With that in mind, kids as they age will oftentimes see just how hard their respective moms work each and every day. As such, they may very well think about how they can give back to the most important woman in their lives.

Whether it is by doing chores around the home or even going out and buying them a gift or two of appreciation, older kids can provide their moms with some TLC when they most need it.

Let Your Children Know How They Can Help

Even though most moms would never think of expecting gifts from their children as the young ones get older, there is nothing wrong with letting them know a little gift or two is fine.

Sure, most kids do not have the money to go out and buy expensive kinds of items for their moms; they can save up some money and find something that mom so desperately wants.

With that in mind, here are a few ideas you can pass along to your older kids at home:

1.    Chores around the home

Yes, mentioned a moment ago, what mom doesn’t like it when their older children do chores around the house?

Although you can’t (and shouldn’t) expect your kids to be doing heavy-duty tasks around the home, there is nothing wrong with having them do simple duties.

Taking out the garbage, mowing the lawn, keeping their rooms clean etc. are all doable and normal things for kids to take on as they get older.

It not only helps you out as a mother, but it teaches them responsibility as they get older.

2.    Special days for mom

What mother wouldn’t want a special day or two to herself that includes a pedicure, manicure, or going for a new hairstyle?

Your kids are best-served when they get together with you, receiving your two cents on what you truly want with a little personal TLC.

If you’re not really in to the day at the salon or manicurist idea, maybe the kids can order a beauty product or two for you online?

Whether you’ve been in search of cheap hair extensions, some new makeup options, perhaps even a new dress or two; work with your children to find what you really want.

In the event you can’t locate what you want while out shopping, sit down with your children at the computer. Many companies selling the above-mentioned items are all over the web, including on social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram and more.

There’s a very good chance you will find the hair or makeup products, even that desired new dress, with just a little web surfing.

Although you may not be treated to a little pampering in-person, it can still be a special day when you spend it with your kids doing some online shopping.

Quality Time with the Kids

3.    Stay at home together

Lastly, as your children get older, they naturally begin to want to spend more time with their friends.

As such, you will oftentimes see less and less of them, something that ultimately will bother many moms despite them saying otherwise.

Your children can give you that desired TLC by having a date with mom at home day.

If dad is out of the house one day (or kick him out for the day if need be), get together with your child or children and plan a TV and/or movie day.

Watching a current favorite TVshow or even one from the past, sitting down to a couple of favorite movies, and even digging out some family vacation tapes can be quite fun.

Best of all, you’re getting some quality time with the most important person or people in your life.

As a mom, what kind of TLC do you most often desire from your kids?


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