Monday, April 24, 2017

The Main Rules Of Men’s Style

The ability to dress great can be achieved with time. You should improve your style gradually. However, the main advantage of men’s clothing is that it is quite conservative. Therefore, in order to look stylish, a man has to remember a few basic rules that allow him to be “tastefully dressed”. Below we present you the main rules of how to combine different clothes and accessories from your wardrobe:

1. Choose the right size of clothes. This mistake will be too conspicuous. If you do not want to look sloppy, then you have to change clothes that are larger than your size.

2. Compare the colors of your belt, shoes, and bags. The colors must match or be close in the color scheme. It is better to adhere to the traditional colors: black, brown or gray.

3. Experts argue that most women like if men are dressed in blue clothes. You can even ask them about it on Dating Brides.  It is also nice if a shirt is lighter than a suit. This allows you to look slimmer, smart and athletic.

4. Don’t wear square-toed shoes. If you want to look stylish, then change your shoes with a square toe on the classic variants.

5. Don’t wash your jeans clothes too often. Thus, you will avoid some discoloration. It is recommended to turn out the outer side of the clothes inside before washing.

6. Tuck up your jeans. Your elegant shoes will be clearly visible. In addition, it is the leading trend of the current year.

7. Don’t wear white sports socks. Everything is simple here – socks shouldn’t be sports. It must be the same range of colors as your trousers are.

8. Do not use bags that do not fit the style. You have to buy a bag of good quality, instead of the usual sports backpack.

9. Don’t wear the same pair of leather shoes more than two days. This not only diversifies your style but helps extend “life” of your shoe.

10. Do not overfill your wallet. Don’t put in your wallet a lot of money, credit cards, and numerous photos of your family. Put there some cash and one credit card. Other things can be put in your bag.

11. Watches are the most important accessories that can be worn by a man. Do not spare money on a nice watch that suits your lifestyle, personality, and position in society. If your watch collection is not limited to one instance, then you should choose the appropriate watches to your suits: a black strap for a good pair of black shoes and a belt; a brown strap for your brown shoes and a belt; a silver strap is for all other combinations.

12. Sunglasses are one of the brightest and most universal ways of expression. There must be several pairs of stylish glasses in the arsenal of every man. Sunglasses not only perform their direct functions but also complete the image of a man. Try to find glasses that are not only fit to the shape of your face but also express your personality. If you are unable to choose you own sunglasses, ask a sales consultant for help or more experienced friends.

13. Don’t think that only expensive clothes are stylish. If you visit some brand shops, you will be convinced that it is possible to look stylish without superfluous expenses.

You will look elegant and spectacular following these tips. Try to leave the so-called “comfort zone” more often: wear clothes that are unusual for you. Doing so, you can discover a lot of new things.



Jerry Marquardt said...

I love your rules all in one post. The information is so important, I bookmarked your page here.

1AlwaysNYC 1 said...

The tip about not wearing your shoes two days in a row is a great rule for both men and women.

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