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7 Inexpensive Gadgets to Cure Your Constant Boredom

In the pre-internet world, when you got bored you would sing songs with your family, play in the fields with your friends or clean your room. However, the internet is now filled with cool and inexpensive gadgets you can use to cure constant boredom and other problems such as stress, nervousness, anxiety, etc. These gadgets can also be used to increase concentration, allowing you to stop harmful fidgeting habits and focus on the task at hand.
While many cool, trendy gadgets are usually out of our range, here’s a list of the top 7 inexpensive devices which can be used to cure boredom.

1 – Fidget Cubes
As one of the best fidgeting toys for curing boredom and releasing stress, fidget cubes are pocket sized desk toys with six tactile surfaces which let you roll, click, rub, flip, glide and spin for maximum affect. Invented by two brothers, Matthew and Mark McLachlan, fidget cubes are one of the coolest ways of keeping yourself from nervous habits such as biting your nails or pulling your cuticles.
Often, fidgeting out of boredom such as shaking your leg can also look unprofessional and be seen as an anti-intellectual behaviour. Fidget cubes are one of the best solutions to all your fidgeting and boredom issues. What’s more, these trendy cubes are seriously inexpensive and can be bought for as low as £2.

2 – Fidget Spinners
Fidget spinners are the new summer trend – there’s just no denying it. However, unlike many other trends, these low-tech toys are specially designed to relieve many problems such as anxiety, nervousness and stress. Made from varied materials such as metal and plastic, fidget spinners are palm sized gadgets with a central bearing with three blades which can be spun around.
They are great for passing idle time as they keep your hands busy. Fidget spinners are also extremely useful for increasing focus and concentration as the repetitive motion of the toy allows you to clear your mind. These colourful and palm sized toys can be bought for as low as £5, depending on the quality. What’s more, they come in a variety of shapes, from a shuriken to a mini bar. If you want to see some examples of the best fidget spinners, head on over to Fidget Circle.

3 – Stress Balls
There have been numerous studies conducted on the usefulness of stress balls in alleviating the symptoms of disorders such as ADHD and chronic stress. Essentially a small malleable toy, stress balls can also be used to relieve tension or boredom. They can be squeezed and manipulated repeatedly which in turn can boost blood circulation and help with the treatment of problems such as the carpal-tunnel syndrome. As there are many variations in the design and quality of stress balls, you can buy one for as low as £9.99.

4 –Inside out Fidget Balls
As extremely popular sensory toys, inside-out fidget balls can change from round and soft balls into spiky balls with a quick flip of your hand. Experts agree that these inexpensive toys are very useful for keeping your children entertained while building and improving their fine motor skills, increasing bilateral coordination as well as finger strength. What’s more, these come in a variety of colours and can be bought for £5.

5 – Spinner Rings
Spinner rings are also commonly known as worry rings, prayer rings or meditation rings and typically have an inner band set inside an outer band which allows one band to spin freely around the other. These come in different sizes and designs – some have stunning artwork or designs which not only look good, but can also sooth and relieve your boredom for hours through repetitive revolutions. These inexpensive rings can be bought for as low as £8, depending on the material and design.

6 –Keychain Fidgets
Keychain fidgets are small, multi-sensory fidgeting tools great for visual stimulation and unlimited fidgeting. These can be essentially any fidget toy - from tiny stress balls filled with colourful beads to fidget cubes. The best part is that they can be hung from your belt, purse or backpack or anyplace which can accommodate a clip. They are also the perfect desk and car accessory and can be used while driving, working or during stressful moments. They are priced anywhere between £2 to £50, depending on the fidget toy of your preference and its quality. These guarantee that you’ll never again be bored during long drives or while stuck in traffic jams.

7 –Foot Rollers
Do you kick your feet while bored or as a nervous habit? If you do, foot rollers are one of the best options for you. This device is small and can be fit under the dining table or your desk and usually features spiky balls. When bored, simply rest your feet on the balls and spin backward or forward – what’s more, they are also great for increasing focus and concentration while relieving foot pain. Depending on the quality, these can cost as low as £10.

Your favourite TV show is on hiatus? Have to wait in a long line at the dentist? No problem, buy cool and trendy fidget toys such as fidget spinners and cubes to ensure that you are never bored again.

These top 7 inexpensive gadgets can also be used to alleviate a number of problems such as anxiety, stress and symptoms of disorders such as ADHD and Autism. What’s more, fidget toys such as fidget spinners offer so many options that they are guaranteed to relieve your boredom.


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