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Father Fanboy

6 Geeky Gift Ideas For Stepping Up Your Father's Day Haul

Every year we go through this.
Father's day gift ideas can be hard to come by. However, if you have a fanboy father, all you need to establish is his particular brand of geek. Then it is as simple as a quick google and you are well on your way! Whatever your dad is into we have you covered with this list of six great gift ideas for dear old dweeby, dad!

1.     Get A Punny Card

Never underestimate the effect of a really funny greeting card! If you have a knack with words you can even design one yourself. There are so many amazing creators online and with a little digging you will no doubt be able to find a card from just the right fandom to match your dad's particular passions.

2.     Capitalize on Nostalgia

If you can, you should definitely ask to see if your dad’s old friends, parents or siblings if they know what he used to fanboy about. Trust me; if your dad is a geek now, then he probably always was deep down! If you can find something from a game, movie or whatever else he used to get excited over, you will definitely win the ‘most exciting and thoughtful gift of the year award’!
3.     Subscriptions; The gifts that keep on giving

Subscriptions are always a great gift because they are a fun new gift that comes every week or month. You could get dad a subscription for a streaming service so he can geek out whenever he wants or you can find a magazine that is all about one of his passions. You could even sign him up for a project subscription that, over time, provides all the materials for a DIY model or game.

4.     Merch, Merch, Merch

Merch is always a winner for the fanboy dad.
Whether it is kitchen supplies, clothes or posters, you can’t really go wrong! Mugs or travel cups are always a fantastic and practical option for those that want to still have some functionality with their fun gifts. If you want to go with clothes, it doesn’t need to be as obvious as a goofy shirt, A there are plenty of fun, subtle socks and ties that can be worn in almost any environment!

5.     Collectables

Collectables like small figurines, comics or toys are always a fun idea.
If your dad already collects then you have an advantage, just be aware that depending on how rare it is and the materials used to make it, some items can get pretty pricey. You don’t need to find the rarest or the oldest artifact, just making the effort shows that you pay attention to what he loves.

If you are thinking of just getting something to start off a collection or even just a one off item for dad’s desk, you need to make sure that there is space for it because you and your dad will want it to have pride of place (at least for a little while)! If you do want to invest in a pricier item, always ensure that you do your research and know what it is worth in the condition it is in, as you should never have to pay more than an item is worth.

6.     Personalize Something

The internet will again come in handy if you want to personalize something for your father.
If you have a design, or even just a great idea, you can have all kinds of things made to order and it will be a one of a kind item! You could make your dad into an action figure, commission an artwork in his favorite style, get personalized dishes and clothes. Your only limitations are your imagination and, unfortunately, budget!

Father's day is a great time to give in to your inner nerd and geek out with your old dad, show him how much you care and let him pick the game or movie today! It may not be your cup of tea but everyone will cherish the time. Happy father’s day!


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